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Hell Teacher Nube 245

Tamamo's Time-Limit

+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Jan 7, 2012 18:29 | Go to Hell Teacher Nube

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#245: Tamamo's Time-Limit

SFX: Buru buru gata gata
Tamamo: Haa haa haa
Doctor: What's the matter, Tamamo-sensei?
Tamamo: I'll leave you the rest...
SFX: Yoro yoro...
SFX: Batan!
Tamamo: Has the time finally come...

Tamamo: Guaa...

Tamamo: Gu...
SFX: Gasha~~~n
Tamamo: Gahaa
Tamamo: Fufu...I knew that my time remaining was already a mere bit but...to suddenly come to this extent...is it time for me to pay the price...
(TN: The term Tamamo uses here is "Nengu no Osamedoki"; literally it stands for "time to pay the land tax". Usually it should stand for "time to get serious", but "time to pay the price" seemed to work here)
"Fox": Forget that prank, Tamamo-sama...a form that's in pain like that...you're incessant in being viewed sincere...

"Fox Boy": It's been a while, Tamamo-sama!
Tamamo: You're...Tsuwabukimaru...a young fox of the Valley of Youko...why have you come here?
(TN: While the "tsuwa" of "tsuwabukimaru" stands for "stone", "buki" is in reference to the "fuki", which is also known as Petasites japonicus or the bog rhubarb or giant butterbur, which is usually eaten but has some toxicity with it's alkali. The "Maru" is an ending usually used for various names of antiquity)
Tsuwabukimaru: About that...Tamamo-sama! You don't have time now!
Tsuwabukimaru: The purpose for you coming to the human world was...to steal a human skull that was the most suitable for yourself and perfect your human-transformation jutsu! Your youko power should become many tens of times greater by this.

Tsuwabukimaru: However...due to having the unexpected resistance of a human...you haven't obtained a skull...
Tamamo: Fu
Tsuwabukimaru: The skull that is beng worn by Tamamo-sama now does not suit Tamamo-sama. Your imperfect human-transformation jutsu will ruin your body and break it down before long...you've finally reach it's expiration date.
Tamamo: Of course. However, even if I throw away my current skull and returning to my youko form, this body which has already broken down to the point of non-recovery can't be healed. I can't do anything about it anymore.
Tsuwabukimaru: No...you can still be saved. If you complete the perfect human-transformation jutsu

Tsuwabukimaru: I respect you, Tamamo-sama...I want you to have power without fail!
Nube: Um---for the question...
Book: Japanese
Hiroshi: Kukuku...Pu...Hihihi, Ku--shi
Book: Japanese

Nube: Well, you're reading an extremely amusing text-book. Ca--n you do it, Hiroshi-kun?
Book: Dr. Slump
(TN: "Dr. Slump" is the popular and notable early Akira Toriyama comedy series that ran in Weekly Shonen Jump between 1980 and 1984)
Hiroshi: ......
Blackboard: Please write the antonym: positive ()
Hiroshi's "Answer": (positive written backwards)
(TN: The joke here is that while "hantaigo" is supposed to be "antonym", the word 'hantai' is also in Japanese "reverse", thus Hiroshi literally wrote "positive" in it's mirror image in "reverse language" instead as an antonym)
Hiroshi: U--m, I do--this, I do--that, I write--like this...
Blackboard: Proverb: One who drowns is (a straw millionaire)
(TN: Hiroshi ended up screwing a Japanese proverb here: the original proverb is in Japanese "Oboreru mono wa ware wo mo tsukamu" or "A drowning man will clutch to even straws", which literally talks about how a man who is desperate will do anything. Hiroshi screws up the proverb by writing instead of "ware wo mo tsukamu" the term "warashibe chouja", which refers to the tale of the "Straw Millionaire", which involved a poor man who starts off with a piece of straw after a prediction at a temple and ultimately becomes rich through trades with others)
Hiroshi: Fu--

Nube: ...That's enough.
Everyone: Ahahahaha...
Hiroshi: Eh? Eh?
Kyouko: You~~~you should completely change your face.
Hiroshi: Eh? I made a mistake?
SFX: Wa--wa--
Nube: Really, he's superior in just phys ed.
SFX: Kiki---

SFX: Zatsu
Kyouko: Tamamo.
Minki: N? A fox...?
Miki: Whose the cute boy by his side (heart)
Nube: What's--wrong? Tama-chan, who is that child? A secret child? (Upupu...)
Tsuwabukimaru: This boy.
Hiroshi: ?
Tsuwabukimaru: Be prepared.
SFX: Jaki
Hiroshi: Eh?

Hiroshi: Gyaaaa!!
SFX: Zuba
Kyouko: Kyaaa!!
SFX: Koro koro koro (roll roll roll)
Hiroshi: Th...that was a surprise, that was a surprise.
SFX: Jyo~~~
Nube: Hiroshi!
Nube: Hey, Tamamo, what exactly are you planning!!

Tamamo: Perfecting the human-transformation justsu...I've come to take Hiroshi-kun's skull for that reason.
Nube: Wh...what? You hadn't given up on that!?
Tamamo: Fu, that's soft, Nueno-sensei. My true nature is as an enemy of humans...
SFX: Kacha kacha
Tamamo: Having credence in a fox is foolish...! My quiet until now was a study period for storing up the power to defeat you.
Tamamo: But...even that was until today...
Nube: You...

Tamamo: I'm already different from the me of before. Can you win, Nueno Meisuke!
SFX: Jatsu
Nube: Seriously!?
SFX: Gatsu gatsu gatsu gatsu
Kyouko: Nube!!!

Kyouko: Minki, do something!
Minki: Ah--that's impossible, I'm not wearing my panties.
SFX: Peron
Minki: Even so, isn't that fox quite capable? Well, it doesn't particularly equal the power of an Oni but...
Nube: Tell me your reason, Tamamo! For your betrayal...this is some mistake!
Tamamo: Fu, you're thinking as such due to only seeing it with the scale of humans.
Tamamo: If you don't release properly, you'll immediately die!!
SFX: Zaku
Nube: S**t: Namu Daiji Daihi Kyuugu Kyuunan
SFX: Kiiiin

Nube: Oni no Te 30% Release!!
SFX: Gaka
Tamamo: Fufufu, that's the spirit, Nueno-sensei. You too have extremely grown since before.
Tamamo: But how about this?
SFX: Ga ga ga

Tamamo: Narrow-Region Megiddo!
(TN: The term Tamamo uses for "Narrow-Region" is "Kyouiki", which doesn't exist in Japanese but is supposed to be the opposite of "Kouiki" or "Wide-Region"/"Wide Area")
Nube: Waa!
Kyouko: Kyaa
Nube: Guaa~~~wh...why, Tamamo! Weren't you starting to comprehend human love?
Nube: You've already saved the people and the students of this town many times...
Tamamo: Are you saying they were a pretend play...
Tamamo: ...
Tamamo: Silence! I am...human love is...

Tsuwabukimaru: Tamamo-sama! Leave this to me!
Kyouko: Kyaa!
Hiroshi: Nube!!
Tamamo: !
Tsuwabukimaru: I've got the proof!!!
(TN: The term Tsuwabukimaru states here is "the proof", which here is "mishirushi" or "visual proof". However, the kanji used for the "proof" is actually "Goshukyuu" or "a decapitated head")
Hiroshi: Gyuaaaa

Tsuwabukimaru: !!
Tsuwabukimaru: Ta...Tamamo-sama.
Tamamo: Forgive me...Tsuwabukimaru...
Tamamo: I've...long overassociated myself with humans...
SFX: Shuuu...

Tsuwabukimaru: That's...! With that, Tamamo-sama will...the side-effect of an imperfect human-transformation jutsu is...becoming an invalid...
(TN: "Invalid" is the Japanese term of "Hajin", which also translate as "disabled person" or "cripple")
Nube: What's that!?
Nube: Is that true, Tamamo!?
Tamamo: Nueno-sensei.
Tamamo: Again, this was your victory.
Tamamo: At least...please don't forget. There existed a stupid fox that studied the foolish thing called human love which he too much seeked the strength of...
SFX: Piki piki...

Nube: Tamamo!!
Tamamo: Adios.
SFX: Batsu
Tamamo: Farewell, my rival.


Gold (yellow) in the original manga; silver (white) in the anime.
Since there isn't particular meaning in the color difference, please color it in the color that you like, whichever it is.

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