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Ikinari Osana Najimi 3


+ posted by StruckByLightning as translation on Jul 27, 2011 04:02 | Go to Ikinari Osana Najimi

-> RTS Page for Ikinari Osana Najimi 3

Here is the scanslation: http://tateyakusha.blogspot.com/

Cover - 1

まさかの三話目。もう連載でいいんじゃねぇ!? Pink text: The improbable third chapter. Won't it be serialized soon!?

巨乳お姉ちゃんの次はロリロリで決まり!! Purple Text: I've decided the next big-breasted sister will be a loli!!

いきなり幼なじみ Sudden Childhood Friend.

第3話 三人目の幼なじみ Chapter 3 The Third Childhood Friend.

Presented by しなま Presented by Shinama

第1~2話も絶賛公開中!! Chapters 1-2 now on sale!!

Misc. info.

Page 2-3

そうだ。 That's it.

動かぬことだ。 I won't move.

ちゅん ちゅん SFX: Chirp chirp.

意地でも布団から出なければ、 If I just don't get out from this futon-

がちゃ SFX: Door opening.

何も起こらない、Then nothing will happen.

何が起きようと。 No matter what happens-

てこ てこ SFX: Light footsteps.

俺は布団から出な何が起きよう I will not leave this futon.

さあ! Alright!

きやがれ! Come and get it!

し~ん SFX: Silence.

チラ... SFX: Quick glance.  

はて・・・? Huh...?

ぼー SFX: Groggy.

もそ もそ SFX: Clothes rustling.

脱ぎー!? She's undressing-!?

ていうか・・・アンタ誰!? Rather... Who is she!?

パート3! Part 3!

こら~大樹~ Hey~ Hiroki~

毎朝毎朝 Every morning, every morning.

チャウ SFX: Door Opening.

アンタ・・・ついに・・・ You've...finally...

ヒュッ SFX: Whoosh.

犯罪まで・・・ Resorted to criminal acts...

Page 4-5

ドゴン SFX: Hit.

ドガァッ SFX: Impact.

ロリコン! Lolicon!

ヘンタイ! Pervert!

パラパラ SFX: Fall.

あらあら昴ちゃんてば Ah, Subaru-chan.

ここはヒロちゃんの部屋よ This is Hiro-chan's room.

あ~ッ Ah~- 

お着替えあっちでね Get dressed this way.

また・・・増えたのね・・・ They've...increased again...

説明しろジジイ Explain, old man.

一体これで何人目!? What number is this!?

三人目じゃが? The third, why?

乱視ならいくらでも治してやるぞい If you've got astigmatism, I'm really willing to cure it for you.* *Pun: The ordinal suffix used in Japanese is

the same kanji and pronunciation as the kanji for "eye." So when he asked, "What number is this!?", the sentence in Japanese had the

word "eye" in it.

そういうことじゃねぇ That's not what I mean.

ふたりでも大変だっつーのに It's tough enough with two-

これ以上騒がしくする気か Do you intend to make it even more of a raucous.

にぎやかなこてはよいことじゃろ Lively things are good things, right.

俺の人生の時間が削られてくじゃねーか Isn't my lifespan dwindling down.

バン SFX: Bang.

俺は平穏に暮らしたいだけなんだ I just want to live peacefully.

馬鹿者!! Fool!

「ツンデレ」! "A tsundere type"!

「姉」! "An older sister type"!

そうきて With that-

ガン SFX: Smack.

何かが足りんとは思わんのかキサマ!! Don't you think something is missing!!

ぐえ! Gwa!

Page 6-7

ぐいっ SFX: Grab.

いいか少年 Listen up, young man.

三人目の昴は「妹」キャラとして性格を調整してある Subaru's personality is configured as a "little sister type."

「妹」 "Little sister type."

なんという甘美な響きか What a sweet sound.

世界の人類がほっしてやまぬ属性なのだ「妹」とは! A "little sister type" is an attribute that mankind of the world greatly desires!

まして それが実妹ではなく幼なじみとなれば Not to mention instead of being an actual "little sister," she's a childhood friend-

垂涎ってレベルじゃねーぞ I can't tell you how much I would like this.

おっしゃる通りですわ博士 It's as you say, doctor.

「お兄ちゃん」-そう呼んでくれる少女が幼なじみ・・・ A young girl childhood friend that calls you "Oniichan"...

フー *Haa*

ヌフー *Haa*

ハー SFX: Pant.

なんと性的な・・・はぁはぁ・・・ How stimulating... *Haa* *haa*...

おい!なんか話がおかしな方向へいってるぞ ジジイ Hey! The conversation is heading in a strange direction, old man.

そもそもふたりしかいないと奪い合いで真っ三つ三人ならば・・・ To begin with, if there are just the two of them, then they fight over you, but if there are


三枚におろされるだけじゃね? You'll just be filleted in three, right?

・・・美味しくいただかれるというわけじゃな ...You'll be deliciously eaten, huh.

そうじゃねぇ That's not it.

あの・・・お兄ちゃん・・・ Um... Oniichan...

朝ごはん・・・作ってみたんだけど・・・ I tried...making breakfast but...

ことっ SFX: Clink.

・・・はて? ...Huh?

も~ん SFX: Weird.

あの皿の上に消し炭のようなモノが乗っておりますが? There's a cindered thing on the plate, I wonder what it is?

頑張って作ったんだけど・・・ I tried my best but...

失敗しちゃった I failed.

ごめんなさいお兄ちゃん I'm sorry, oniichan.

じわ SFX: Tear build up.

う・・・ Uh...

Page 8-9

あー・・・何ちょっとときめいてるんだ俺は!! Ah-... I'm being captivated a little!!

ぶん ぶん SFX: Shake.

う・・・ Uh...

ぬ~ん SFX: Anger.

なんか喰わないと許されない雰囲気が・・・ I feel like I won't be forgiven if I don't eat it...

はは・・・ *Haha*...

ちゃ SFX: Click.

見た目は悪くとも味は大丈夫かもしれないし・・・ Although the appearance looks bad, maybe it's alright...

元々何だったかも判別できんが I can't tell what this was originally.

意を決して・・・ Ready yourself...

うむ Yeah.

絡みつく苦味とえぐみのコントラストが凄まじいというか An intense contrast of a strong bitter taste and a harsh taste.

ボリッ *Crunch*

ゴリッ *Munch*

ちっともまったりしていないというか It has a very uneasy taste to it.

しつこいぐらいに炭の味しかしないというか Just the relentless taste of charcoal.

核融合炉でもなかれば エネルギーを取り出せないというか・・・ Unless I was a nuclear fusion reactor, it wouldn't be able to get any energy from it...

お兄ちゃん!? Oniichan!?

ごん SFX: Whack.

グワシャーッ SFX: Smash.

結局 朝食を喰い損ねた I missed out on eating breakfast after all.

仕方ないコンビニで何か買ってこよう・・・ Oh well, I'll go buy something at the convenience store...

がちゃ SFX: Open.

・・・どうした? ...What's wrong?

うる うる SFX: Sob.

お兄ちゃんごめんあさい Sorry oniichan.

私のせいで朝ごはんが・・・ Because of me, breakfast...

ごめんなさい I'm sorry.

なんだ・・・もっとアレな性格設定と思ったけど What's this... I thought she would be configured with more of a ridiculous personality but-

意外に素直でいい子なのかも・・・ To my surprise, maybe she's a nice and honest girl...

ぐすっ *Sob*

ひっく *Sniff*

Page 10-11

ぽす SFX: Pat.

あ・・・ Ah...

気にするな Don't worry about it.

失敗は誰にだってあるさ Everyone makes mistakes.

お兄ちゃん・・・ Oniichan...

うんっ Yeah-

ドキ SFX: Heart throb.

さて・・・買出しへ行きますか・・・ Now then...shall I go start shopping.

トン トン SFX: Tap tap.

・・・っと ...Ah.

出かける前は忘れずに・・・ Don't forgot to go to the bathroom before heading out...

がちゃ SFX: Door Opening.

じょー SFX: Flow.

ふー・・・ Ah-...

・・・って ...hh.

何やっとりますかー!?ちびっこー!! What are you doing-! Little girl-!!

じょー SFX: Flow.

え? Huh?

ずるる SFX: Pull.

男の友情はツレションなんだよね! Guy friends go to the bathroom together, right!

にぱ SFX: Smile.

昔はよくやったじゃない Didn't we used to do it a lot in the past.

やってない!そんなうらやま・・・いかがわしい行為など! We did not! Such an envi...indecent act!

ってか捏造にしてもちょっと下ネタいきすぎですよ雷蔵! Rather, although it's fabricated, You're going too far with the dirty jokes, Raizou!

岩原が 岩原が Iwahara. Iwahara.

ハッ! Huh-!

Page 12-13

ちょっと大樹!? Hey, Hiroki!?

何よ 今の大声は!? What was shout just now!?

ドン ドン SFX: Knock knock.

うう~ またいかがわしいことしてるのね~!! Uu~ Doing indecent things again huh~!!

ザッ SFX: Whoosh.

だったら If so.

ハーッ!! Ha--!!

ドガァァッ SFX: Impact.

あれ?誰もいない・・・ Huh? No one's here...

気のせい・・・? Was it my imagination...?

ズズン SFX: Fall.

窓から脱出なんて何年ぶりだ? It's been how many years since I escaped through the window?

コン☆ビニ Sign: Convenience store.

ありがとうございまー Thank you-

殴られるよりマシだけどさ But it's better than getting beaten.

食料も確保したし I got some food.

がさ SFX: Rustle.

てこ てこ SFX: Light footsteps.

公園にでも行って By going to the park-

ひとり寂しく朝食に・・・ I can eat breakfast by myself...

・・・なぜついてきている? ...Why are you coming with me?

ん~? Huh~?

楽しいこと起きそうだから! Because it seems like fun things will happen!

窓のりこえたりとか~ Climbing out the window and such~

そうか・・・ I see...

ふふ・・・朝っぱらから公園でひとりにぎり飯・・・ Ha ha... Eating a rice ball by myself in the park early in the morning...

ムシャ・・・ SFX: Chomp.

まるで俺はリストラ中年だうおォン It's like I'm a middle-aged guy who's been downsized. -Ugh.

・・・しかし ...But.

Page 14-15

いくら天気がいいとはいっても The weather's nice-

まだまだ寒さが残るというのに Though I can still feel the cold lingering.

無邪気に水遊びとは Splashing about so innocently-

幼なじみかぁ A childhood friend that does that,huh-

拓哉みたいなエロゲ胸思考でいくなら If I had the thought patterns of Takuya's erotic game like mind-

公園は幼なじみと結婚を誓い合ったりする場所なんだよな・・・ A park is where you exchange marriage vows with your childhood friend...

幸いにも?俺にはそういう幼なじみはいないはずなんだがなぁ・・・ Am I lucky? That I was not to have a childhood friend like that...

ぱしゃ SFX: Splash.

あはははっ Ahahaha-

ねぇ お兄ちゃんも一緒に遊びうよ Hey~ Come play with me too.

メコリ メコリ SFX: Crunch.

あああっ!お子様め!!お子様め!! Ahhh-! She's a little girl! She's a little girl!!

こらっ あんまり悪ふざけしてると・・・ Hey- Don't you think your kidding around too much...

のわぁ!? Nwaa-!?

のののーぶらー N-n-n-no bra-

おっ お子様ッ お子様ぁッ S-she's a little girl! She's a little girl!!

なんだか色々危険な部分が透けて・・・ There's various forbidden parts showing through...

鶴崎スコープ!? Tsuruzaki Scope!?

俺は何も感じないぞ決してぇ I'm feel nothing. Not at all.

あんっお兄ちゃん? Ahn- Oniichan?

うわぁぁぁ! Uwaaaa!

服を着せろ! Change your clothes!

あれ? Huh?

誰もいなおのか? No one's here?


とにかく 濡れた服を脱いで着替えてきなさい Anyway, take off your wet clothes and go get changed.

え?服これ一しかないよ Huh? I only have this pair of clothes.

なぬ? What?

陽子さん服くらいちゃんと与えておいてくださいよ! At least supply her with clothes Youko-san!

かといって勝手に陽やみづ姉の服を漁るわけにもいかんし・・・ On the other hand, she just can't freely grab Hinata's and Mizu-nee's clothes either...

仕方ない俺のシャツを貸してやるから乾くまで着ていなさい I guess it can't be helped. I'll lend you my shirt, so wear it until your clothes dry.

はーい Ye-s.

だからここで脱ぐなぁ! I said don't undress here-!

ぬぎ SFX: Undress.

ガーッ SFX: Scream.

いくらなんでも無防備すぎだろ雷蔵よ・・・ Whatever it may be, I'm too defenseless, Raizou...

ふぅ・・・ *Sigh...*

精神的負荷が大きかったがとりあえず干したぞ It was mentally tough but, but for now, the clothes are hanging out to dry.

ま 乾かしているうちに誰か帰ってくるだろ Well, while the clothes are drying, I suppose someone will come back.

そうしたら・・・ If so...

お兄ちゃん! Oniichan!

お兄ちゃんのシャツおおきいねー Oniichan's shirt is big-

いっぱいあまっちゃうよー There's a lot of excess-

なあぁぁぁ!? Whhaaa'ts!?

こっこれはぁあ! T-thisss!

裸っ!! She's naked!!

裸Yシャツッ Wearing a dress shirt-

肌Yッ!! With no underwear-!!

目の毒だ She's tempting.

お子様とはいえ目の毒だ・・・ Though she's a little girl, she's tempting...

コッチ コッチ SFX: Tick tock.

服も乾いて目の毒タイムは終わったが・・・ The clothes are dry and temptation time is over but...

昼すぎても誰も帰ってきやしねぇ Even though it's past noon, no one has come back.

誰か帰ってきたら服でも買いに行かせようと思ってたが・・・ When someone comes back, I was thinking of trying make them take her Subaru shopping for clothes...

もちろんブラもな Naturally for a bra too.

とて とて SFX: Trot.

・・・って おい!? ...H hey!?

なにを! What are you doing!

ん~? Huh?

Page 18-19

お昼だからお昼ごはん作るんだよ~ Since it's noon, I'm making lunch~

今度こそ上手に作るからね! This time I'll make it good!

なんですと!? What!?

期待して待っててねお兄ちゃん! Wait in anticipation, Oniichan!

ニコッ SFX: Smile.

ギラァ SFX: Shine.

いかん!また朝食の悪夢が! No! It's the breakfast nightmare again!

それに・・・ Moreover...

失敗して服を汚したらまた目の毒が! She'll fail and when she gets her clothes dirty, it's temptation again!

そして・・・ And...

今度こそ陽とかが帰ってこて This time for sure, Hinata or someone will come back.

その場面を見られたりしたら・・・! And when she sees that scene...!

今度こそ死! This time for sure, I'll die!

なぁ お昼ごはんは外で食べないか? Hey- How about we go out to eat for lunch?

ホント!? Really!?

やったぁ!!お兄ちゃんとデートだー! Hooray!! A date with Oniichan-!!

こういう時はお子様でよかったと思う・・・ I am glad this time she is a little girl who is easy to manipulate...

とりあえず着替えを買おう For the time being, I'll buy her a change of clothes.

なんか適当にシャツとスカートと上着と・・・ Things like a suitable shirt, skirt, and jacket...

金は後でジジイか陽子さんに請求すればいいとして Money is not a problem because I'll bill the old man or Youko-san later.

ふぅ・・・なんとか購入したぞ *Sigh*... I managed to get through buying them.

ハァ *Haa*

ハァ *Haa*

最後の難関は・・・ The biggest hurdle...


目の毒というのもあるが・・・ Beside the fact that it's tempting...

女性のみが許される聖域に男が入るというのは For a man to enter a sanctuary where only women are permitted-

犯罪的というより犯罪そのもの・・・ Is criminal rather than immoral...

お兄ちゃ~ん! Oniicha~n!

Page 20-21

みてみてーこんなパンツどうかなー? Look look -What do you think of this pair of underwear-?

ボガァァ!? Gwhaa!?

よくお姉ちゃん達がやってたよね My sisters used to say-

お兄ちゃんにブラジャー選んでもらうって・・・ Oniichan would chose a bra for them...

私もようやくそういうことができる年齢なったんだよ I'm finally at the age where I can wear bras.

こんなブラジャーとかどうかなぁ?お兄ちゃん What do you think of this bra-? Oniichan.

やってねー!そんな楽し・・・ I did not-! Such an enjoya...

いや!拷問受けたこたはありません!!僕は潔白です! No! I have never been through such torture!! My hands are clean!

これなんてどうかなぁ What do I think-

スケスケなんだ~ I think they're see-though~

捏造! A fabrication!

捏造! A fabrication!

お尻のとこにね~穴が空いててね~ It doesn't cover the butt~ There's a hole~

店員さんこの娘に合う下着を! Miss, please assist this girl with suitable underwear!

ふん! Hmph!

あ・・・お兄ちゃん? Ah...Oniichan?

だっと SFX: Dash.

ズキュウウン SFX: Screech.

疲れる・・・ I'm exhausted...

何でこんなに疲れるんだ? Why am I this exhausted?

お兄ちゃん服ありがとう Thanks for the clothes, Oniichan.

買ってもらった下着後で見せるからな~ I'll show you the underwear that you bought me later~

いや・・見せなくていいから・・・ No...you don't have to...

んふふ Nn ha ha.

おいしー Tasty-

もきゃ もきゃ SFX: Munch.

ああ・・・無邪気に喰らってるな Ah...she's eating so innocently.

ほっぺたにソースついてるし There's sauce on her cheek.

やっぱりお子様な・・・ She's a little girl after all...

あう ありがとう Ah, thanks.

チャカ チャカ SFX: Click.

こっちはすっかり食欲が失せちまったっていうのに・・・ I have completely lost my appetite...

ゲーム機持ってきたのは正解だったな・・・ I'm glad I took my handheld with me...

ねぇ お兄ちゃん Hey- Oniichan.

ん? Nn?

Page 22-23

デザート・・・食べていい? Is it alright...if I eat dessert?

ん?ああ Nn? Yeah.

店員呼ぶか・・・ Shall I call an employee over...

ぴんぽっん SFX: Ding dong.

「甘い物好き」って設定は女の子としては普通すぎるよなぁ A setting of "Liking sweet foods," for a girl, is very normal.

まぁ 女の子らしいといえばらしいか Well, it's of a girl's nature.

はーお待たせしま・・・ He-llo, sorry to keep you...

ぬぅあ!? Nuahh!?

大樹キサマ・・・ Hiroki you...

いらっしゃいませェ・・・ Welcome...

あ? Ah?

なんだ 拓哉か 今日もバイトとは精が出るな Oh, it's you Takuya. Working hard today too huh.

キサマ今日も違う女の子を連れてデートとか・・・ You've brought a different girl on a date today too...

あー 好きなの注文していいぞー Ah- Order whatever you want-

ホント!?えーっとじゃあ・・・ Really!? U-m- then...

ジャンボバナナ生クリームパフェ練乳ソースがけ A jumbo banana cream parfait with condensed milk-

お願いします! Please!

はい!ただいあまお待ちー Yes! Please wait a mo-

ビュパァッ SFX: Zoom.

しましたぁ! -ment-!

ゴマッ SFX: Presence.

速すぎだろ That was real fast.

いや 前の客の注文をー No, it was a previous customer's order-

じゃなくて!誰だよ?このプリティな少女!? But that's not what I want to know! Who's this? This pretty girl!?

パフェ~ Parfait~

陽とみづ姉の妹ー という設定 Hinata and Mizu-nee's sister- Configured as.

何!?三姉妹とは聞いてないぞコラザ! What!? I didn't hear that there were three sisters!

言ってなかったからな オレも今朝知ったし They didn't tell me. I too knew just this morning.

それで今日はとっかえひっかえの三人目というわけかよ! So she's the third sister you're alternating with!

知らないの・・・私はたぶん・・・三人目だから・・・ I don't know...I probably... am the third...

どこの使徒だそりゃ!ごまかすな! Stop talking about "Angels"! Tell me straight!

俺だって 別に好きこのんでこういう事態に・・・ Even I aren't particularly fond of this current situat...

ん? Nn?

おわぁ!? Owaa!?

プッ SFX: Spit.

ぬぉ!?PSDS2GOが一瞬でバラバラに!? Huh!? She took apart the PSDS2GO is an instant!?

Page 24-25

ド・・・「ドー○ング」コンソメスープ」でも飲んだのか? Did you have "D...doping consomme soup"?

この店ではそんなモン出してねぇってば・・・ We don't serve such a thing here...

っいぇいうか俺の大切なPSDS2GOが・・・ Rather, my precious PSDS2GO is...

あ・・・いけなかった? Ah... I wasn't supposed to?

がちゃ がちゃ SFX: Clack clack.

じゃ元に戻すね Then, I'll put it back.

はい! Here!

料理は苦手だけど~ I may be bad at cooking but~

こういうのは得意なんだ~ I'm good at this sort of thing~

うおおおお!妹でロリでメカに強いとか Gaaaahhh! She's a little sister, a loli, and good at mechanics.

どこの女神様だよ!クソォ! What a goddess! Shit!

ゴァァッ SFX: Hit.

羨ましいってレベルじゃねぇーぞ! I can't tell you how jealous I am-!

ガシャッ SFX: Fall.

あんっ Ahn-

おわっすまん Huh, sorry.

ん・・・ Nn...

ぺっとり SFX: Stick.

あれ・・・ Huh...

にゃる SFX: Wipe.

こんなにこぼれて・・・ Spilling this much...

もったいないよぉ・・・ Is a waste...

ん・・・おいし・・・ Nn...Tasty...

ちゅぷ SFX: Lick.

Page 26-27

ちょっと・・・これは・・・ Hey...this...

んちゅ *Lick*

んちゅ *Lick*

こら大樹! Hey, Hiroki!

げっみづ姉 陽! Ack, Mizu-nee, Hinata!

捜したわよ大樹! どこほっつき歩いて・・・ We looked for you, Hiroki! Where were you wandering about...

あ・・・ Ah...

ヒロちゃん公衆の面前でこんなこと・・・Hiro-chan, to do such a thing in public...

でも 私も・・・ 白いの・・・ But, maybe... I...

ほしい・・・かな・・・ Want some white stuff... too...

これってまさか!! This, don't tell me!!

ザッ SFX: Whoosh.

大樹~アンタってヤツは~ Hiroki~ A guy like you~

げぇ!? Ack!?

違っ お前なんかとでもない勘違いしてないか!? You're wrong- Aren't you making a terrible misunderstanding!?

この・・・! You...!

むが!? Mgwa!?

ばふ SFX: Plop.

バカァ! Stupid-!

ヘンタイ! Pervert!

ロリコンッ Lolicon-

わープロレスごっこー! Yay- Play wrestling-!

うぉぉぉフレンケンシュタイナー! Whoa, a Frankensteiner!

ドガァ SFX: Impact-

大技炸裂ー!! Great move explosion-!!

ほら 昴ちゃん Ah, Subaru-chan.

クリーム拭き取らなきゃね You have to wipe off the cream-

ビクッ ビクッ SFX: Flinch flinch.

Page 28-29

うう・・・疲れた Uu...I'm exhausted.

紅茶に蜂蜜をやっぷり入れて何杯飲んでも・・・ No matter how many cups of black tea with plenty of honey I were to drink...

雪崩が起きても動けん・・・ Even if there was an avalanche, I wouldn't be able to move...

へーい Ye-ah.

コン コン SFX: Knock knock.

お兄ちゃん・・・ Oniichan...

がちゃ SFX: Open.

お兄ちゃんに買ってもらった服・・・ The clothes you bought me...

着てみたんだけど・・・ I put them on...

どうかな? What do you think?

ぬはぁ!? Nhaa!?

これは思った以上に・・・ More than I thought, this is...

ハッ!? Huh!?

違う!これはあくまでもお子様としてぶりちーであるよいう意味であってー No- I mean she looks pretty for a little girl-

それ以上でもそれ以上でもー Nothing more, nothing more-

それでね・・・ And...

ぺろんっ SFX: Roll up.

パンツとブラはこんなのを選んだよ I chose this pair of underwear and bra.

どげぇ!? Wha!?

Page 30-31

こら大樹~ Hey Hiroki~

がちゃ SFX: Open.

夕飯前にお風呂にー Before dinner, get in the bath-

なっ アナタッ Wha- You-

げぇっ!? Ack!?

ヒロちゃん!? Hiro-chan!?

あ お姉ちゃん 今ねー下着見せてなんだよ Ah, I was showing him my underwear-

そんな・・・ No way...

懲りもせず・・・ You never learn...

ヒロちゃん下着に興味があるの? Hiro-chan, you're interested in underwear?

言ってくれれば・・・ If you just tell me...

ぬぎ SFX: Undress.

私ならいつだって・・・ If it's me, then anytime...

たぷん SFX: Bounce.

そういう事じゃねぇんだ姉ちゃん That's not it, nee-chan.

うが!? Uga!?

すぱ~ん SFX: Single hit.

この・・・! You...!

なななな!? Wh-wh-wh-wh!?

ビュバババサッ SFX: Whoosh whoosh.

~ッ速いー ~She's fast-

プロレスごっこ~? Play wrestling~?

昴もやる~! I'll join too~!

グイ SFX: Grab.

ヒロちゃんほら・・・もっと近くで・・・ Hiro-chan, hey...Have a closer look...

むぎゅ SFX: Press.

バカッ Stupid-

ロリコンッ Lolicon-

ヘンタイッ Pervert-

キュッ SFX: Grip.

信じられないッ Unbelievable-

おぱあぁぁ!? Bre--asts!?

顔面と背中におっぱいがッ!? There's breasts in my face and on my back!?

当たってる当たってるぅ~ I'm in between them-

当ててんのか当ててんのかぁ? Am I supposed to be-?

何か食い込む Something is straddling my knee.

食い込む Straddling.

っていうか鼻と口が塞がって・・・ Rather, my nose and mouth are blocked...

いや それ以前にチョークが完全に極まって No, first of all, she has completely got me in her chokehold.

動脈がッ My arteries-

血が足りない There isn't enough blood.

血・・・・・ Blood...

Page 32 - Insert

はっはっは Ha-ha-ha.

実に若者らしく元気ではないか Aren't they really lively like that of young people.

ええ 特に一部が垂涎の元気さですわ Yes, especially one part of them is very lively.

ここまで上手くいくとは自分の才能が恐ろしいワイ To go this well so far, my talent is frightening.

クッ クッ クッ SFX: Small laugh.

完璧でうわ博士 Perfect, doctor.

これでー With this-

幼なじみ3キャラの投入計画は完了ですわね The three childhood friends character introduction plan is complete, right.

うむ!次の計画を実行に移すかの Yeah! Shall we put the next plan into action.

カッ SFX: Turn.

陽子くん準備は? Youko-kun, are you ready?

はい Yes.

各所への根回し 買収用地確保 Done the groundwork for several places. Finding places to acquire.

いずれも順調ですわ All is going well.

うむ!ナイスじゃ! Yeah! Nice!

ふっふっふ Ha-ha-ha.

春休みはまだまだ終わらんぞ 少年! Spring vacation is far from over, young man!

退屈させんからのう I won't let you get bored.

はっはっはっはっは Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.

次は一体何が・・・・・・でもやっぱり羨ましいよー!! What on earth could be next......But, as I thought, I'm jealous-!!

おわり END.

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