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Hell Teacher Nube 244

Walking Jampyuu

+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Jan 7, 2012 01:39 | Go to Hell Teacher Nube

-> RTS Page for Hell Teacher Nube 244

#244: Walking Jampyuu

Voice: Dinner--! Please come qui--ckly.
Boy: O--K.
(TN: Of particular note: the mech toy the kid is playing with here is a slight "homage" to the title mech of the Takara-funded anime "The King of Brave GaoGaiGar", which aired between 1997 and 1998; by which the series would have been ended about this time in 1998 with the final episode airing in January)
Boy: I'm tired of this too.
SFX: Gacha!
Boy: Hey, buy me a new toy---...
SFX: Shuuuu

(Title page...and that thing is...)

Voice: Wo--w, Jampyuu is playing it's bugle---!
(TN: First of all, the "Jampyuu" in the title should probably be "Jumpyuu", but since the title is on this page in English, I sort of kept it as is. Secondly, the "Walking Jumpyuu" in this chapter is more or less a parody/homage to the "Pocket Pikachu", known in the US as "Pokemon Pikachu", which while tied to the Pokemon franchise was a special pedometer that was sold separately where you earned "watts" for the amount of movement you do, which you can use to buy things for your Pikachu; it originally came out in March, 1998 in Japan)
Noriko: I got it when I was presented 600 EP (Energy Points) with about 20,000 steps
Kyouko: It's been blowing it every day in the evening since I've surpassed 100,000 steps.
Hiroshi: Why does only mine have a shakuhachi?
(TN: A "shakuhachi" is a wooden flute originally made of bamboo but now made of hardwood. It is most notable for being used by the Fuke school of Zen Buddhism as a form of meditation)
Minki: What are those?
Miki: Walking Jampyuu. They're popular.

Miki: By attaching it to your body and walking, Walking Jampyuu increase their level of friendship by your numer of steps and will come to do various actions.
"Actions" (Clockwise from top right):
-Play with building blocks
-Play piano
-Eat soft-serve
(TN: "Soft serve" is my way of identifying "soft cream", the Japanese term for "soft-serve ice cream")
Minki: Oh, that's the same as the Hell Blood-Sucking Leech that clings to your hip and does cute actions that lives in hell.
SFX: Juru juru (suck suck)
Miki: No, no.
Akira: I haven't really increased my steps.
Shizuka: It's great to attach it to a fan and flap it.
Kaneda: It's great to attach it to your uwabaki and walk it.
(TN: "Uwabaki" are "indoor slippers" usually worn in the homes of the Japanese, with shoes usually kept for walking outside)
Katsuya: No no, it's good if you do a hula dance.
SFX: Gara

Nube: ...
SFX: Wa--wa--wa-- | Kasha kasha kasha kasha kasha kasha kasha kasha
Nube: Oh, the Walking Jampyuu...you have things that aren't related to school again...
Minki: If big brother wants it too, then I'll give you one. (a blood-sucking leech)
Nube: Gyaaa---
SFX: Juru juru~~~
Nube: At any rate, you can't play during class! I'll take them away!
Students: Ri--ght.
Makoto: Everyone is happy. I can't buy it until next month's allowance.

Caption: --Clean-up Time--
SFX: Ki--n ko--n ka--n ko--n...
Makoto: I want it. The Jampyuu...
SFX: Kiran
Makoto: !
Makoto: I'm certain someone threw it away. Thank you, God.

Makoto: Wa!
SFX: Pika~~~
Jampyuu: Jampyuu~~~~

Makoto: Ya--y ya--y, it's a real Jampyuu---
Jampyuu: Pyuu~~~
Hiroshi: Ma...Makoto, What's--going on there!
Makoto: It's a real Jampyuu.
Kyouko: It isn't a stuffed doll!? (He said real...)
Makoto: Ah, I've collected EP. I immediately get a present.
SFX: Pi | Pon!
SFX: Paa...
Hiroshi: Oh! Jampyuu is riding a unicycle.
Kyouko: Cu---te--- (heart)
SFX: Kikokikokiko

Kyouko: Well---ultimately as you walk and raise your EP, it does a performance.
Jampyuu: Pyuu---
Katsuya: That's cool...
Katsuya: He--re, one more time.
SFX: Pon
Makoto: Ah, no good. If you give it a present though you don't have EP...
Makoto: There, it's table flipping.
(TN: Table-flipping is a notable pop-culture aspect of Japanese culture where someone randomly flips a table whenever they show anger)
SFX: Doka
Hiroshi: Al--right, I'll accumulate EP, get a present and it will show much more performances.
SFX: Shaka shaka shaka shaka (shake shake shake shake)
Makoto: Ah, Jampyuu is doing sit-ups.
Hiroshi: That's a turn...

Hiroshi: Wow, Jampyuu is reading a book.
Book Jampyuu is reading: The Chestnut and the Cellar
(TN: The title of the book is much cleverer in Japanese, being "Kuri to kura", with literally one character difference between the word that stands for "chestnut" and the one for "cellar)
Kyouko & Noriko: Great, grea--t!
Hiroshi: Ah, it's riding a car.
Katsuya: Ooh~~~
Hiroshi: Oh, it's taking a bath.
Kyouko & Noriko: Kya---

Students: Uwa~~~Jampyuu is playing heavy metal.
Nube: What is that~~~!
Nube: A game character became reality? That's ridiculous. U~~h.
Minki: That's why you're getting one too. (a blood-sucking leech)
SFX: Juru juru
Nube: It doesn't have a wicked heart but...what exactly is it's motive...?

Makoto: Jampyuu is amusing. With this, I'll play with it my entire life.
Voices: Wai Wai
Makoto: Wow, amazing. A glittery kendama.
(TN: A "kendama" is a "ball-and-cup" game usually popular in Japanese culture among children)
Makoto: You'll wait there, Jampyuu.

Caption: The first day: ordinary feeling
Caption: Third day: odd feeling
Caption: A week: ran away from home
Jampyuu: Pyuu...

Makoto: Hu...huh!?
Makoto: Wh...what are you doing! That's dangerous, you'll fall!

Miki: It's because you haven't come to play with it recently~~wasn't it lonely?
Makoto: Eh?
Miki: There, it's giving that performance with all it's might, so it can bring you back...
Makoto: Jampyuu!
Hiroshi: Ah!
Kyouko: Watch out, Makoto!
Nube: What's wrong!?
Hiroshi: Nube! Makoto is!
Makoto: I'm sorry, I was bad.
Jampyuu: Pi.

Jampyuu: Pyuu~~!!
Makoto: Jampyuu!!
Makoto: Ah
SFX: Tsuru (slip)
SFX: Pari pari

SFX: Bari bari bari bari bari
Jampyuu: Pyuu
Nube: Makoto!
SFX: Dosa
Makoto: Jampyuu!
SFX: Shuuu...
Makoto: Nube-sensei, save Jampyuu!
Nube: ...

(TN: Note a few of the "toys" in the collection, including a Famicom, a Rubik Cube, a Tamagotchi, a Game and Watch, even a Gundam!)
Nube: This is...old toys whose boom went away and were forgotten. They've taken the form of Tsukumogami*.
*Tsukumogami: Souls that get lodged in objects and take the form of youkai.
Makoto: ......

Kyouko: ---They've vanished with bitterness...when new items come out, we immediately throw old things away...
Nube: No. They said...they were happy be played with by a child one more time, even for a little while. Toys aren't bitter, with their happiness of being used.
Caption: Good feeling

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