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Ar Tonelico - Arpeggio 5


+ posted by taiyouchan as translation on Jun 9, 2009 13:37 | Go to Ar Tonelico - Arpeggio

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Twilight Scans Use Only

Ar Tonelico

-Hey Dad…
-At that time, exactly what
-Were you protecting?
-Was it Stanza?
-Or the lives of your opponents?
-Without worrying about your own life
-What were protecting back then?
-The thing you were protecting back then
-The thing you were looking at
-What was it?

Phrase 5 Chrysalis

-The Reyvateil are...!
-Palma! (T/N: I haven’t played the game, but I’m guessing this is the name of an attack. I don’t know if I have romanised it correctly, but it was ‘Paruma’ and written with the kanji ‘Big’ and ‘Shield’ which isn’t read paruma but they gave it that furigana)
-...Crap, that was close

-As I thought, it’s the Revelis sickness...!
-So we should go with the method you explained earlier then?
-There’s quite a lot to handle this time but...
-Don’t let your guard down
-Let’s go!

-Magiga Exec Sosal
-La Well Ga Exec Maya Hao

h/w- Huge
-Wii Ki Gyagiss


-Nice one Espada!
-You two alright?

-…You okay?
-I… I’m fine…
-Oi oi
-Get it together
-I still say it’s cuz you don’t eat properly
-You there

-Thank you for stopping those girls
- I’m Elle Elemia, from the church
-Your companion seems unwell
-Won’t you come to our church?
-Were you able to rest well?

-Sonette’s still sleeping though
-I see…
-Again, thank you so much for last night
-It’s no big deal
-No… they suddenly awakened and started attacking, and I didn’t know how to cope at all…
-Even so you’re a child of God
-You’ve nothing to apologise for
-So it really was the Revelis sickness then…
-You’re quite knowledgeable, as you’d expect
-No, I don’t know the details…
-Excuse me

-Sorry to keep you waiting Professor Yuglaam
-…You know each other?
-Yeah, well
-I see, I can believe that
-Um, so about the information on the Revelis sickness
-The symptoms have begun to appear amongst the Reyvateil of the church
-Last night some even acted violently...

-This is a summary of all the cases so far
-But the truth is we still don’t know the cause or treatment
-I see...
-The path of infection is also as of yet unknown...
-However, we have a theory that it is only via the Reyvateil Cosmosphere
-That’s right
-It’s common knowledge that the Reyvateil Cosmosphere is connected to the tower
-But the opposite is also true, that the Reyvateil near or far are connected by the Cosmosphere

-Oh I see
-But wouldn’t that mean any Reyvateil could be infected?
-That’s right...
-And the problem we can’t rule out the virus having an effect on the functions of the tower
-Last night’s ‘Earthquake’...
-‘The balance of Sol Ciel is... collapsing...’
-However in any case, we’re still in the process of investigation so I can’t say anything for certain...
-No, I’m very grateful to you for providing this information
-...By the way, Espada-kun

-That thing attached to your sword...
-It’s a Humne Crystal isn’t it?
-No, sorry if I touched a nerve
-I was just curious...
-What’s that?
-...A Humne Crystal is
-An object which has been called the supreme jewel
-They have various names, and it seems their shape and colour differs

-It’s an item that’s caught the attention of multi millionaire buyers
-Wow, so it’s some kind of huge treasure
-It’s not just that
-It’s also said to give some kind of power to the Reyvateil
-We churches and the Tenba are at present actively conducting research
-…I heard what you said
-But could that possibly be…?
-Its true I’ve never heard of an example in which it’s joined with something
-Maybe it was hard to notice though…
-By the way, how did you come by that sword?

-I was just given it by my father
-I heard it was lying deep inside some ruins my father entered when he was younger
-I see, it’s a relic from an earlier civilisation…
-I can accept it if that’s the case
-Well it seems that crystal is not of the type we are searching for
-Please don’t worry about it
-Humne Crystal…
-I see…
-So she wanted this…

-Well then, I am taking my leave to make a report up above
-Please take it easy
-Thank you very much
-…So symptoms have finally started appearing in Nemo too…
-Oh yes, how is Sonette-san?
-Her health is bad and she’s still sleeping
-Geez, I said it’s cuz she doesn’t eat enough didn’t I?

-Is it alright for you to be up?
-I feel better after sleeping
-I’m fine…
-Oi oi
-Are you alright Sonette-san?
-That’s why I said you should still be resting
-So you were here

-An order has arrived; it’s concerning the matter of the Grasno Item…
-Ah that’s right, it was supposed to be delivered today
-Sorry, I’ll be right back…
-Oh yes, Espada
-Could you give me a hand?
-Don’t worry about it if you can’t
-No, I don’t mind
-Really? Great, I’m saved

-I’ll go too
-No, it’s fine
-It’s not something which will take very long
-While we’re gone you should rest…
-No, I’m fine
-While we’re doing that…
-I’ll quickly…

-You’ll be a hindrance if you run around with a face that pale
-Just stay here obediently and rest
-His wording is harsh but it’s like Espada says
-We’re not in any rush so you should rest properly

h/w above heads- Woah there
-Tuck her into bed
-Aye aye!
-We’ll be back soon

-…It’s gotten really late
-I suppose so
-But thanks to you I was able to accomplish something today
-You’ve saved me
-As you’d expect of the skill of a Grassmerk, you’ve inherited that from your father too
-No it’s just…
-I kind of remembered something

-‘Stanza, its fine so please rest’
-‘He has work so I too must go…’
-‘Your job is to do as father says and stay here to recover your body’
-‘If you don’t rest properly I’ll get mad’
-‘Well if Espada says so’
-‘I suppose I don’t have a choice…’

-…That actually happened?
-It did
-…I’m glad
- ‘Just stay here obediently and rest’
-It seems that
-You’ve changed a bit
-No, I suppose it’s more like you’ve just gone back to how you were before a bit
-But still, it makes me happy
-It puts me at ease

-You’re the same as you were back then after all
-I think I’ll head for Bratina
-It’s the place were Sonette, who knows so much about Revelis sickness, was
-If we go I’m sure we can learn something

-In order to learn more about dad too…
-I want to confirm the facts with my own eyes
-And without being tied up just by the facts of dad’s death
-I want to know why he had to die
-So I can know
-What he was looking at back then
-Good idea

-Do that and treasure the things you have seen and felt
-They will become the truth for you
-Believe them and move forward
-I’m sure that’s what Shuveilt would have wanted too
-Me too of course

-Oh no, it’s already this late
-I’ll be fine here so head on back
-You’re worried about Sonette’s condition aren’t you?
-You don’t have to hold back so hurry up

-R.V.P Mode


-This is…?

-Red eyes…
-Revelis sickness!?

-Why are they…?
-…It won’t go simply I see
-As you’d expect with that person’s son involved I suppose




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