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Natsume Yuujin Chou 40

The Tale of the Moon Splitting Festival Part 2

+ posted by taiyouchan as translation on Feb 24, 2010 08:18 | Go to Natsume Yuujin Chou

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AshitakaxTaiyou x Transcendence Scans Use Only

Natsume Yuujinchou 40 – The Tale of the Moon Splitting Festival Part 2

N- Natsume
M- Nyanko-sensei
S- Natori
H- Hiiragi
W- White Shade Brigade
B- Black Garb Brigade
F- Fuzukigami
U- Unknown
P- Priest looking ayakashi thing

-Mega Hit! Strange Tales of Ayakashi Contracts
-Natsume Yuujinchou
-The Tale of the Moon Splitting Festival Part 2
-He hides his true business under a mask of ambiguity
Midorikawa Yuki

U- Ah
U- Its Houzuki-sama
U- Houzuki-sama has come
U- Oh…
N- So this is it

N- The location of the festival
N- If they found out I was a human’s child in a place like this…
N- I wonder if Natori-san and Hiiragi are alright
N- Hey, Sensei…
U- Oh? There is a white piglet atop Houzuki-sama’s mikoshi
U- What is that white, round, unusual beast that resembles mochi?
T/N- Mochi – rice cakes
h/w- Welcome
W- Over there, Natsume-sama
W- That’s Fuzuki-sama and his company
N- So that’s Fuzukigami…

B- You are late, White Shade Brigade, hurry up and take your place
W- Hmph, it is only because of what occurred earlier
W- Being near the likes of you is dangerous
B- What!?
P- Gods
P- We thank you for blessing the Misumi Mountains with your presences
P- This evening’s match will decide who will govern this mountain shrine
P- It has been divined that this evening’s match will be ‘Hunt’

P- Whoever catches the beast that leaps from this pot first is the winner
N- Hunt…
P- Ready?
P- Well then
P- Begin

U- The big bell has sounded
U- Yes
U- The Moon Splitting Festival has begun

F- It begins
B- Follow Fuzuki-sama
B- We won’t lose, Houzukigami
U- Oh, the Fuzuki-sama group is off
U- Like the wind…
N- …I…

N- I couldn’t even see what came out of the pot
W- Houzuki-sama
N- Yeah
N- Let’s go
W- That’s the sound of the big bell, the festival has begun
S- If they hadn’t accepted Natsume as a substitute
S- They would have been declared the losers by now
S- Means we’ve bought some time to look for Houzuki until the match is over
W- Yes, if we do not make haste…

S- There is one thing I’d like to confirm
W- Yes?
S- Was Houzukigami really sealed away?
W- What are you implying?
S- Exactly when was he sealed?
S- Isn’t this all very last minute?
S- Couldn’t you have done something about it sooner?
S- I thought to myself, ‘Are they not just relying on his spiritual power
S- And the goodwill of humans, and plotting something unpleasant?’
S- Isn’t the truth actually that Houzukigami has just disappeared?

S- Was he exorcised
S- Because his power had declined at the hands of time and the fading of religion?
S- Or has he grown tired of you, forsaken this land and moved on, as the Black Garb Brigade said?
S- Did you not fetch Natsume and deceive him because you were abandoned and felt helpless
S- With the intention of making him into Houzukigami?
W- I see, what a splendid idea
W- Hahaha

W- How rude, was that some kind of joke?
W- But it is true that Houzuki-sama was sealed… three years ago
W- The reason this is all so last minute
W- Is that we made an error in judgement
S- An error in judgement?
W- The god who is victorious at the moon splitting festival takes up residence in a shrine deep in the forest and watches over the mountains and villages
W- But it is true that religion has declined
W- We felt our days would pass uneventfully
W- It was probably an exorcist who knew neither reason nor the land, wanting to test his skill
W- He entered this ayakashi filled forest
W- Sealed Houzuki-sama, whom he happened to see, and left

W- The stone he was sealed in flew somewhere onto this mountain
W- We panicked and searched all over for it
W- …However, the one who sealed him was a low level exorcist
W- The seal looked a simplistic one that would fool none but a child
W- He was not someone incapable of breaking that seal
W- Therefore
W- We believed he was sick of protecting the shrine and had decided to rest a while inside the seal
W- And that he would reappear in time for this fun festival…
W- We waited, guarding the shrine

W- Had Houzuki-sama returned we thought this festival might be the last one
W- We were planning to suggest that if his role was fulfilled, we should set out once more on a journey…
W- …Ah, it may be as you have said
W- Perhaps he broke the seal a long time ago
W- And has already left this land
H- But
H- But it isn’t certain that he has left
H- Perhaps the seal is tougher than he thought, and he is waiting for your help

H- Was he the kind of master who would abandon you and leave?
H- If you have decided even for a second in your hearts to serve him
H- Then believe in your master
S- So
S- Whereabouts is the area he was sealed?
W- Of course
W- This way

S- I wonder if Natsume is alright
S- I hope he’s not being reckless…
W- He was sealed somewhere around that old building on the cliff
W- In the aftermath he fell somewhere between that forest and the riverbed, and we are yet to find him
S- …That’s a fairly vast area…
S- To the building then

S- Its dark and I can’t see inside very well…
H- There’s something in there…
M- Mu, so it’s you lot
H- A monster
M- Gyah
N- Nyanko-sensei, what…
N- Ah

S- Natsume!
N- Natori-san
N- The match is decided by whoever first catches this beast and brings it to the festival grounds
N- I tried chasing it too, but more than a beast it seems to be some kind of dragon ayakashi…
N- It seemed difficult for a human so the White Shades said I’d have more luck searching for the seal…
S- …You chased it?
S- A dragon-like ayakashi?
S- …Natsume… not again…
N- Ah, sorry…
N- But…
N- …Sorry…
M- But this means our chance of winning has decreased again
M- How much can the White Shades do alone?

S- That’s the problem isn’t it?
N- Was it my imagination?
N- For a second
N- It looked like Natori-san
N- Was really hesitating about whether to exorcise Fuzukigami…
N- …It’s not just the white shades
N- We have sensei and Hiiragi too
N- I don’t care if it was my imagination
N- Let’s do whatever we can to find Houzukigami
N- I’m not alone

N- If we’re together we can do something about it
S- Natsume
M- …Mu?
M- Get back Natsume!
N- What?

M- Its close
M-I sense the beast
M- You lot stay here
N- Sensei…
N- …He’s right, something’s coming this way
N- This presence…
N- Is it that beast that was set loose?
N- Where?


H- ! Master
N- Natori-san
N- Stop!
N- You…
N- Ah…

S- Natsume
W- Natsume-sama
W- ! Curses
W- Run away will you…?
S- Natsume!
S- Hiiragi

S- Natsume
S- Hiiragi
N- I thought I was gonna die…
N- Hiiragi
N- Are you okay?
H- Yes, it’s you we should be worrying about
H- You’re an unusually sturdy bean sprout aren’t you?
N- Where’s the beast?
H- …It shook you off and ran

N- …Good
N- Let’s hurry back; I’m worried about Natori-san and Nyanko-sensei
H- But you’re injured
N- I’m fine so let’s hurry…
H- …Calm down, Natsume
H- Natori knows how to protect himself, and the white piglet is there as well
H- Catch your breath first
H- Hurry up and stick out your arm
N- What?
H- It should really be written above your heart…
H- It’s a spell that’ll put me at ease
H- It will deflect an ayakashi’s teeth, but only once
N- Hiiragi…
N- …Thankyou

N- You too then, Hiiragi
N- Hurry
N- …Does it work if you write it on ayakashi too?
H- Upstream…
H- If we follow the steam we can probably meet up with them
H- I’m sure they’re heading this way too
N- Yeah
H- …This
N- Hm?
H- This request is so last minute that we’ll never make it in time
H- The search for Houzukigami is a façade

N- I wonder if the real intention of this request is more like a last resort
H- Aren’t they just tactfully pushing the awful act of exorcising a god onto Natori
H- In order to eliminate the uncertainty that visits every ten years?
N- If that’s the case
N- We should do whatever we can
N- We should try even harder

H- We were carried a fair way, we have to hurry
H- Or the Black Garbs will beat us there
N- Oh yeah
N- Just how do the Black Garbs plan on catching it…?
H- Black Garbs…!?
N- Wha…
N- Ah

N- Hiiragi…
H- Natsume…

B- Oh, our trap got something
B- Ooh, we already caught the beast!?
B- Let’s call Fuzuki-sama
B- ! No, wait
B- Its not the beast… that crown…

B- Hi, what’s this? It’s Houzukigami!!
B- What!? How could this be…?
B- …No wait, something is wrong…
B- Is that really Houzukigami…?
B- …What…?
B- …Oh!? You’re right…
B- It smells faintly of a human’s child
B- A human’s child?
B- …It couldn’t be
B- A human’s child couldn’t
B- Be deceiving us, could it?

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