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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128
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Hell Teacher Nube 241

Oni-Maiden: Minki Appears!

+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Dec 18, 2011 14:09 | Go to Hell Teacher Nube

-> RTS Page for Hell Teacher Nube 241

#241: Oni-Maiden: Minki Appears!
(TN: About this title: the Japanese title was "Oni Musume"; while "musume" generally is the Japanese term for "daughter", it also is commonly used as well as a term for a girl in general, thus the usage here in my title as "maiden"...mostly because the one we're going to meet really never has a father revealed...)

Narrator: "Oni"---Nube has twice ever fought with Oni. The first time was with "Baki", the Oni that was sealed into his left hand at the end of his deadly struggle; the second time was "Zekki", his little brother.
*Consult vol. 23, 24, etc.
Narrator: And...a third terror (?) is now...coming to here, Doumori Elementary...!
SFX: Gogogogogogogo
SFX: Bari bari bari
SFX: Pe | Pasa...

(Title page...oh boy...and here we go...)

SFX: Ki--n ko--n ka--n ko--n...
SFX: Gatsu gatsu Musha musha Nma nma
Nube: Tasty, tasty, ah~~it's great to be alive.
Hiroshi: Nube, stop it. This is already your 10th bowl.
Kyouko: Well, well, he was dead last time. Even the taste of the school lunch is slightly salted.
(TN: Kyouko's term here regarding "hitoshio" has a double meaning, both in the literal "slightly salted" as well as "in particular" or "especially", sort of showing...well, Nube's love of school lunch)
Nube: Yeah, yeah: I'm never going to die ever again.
Nube: Uh!
SFX: Nga ngo

SFX: Suu---...
Voice 1: Qu...quickly, water! Water!
SFX: Wa---kya~~
Voice 2: Hold on, Nube!
Voice 3: Don't die from what you nearly said---
(TN: The term of "Itteru soba" was sort of tough to translate but with what we saw Nube say prior, it sort of made some sense)
Nube: Well, sorry sorry. It quite seems my soul has become easily easily escapable...(Ha ha ha...)
Kyouko: I'm not surprised.
Miki: If you come to die too much, it will get to no one crying for you.
Nube: Everything's as it was.
Hiroshi: Katsuya, let's play catch.
Katsuya: That's fine.
Nube: It would be great if these peaceful days continues throughout but...
Narrator: But the incident had already occurred. That nonsensical, perverted incendent since the start of "Hell Teacher Nube"...!
(TN: The "nonsensical" line here actually had a caption of "shigo" or "obsolete" for the Japanese word "hachamecha", which has the meaning of "nonsense")

SFX: Wa--wa--
SFX: Bishi
Hiroshi: ?
SFX: Bishi...Pari | Bari bari
Hiroshi: What's that!? A crack...in space!
SFX: Bari bari bari bari
Katsuya: It...it can't be...
SFX: Dogaaaa
Hiroshi & Katsuya: Uwa--
SFX: Shuuu...
Katsuya: Ow ow
Hiroshi: Uhh...
Voice: Hey, you two.
Hiroshi: Eh?

"Oni Girl": Do you know about my panties?
Hiroshi & Katsuya: !?
Caption: We...we told them "you can't draw that" yet... (by the editors)

Minki: I'm MINKI! A proud female warrior that has come from hell! When I traveled across dimensions and appeared in this world, my panties fell off with the tremendous energy flow...
(TN: "Minki" has a literal translation of "Sleepy Oni")
SFX: Mon mon mon mon
Caption: Thus, they can't draw it...
SFX: Bushu~~~~
Minki: You~~~humans~~~!! How dare you have that squalid nosebleed on my face...
Minki: I'll mend it there by blowing you away with a youryoku bullet!!
SFX: Pou
Katsuya: Ge!
Hiroshi: An...Oni no Te!?

SFX: Bon! | Pigya
Katsuya: A spontaneous discharge?
SFX: Pata...
Hiroshi: Perhaps she's...quite an idiot...?
Nube: Damn...the indication was cut off but...I truely felt the appearance of a strong youki earlier!
Nube: That youki is not ordinary youki...that is...an Oni! And further...it's hiding a strong latent youryoku that far surpasses the two Oni that I've fought up to now...
Nube: This is bad...I must quickly discover it...! Before it makes contact with the students...!

Hiroshi: Here, wipe your face with this.
Minki: Ah, thank you. Hmph! Gratitudes won't be said.
Hiroshi: Didn't you say it--?
Minki: Ultimately...the underwear of an Oni is the source of youryoku...without that, we can't release our power skillfully...Me now has only the power of an ordinary person...I have to act where they won't know my true power...
(TN: The term that we're going to hear a lot in this arc is the Japanese word "pantsu", which usually is a term for "underwear" and would explain the general idea of an Oni's power being tied to it. However it's more well known as the term for "panties", which I will use for the term of Minki's...lost garments)
Hiroshi: Hey, are you an Oni? Why have you come to the human world?
SFX: Giku!!

Minki: Oh no...this must be by any means...
SFX: Wata wata wata
Hiroshi: Well you were exiled from hell because you're too much a dummy.
Katsuya: Since you're the leftover of the Oni family. (Ha ha ha)
Minki: Insolent fools! If I was only wearing my panties... (Uga~~~)
Hiroshi: Ah---panties. Yeah, yeah.
Hiroshi: Be relieved. We'll search for them together.
Katsuya: Yes, yes, We're kind to beautiful girls.
Hiroshi: You're a bad Oni. We pity you...I'm Hiroshi, nice to meet you.
Katsuya: I'm Katsuya. For the time being, let's search for clues.
Minki: Well, is this relieving? This is promising.
Minki: Hmph, just perfect. These two will be servants #1 and #2...
SFX: Nyari (smirk)
Sign: Girl's Locker Room

SFX: Wai wai | Gaya gaya
Hiroshi: It's the pool locker room. The 6th grade girls are changing.
Katsuya: As expected, the 6th graders all have gained gweat boobs!
(TN: Katsuya goes "ee" instead of "ii", thus why I said "gweat")
Minki: ...Hey you.
Minki: Why must I mimick thing that's like peeping!
Katsuya: Shh---your voice is loud!
Hiroshi: If it's possible, someone may find us and they'll tell.
Katsuya: If that's the case, wouldn't it be the quickest to search as they do...
Minki: Uh...
Hiroshi: But...with that, my pride would...
SFX: Koso koso...
Girl: N
Girl: Kya--you all are peeping in the locker room--
Hiroshi: Ge
Katsuya: Damn it.

Minki: Wa...wait, we're not suspicious, we're just searching for panties for a bit!
Girl: That's supicious enough! Perverts!
Girl 1: Hit them, hit them!
Girl 2: Peeping in a girl's locker room in spite of being female.
Hiroshi, Katsuya & Minki: Gyaa~~~
Girl 3: She's a slut, a slut!!
SFX: Hyu~~~~
Minki: Y...you...to have me, called a slut...
Minki: Isn't~~this great--I can't experience this searching for my panties~~~
Hiroshi: You don't have feminine speech--
Minki: However...there is reason to say that someone may be wearing them. I'll use my trump card.
Hiroshi: What is she doing?

Minki: Even if I don't have attack power, I'll use a bit of Oni magical energy.
SFX: Pou...
Minki: Queen Yomi...by the name of Izanami, with the shining of this ball of light...
(TN: Just as a note: Izanami, or "Izanami-no-Mikoto" is known as the goddess of both creation and death and is the leader of Yomi, the Japanese underworld)
Minki: Have everyone...go down to their underwear---!!
SFX: Katsu
SFX: Paaaa...
Voice: Nueno-sensei.
Nube: Ritsuko-sensei.
Ritsuko: Are you searching for something?
SFX: Paaaa...

Ritsuko: Kyaaa~~~pervert.
SFX: Bakii | Suu...
Minki: Don't be slow; quickly search for it!!
Hiroshi & Katsuya: He--y.
Minki: Mu!!

SFX: Gogogogogo
SFX: Gogo
Minki: You're...Nueno Meisuke?
Nube: ...I am but..you're...?
Minki: I am Minki! The little sister of Zekki and Baki...my two older brothers that you defeated!!
Hiroshi & Katsuya: Eeh!?

Nube: It seems so after all...what is your purpose? Revenge?
Ishikawa: Hey, Nueno-kun, what exactly is the matter here?
Minki: Ah!
Minki: There they are--my panties!!
Nube: I...Ishikawa-sensei...
Ishikawa: N? I found these in front of the school gate this morning but...
Kyouko: Nube!! It's terrible. The 6th graders said Hiroshi and Katsuya were peeping...
SFX: Bata bata bata...
Nube: No! Don't come this way!
Kyouko: Eh?
SFX: Paaa...

Kyouko: Kyaaa~~~what is this---
Miki: Nooo---

Feature Panty Songs (1)

Oni Panties
Author & Composer: Luigi Denza (from Funiculi Funicula)
Arranger & Japanese: Tanaka Seiji
Singer: Tanaka Seiji

(chorus) Panties panties panties panties...

Oni panties are good panties
They are strong--they are strong---
They will not break in 5 years
They are strong--they are strong--
They will not break in 10 years
They are strong--they are strong--
They will not break in 100 years
They are strong--they are strong--

Limping limping Oni panties, yes!
Limping limping Oni panties
Yours and mine and big brother's and grandma's---
Everyone's got limp Oni panties.

Minki: With this, you too can be a panty expert!
Nube: This is a weird feature---

(TN A couple things:
1. "Funicuri Funicula" is a notable Neopolitan song that was made famous by the Italian singer Mario Lanza, actually written in commemoration of the first Funicular cable car that was meant to climb Mount Vesuvius (of which was destroyed when Vesuvius erupted in 1944). If you find it on Youtube, you probably will know the tune right away.
2. Seiji Tanaka is a notable singer and TV personality of Japan in the 1970s, mostly notable for his covers of English-language hits, in particular the song "Beautiful Sunday" by Daniel Boone)

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