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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)
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Hell Teacher Nube 243

Tears Even in an Oni's Eyes!?

+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Dec 18, 2011 14:11 | Go to Hell Teacher Nube

-> RTS Page for Hell Teacher Nube 243

#243: Tears Even in an Oni's Eyes!?

Hiroshi: Mi...
Miki: Minki has...
Nube: Got her panties on!!

Minki: Minki--! Full power!!

SFX: Guoooooh
Nube: Ku...what energy! I...I'm at my wits end, what can I do about those panties?
Kyouko: This is terrible: Nube will become panties!
Hiroshi: Nube, will you end up becoming panties?
Miki: Will we change the title to Hell Panties Nube!?
Nube: Uuuh, in spite of the amazing crisis, there isn't a feeling of tension...

Minki: Fufufu: here I go, Nueno Meisuke!
SFX: Kiiii
Nube: Uh...
Minki: Minki Pants...
Nube: Gu...
Katsuya: This is *nkey Punch...
(TN: Sadly the only way to make this joke work in English was to once again try to adjust the whole feeling of the word "pantsu" or "panties". The original name of Minki's attack is "Minki Paantsu", which obviously is just going to be "Minki Paanties". However, it's followed up with Katsuya's line which actually refers to Monkey Punch, the mangaka who created popular character Lupin III (of whom he turns into in that brief moment). The only way to make the Monkey Punch bit work was to do that whole adjustment of words...personally it makes the joke work but it takes away the Japanese intention in some ways)

Nube: Guhaa...
SFX: Bou
Minki: Minki...
Minki: Flaa---sh!!
SFX: Domu | Koba | Gua | Baki | Domu | Doka doka doka

SFX: Gogogogo...
Minki: Lost your conscious? That's fine since I wasn't being serious. You can't become panties if you're killed.
Hiroshi: She's strong...it's like that time with Zekki... (She wasn't being serious with that...)
Kyouko: We must save him!
Katsuya: Girls, don't move from here.
Hiroshi: Our opponent is a girl about the same age as us. Her weakness are understood. I've thought them up.
Kyouko: Hiroshi.
Minki: So, become panties~~~
Voice: He--y, Minki!
Hiroshi: Take these---!
Hiroshi's Caption: Caterpillar
Katsuya's Caption: Poop
Kaneda's Caption: Shown Weiner

Minki: Hey, you're annoying!
SFX: Paa
Hiroshi: Eh
SFX: Shuru shuru shuru
Katsuya: Ah
SFX: Shuru
Kaneda: Hi
Boys: Wa---!
SFX: Hira hira hira
Kyouko: Hiroshi!
Miki: Aw~~our boys have...

Kyouko: (Random shapes as curses)!?
SFX: Hira hira hira
Hiroshii: Save us--
Kaneda: Hi--
Minki: Really! Using that power unnecessarily...that takes a good amount of time. I'll have to start again from the beginning.
Kyouko: Hey you, what have you done? Turn them back to normal!
Minki: No--way.
Minki: However for your complaining, these children will lose their human hearts and end up as real panties. Currently they barely have conscious remaining, but soon already...
Katsuya: Ah--...
Hiroshi: Somehow my face is becoming dulled...
Kyouko: Eeh!?
Minki: If you want to save them, then we-ar them. If you do, then you can preserve their current conscious for the time being.
Kyouko: Eh?
Miki: We...wear them...

Kyouko: Just a bit, Hiroshi, don't move!
Boys: Ha--ha--ha--ha--
Miki: Th...them; their sensations remain as these.
Katsuya: Uhi
Hirorshi: Awawa...th...this brazen feeling...(Ha ha ha)
SFX: Piku piku doki doki
Katsuya: It's heaven~~
Miki: Kya---he's nosebleeding!!

Noriko: No~~~he's spilling with drool--
Girls: Kya--no~~Hi--
Kyouko: Wa--they're moving around with arousal.
Hiroshi: Gutsy---!!
Miki: Stop it--perverts---!!
Girls: Kya--Wa--Hi---
Minki: This is a stupid, infamous grade school.
Minki: ! No, he's not there!?

Minki: Huh!
Nube: Fufufufu
Nube: In truth, Minki, I used a bit of a trick while I was in charge of your panties.
SFX: Hashiri
Minki: De...

Minki: How...how dare you do that to my panties~~!!
SFX: Muya~~~
Nube: Hey hey, if you don't control them, then your panties will fall down. If you don't have your panties, then you'll lose your youryoku and become a normal girl!
Minki: Shut it! With human opponents, one hand is enough!
Nube: We're mutually one-hand-comrades, we're even with that.
SFX: Gatsu gatsu gatsu
Minki: We're mutual? See: the power of the Oni!

SFX: Ooooooh
Nube: !
Minki: How's that! This Youryoku Sphere can't be made by a human! If you take this, then you won't be able to stand ever again.
SFX: Bari bari bari
Minki: I've won!
Minki: Take this---...
SFX: Pasa

Nube: I...idiot: if you use both hands, your panties will...
Minki: Huh!! Da...damn, I don't have my panties. This heavy thing will...
SFX: Doshaa
Minki: Gyaaaaaa...It's...it's hot, I'm meeeelting~~~~

Minki: How regretful...my Oni self has...this...miserable way of dying...
SFX: Gooooo
SFX: Ba ba

Minki: !!
SFX: Goooo
Minki: Why...did you save me?
Nube: Let me say this: you're different from Zekki and Baki...I certainly believe you suitably understand.
Nube: With that...the you now is my student. I'll protect you even betting my life.

SFX: Shuuu
Kyouko: Nube!
Miki: Nube!
Kyouko: Are you alright?
Nube: Hahaha, I'm fine.
Minki: ......
Kyouko: Nube
Hiroshi: Well--I was thinking of how it came to be when I became panties.
Kyouko: In spite of being quite glad.
Katsuya: Aah---for me to be panties my entire life...
Miki: Get over there you lecher.

Kyouko: ---Well, I'm glad it's returned to normal.
Miki: That's--right.
Minki: ...I don't get it...
Minki: What's with humans...? Humans were trash to the surrounding Oni when I was small. We were taught they were maggots. But...
Kyouko: Hey, we give you these.
Minki: For me?
Minki: I get it. It--seems they're pestering me with tit-for-tat. What is it? A centipede? Poop?
SFX: Gasa gasa

Kyouko: We bought them wtih money everyone chipped in. Your Oni panties were burned and you can't turn Nube into panties...you'll endure with these.

Nube: We can't have no panties.
Minki: Hey, I don't have my panties and can't go home to hell. Is it fine if I stay here a little while?
Nube: Yeah, it's fine. In the meanwhile, we'll somehow think of a way to get you back home...
Minki: Then, nice to meet you, BIG BROTHER.
Nube: Bi...big brother!? But this left hand is your real big brother.
Minki: I'll remain here...what are these humans? Until I ascertain what I've become...

Color it in by referring to the drawing on the front cover! (Those self-confident in style can go ahead and cosplay as well!)
Caption: Backside

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