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Natsume Yuujin Chou 35

The Tale of the Easten Forest, Part 2

+ posted by taiyouchan as translation on Jan 4, 2010 06:28 | Go to Natsume Yuujin Chou

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AshitakaxTaiyou and Transcendence Scans Use Only

Natsume Yuujinchou 35

N- Natsume
M- Nyanko-sensei
MT- Matoba
U- Unknown
H- Hinoe
MZ- Misuzu
KP- Kappa

An electrifying development!! Strange Tales of Ayakashi Contracts
The Tale of the Easten Forest, Part 2
Natsume Yuujinchou
The Matoba Mansion – That place is too dangerous
Midorikawa Yuki

Sign – Matoba
N- Ah

N- Stop it
N- This is Matoba-san’s shiki
N- Where am I?
N- A wooden prison!?
N- Crap, I got caught by Matoba-san…
N- …Ah
N- My bag is gone…
N- The Book of Friends was taken!?

N- Where is Nyanko-sensei!?
N- Where is Sensei!?
N- If I don’t find them quickly…
N- Hah
N- Hah
N- Hah…
N- Huge!!

N- What should I do?
N- I wonder if sensei is okay
N- …where is the Book of Friends…
U- …it?
U- Yes
U- …there
U- The one we sent to keep watch on the other side seems to have caught something
MT- Oh?
U- It appears to be a young boy
U- It should be difficult for a normal human to approach this mansion though
U- …Hm

MT- That is interesting, isn’t it?
MT- Where?
N- …Matoba-san
N- …He still hasn’t realised I’m the one he caught…
U- He is imprisoned in the western cell
U- I took his belongings to the Paulownias Room
MT- The western cell?
MT- Then I’ll go and speak with this boy then shall I?
N- My belongings are in the Paulownias room… where’s that…?

MT- Oh?
MT- There is something beneath the stairs
MT- What are you?
MT- Now, come on out?

U- What was that!? An intruder?
U- Pursue it!
N- Haa
N- Haa
N- Haa

N- Did I lose them? I suppose at least one advantage of this place being so big is it’s easy to hide…
h/w- Ha
N- So there are watchmen ayakashi even inside the mansion?
U- Hm? I believe I can smell a human’s child…
N- Where is sensei…?
N- This must be where they store materials for exorcisms or something
Sfx- Clatter
Sfx- Clatter

M- Ugh
M- Ng…
N- …A box of garbage? There’s a voice coming from inside…
N- Wah!? Someone threw something that oddly resembles Nyanko-sensei in the trash!?
M- Hmph, I had an awful time
M- I was caught and thrown into a bag
M- But the ayakashi looked stupid so I was able to pass as a maneki neko
M- And then that puny bastard threw me into the trash!
h/w- I won’t forgive it
N- Pfft

M- its not funny fool!!
N- Ugh
M- Honestly
M- To be caught by that weakling and have the Book of Friends taken, how pathetic are you!?
N- …Sorry…
M- If we are lucky they still haven’t looked inside the bag yet
N- Probably
M- Well, even if they do look at it
M- If they have no knowledge of the Book of Friends then it just looks like a book of scribble
N- But if it’s an exorcist like Matoba, wouldn’t be probably have heard at least a little about it?
M- He may have heard rumours like a legend or something I suppose
M- But ayakashi, at the very least
M- Instinctively do not speak to those by who they do not wish their existences to be known

M- More likely
M- He would have heard about it from another human
M- There are ayakashi who target you because they fear this
N- …Now I’m pretty glad I didn’t talk to Natori-san about it
N- It would have put him in a dangerous position…
M- Don’t you think that guy exerts from every pore an aura of someone you shouldn’t confide in?
M- You should just hurry and hand the Book of Friends over to me since it is so much trouble
M- I’ll use it for something interesting

M- What was funny about that? Fool
U- …Ah, as I thought
U- It appears that was the child that we locked in here before
U- To have kicked that thing down and escaped… is this really a human child?
MT- I can think of a child capable of that
MT- I suppose you could say we have a connection
MT- Capture him

MT- Do not let anything escape from this mansion
N- It seem like they put my stuff somewhere called the Paulownias room
N- If we don’t go and get it quickly it really will be thought of as a book of scribbles and thrown in the trash
M- But this place really is like a maze where you can’t find the exit
N- So that guy lives in a place like this…
M- No, no matter how you look at it, this isn’t the main house
M- It seems like since long ago
M- This place has been used by the cursed exorcists, the Matoba clan, as a base for hunting ayakashi

M- But as the exorcism business itself has started to die out, this place hasn’t been used much recently
M- …It seems that the current head is quite energetic
N- ...to hunt ayakashi…
U- ‘A mere human such as you’
U- ‘Trying to command ayakashi, know your place’
N- Ah, maybe
N- Those ayakashi have been chased out of the place that is precious to them?
U- ‘We shall offer it to the leader of our pack’
N- Maybe they want it so they can fight
N- So they can protect the place where they live
Sfx- …clatter
Sfx- clatter

Sfx- clatter
Sfx- clatter
M- Mu?
N- This pot… is the one that monkey masked ayakashi was sealed in before…
U- Ooh… I cannot get out
U- Ooh… why you…
N- Wah, the pot talked!?
U- Mu? That voice… oi, Natsume brat, let us make a deal
N- …Deal?
U- I have snuck into this mansion before, so I can help you get out
U- I’ll show you the exit, so take me with you

N- You guys attacked me, I can’t trust you
U- Honestly, you are such a paranoid low class creature
U- Wah
U- Wah
U- Stop it, you piglet
N- Stop it sensei, he’s not a ball of string
M- Then as an advance payment
M- Tell us where the Paulownias room is
U- Paulownias room? Ah
U- The room for that cursed Matoba head’s personal use
N- ! You know it?
U- Yes, basically
M- Alright, then tell us the way
M- I will confirm it, and if you are correct we will take you with us when we break out

N- Sensei
M- I will go and get it so you go and hide with this guy
M- It will be troublesome if there are traps
N- …You be careful too, sensei
U- …it
U- Damn it
U- Ugh
U- If I had the Book of Friends
U- I would surely
U- Surely
U- If our leader had the Book of Friends…
U- If it was him then surely…
U- Surely we could change the forest back…
N- The Book of Friends is not a magic tool like that
N- I understand you want to do something for the forest, but using the Book of Friends to control ayakashi

N- …If you do that
N- Your leader will become like Matoba-san
U- …Ah
N- Hm?
MT- Long time no see

MT- To sneak up here like this
MT- It’s almost as though you are a cat ayakashi
N- Crap, he found me
N- …You forcefully brought
N- This ayakashi here, didn’t you?

MT- Oh, how rude
MT- But good timing
MT- I was thinking it was about time I have another chat with you
MT- Speaking of cats, yours isn’t with you today?
N- …Calm down
N- Calm down
H- …Natsume was attacked by a band of monkey masks!?
KP- Yes, I caught a sweetfish and I thought I would show it off to him, but when I went to his school…

H- If you’re talking about a monkey masked band from the eastern forest…
H- They should be the forest guardians who are led by an ayakashi named Rokka
H- For them to carry of a human’s child, what are they thinking?
MZ- It seems that the exorcist house up there has become functional again
MZ- They probably want the ability to stand on equal ground… the Book of Friends
MZ- This puts Natsume-dono in a very difficult position
MZ- He should just hurry and pass off the Book of Friends
MZ- Hinoe, if you
MZ- Are truly thinking of Natsume-dono
MZ- You should just take the Book of Friends from him

MZ- Make him forget such a thing
MZ- He should just live out his life in the human world
H- Natsume does not desire that
MZ- …I suppose so
MZ- I do not understand the hearts of humans
MT- Please, have some tea

MT- Do not fear, it contains no poison
N- Suspicious!!
N- I wonder if sensei is okay…
MT- You sure have had it tough
MT- Natsume Takashi-kun
N- …Why
N- Do you know my…
MT- I asked Nanase; it is something you can find out right away with a little research
MT- Like you, your grandmother could also see ayakashi could she not?

MT- After you lost your parents
MT- It seems you were passed around by your relatives
MT- You were also cared for in an in an institution
MT- However many children who were frightened by your words would trip, or be injured
MT- Oh, they were splendid relatives
MT- Because they brought a seed so rotten it injured other people’s children into their family and cared for it
MT- Living with a human you don’t understand must be very difficult
MT- I was lucky in that department, because I was born into a house of exorcists

MT- Do the Fujiwara couple who you are living with now
MT- Understand you?
N- That has nothing to do with you
N- I’m leaving
U- Wait boy, the head is still speaking

U- Be obedient and sit down
U- Gyah!?
N- ! Sensei

M- I believe I warned you not to get ahead of yourself, exorcist brat
M- Get out of the way
M- We are leaving

N- Sensei…
N- My bag is on his tail
MT- Oh, as I thought the cat was with you
MT- Where did you go?
M- We’re leaving Natsume
N- Yeah

M- Gyah
N- Wah…
MT- I did quite a bit of research
MT- But it was all just rumours of her being beautiful and strong
MT- There really isn’t much actual information

MT- I will have you tell me
MT- Just what kind of person
MT- The rumoured Natsume Reiko was

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