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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128
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Hell Teacher Nube 240


+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Dec 18, 2011 14:08 | Go to Hell Teacher Nube

-> RTS Page for Hell Teacher Nube 240

#240: Agyousan

Caption: Nube has died.

(Title page...yeah, he's really dead...though I think Shinigami has more to do with it than anything considering she was the one who slashed him at the time of his heart spasm that killed him)

Narrator: And so...a week passed...

Hiroshi: Did the pipe over there pipe out?
(TN: The "earthen pipe pipe out" joke Hiroshi makes here is actually a rather simple pun: he ends up going "soko no dokan dokan kai", which is saying that the "dokan" (an earthen pipe used in plumbing) go "dokan" (as in the noise), leading to...well the obvious Hiroshi scorn)
SFX: Boso
SFX: Baki Doka Gusha
Kyouko: That's cruel, Hiroshi, what's with that gag at this time... (and further we're not laughing)
Miki: Don't you have reason to be sad with Nube dead!?

Hiroshi: I...I...
Hiroshi: Am sad about his death. But...but I don't have reason to be sad fore--ver!
Nube: Because Nube...isn't...coming back anymore...
SFX: Gu...
SFX: Tatata...
Girl: Nube-sensei! Agyousan has appeared!
SFX: Gara

Kyouko: We're sorry. Nube-sensei isn't here anymore.
Hiroshi: What is Agyousan?
Miki: It's a youkai that is currently coming to be a rumor among the lower grades.
Miki: Agyousan is a famous school youkai. When there is one person in a school, it asks "Agyousan, Sagyougo, What is it?"; if you don't answer the riddle, it will kill you...
Makoto: And...the answer to the riddle...?
Miki: In brief...three of the A-line of the Gojuuon...five of the Sa-line...is the answer.
(TN: As I explained back in the weird file for #129, the answer for the "agyousan" riddle is "uso", or "lie")
Katsuya: What, it's that--sort of thing?
Kyouko: It's worthless. (Haa...)
Hiroshi: Eh? Eh? What--sort is it?
Girl: But, but it has appeared, really!
Kyouko: We've--got no choice--

Kyouko: It's this room: the social studies reference room of long ago...
Kyouko: Its not here. Nothing is.
Girl: Really?
Kyouko: Alright? What is "Agyousan Sagyougo" is "Lie"...in short, the tale is a "lie"; there is no Agyousan.
Kyouko: There isn't an Agyousan, there isn't.

"Creature": There isn't an Agyousan, there isn't.
"Creature": Lie
SFX: Gurin! (Turn!)
Agyousan: Agyousan, Sagyougo, what is it?
SFX: Zuzuzuzu | Gurin gurin | Zuzu

Kyouko: Gyaaaa...
SFX: Dogacha---
Miki: It can't be...it really appeared?
Hiroshi: It was Agyousan?
Katsuya: Did you exactly say "lie"?
Kyouko: Yes...
Kyouko: Wa, I'm going to be killed!?
Miki: Certainly seems so.
Hiroshi: Stupid, Nube is always saying that. It's not wrong because you think it's scary.
Hiroshi: Generally even if it is a lying youkai, at any rate if we decide that it--'s a very small, weak being
Kyouko: Th...that's right.
Makoto: I'm not scared, I'm not scared.
Agyousan: A very small, weak being isn't scary.
Agyousan: Lie.
SFX: Gurin

Hiroshi: !!
SFX: Ooooh
Kyouko: Kyaaaa!!
SFX: Gohaa

Miki: What is it---wasn't it very small and weak---?
Hiroshi: It...it should have been...
Katsuya: Th...that guy---! A youkai is coming to run amuck from the early morning!
Agyousan: Lie
SFX: Gurin
Hiroshi: Eh!?
Katsuya: Wh...what!?
Katsuya: It...it became night!?
Hiroshi: That's ridiculous!?

Hiroshi: ! Damn it, this is a dead end...
Everyone: Eh---
Makoto: Wa---we can't run away anymore---
Agyousan: Lie
SFX: Gurin
SFX: Shu
SFX: Patsu
Hiroshi: This is...the principal's office...?
Kyouko: Why exactly are we here?
Makoto: When I said we couldn't run away, we got away...?
Hiroshi: I don't get the reason--but I'll call for help. This is lucky.

Sign: Doumori Hospital
Tamamo: ---From here...what do we plan to do? Nueno Meisuke isn't in this world anymore.
Yukime: I don't know...whatever...I do...it's no...use anymore even if I live...
Tamamo: Right...well, that too is fine. I too don't have time anymore and...
SFX: Toururururu
Tamamo: ...Hiroshi-kun?

SFX: Zuru...zuru...
Katsuya: It's searching...
Kyouko: It's a matter of time even for it to come here.
Miki: Look at this! The great school mysteries are fully found in here. "Agyousan" is...
Miki: "Agyousan" is taught as a mere riddle now but...actually, it is a youkai that was originally a god called "Yagyousan".
Miki: It's power was tremendous due to being a god; it is a youkai of lies who takes what a person says

Miki: And entirely changes it into a lie...?
Kyouko: Eh
Hiroshi: ?
SFX: Gachan
Miki: Hi
Miki: Gyaaa--stop, stop-- (Hi, wa wa)
SFX: Bata bata
Kyouko & Hiroshi: Miki!
Miki: I...I am a feeble, cute girl---
Agyousan: Lie
SFX: Gurun
SFX: Bakii
Miki: Funga!!

Miki: Ah, what? I'm a male?
Agyousan: Lie.
SFX: Gurin
Miki: Ara
Hiroshi: What are you doing? Run quickly.
Miki: ? I...I was truly a male now.
Kyouko: What are you saying, quickly!
Voice: Hiroshi-kun! Kyouko-chan!
Tamamo: Yukionna! You can fight even if Nueno-sensei isn't here?
Yukime: Of course! They're teacher's beloved students!
Hiroshi: Yes! If those two have come, we're invincible! Agyousan can't win against those two...

Agyousan: Lie.
SFX: Zushaa!
Hiroshi: !!
Kyouko: I...understand. The words said in front of that youkai all become lies!
Hiroshi: Wh...what's that!!

Katsuya: If you say it won't, it is...if you say it's morning, it's night...
Makoto: If you say you can't run away, you run away.
Miki: If you say you're woman, you're a man.
Hiroshi: Then...those words I said earlier...
Kyouko: It's an invincible youkai that even Yukime-san and Tamamo can't win against...
SFX: Oooh...Ooooh...
Hiroshi: ......
Hiroshi: It's too late...we can only give up. We're just getting killed...
Kyouko: Hiroshi...
Hiroshi: We're still really no good with Nube not around...but, but

Hiroshi: Nube is already dead and not in this world. He isn't going to save us ever again!!
SFX: Gurun
Agyousan: Lie
Voice: In this world
Voice: There are dwellers of the dark that can’t be seen by the eyes.
SFX: Katsu--n katsu--n

Voice: These beings bare their fangs on occasion, attacking you. I am
SFX: Katsu--n katsu--n
Voice: If to protect
Voice: All of you students from them
SFX: Katsu--n katsu--n
Voice: I will revive even from the depths of hell

Nube: And come, without fail.

Hiroshi & Kyouko: Nube
SFX: Zushaaaa
Kyouko: Nube...! Is it true!? Have you truly returned to life?
Nube: ...Seems so, really...I don't remember anything after my death but
SFX: Shuuuu
Nube: No, I was a much better person while I was alive...

Nube: But...I won't go away from all of your sides.
Tamamo: It was all a lie...with this...is God saying he allows this?
Tamamo: Nueno Meisuke...you still have quite a need in this world.

Nube -sensei's
#50: Funerals

A funeral is the final event of a person's life. First there occurs an "informal wake" with just the family and close relatives; the next day is the "actual wake" where you ornate the altar, and the next day further has occur the "farewell service" for the funeral service. Long ago, it was a thing which occurred all-night within one night as in the name of "wake", but recently a "half-wake", where it ends at about 10 at night is typical. This is taking into account the fatigue of the bereaving family.

The "farewell service" is carried out with the sutra chanting of a priest and the incense of participants. The funeral service and the farewell service were originally separate ceremonies, but recently many have them occur continuously. Up to the incense of the bereaving family is a funeral service; from when the general attendees have incense is where it becomes the farewell service. Afterwards, everyone puts live flowers and personal favorite things into the coffin, nail on the lid and send it to the crematory.

On a spirit tablet, a "Kaimyou" is written. A Kaimyou is the name in the world beyond death. Having a good Kaimyou costs a good deal in itself. Further, a "Kaimyou" is a term of the Soutou sect; it's called "Hougou" in the Nichiren sect and "Houmyou" in the Joudou Shinshuu.

When cremation occurs, the remains are just bones. These come to be two people in one group that are gathered with chopsticks and placed into a funerary urn. Just like how it comes to be the legs beneath and head above, it's placed ahead from the bones of the legs.

When the attendants return home, they place "purifying salt" on their bodies before they enter their house. This is a unique item of Japan as a custom of Shinto. It's because the Japanese from long ago have a tendency of loathing "death" as "unclean (withering energy; dirtying energy)". Since the dead are Buddhas in Buddhism, it on the other hand is a welcome thing.

After a funeral service, a Buddhist memorial service occurs in about seven days. And then the bones are accepted in the tomb in the Buddhist Memorial Service on the 49th day including the day of death. And then the bereaving family returns to their ordinary life.
(TN: For the most part this speaks for itself, but I do want to add a few notes so I won't have to do as much research:
-A "spirit tablet", also known as an "ancestral tablet" or "Ihai", is an object usually kept as an alter for either an ancestor/family member or for a god associated with it.
-"Kaimyou" literally translate into "Dharma name", which is typically a name given to a Buddhist monk or nun when they enter an order, but also used in Japanese culture as the name given to the dead as they enter their new world. When one uses this name in the world of the living, it prevents them from coming back. The other Japanese terms, "Hougou" and "Houmyou", are the same thing as Kaimyou but based on the other sects as stated prior.
-Soutou is a popular sect of Zen Buddhism in Japan which is generally seen as the sect of the common people most notable for it's usage of "silent illumination" or "zanzen". Nichiren, on the other hand, is a Buddhist sect based on the teachings of the monk of the same name (who believed in the Lotus Sutra and the concept of reaching enlightenment in the current life), while Joudo Shinshuu is the largest Buddhist sect in japan which believes that the only way to enlightenment is the usage of the Amida in order to keep one close to the way.)

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