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Hell Teacher Nube 236

Mari-san (beginning)

+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Dec 18, 2011 13:52 | Go to Hell Teacher Nube

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#236: Mari-san (beginning)

Narrator: July, one year ago, OO Prefecture, XX Elementary School...
Voice: Shifua Kyafuan Issei Jorai Taishou Kenshou Sanmaya Issei Manda Rachi...
Priest: Kinkoushou Satta Yosan Kaichuu Choufuku Buyo...
Boy: Ah...awawawa...
Boy: Nnn...n...no...save mee...
Boy: Uwaa~~~Hiii~~
SFX: Bata bata bata
SFX: Zuba

Voice: Here...with this, it is as it was...ufufufufu...
SFX: Bota...bota...
Narrator: That was...known by everyone if you were one who attended school...
"Voice": Ufufu...ahaha...
Narrator: And...the scariest of the great mysteries of campus. It's name is...

Narrator: Mari-san

Caption: Date: ? Daily Duty: ()
Nube: What is th---is?
Makoto: Gross!
Kyouko: Where did you find that!
Hiroshi: What are you thinking?
SFX: Doka Baki Boko
Nube: Wa...wait, wait, look closer. This is a cucumber, a cucumber!!
Kyouko: Ara, it's true.
Shizuka: Ew, it's curled in a coil.
Miki: They won't sell this in stores.

Nube: Yep: in truth, this is a thing that I've picked in the grade's vegetable garden on campus. Aside from this, there's come to be heaps of eggplant and tomatoes. Those who want to should pick some after school.
Kyouko: Hey, did you know? If you put honey on cucumbers, they take the flavor of melon.
Bottle: Makura Honey
SFX: Pori...
Hiroshi: It's true. Tasty--
Nube: Yummy, yummy, if you put sauce and soy sauce and mayonaisse on eggplant, it takes the flavor of steak.
SFX: Gatsu gatsu...
Hiroshi: Does--not.
SFX: Uge...
Kyouko: Then again--you have no idea of the flavor of steak.

Noriko: --So then, I must be going soon.
Shizuka: Huh, Noro-chan, you're going home already?
Noriko: Yes, because I have piano lessons today... (I'm going ahead...)
Miki: In spite of you being Noro-chan...
Noriko: My bag...I put it in the shoebox...
SFX: Goto
SFX: Kiiii...n

Narrator: Mari-san is a girl whose entire body is pure white. And she possesses a doll without limbs.
SFX: Bachi | Gata gata gata
Noriko: Kyaa!
SFX: Fuwa
Noriko: !

SFX: Byu!!
Mari: ...My doll...has no...limbs...
Mari: Return them...
Noriko: Eh...eeh!?

Mari: Return it's limbs!!
SFX: Buchi buchi buchi
Noriko: Nooooo
SFX: Bata bata bata
Voice 1: What's wrong!?
Voice 2: The voice of Noro-chan!?
Nube: Noriko!

Nube: Steady yourself. What happened?
Noriko: Was that an illusion...? Now...
Noriko: Nooo~~~a youkai! A youkai is~~~
Nube: Namu Daiji Daihi Kyuugu Kyuunan...
Nube: Hmhmm...it's one fast at running away. There isn't a piece of youki anymore.
Kyouko: Hey oldie, it's a tomato, tomato.
(TN: Kyouko's "oldie" here is "ossan", which is a rude, derogatory term for "old man" or "uncle")
Voice: ...Mari-san?
Miki: Yes: a super-famous great mystery of campus.
Kyouko: I know of it too.
Makoto: Me too.
Hiroshi: I've heard of it too.

Miki: If you're handed a doll by Mari-san, then you must search for it's limbs that have been hidden somewhere in school and repair it within one week.
Miki: If it doesn't have even one of it's limbs, that section will be torn off and be attached to the doll just like that~~~ (Kekeke...)
Noriko: Nooo~~~
Kyouko: Teacher...will Noro-chan truly have her limbs plucked off?
Nube: Is that something I'll have done? Aren't you...the nicest child in Nube's class?
Miki: Well, that's discrimination, discrimination.

Hiroshi: Calm down! We'll turn this school inside out and search for them.
Katsuya: Yeah! This is for Noro-chan!
Miki: Ke, the boys are enthusiastic about it.
Noriko: Thank you everyone.
Hiroshi: Bunga Donga Bunga Don, out of the way, out of the way--I am the grea--t cleaning king---!
Noriko: I'm sorry, everyone. This is my fault.
Kyouko: What are you saying? The combined power of the Nube class is strong!
Hiroshi: So then, first we'll investigate in here.
Sign: Girl's Bathroom
Katsuya: Well well.
Kyouko: Hey, stupid boys!

Nube: ...Mari-san...huh?
Sign: Principal's Office
SFX: Dosa
Book: Absolute Secret: Education X-Files (Minister of Education, Science and Culture)
(TN: A couple things:
1. The literal name of the book was "Kyouiku X-Hakusho", with "Hakusho" being a "white page" and usually used for a term for "files". Somehow seeing "X-Hakusho" as "X-Files" was a natural conclusion.
2. The "Minister of Education, Science and Culture", known in Japanese as "Monbushou", is a literal position in the Japanese government of the officer in charge of these various facets of Japanese culture, including the schools, the scientific and cultural communities.)
Nube: The Education X-Files...facing the bizarre phenomenon of schools that have repeatedly occurred in recent years and the Minister of Education collects these precedents and the methods of management and distributes them to each school in absolute secrecy.
Nube: The story that was propered about Mari-san is the following precedent.
Nube: 1959: ** Prefecture, XX Elementary: Matsubara Megumi of class 4-2 possessed a mysterious power.

Nube: It was an ability that was out of the ordinary for bending spoons and accurately making predictions.
Nube: However this power had the bad-feeling classmates treat her as a monster and she was bullied.
Desk: Monster | Die!
Nube: Finally, that girl's valued doll was ripped apart and hidden in the school. Three days later, Megumi commited suicide...
Nube: Since then every year, when it comes to be July, when she committed suicide, she sets out to various schools and kills students without discrimination.
Nube: The point is this spirit is different from others. XX Prefecture, XV Prefecture and OX Prefecture have asked famed spiritualists to exorcise her, but those three were killed. Exorcising Mari-san is impossible.

Nube: Exorcism impossible...why...
Nube: Even so...the circumstances of Mari-san is...like...
Kyouko: ...We haven't discovered even one...
Miki: I'm tired.
Hiroshi: We...well, we still have six days left.
Miki: Bye-bye.
Kyouko: Farewell, see you tomorrow.
Voice: ...et...th...em...

Doll: My limbs...return them...
SFX: Shiku shiku shiku...Gune gune
Noriko: Noo~~~
SFX: Poi
Voice: ...Thrown away.
Voice: Thrown away...thrown away!!
SFX: Kiiiiin
Noriko: Eh!?

SFX: Gobaa
Noriko: A...fire!? No, why is there suddenly...
Noriko: Geho geho, a...amazing smoke...
Sign: For Emergency
SFX: Basa basa
Noriko: It's great I used this in the disaster drill...
SFX: Zaza

Mari: Thr~~own~~aw~~ay~~ (Haa~~~haa~~~)

Noriko: Kyaaaa
SFX: Gasa gasa gasa
Mari: I'll cut off your limbs and attach them to my doll~~~
Nube: Ah, what's with all of you? Still here?
Hiroshi: Ah, Nube, look over there.
Hiroshi: The rescue sack is coming out even though there isn't a fire. Is this someone's prank?
(TN: The "rescue sack", known in Japanese as "Kyuujobukuro", is a rescue device used in many Japanese buildings to create a slide that descends down from the building to the surface.)
Nube: !?
Noriko: Hiii~~~

SFX: Gui! | Zuda--n
Noriko: Nube-sensei!!
SFX: Oooooh
Nube: Don't lay a hand on my student!!

SFX: Bachi
Nube: Ku...it's like that after all. It's a psycho-ghost, a spiritualist ghost where she became a ghost while possessing spiritual power. Spiritual power is foolish and sutras won't work on it...
Nube: This spirit...can't be exorcised!

The role of "Iijima Kumiko" of the first movie was, at it's initial stage, the role of Noro-chan. Due to this, the character wears her a bit.
She's the unique quiet girl in Nube's class and she has a recklessly large male fans due to this...

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