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Hell Teacher Nube 246

Heavenly Fox: Konmou Gyokumen Kyuubi

+ posted by StrangerAtaru as translation on Jan 8, 2012 15:07 | Go to Hell Teacher Nube

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#246: Heavenly Fox: Konmou Gyokumen Kyuubi

Tamamo: Farewell, my rival.

Tsuwabukimaru: Ku...Ta...Tamamo-sama!! What were you thinking! That human-transformation jutsu has already reached it's expiration date and as is will become an invalid and yet...
Nube: Is that for certain?
Tsuwabukimaru: I've inquired about it with Konmou Gyokumen Kyuubi-sama, the youko god who is the eldest of the youko valley.
(TN: "Konmou Gyokumen Kyuubi" literally translates into "The Golden-Fur Jewel-Faced Nine-Tails"; in particular note is the factor that a "kyuubi" is considered the most powerful of foxes and generally seen in legend of youko such as the original "Tamamo-no-Mae" or "Daji" of "Houshin Engi"/"Fengshen Yanyi")
Nube: Hoo...a nine-tail fox even now...exists?
Tsuwabukimaru: Wh...what will you do?

Nube: Dowsing. We'll know Tamamo's whereabouts with this.
SFX: Kuru kuru kuru kuru| Ji~~~
Miki: Tsuwabukimaru-kun is always serious. That's dreamy.
Kyouko: He's overdiligent but
Kyouko: There.

Nube: I've confirmed that he's reached 20 km into town but...the youki is weak and the circumstances are petering out there...perhaps a condition of near-death...
Tsuwabukimaru: That's!
Tsuwabukimaru: Pl...please hold on, Tamamo-sama. I'll save you now...
SFX: Yota yota gon!
Nube: Alright, let's search with everyone. Help him out.
Students: Yeah---
Tsuwabukimaru: Why are all of you doing it!? Tamamo-sama is your enemy!
Nube: He's done various things.
Hiroshi: That's how it is.
Tsuwabukimaru: This human...what exactly is his connection to Tamamo-sama...?

Nube: Youki is ceasing in this area. Search for him even you have to separate grass roots.
Tsuwabukimaru: Th...there's no grass...
Nube: So--search for him---
Girls: Wow, an idol?

Nube: Is here over here?
Katsuya: No, he isn't.
Kyouko: Somehow an evening shower is coming. Let's serch for him quickly.
Tsuwabukimaru: Why? Why are these humans have utmost effort like this...
Tsuwabukimaru: Why is it?
Punk 1: He's---filthy, this old man!!
SFX: Gacha--n
Punk 2: Don't touch him---
Punk 3: Doesn't---he have money?
Punk: Chi, even old-man hunting is poor business.
SFX: Doka Baki
Tsuwabukimaru: ...

SFX: Potsu potsu potsu
SFX: Za---za---
Tsuwabukimaru: ...Ta...
Tsuwabukimaru: Tamamo-sama
SFX: Za---za---

Tsuwabukimaru: Tamamo-sama!
Nube: Hold on, his appearance is strange.
Nube: Tamamo...do you know me...? Hey...steadily look here!
SFX: Za--za--
Nube: Hey! It's me! It's Nueno!! I'm your rival, Tamamo!!
Tamamo: ...Nu...Nue...no...
SFX: Za--za--
Tamamo: Ooh. Oooooh.

Tamamo: Nueno...Nueno Meisuke.
Tamamo: Hahahaha, now I'll defeat you. I am a youko, the strongest on Earth.
SFX: Gara gara
Tamamo: Take this, the ultimate secret of youko!
SFX: Pako--n!
SFX: Pako poko

Nube: ...Tamamo...
Tamamo: Aha...haha
SFX: Za--za--
Nube: Is broken...
SFX: Karan | Za--
Nube: ...You were doing your comprehension of humans and were extremely worried
Nube: But you didn't take Hiroshi's skull...and are in this form...more than anyone else, you were...

Nube: Like a human...

SFX: Paaa...
Nube: Ku...
SFX: Shuuu...
Yukime: Haa haa...
Nube: No good...no matter how much energy we send him, he can't get out of this worn-out form.
Tsuwabukimaru: That's...
Yukime: It is pitiful, but this isn't the original Tamamo anymore. It's merely a cast-off skin...
Tsuwabukimaru: Wrong!

Tsuwabukimaru: S**t...this regret...it's...it's...
Nube: ...
Nube: ...The god of youko...with the fox Konmou Gyokumen Kyuubi...can't we save him...
Tsuwabukimaru: Wh...what are you saying, human! Meeting with the Kyuubi...is reckless even for we youko...
Yukime: Quit it, teacher! If you're saying the nine-tailed fox...
Nube: I know.

Nube: The fox Konmou Gyokumen Kyuubi...the strongest youko in history who, in ancient times, snuck into three national dynasties of India, the dynasty of China and, finally, into Japan 800 years ago as Tamamo-no-mae, the wife of former emperor Toba and brought catastrophe to the world. Its youryoku, perhaps, surpasses the Oni of hell...
(TN: As explained prior, "Tamamo-no-mae" was the wife/concubine of emperor Konoe who suspiciously lived in the court until being found out by astrologer Abe no Yoshichika to be a youko in disguise)
Tsuwabukimaru: That being is the god of we youko. Further, it is not soft like human gods.
Nube: Even so, we're going.

Yukime: Teacher, stop!
Kyouko: Nube!!
Nube: ---I've been killed many times by him. And I've been saved many times. This may look foolish but
Nube: Its only sprouted among our mutual battles: we've made a bond.
Nube: It's a thing that is important for men.
Tsuwabukimaru: This human...for Tamamo-sama, he's truly...

Caption: Nasuno, Tochigi Prefecture
(TN: Tochigi Prefecture is technically in Tohoku but within the interior of Japan and close to the Tokyo/Kanto area)
Caption: Sesshouseki
(TN: The "Sesshouseki" stone, also known as "The killing stone" is the stone that is stated to be Tamamo-no-mae's final corpse form after being chased away from the Japanese court.)
Sign: Historical Landmark: Sesshouseki
Kyouko: What: isn't that a mere tourist stop?
Nube: 800 years ago, the nine-tailed fox, who had transformed into a beautiful woman called Tamamo-no-Mae and entered into the Court, had it's true identity exposed.
Nube: It escaped to Nasuno here, fought with 15,000 men of the Tracking Corp and finally was exterminated. And the Kyuubi became a stone. That is the Sesshouseki.

Tsuwabukimaru: Foolish humans. Kyuubi-sama was not exterminated.
Tsuwabukimaru: It just came to temporarily hide it's body.
SFX: Paaa...
Tsuwabukimaru: Well, enough. Whatever happens, there's no turning back.
Nube: Wait here, everyone.

Tsuwabukimaru: Kyuubi-sama is within.

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