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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128
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Hell Teacher Nube 239


+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Dec 18, 2011 13:55 | Go to Hell Teacher Nube

-> RTS Page for Hell Teacher Nube 239

Volume 28: Shinigami
#239: Shinigami

Nube: Oh, success. Lucky--It's coming to me today...
"Girl": Um...You're Nueno Meisuke-san...are you?
Nube: Oh--oh--oh--it's been a while--! Well, you've become a beauty, huh---!
Nube: ---So, who are you then? (Ha ha ha...)
"Girl": No, this is our first meeting. I am...

Shinigami: A Shinigami.
(TN: Obviously this being is well known through a lot of Japanese-based stories, but for those who don't know: "Shinigami", or "Death God" as it is translated, is a being that is seen in Japanese culture as the personification of death. While some say this could be tied to a Chinese idea tied to "psychopomps", it is speculated by some that the concept actually didn't come into Japanese culture until the first arrival of the Europeans in the 17th century, who brought with them the concept of the "Grim Reaper", which eventually evolved into the modern Shinigami concept)

Shinigami: This is your sentence: you have 24 hours of life remaining.
Stick: Success
Shinigami: I'm sorry, I don't speak with a voice because I'm not seen by ordinary humans, but since I ended up being seen by you, I took this sort of form.
SFX: Paku paku mogu mogu
Nube: Well...no.
Nube: Am...am I really going to die?
Shinigami: Yes, I'm sorry. At 4:32 in the evening in 24 hours, you will die of a sudden heart spasm.
(TN: Weirdly when the Shinigami said "in 24 hours", she said '24 jikango", which would more translate as "24 hours later at 4:32", but obviously since there is 24 hours in a day, I just simplified it into "in 24 hours")

Nube: A heart spaasm? Hahahahaha, but I've lived like an immortal even though I've fought youkai many times. Eh? It's a heart spasm? You're kidding---
Shinigami: Well, everyone says that but...this is because it's a lifespan that was decided by God...sorry. I am merely the messenger...well...
Shinigami: Ah...incidentally, that's a death sentence mark. It is.
(TN: Weirdly when the Shinigami says "it is", she ended up saying "desu" in Japanese, which ironically sounds a lot like "death")
Shinigami: It is best that you finally do whatever is not done now.
Nube: ...Wh...what I have not done...

SFX: Dodododododo | Wa--wa--
Nube: Namu Daiji Daihi Kyuugu Kyuunan Koudai Reikan
SFX: Wa--wa--
Nube: I've done it--!
Nube: Wa ha ha--even if I've won, I've won a hundred-million yen. It's a hundred-million, he he---You can do this if you have spiritual abilities.
Sign: Doumori Horse Track

Shinigami: That's amazing. Why hadn't you done that up to now? What exactly will you use it for?
Nube: Ku ku ku, I'm doing the ultimate luxuries---
Nube: Eating 100 of the 120 yen plates of Kaitenzushi!!
(TN: "Kaiten-zushi" is a cheap style of fast-food sushi where the purchaser buys and eats sushi based on the price of the plate, allowing for multiple sushi purchases and only purchasing whatever you pick off the rotation table and eat.)
SFX: Gatsu gatsu gatsu
Nube: Eating Choco-Balls until the gold angel appears!
(TN: "Choco-Balls" are a variety of chocolate sweet made by Morinaga confectionary company which posesses small prizes in them such as the American sweet Cracker Jack. The most prized of these prizes is the "Gold Angel", which usually is a gold piece of plastic with an angel imprint on it but an extremely valuable prize)
SFX: Gara gara gara
Nube: Putting hot water into a thousand cup ramen at one time---! And only eating exactly one---

Nube: Ahhahahahaha---
Nube: Hahaha, aha...ahahaha...
SFX: Dosa!
Nube: Hahaha
Nube: Wrong...I was wrong...
Box: Fund-Raising
Nube: This isn't the thing that I want...
Sign: Casa Ooyuki

SFX: Gacha...
Yukime: Ah, Nueno-sensei. Please hold on a moment. I just got out from the bath now...
Nube: Yukime
Yukime: Nu...Nueno-sensei!?

Yukime: I'm happy...the time has finally come. The time when...two becomes one in both body and heart...
Yukime: Don't ever leave, we're together all the way...I love you, Nueno-sensei...
SFX: Gyu...
Nube: What's that---(heart) Ahahaha. Surprised---? Since this is a boy's magazine---...
SFX: Dogacha~~~n
Shinigami: Are you alright? You were with that woman and were living well up to now...

Nube: Yukime, be well.
Sign: Doumori Hospital
SFX: Goto
Tamamo: Nueno-sensei...?
Tamamo: ...?
Ball: You're the greatest.
Nube: Tamamo...if you can comprehend human love already, then after I come to not be here...I request of you the students...

Nube: Get trained---!
Izuna: Hi~~~
Nube: Izuna, there are qualities in you. You can do this...
Nube: Oshou, this is a hand-print of the Oni no Te. if I die, it will sell high.
Sign: Doumori Temple

Ritsuko: A good-luck charm encyclopedia...is it?
Nube: Yes, it can exorcise if it's a weak spirit.
Ishikawa: Ca...castella!? Nueno-kun is!?
Box: Castella Fuuboshidou (Wind-Star Hall)
(TN: "Castella" is a popular sponge cake originally coming from the Portugese and notable for it's manner of preservation when originally brought to Japan, where it became a delicacy)
Principal: Didn't he find it with it past it's best eaten by date?
Hiroshi: Nube, what are we doing for today's home-room?
Kyouko: It's going to be cooking practice.
Miki: Can't we do "The Hundred Tales" after a long time?
(TN: The "Hundred Tales" refer to the "Hyakumonogatari" game they played in #100)

Nube: ...All of you have gr...
Nube: Grown up well! Even if I'm not around, and live well. I am...happy.
Nube: This for all of you today is a present from me.
Nube: Namu Daiji Daihi Kyuugu Kyuunan...
SFX: Hyuuuu...

(Um...angel cherubs...?)

Kyouko: Pretty, what are those?
Nube: Guardian angels of the lowest grade. They're close to spirits. They're in the atmosphere and their power is miniscule, but they present happiness.
Noriko: Extre--mely cute---.
Miki: Well, Nube causes anger at always summoning spirits as pranks but today is a major service.
Kyouko: Huh...? Nube...?

Nube: Will the Oni of the Oni no Te...be taken to the realm of the dead?
Shinigami: Yes...God has said so.
Shinigami: It's steadily time. Don't you have any regrets anymore?
Nube: ...My regrets...are like a mountain.
Nube: I...love this town. The people who live here ......I really...can't say goodbye to them.

Nube: I...
Nube: Don't want to die.
Voice: Nube
Hiroshi: What's the matter? Your state is strange.
Kyouko & Miki: Are you hiding something again?
Shinigami: It's time.
Nube: Everyone

Nube: Farewell.
SFX: Zatsu
SFX: Zaku...
Hiroshi: Eh!?
Kyouko: Nu

----Nueno Meisuke: Age of Death: 25. Cause of Death: Heart Spasm---
Kyouko: Nube!!

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