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Translations: One Piece 885 by cnet128 , Gintama 660 (2)
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Hell Teacher Nube 237

Mari-san (end)

+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Dec 18, 2011 13:53 | Go to Hell Teacher Nube

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#237: Mari-san (end)

Mari: Ouu...
Noriko: Th...this child...is a spiritualist ghost!?
Nube: A psycho-ghost...when a person with strong spiritual power while alive becomes a dead spirit, they possess an earth-staggering power. It rejected even my spiritual power...

Nube: To make a spiritualist ghost rest in peace...the ghost itself must cooperate 100% with the exorcist and let itself rest in peace...however...
Nube: Well, come...
SFX: Kuwa
SFX: Doga
Nube: Guaa!

Noriko: Teacher...
SFX: Gara gara
Noriko: Hi!
Mari: My! Doll! Search for it's limbs!
SFX: Zui
Mari: Within the remaining 6 days. If you throw it away this time, you won't be forgiven.
SFX: Jori jori
SFX: Suu...

Sign: Infirmiry
Kyouko: Cruel...Nube's lost consciousness with one blow.
Noriko: It's different from the school spirits up to now.
Makoto: It's a spiritualist ghost......
Nube: Uuh...
SFX: Wa--wa--
Voice 1: Get over there, monster!
Voice 2: Nueno is a monster child!
Nube: Qu...quit it...stop...
Voice 3: Someone like you can't come to our school!

Nube: Why...why did they give me those eyes...there isn't a reason to become a loved spiritualist and yet... (Uuuh...)
Voice: Nube!!
Nube: Uh!
Kyouko: What's wrong? You were having a terrible nightmare.
Nube: Ah...yes.
Hiroshi: And yet it's an amazing spirit like that?
Nube: That spirit who committed suicide was because of her sadness with reason of being a spiritualist...its the same...The same...as me of long ago...

Noriko: Teacher...
Nube: No...don't worry. Noriko, I was just unprepared earlier. The main point is it's best to search for the doll's limbs...Whaat, it's a small school. We'll search it immediately.
Noriko: Teacher...
Nube: Right, this isn't a situation to lose my way. This is a matter of affecting a student's life...if I can't exorcise it...then this time by this hand...
Narrator: From the next day, the great search that raised the whole school began.
Announcer: Eh---today is a full school simultaneous great-cleaning day.

Kyouko: You can't even find it with your spiritual power, Nube?
Nube: Hmm...it seems this spirit is sending out jamming spirit waves.
Noriko: Jamming spirit waves...
Kaneda: Chie, this---is tiresome---I'm not doing---this.
Kaneda: Wa
SFX: Dota---!
Kaneda: N?
Kaneda: Ah! There it is!

Noriko: Thank you!
Narrator: First the right arm was found.
Narrator: And then the right leg.
Narrator: The left arm was found too.
Narrator: However...with just the left leg not found no matter what, finally the week passed...

Noriko: Teacher...will my left leg be taken already...?
Nube: It's fine, don't worry.
Nube: No good...I don't see her left leg with reishi...it's been taken...
(TN: "Reishi", which literally translates into "spiritual inspection", is as it sounds and probably can be explained better in other manga: a spiritual aura around an object)
Nube: Somehow I've been thinking on whether there isn't a way to have this spirit rest in peace for a week but...whatever it is, there isn't a method.
Nube: What to do...
SFX: Suu...
SFX: Doka
Noriko: !!
Nube: Guwa!

Noriko: Teacher! Teacher! No...wake up, teacher!
Noriko: I can't take him to the infirmiry. The short way is to take him outside from here and go through the courtyard.
Sign: Emergency Exit
Noriko: ?
SFX: Gata
SFX: Gata gata gata gata gata gata

Mari: You hadn't searched for its left leg~~~~...
SFX: Nuu

Noriko: Kyaaaa~~~
Noriko: Nooo~~~
Mari: You~~can~~not~~es~~cape~~~
SFX: Zuru zuru zuru
Noriko: Sa...save me.
SFX: Gacha gacha
Noriko: Aaah~~~
SFX: Zuri zuri zuri

Mari: Hand over~~your left leg~~
SFX: Zuru zuru zuru
Noriko: Nooooo
Nube: Hold it. Don't lay a hand on Noriko!
Nube: Namu Daiji Daihi Kyuugu Kyuunan!
Nube: !!
SFX: Gunya--| Baki baki

Mari: Ooooh
Nube: S...s**t...is she going to squash me...is it impossible to exorcise with a sutra after all...it...it can't be helped!
SFX: Gashi gashi gashi
SFX: Baki
Nube: Namu!!

Nube: N...no. This spirit I can't......kill...
Voice 1: He--y, monster!
Voice 2: He has a weird power.
Voice 3: Get out from this school.
Nube: I too...am the same as this spirit. I gave bad feelings with my spiritual powers and was treated as a monster.
Desk: Monster | You feel bad | Die
Nube: I can't kill you. I understand the feelings of this spirit...

SFX: Su...
Nube: ---Kill me...if that makes you satisfied. But...Noriko...I won't let you lay a hand on my student.
Nube: N?
Mari: Uh...uuh.
Nube: Right. The Oni no Te communicated that...and transmitted my heart? With me, who had the same circumstances. Is this the first...that you've opened your heart to a person...

Nube: Namu Daiji Daihi Kyuugu Kyuunan! God! Somehow let this child rest in peace!
SFX: Bashuu!
SFX: Shuu...
Noriko: Teacher...is that child resting in peace?
Nube: ...I don't know.

Nube: That spirit was me myself. If I hadn't fortuitously met an understander named Minako-sensei as a child...I may have become like that child too...
Noriko: Teacher...
Narrator: If you find Mari-san in some town...please notify Nube-sensei. And like this time...

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