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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128
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Hell Teacher Nube 242

Are Oni Panties Good Panties!?

+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Dec 18, 2011 14:10 | Go to Hell Teacher Nube

-> RTS Page for Hell Teacher Nube 242

#242: Are Oni Panties Good Panties!?

Yukime: So ultimately...you felt it too.
Tamamo: Yes...I truly felt a powerful youki appearing at Doumori Elementary. It was...an Oni...
Tamamo: An Oni invasion that once shook Doumori...will that nightmare return again...
SFX: Kiki--
SFX: Batan!
Tamamo: Mu
Tamamo: What is that light!?
SFX: Paaa...

Tamamo: N
Yukime: Eh

Yukime: Kyaaa~~~~what are you doing, you pervert fox~~~!!
SFX: Bakii (Hiit)
Tamamo: Someone like you in that appearance!! You lewd yukionna!!
Kyouko: Kya---
Noriko: Noo~~
Miki: A~~h
Nube: ---How could there be a little sister to Zekki and Baki...is this disturbance your action...

Nube: Minki!
Minki: Fufufu: that's right. It's my youryoku.
Hiroshi: No~~~o
Katsuya: The shame.
Minki: But don't misunderstand me. I haven't come with a petty purpose called revenge.
Minki: My purpose is merely one...they are...for panties!!
Nube: Panties?

Minki: "Oni panties are good panties; They will not break in 100 years..." Like that song of long ago, in ancient times it was believed that there was strong spiritual power in Oni underwear.
Minki: Why is because Oni underwear is an item that are produced by spinning the body of a powerful spiritualist.
Nube: !!
Minki: Powerful underwear are created to the extent of the strength of the spiritual power of the human whom becomes the materials...An Oni who wears them come to posses strong youryoku...
Minki: If it was you, then I'm certain you'd become the ultimate panties. Fufufu...alright.
Minki: Nueno Meisuke! I will make you into panties!
SFX: Ga--n!
Kyouko: Wh...what's that--dummy.

Minki: You will die for that reason. Take this: Youryoku wave...
SFX: Pou
Nube: Uuh
Minki: Bubera---
SFX: Bobomu!
Hiroshi: Wa--spontaneous discharge again.
Minki: Uuh...damn it. The me now can't control power without panties. It's because I carelessly dropped my panties when I ascended from hell...I made everyone naked so I could search for those panties.
Caption: In the midst of summary explanation for last time
Minki: My panties are...being worn by that perverted old man...
SFX: Kitsu
Minki: Give those back!!
Ishikawa: Hi
Nube: Run away, Ishikawa-sensei! Hurry!
Minki: Take this! Panty Teleportation
SFX: Bibi

Minki: Pa
Minki: S**t...I can't skillfully use my powers after all...(and yet I was aiming for the panties over there...)
Minki: Pa!
Miki: Wha~~
Minki: Pa
Noriko: Noooo
Minki: Pa
Kyouko: Stop it~~

Everyone: Kya---No~~~Wa---Hi----

Minki: I've cornered you. You alone are whose left!
MinkI: I'll take those---
SFX: Supo
Ishikawa: W~~ha~~
SFX: Pu~~~n
Minki: Hegu
Minki: St...stinky...I'm dead...
SFX: Pata...
Ishikawa: Well...it's because I haven't taken a bath in a month...it's the evil eye of ringworm.
(TN: Weirdly Ishikawa-sensei ends up saying the expression of "inkin jashi", which ended up translating here as "the evil eye of ringworm")
SFX: Musu

Kyouko: ---So...What will we do? With her...
Tamamo: Nueno-sensei...it's best that we kill her quickly. The little sister of Zekki and Baki...if she lives, I'm certain she'll bring catastrophe.
Yukime: Right! Even though she's quiet now, she'll show her real nature someday...
SFX: Iku iku
Nube: ......No......
Nube: I won't kill...this child. I'll take charge of her in my class.
Everyone: Eeh!?
Nube: Whaat? She's powerless as long as she's not wearing the panties. Be cool.
Caption: Washed for the time being.
Yukime: You can't, teacher! Even if her appearance is a cute girl, she's an Oni! You can't be deceived by her outside.

Nube: Well~~? Are you perhaps jealous, Yukime-kun? Because I'm being nice to another girl~~?
Caption: Zero delicacy
Yukime: I don't know you!
SFX: Pisha
Tamamo: Repent, Nueno-sensei.
Nube: No...speaking of Oni and youkai, if they were to live among humans, they obtain human hearts before long...I believe that. Wouldn't that be proven by you two more than anything...?
Narrator: And so from the next day, Minki began to live as a human...
Nube: So~~then, I'll take attendance!
Nube: Abe--
Student: Here.
Nube: Inaba--
Kyouko: Here.
Nube: Endou--
Student: Here
Nube: Minki---!

SFX: Musu---
Minki: Hmph!
Nube: If I call you, you reply!
SFX: Bari bari bari
Minki: Gyaa~~~He...hereherehere---
Caption: Her Youryoku is sealed.
Nube: Well well, you want your panties returned. Work properly.
Caption: He put the panties in his breast pocket.
Hiroshi: Yes--yes--
Kyouko: Great, great.
Hiroshi: Today is the 3rd day. We thought you would have resisted much more but...
Kyouko: Unexpectedly you may be an honest, good girl...
Minki: I'm an Oni! I don't have reason to be an honest, good girl!

Kyouko: Che! What's with that attitude.
Miki: Let's go, let's go!
Hiroshi: ?
SFX: Picha picha
SFX: Apu apu
Worm: Ho
Hiroshi: ...!
Hiroshi: hey, come here a moment.
Minki: ?
SFX: Wa--wa--

Minki: Don't firm up, scatter, scatter--!
SFX: Wa--wa--
Kyouko: What's this...she's completely melted...
Hiroshi: Yeah. She's just as Nube said...
SFX: Bashi!
Noriko: Ah...
Minki: Safe!

Minki: Al--right, let's go with intensity--!
Students: Yeah---
Makoto: Hold on--
Driver: Watch out!
SFX: Goooo
Hiroshi: !!

SFX: Kikikiki
Driver: Are...are you alright----
Voice 1: Makoto---
Voice 2: Did you see that? Now!
Voice 3: Minki saved Makoto!

Voice 1: Those incredible reflexes...as expected of an Oni...
SFX: Zawa zawa zawa
Voice 2: She faster than the eye.
Makoto: ! (to himself) She got injured...for me...
Makoto: Th...thank you very much...
Minki: Hm...hmph! There wasn't a reason in particular I saved you. I just can't have the game being interrupted. I'm an Oni who doesn't have blood or tears.
Nube: No.
Nube: You...clearly...are different from the other Oni.

Nube: Let's talk. Minki...you shoud suitably understand being you.
SFX: Sa!
Minki: An opening--!
Nube: Wa...wait!
Minki: Doo~~my, I don't suitably understand humans--
(TN: The "doomy" part is just a weird extention of Minki when she says an extention of the Japanese word for "dummy, "baka", like "baaka")

Minki: Nsho nsho
SFX: Sasa
SFX: Bishi!
Minki: Prepare yourself, Nueno Meisuke! I'll make you into panties!
Nube: No! Her Oni power has returned...

Feature Panty Songs (2)

Chanchara Oka P-Ondo
Author - Composer - Singer: Bakufuu Slump

If I was to become some panties
It's best that I do not become too cute
All those panties that are too cute
Certainly get stolen by lecherous old men
They end up getting worn~~~
They end up getting smelled~~~

Minki: The third one will be enjoyable!
Nube: We're not doing this again!!

(TN: "Chanchara Oka-P Ondo" is a song written by the comedy troop "Kobouzu-tai" as an Ondo about things they don't want to be due to the negative consequences of being positive. The part about the panties may also be likewise about being a recorder...then again we've seen the consequences of that in Nube as well. On the other hand, "Bakufuu Slump" is a popular Japanese rock band that emerged and had a major string of successes in the mid-late 80s and early 90s in Japan...and I doubt they really have any sort of connection to this song)

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