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Bakuman 122

Psychological Warfare and Decisive Words

+ posted by Sutsuki Azuki as translation on Feb 26, 2011 21:24 | Go to Bakuman

-> RTS Page for Bakuman 122


Pg 1

Sorry, but we're cutting you down!!

Time for the decisive battle!!

Pg 3

B1: We'll get you canceled in 10 weeks!

B2: You've only been serialized for about a year, so I wouldn't get so cocky if I were you!

B3: Once my serialization starts, “PCP” will be the one driven away!

B4: It's no use fighting over the phone... This is a kid's argument...

B5: That's right. We'll know who wins and who loses from the results.

SFX: Blip

Pg 4

B1: We're sorry for getting all hyped up.

B2: But Nanamine-kun's way of doing things is just...

B3: You're right.

B4: But even if we do nothing, his self-destructive method... Even I don't want to accept it as a pro's method.

B5: So now if you've said all that and he still won't change, I'm hoping you do crush him.

B6: Hattori-san

B7: Of course, I'll tell Kosugi to make Nanamine-kun change his method,

B8: but in the first place, competing with your stories isn't a bad thing. If I thought it was foul play, I would put a stop to it.

B9: But this time Nanamine-kun is a formidable opponent.

B10: He can even make his names look interesting from a single glance.

B11: From one glance!?

B12: So it's because he took ideas from 50 different people...? He adds too many ideas, so there are points when the characters and story are blurry.

B13: So he's just showing off those ideas.

B14: Even if a good idea is impossible to work in, he'll want to do it anyway......

B15: Well, despite it, the story's still interesting. His abundance of ideas works as a plus more than the blurriness works as a minus.

Pg 5

B1: Hattori-san, please don't say any more.

B2: I don't feel like it would be fair to hear any more about the details of Nanamine-kun's work......

B3: Ah, is that it?

B4: I don't want to delve into it that much either.

B5: …... A story set at a school, where they pursue their own feelings to the point of becoming evil.

B6: It's true that the more he uses that literary style, the easier it is to fight him.

B7: Nanamine-kun might change the content from chapter 1.

B8: And if he does, he’ll lose and we’ll have him on the run.

B9: No, instead he would use that content to do more pinpoint damage to “PCP.”

B10: Oh right. If it’s Nanamine-kun, he could do that.

B11: What hand will he play?

B12: But if the story itself becomes uninteresting, there’ll be no point in it.

B13: …

B14: It’ll be psychological warfare not just in the story, but among the authors.

Pg 6

B1: Moreover, he might overshadow “PCP” with his content… That’s a possibility…

B2: … His first chapter has a colored cover and at least 50 pages. It might be difficult to beat that.

B3: Why are you being so timid? We said we’d get him canceled in 10 weeks, so we have to crush him right from the offset.

B4: Well yeah, but…

B5: That being said, what do we do?

B6: In the end, our priority is to make “PCP” interesting, right?

B7: Yeah!

B8: That’s right.

B9: What’s best is to make it really good!

B10: Right, we’ll try hard to make a clear story!

B11: If we’re overshadowed, we’ll just turn the tables!

Pg 7

SFX: Klak klak klak klak klak

kenchan: A fight with Ashirogi Muto has come!
emo: Awesome
Ashi-k: Yes!
boss: Yeah!
u-pan: This has gotten interesting.
nodoru: Crush them!
ituka: They’re pretty bold to oppose us.
osaru: Ashirogi has chosen death!

kk34: I quit.
haru: Huh, what do you mean, quit?
kk34: Even as a joke, how are we supposed to pick a fight with a more experienced mangaka? I said I’d cooperate to make a good story, but I won’t do this kind of stuff.
osaru: kk34, you pussy! You’re pitiful.
nanaco: I’m not sure about this either. Goodbye.
boss: Huh, even nana-chan? Wait a sec!
jj: I bet k and n are doing it.
shunD: jj, don’t say stupid stuff at a time like this.

SFX: Klak klak

B1: It’s no problem if we lose a couple people.

B2: There’s no time for dissent. Those of you who want to quit, go ahead.

Pg 8

B1: What’s the best thing to do?

SFX: Klak klak

nobuo: Draw a “PCP” more interesting that “PCP”
kenchan: There’s no way the editing department would let that fly.
nobuo: I don't mean just like it. I mean copy the material just enough so it would pass.
right: We can’t do that from here on out. We’ve been copying them from the start. We need to give this one a power-up.
SUGI: Agreed. Fix the current name while conscious of the type of psychological warfare that “PCP” specializes in.

SFX: Klak klak

ta1: You’re wrong, chapter 1 is fine as it is. The real battle is chapter 2!
SUGI: Ooh! ta1-san with the editing experience! What do you mean?
ta1: What’s important is that we don’t lose in chapter 2. If Ashirogi has set something up, I can predict how chapter 2 will go.
LL: And it’s the authors of “Trap” and “PCP”… It’s likely that something big is coming.

The real battle is chapter 2!

B2: The battle for chapter 2, huh…

B3: I have often heard the rumor that even if chapter 1 was good, the battle is from chapter 2 on…

SFX: Klak klak

B4: …

B5: I see…

Pg 9

B1: Kosugi, you’re still here?

B2: Even though the serialization is decided, I still have the presentation pages, and my work load hasn’t gone down any.

B3: Did Yoshida-san go home?

B4: He’s sleeping on the meeting room sofa.

B5: About that serialization. I heard all about it from Ashirogi-kun.

B6: Eh!?

B7: “It’s fine if you become popular through that method.”

B8: Is that what you think?

B9: … No, I don’t.

B10: As long as you understand that.

B11: It’s not the style of the editing department to get between the authors and those in charge of them and complain,

B12: but understand this. The serialization meeting gave you a big responsibility. You need to build your relationship with your author using your own power.

B13: …

B14: Um,

Pg 10

B1: Y… You don’t need to be able to write manga to be an editor?

B2: That’s right. Of course it’s probably better if you can, but the one who needs that ability is the author.

B3: Right.

B4: Kosugi, what do you think is the #1 thing you need as an editor?

B5: …

B6: …

B7: I think it's the ability to analyze manga.

B8: Like, whether or not a story is interesting, and which parts are good or bad.

B9: I planned on redoubling my efforts to read manga, and I have started studying it in my own way.

B10: I want to work with authors toward a shared goal... But he... when talking with Nanamine-kun, I'm simply denied.

B11: …

Pg 11

B1: Kosugi, have some confidence.

B2: Huh?

B3: You're not wrong.

B4: The problem is with Nanamine-kun. He's arrogant like young authors are.

B5: Nevertheless, you have to tell him that he's wrong.

B6: Because I know you have talent too.

B7: Right...

B8: Do your best. You have one more job to do, right?

B9: …

B10: Yes... thank you very much!

B11: Make Hiramaru-kun an assistant!?

B12: I'm begging you... I'm really in a pinch.

B13: …

B14: Hiramaru-kun of all people... Well, I'll ask him just in case...

B15: I, Hiramaru Kazuya, am no good. If I am still alive, I am listening, so please leave a message after the beep...

B16: Don't tell me...


Pg 12

B1: Hiramaru! Hiramaru-kun... Are you still alive!?

B2: Hiramaru-kun!

B3: My dear Hiramaru-kun!

B4: Uh...

B5: Hiramaru-kun, don't do anything rash!

B6: Tha... That's......

B7: Yoshida-shi's voice...

B8: Hiramaru-kuuun!!

B9: Get ahold of yourself! Shut off the gas and open the door!

B10: Yo... Yoshida-shi... I'm... I'm already done for.

B11: Yuuko-rin dumped me...

B12: What are you saying!? It's Yuri-tan, not Yuuko-rin, isn't it?

B13: And you haven't been dumped! Far from it!

B14: Yuri-tan doesn't have enough assistants for her new serialization, //break for inner bubble//

Inner Bubble: Would it be ok to have Hiramaru-sensei help me? I'd even like him to come now if he can, but... Having Hiramaru-sensei as an assistant... that might hurt his feelings...

B14: //after inner bubble// So she consulted Yamahisa!

B15: …

Pg 13

B1: I'll do it!

B2: Isn't this the best outcome?

B3: Yuri-tan got serialized, and I......... will be her assistant.

B4: Life is so wonderful!

B5: What are you just standing around for? Let us be off!

B6: I knew he'd expect to do it... But still... to think I thought he was committing suicide......

B7: As you know, Aoki-sensei's assistants are all female.

B8: Yeah!

B9: They work in Aoki-sensei's room! You're only helping for one day.

B10: It's a harem!!

B11: HEY! Don't you dare have that attitude!

B12: Got it? If you cause any problems, I'll pull you right outta there!

B13: Leave it to me!

Pg 14

Box: Next Monday

B1: I've fixed the names for chapters 2 and 3. Would you like to see them?

B2: He fixed them again?

B3: Of course I'll come and see.

B4: I've changed my office, so I'll give you the address and we'll meet there.

B5: So it's this apartment...?

B6: Hi there.

B7: Thanks for all your hard work.

B8: This is quite the apartment.

B9: A lot of my assistants have other jobs...

B10: so I have 8 temporaries who come from around 8 pm to 11 pm.

B11: As such, I needed a big room...

B12: Ah, this is the room the assistants use.

Pg 15

B1: … I see.

B2: If I write a big hit, the rent is no big deal.

B3: I use this room to work. Please have a look at the names.

B4: What do you think? I would like your opinion as person #51.

B5: …

B6: As the one in charge of you, if you ask me, you're cramming too much into it.

B7: Rejected.

B8: Thanks for your hard work.

B9: ...

B10: I'll call you to come get the manuscript.

B11: …

Pg 16

B1: Hiramaru-san, you're sensei's boyfriend, right?

B2: Eh? Eh? Boyfriend? Did Yuri-tan say that?

B3: Wa! Yuri-tan! So you're Kazu-tan? I'm jealous!

B4: She didn't say it directly, but she did say “He is a guy, but he's someone special who I trust, so is it ok?”... Sensei's face got all red.

B5: Hiramaru-san, what is it about sensei that you like?

B6: Her face!

B7: Eh,

B8: her face? …

B9: She's beautiful... It's been my dream to be fawned over by a younger beauty!

B10: Hiramaru-san, it's better if you don't say that to sensei...

B11: Huh? Why?

B12: If you don't admire what's on the inside,

B13: The inside... I see!

B14: Like what?

B15: Like how she's kind and smart and doesn't boast...

B16: Ah! I see... You've taught me something!

B17: Hey, don't take notes on the manuscript!

B18: It's fine to chat, but haven't your hands stopped?

B19: Wa, sorry sensei!

B20: Sorry, Yuri-ta...

B21: I mean sensei!

B22: Hee hee

Pg 17

B1: Akito-san, it's amazing that you've written this much!

B2: We haven't finished the original yet. This is just a draft.

B3: I thought so.

B4: Tactics for proposing, huh? …...

B5: I think that's interesting too.

B6: I just think elementary school kids are too young, so I think we should make it middle school.

B7: Here, let me see.

B8: Rather than proposals, we should make it confessions.

B9: It all looks interesting when it's just a summary...

B10: I see, with confessions...... like if they feel unworthy and can't bring themselves to say anything. That's it...

B11: Let's polish it up more and hit hard in issue 45.

B12: No, issue 45 is when Nanamine-kun's serialization is starting, so we're late in starting this. Within the first 4 chapters of this series, the most exciting is chapter 3, so we'll attack there.

B13: I see. As expected from Akito-san!

B14: ...

Pg 18

B1: Shuujin, maybe we should be making chapter 2 the most exciting.

B2: !

B3: The battle for chapter 2, huh......

B4: You're right... If we really aim to crush him......

B5: Kawaguchi Tarou

B6: Niizuma Eiji

B7: No, all the mangaka we're competing against... all the authors who are serialized.

B8: I don't think anyone wants to recognize that method. There's no meaning in succeeding that way.

B9: It's not because of what I said before about it being hard to beat a first chapter. The most damage to a new serialization comes from making chapter 2 a lot worse than chapter 1.

Box 1: Ch. 1

Box 2: Ch. 2

B10: Right! We'll beat his second chapter with the peak of this series!

B11: Yeah!

B12: That helps!

B13: The truth is, to beat his chapter 1 with our chapter 3, I would have to write it by next week. Now I've got an extra week.

B14: Ah, really? But it must be tough. Will you be alright? Don't push yourself. It's ok to do the series we planned to do before.

B15: No, this one is so much more interesting. Let's do it!

B16: Yeah!

Pg 19

Box: Sept. 18

B1: I've finished the manuscript for chapter 1. Please come and pick it up.

B2: Eh, already? There's still time before the deadline.

B3: I have extra pages until chapter 3, so there's no problem with finishing early, right? Come and pick it up.

B4: I get it... you're right. Is 7:00 alright?

B5: Yes, if you would.

B6: How is it?

B7: It beats Ashirogi Muto, right?

B8: …

B9: In my opinion as person #51, it loses.

B10: Huh?

B11: How so?

B12: … Personal ability.

B13: … In other words, “You took 50 people's ideas, so it doesn't measure up to the 2-man Ashirogi Muto?”

B14: But what I'm asking is how it is as a story. You don't have to argue just for the sake of arguing.

B15: I'm not arguing. It's your personal ability...

B16: Especially...

Pg 20

B1: The art!

B2: Ashirogi-kun wins when it comes to the art. This is generally what people are saying. There is a bit of variation in the characters, but...

B3: Especially the backgrounds... there's disorder in the alignment of perspective and the balance of the characters... It's because you yourself aren't good at backgrounds that you can't see where it's out of place.

B3: I suppose so.

B4: But it's not like my lack of ability is the problem here.

B5: My mesh of assistants just can't get the overall balance.

B6: So it's better if I replace everyone with one really skilled assistant.

B7: It's not like I can cut corners on a first chapter, but the battle for chapter 2...

B8: Everyone agreed that we needed to power it up. That was our conclusion.

B9: So I've prepared... a secret weapon.

B10: A secret weapon?

Pg 21

B1: All of my friends searched around.

B2: The rumors spread around the Net faster than I expected, and I found someone:

B3: a Super Assistant.

B4: He's working with some others in the next room now. Would you like to meet him?

B5: …

B6: … No thanks. I'll just take the manuscript.

B7: Well, work hard on chapter 2. Thanks for all your work.

B8: …

B9: Ooh, what technique!

B10: It's this good even without a reference!

B11: Yeah!

B12: I can draw anything from any angle without a reference!

B13: Speed lines, spike flashes, tone flashes, I won't lose to anyone in terms of speed!

B14: Wow, awesome! If that's true, I really look up to you.

These words... Have we heard them before!?

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#1. by RyuzakiRen ()
Posted on Feb 27, 2011
Thanks :)
#2. by Tiranofrome ()
Posted on Feb 28, 2011
sorry guys , but i dont see the point of another group mingling in bakuman at all , its covered by 2 groups so far atleast
and its not like ren will give something better /i've seen his cleans/
#3. by RyuzakiRen ()
Posted on Mar 1, 2011
oh lets see about that Tiranofrome. Its not as if i never said I'd not pick Bakuman again.
#4. by Tiranofrome ()
Posted on Mar 1, 2011
its not about that , its about the lack of point , there are other series that recieve less love , concentrate on that
#5. by RyuzakiRen ()
Posted on Mar 1, 2011
We'll see about that Thanks for suggestion!

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