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K.O. Sen 3

[Shounen]K.O. Sen 003 by Takushikun

+ posted by takushikun as translation on Dec 31, 2007 13:30 | Go to K.O. Sen

-> RTS Page for K.O. Sen 3

ok again, please edit this for me if you can

Putting your life at stake? You’re pretty big-mouthed too….?
Let me test you if you’re real, red-head



Red-head? Reminds me of… (oh well)

So you said you put your life at stake
So you don’t mind if you die
I won’t die!

Kouki why are you just staring at them?
Please stop them!!

S.. stop it Tobishima!! It’s a bad matchup!!

Seidou’s technique is a top-notch even in the pro’s class
If he wishes to, he can punch you to death without your fingertip even touching him

There’s no way you can touch with a finger(I have a glove on)
Anyways you’re bad so why don’t you keep out of this

I won’t stop this crap anymore!! (die)

The fear of challenging the one stronger than me
The sense of fulfillment when I overcome him

When was it
Those things went away

--oh well

Oryaaa!! first move’s the winner!!

As I thought, a novice

!!(kick to the face)


!?not to the face..


f… face!!?

Shi [sound from the mouth while attacking]




l… leg!?
What is this guy!!?

That’s Seidou’s rainbow kick technique!!(named by Atsushi)

Such a dumb naming!! What is it!?

It is Seidou’s technique which is only possible by the inborn flexibility of the body and joint
A kick that can hit on top, middle, or bottom with the same exact motion
The opponent has no way of knowing where the kick will come!!!
Stomach!? Leg!?


Even I who was outside got tricked!!




See, it's not even possible to touch him with a fingertip

The flexible body helps not only in attacking but it also allows the movement as quick as cat
Ugh..dont even know… what’s going on…
The irregular kick that comes from every direction!!! There's been no one so far that defeated this technique!!

The name that has been giving to him is “the matador of the ring!”(named by Atsushi)
The opponent is like a weakening bull

That realizes the overwhelming differences and become hopeless
And the moment he lowers the guard due to damages to heart and body


Go to sleep!!

The flexible leg is like a sickle

That reaps everything from neck to head—
Seidou’s hissatsu technique

Death sickle

Death sickle, the technique with a 200% K.O. ratio!!! (named by Atsushi)
There’s no way anyone can stand up after this!!!

A novice…!! He’ll finally realize!!!


Not as strong as the old fart

What!!! he doesn’t even collapse!!

Did I hit it wrong..!? no it certainly felt right!!!

Does Seidou agree to it?

Of course he does!! We are a coach and a player, and at the same time
I told him we’re a business partner!!

Even though he doesn’t agree at the moment
When he succeeds in the future he’ll realize it was the right thing to do!!! Seidou isn’t stupid!!

I remember when Seidou first showed up here

What’s your name?

It’s Kazuma Seidou!!

I heard you’ve won the Jr. tournament


Is KB fun?

Actually, not really!!

Training is so difficult
And it’s so scary before the match, it’s not fun!!

Then why are ya kicking?
Because I love it!!

When the training comes to fulfillment
When I beat the stronger opponent while overcoming the fear before the match

Feeling of myself becoming stronger
I love it!!

And Atsushi and Suzu becomes happy too

Even though my parents are busy and doesn’t really look after me
Atsushi tells me that I’m one of his family members

So I… I want to become stronger than anyone

More than Atsushi
More than Genya chairman, who defeated one of the stadium’s champion

I will do the deed of defeating Muay Thai!!!

Kakaka Seidou!! I like you!!
Y.. Yes!!

The Seidou I know is not a businessman

You don’t understand that the times have changed in these few years!!
You can’t gain anything from kickboxing which doesn’t even have a live tv broadcast!?

I’ve chased the dream with you and I put my life into kick
But no rank, no honor, no money, no nothing!!

You too, father!?
So I don’t want Seidou to have the same experience….
But I gained so much

Like meeting the “moron”s who can really put their life into something
Like the red-head “moron” that came yesterday (it was really a kidnap)

My hobby that you can’t buy with the money

Red-head… you must not mean…!!!

What’s going on!?
f… father and grandpa please stop them!!!

H…he is---!!!

Ken Tobishima~~!!?

Ken.. Tobishima!!?

I remember!!

Yes the one that defeated you more than 20 years ago
Son of Ken Tobishima, “sen”!!

I remembered what I heard from Atsushi!!
Once upon a time there was a guy that had only a sturdy body but
He was such a shithead!!

Because he can’t actually beat Mr.Atsushi, he had a stone hidden in his hand
And injured him with it when he wasn’t looking and ran away!!!

Sendou stop it--!!!

That foul player’s son is a huge liar!!?
Just go to sleep since I can’t even laugh at it!!



There’s a cut on Seidou’s face--!!!

That’s the same as when he fought me…!!!

Kaka!! That moron’s lost his temper!!
When he becomes like that, it won’t be easy to stop him!

That kid is the “biggest moron” I’ve ever met
He can put life at stake when he has to defend whatever’s his

We aren’t a liar or a foul player you faggot!!
Like a wild animal who stands their hair when they fight for their life!!!

If you wanna test me, you’re going to put your life at stake also!!

h… he is….
This feeling…!!

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