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Hell Teacher Nube 238

A Scary Hospital Story

+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Dec 18, 2011 13:54 | Go to Hell Teacher Nube

-> RTS Page for Hell Teacher Nube 238

#238: A Scary Hospital Story

Tamamo: Don't miss volume 28 either!
(TN: While I can't say whether or not Nagumo's "comment" about vol. 28 is right or not (though with personal dreads of that volume...heh, at least I've made it), it is weird that someone who just stuck around for one arc like Tamamo's Youshin form gets a side-cover/final say. I guess it was due to his notability in the Youkai Doctor arc but at the same time it does make one wish some other characters got similar love)

Narrator: It started with a sudden stomachache during class.
Kyouko: Uh.
Kyouko: Owowow...
Nube: N? What's--the matter, Kyouko?
Hiroshi: Haha, that--state is for having poop packing in her for ten days.
Miki: Wrong: she ate umeboshi, eel, milk and ramen together.
(TN: "Umeboshi" is a pickled ume (prunus mume) that is popular as a snack or a garnish and usually sour and salty in taste)
Kyouko: It hurts, it hurts. It hurts, it hurts.
SFX: Gaji gaji gaji gaji
SFX: Pi--po--pa--po--

Narrator: A scary hospital story

Caption/Sign: Doumori-ura Hospital
(TN: It was sort of tough to really translate the name of the hospital without being too confusing. The "ura" in "Doumori-ura" is technically "back" or "reverse", but I had a hard time differentiating whether it was the place name, a "backside" of Doumori or just a "reverse/back" hospital compared to the "Doumori Hospital" Tamamo worked at. Thus i translated it as "Doumori-ura Hospital" with the best of my abilities)
Voice: It was her appendix. She'll leave the hospital within a week.
Sign: 302: Shimada Hana | Inaba Kyouko
Doctor: So then.
Nube: Thank--you, that was a relief.
Hiroshi: So it wasn't constipation?
Miki: Ah--that was surprising.
Hiroshi: Kyouko...I'm only going to ask you at this time but...
Kyouko: Eh, what? Be formal with me...
Hiroshi: Did they ultimately shave off your hair there when you had the appendix surgery?

Hiroshi: Uga~~~
SFX: Doka Baki
Nube: Hey, hey, you'll open the wound if you act violent.
Nube: I'm going on ahead back because I have to grade the merit test but...Hiroshi and Miki shouldn't overstay too long and tire out the patient.
Hiroshi & Miki: Ri--ght.
Miki: This is an eerie hospital---it's been around since the Taishou era.
(TN: For those who don't remember, the "Taishou era" is the short era of Japanese history with the emperor Taishou's reign, between 1912 and 1926)
Hiroshi: Something seems to be coming out of it.
Kyouko: Nothing I could do. This was the only one that was open for emergencies...
Hiroshi: There are few patients too. Though this is a 6-person room, it's just Kyouko and that old lady.
Miki: Hey hey, where's the bathroom?
Kyouko: Go out to the corridor and right. Hey, you can see it the window here.

Kyouko: !?
SFX: Oooooh...
Kyouko: Wh...what's that...a person!? What's it in that place...? Is Miki not noticing it at all...?
Kyouko: !?
SFX: Sutsu

Kyouko: Miki!
Kyouko: Hiroshi! It's terrible, Miki is, Miki is!
SFX: Yusa yusa
Hiroshi: ?
SFX: Gacha
Miki: Ah--that was sudden...Ara, what are you doing~~you two?
Kyouko: Miki! Isn't there something on your back...
Miki: Huh? What are you saying? Hiroshi, we've got to go home soon.
Kyouko: It was my imagination...? That...
Miki: Clear this up! Isn't there something painted on my back?
Kyouko: !!
SFX: Oooooh...

Kyouko: It wasn't my imagination...it truly was something.
Kyouko: No. It can't be: didn't she lead it to this room?
Voice: 9 o'clock. Lights-out time.
SFX: Kochi kochi kochi kochi
Kyouko: ...Ulti...mately...
Voice: I'm sooory...
SFX: Nutsu...

Kyouko: Noooo~~~~
SFX: Suuu....
Voice: Eh!? A nurse ghost appeared!?
(TN: A notable comment I have to make: the term used for "nurse" here is actually "kangofu", which has a translation of specifically a "female nurse")
Kyouko: Seems so! She dozingly put an injection in my arm in the dead of night! No, it's the hospital; I have to be transferred elsewhere!
Nube: But...it's a short hospitalization term...
Nurse: You played a prank and rang the nurse call many times over in the middle of the night. Really, this child is
Kyouko: But it really came out!
Voice: Hi hi hi

Hina: Hi hi hi, you're possessed, you're possessed. You're the 3rd person with this.
(TN: Considering the sign from a few pages back, it's rather obvious who this old nut is)
Nube: Old woman, do you know something?
Nurse: Please give this up. This old woman likes ridiculing people.
Hina: Three years ago, there was a clumsy nurse; she made a mistake with medicine and injected poison into one of the patients, killing them.
Hina: And the nurse got worried and jumped off from over there.
Hina: Since then, she has appeared...whenever there's a new patient. She puts poison in you with an injection while apologizing "I'm sorry, I'm sorry"...

Nurse: Good-for-nothing...that is a mere rumor!
Hina: Hi hi hi
Kyouko: Nube...
Nube: Mhm---m...
Nube: Had she jumped from here...
Nurse: Yes, well
Nube: But there isn't a spirit here...it's wandering around the hospital.
Nube: If I could go to the room where the patient died, then I may get a clue.
Nurse: Well, but it has been blockaded since the incident.
Nube: Let's go there.

Kyouko: Nube...it's late...have you done the exorcism...
SFX: Piku
SFX: Shatsu
SFX: Kara kara kara kara...
Kyouko: Nube?
SFX: Kara kara kara...
SFX: Kara kara kara kara kara

"Ghost Nurse": I'm soooory...
SFX: Shiku shiku shiku shiku... | Kara kara
Kyouko: Kyaaaa!!
Kyouko: Hiii
SFX: Kara kara kara kara

SFX: Gacha gacha
SFX: Giiii
Kyouko: Hiii, she's coming in...
SFX: Don don
SFX: Don don
Kyouko: (to herself) She's...investigating by herself...
SFX: Don don don don
Kyouko: She's...getting closer...
Kyouko: Hi...she's...she's close...
SFX: Shi----n...
Kyouko: ...Is...is she here...?
SFX: So----...

"Ghost Nurse": I'm soooo~~~ry.
SFX: Shiku shiku shiku shiku
Kyouko: Gyaaaa
Nube: ---Is it here? The room where the incident occurred?
Nube: ---On top of that bed...there is something.
Nurse: Eh?

Nube: Namu Daiji Daihi Kyuugu Kyuunan! Spirit that is here, show yourself!
SFX: Oooh Ooooh...
Nurse: Kyaa!
Nube: It's the spirit of the patient the nurse killed. Can't you rest in peace with of your regret of being killed?
Patient Ghost: No...you're wrong.
Patient Ghost: With the pain of my illness and wanting to commit suicide on that day, I substituted the medicine that the nurse injected into me with poison.

Patient Ghost: But when I died by injection, that kind nurse committed suicide. Even those that woman was not bad...I'm sorry...I'm sorry...
Nube: Right...the cause of death wasn't a mistake of the nurse. And without knowing as such, this spirit was under the impression she killed him herself...
Kyouko: Kyaaaa!
Nube: Mu! Kyouko!?
Nurse Ghost: I'm sorry. I'm sooor
Kyouko: Noooo!
Door: Keep Out Outside Authorized People
SFX: Gacha

Kyouko: Ah.
SFX: Basha---n
Kyouko: Hi
Nurse Ghost: I'm soorry...
Kyouko: Nooo, don't come here! Nube
SFX: Shiku shiku shiku Basha basha basha
Nube: Hold on!
Nube: Don't be hasty...you didn't kill the patient! It was not your fault.
Nurse Ghost: ?
SFX: Shiku shiku
Nube: That fact will be explained by the patient ghost himself! Ha!

Patient Ghost: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Nurse Ghost: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm...
(TN: The "I'm sorry" duet here is actually two different versions of the same word: the patient went "sumanai", while the nurse went "gomen nasai". It could work in the script if you do vary it up, maybe make the patient "pardon me" instead to make it seem like two separate versions)
Nurse Ghost: !
Nurse Ghost: Ooh...
Patient Ghost: I'm sorry.
Nube: It seems the fellow spirits understood. They couldn't rest in peace as consequence of their kindness...what an ironic thing.
SFX: Shuuu...

Nube: Are you alright, Kyouko?
Kyouko: Thank you, Nube. But it can't be that I didn't think there would be a bath room in the basement of the hospital.
(TN: I had to use "bath room" instead of "bathroom" because the term used here was "furoba" or "room with a bath")
Nube: No...Kyouko...that isn't a bath.
Kyouko: Eh?
Nube: That is for preserving corpses for use in dissection...
Nube: The Formalin Pool.
(TN: "Formalin" is a solution combining formaldahide and water, usually used for preservation of biological specimins, including human bodies)
Kyouko: Ge!
Kyouko: Gyaaaaa...
(End of Vol. 27)

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