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Gakuen Babysitters 3

Chapter 3

+ posted by taiyouchan as translation on Mar 8, 2010 13:46 | Go to Gakuen Babysitters

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Gakuen Babysitters 03

R- Kashima Ryuuichi
K- Kashima Kotarou
KR- Kumatsuka Kirin
KY- Kumatsuka Yayoi
U- Usaida Yoshihito
C- Chairman
S- Saikawa
H- Kamitani Hayato
T- Kamitani Taka
TK- Takuma
KZ- Kazuma
M- Midori
U- Unknown

School Child Rearing Scramble
Super Popular
Gakuen Babysitters
Chapter 3
Welcome back Deaw <3
Tokeino Hari

R- Brr
R- Energetic as always hey, Kotarou?

h/w- It’s only 6am…
R- Well I guess it can’t be helped at this hour
C- Don’t waste time!!
h/w- I’m not Usaida but I’m sleepy
R- Kotarou
R- I have to start cleaning up so you need to get off my leg
h/w- You’ll get covered in dust if you cling to me like that
h/w- Nod
h/w- What do you mean ‘nod’…?
KR- You can’t get in the way of peopwe’s work
KR- Koutawou-chan

R- Kirin-chan!
R- What are you doing here so early!?
h/w- And with luggage
R- Where’s your mummy?
KY- Right… here…
R- Wah!?
R- S
R- Sorry
R- When did she sneak up behind me?
h/w- It’s cold, I’ll shut the window
KY- Don’t worry about it…
R- Camping for the drama club?

KY- Yes…
KY- We have to make sure the stage is absolutely perfect before the Morinomiya Drama Festival…
KY- So I will be staying overnight with the students…
Box- Kirin-chan’s mother
Head of the Drama Department Kumatsuka Yayoi-sensei
KY- Because of that, I won’t be able to pick up Kirin this week…
KY- So… please look after her…
h/w- What?

KY- I asked the chairman if you could take care of her this week… you’re really helping me out…
h/w- My husband is in Hakata for work…
h/w- Overnight bag
R- What what what!?
Sign- Chairman’s office
R- Obaasan!!
R- What’s this about me looking after Kirin overnight for a week!?
h/w- Usaida arrived and is looking after the kids
h/w- Seems they were against me doing it
C- I’m sure I told you in the beginning you’d be working as a babysitter all hours outside lessons
C- Are you complaining?
R- N, no!! I’m fine with that

R- But not seeing her mother for a week, poor Kirin-chan!
R- If she’s staying at school then at least at night they would sleep together…
C- Did that girl cry and beg you to do something about it?
R- What?
R- No, she didn’t
C- Then there’s nothing more to discuss
R- But…
h/w- You’re going to but me!?
C- Get back to work!!
C- I hate people who do things half-assed!!!

R- its true she didn’t cry… but there’s no way she doesn’t miss her mum
h/w- It’s for a whole week
R- I’m back
h/w- Sorry for leaving you behind Kotarou
R- I have a bad feeling about this…
KR- You’we wate deaw!!
R- Huh?
h/w- ‘Deaw’?
KR- Honestwy!! It’s because you’we wike this

KR- That ouw son is a NEET*!!
T/N- Not in Employment, Education or Training
R- ‘NEET’!?
U- ‘Mum, is dinner ready yet?’
h/w- They played house while they were waiting
U- ‘Daddy, give me pocket money’
R- Usaida-san… you’re too into that role…
h/w- I can’t give you pocket money
h/w- Usaida is a NEET
h/w- Kotawou is a baby
h/w- blush
h/w- Do I have talent?
R- More importantly, where did you learn that word, Kirin-chan…?
h/w- Hush little baby ~
h/w- Huwwy up and eat youw dinnew deaw!
h/w- Yes yes, Itadakimasu
T/N- Itadakimasu - said before meals, like bon apatite
h/w- Hmm
R- She seems normal, I wonder if she’s really okay with this

h/w- You’re playing house? That’s lame!!
h/w- Be nice to girls!!
R- School was over in a flash
h/w- See you tomorrow
h/w- Bye bye
H- Taka, we’re leaving
T- No! I wanna stay at Kotarou’s house t-

h/w- Waaaaaah
H- Thanks for having him today too
R- Not at all
R- We’re going home now too Taka, so let’s go together okay?
R- Alright Kirin-chan, you’re coming with us too
h/w- Okay
S- Welcome home
S- Ryuuichi-sama, Kotarou-sama, Kirin-sama

KR- A butwer!! There’s a butwer!!
h/w- Wike a castwle
T/N- Kotarou is thinking about sheep because the words are similar in Japanese
R- No Kirin-chan, Saikawa-san is
R- Saikawa-san is… Obaasan’s secretary… right?
h/w- Huh?
h/w- But do secretaries usually prepare lunches…?
S- Call me as you wish
S- From today until the drama festival, the chairman will be having dinner with various representatives, so she left a message saying she will be home late
S- I will be taking my leave here also, but I have prepared your meals, please enjoy them

h/w- Well then
R- Who on earth is that guy
h/w- His lunches are like this too
KR- Giwaffes!!
h/w- The word for giraffe is ‘Kirin’, the kanji are different though
R- Kotarou, you have to say Itadakimasu first!
h/w- Ha
h/w- Oof
R- What are you doing, Kirin-chan?

KR- Thankyou fow wooking aftew me
KR- I’wl be a good giwl
KR- Mummy towd me to be good
KR- I fowgot!!
R- I see
R- You’re such a good girl Kirin-chan, doing all these things on your own
R- I’m kind of
R- Embarrassed that I was the one getting all upset

R- Little kids might be
h/w- Thewe you go
h/w- You eat dinner hewe
R- A lot more grown up than I thought
KR- Kotawou, youw face is diwty
R- Kirin-chan, don’t pull the table cloth!!
R- On second thought maybe not
h/w- I’wl hewlp wipe the dishes
h/w- I’wl wash youw face
h/w- Wah! Kotarou!

R- This… this is more exhausting than I thought…
h/w- And I have to do it for a week…
R- …but
R- I’m glad Kirin-chan doesn’t seem lonely
h/w- Maybe it’s because Kotarou is here too

R- Mum and dad said when I was that age
R- If I was left behind I would cry and cry and it was really tough on them

R- Huh?

R- …Kirin-chan

R- Do you miss your mum?
R- …I’m so stupid
R- There’s no way a kid this little wouldn’t miss their parents
R- This is exactly like what happened with Kotarou
R- its still only a little past ten… at this hour…
R- How about we go see your mum?

KR- I’m…
KR- Okay
KR- I won’t
KR- Get in the way of mummy’s wowk
R- Why

R- Do such tiny children
R- Try to put up with so much?
U- Well it’s to be expected, she loves her mother a lot
R- Then that’s all the more reason to…
h/w- She’ll wake up
R- I’m going to go see Kumatsuka-sensei and tell her about Kirin-chan

R- If you be a good boy I’ll take you with me this time Kotarou
h/w- *
U- To bust into the drama department during the camp
U- Ryuu-chan knows no fear
h/w- Isn’t that right, Kirin-chan?
R- Excuse me…

KY- NO!!! You need to be more passionate!! But at the same time cool!!
KY- How many times must I repeat myself!?
U- Sorry sensei!!
KY- One more time!! Think like you won’t be able to sleep until you capture this role!!
U- That’s exactly how we want it sensei!!
h/w- So early in the morning… wow…
KY- Let me hear your voices!!
U- Yeah!!

U- Sensei – the babysitter kid wants to talk with you
KY- Run through the first act again, then that’s it for tonight’s practice
h/w- Yessir
KY- Now… start
h/w- But it’s already morning…
KY- Sorry to keep you waiting…
R- Oh no, sorry to interrupt your practice
KY- So… did something happen with Kirin…?
R- Ah, no, um
R- She was fine until last night, but…

KY- …But?
KR- ‘I’m…
KR- okay’
KR- ‘I won’t get in the way of mummy’s wowk’
R- …Oh

R- Kirin-chan
R- Understands that her mother is working hard
R- Um
R- Last night she was missing you and started crying
R- But Kirin-chan
R- Said she would bear with it for your sake
KY- I see…
R- And I’m sure
R- The missing part isn’t one sided
KY- She was crying so I bet you didn’t get much sleep either…
KY- You’re eyes are red… I’m sorry

R- Oh no, I’m fine
R- I don’t understand what it means to be told to try hard
R- Because I
R- Am Kirin-chan’s, and everyone’s
R- Babysitter
R- For these kids who are all trying their best

R- Let’s start afresh;
R- Please relax and leave it up to me this week
R- For Kirin-chan and her mother
h/w- Awake huh?
h/w- Mmm
R- I’m sure there is more I can do
R- To make sure they can live this week
R- With a smile

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