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Law of Ueki Plus 22

[Shounen] Ueki PLUS Chapter 22 by Tammik

+ posted by Teii as translation on Mar 10, 2007 06:08 | Go to Law of Ueki Plus

-> RTS Page for Law of Ueki Plus 22

NOTE! Chapters 1-17 can be found at my sub-boards HERE. Chapters 18-20 can be found with Bomber D. Rufi. :D

Law of Ueki PLUS is the sequel to Law of Ueki which not only has English tankubons done by Viz but also a completed anime series that has been subbed by Shinsen-Subs.


Ueki Kousuke, your classic shonen 'haha killing myself = okay for friends/justice/onigiri 8Db' retard, has been living life as a normal kid after the God Candidate battle two years ago...but now, a strange occurance has happened- everyone's memories of their most important persons seems to be missing. These memories have been taken by a man from a world different yet similar to Earth...for a man only known as 'Boss'. With Ueki being the only one left on Earth who still has his memories intact, he along with a talking sheep, Wool are now embarked on a quest to a new world to bring the memories back...while PLUS is the sequel to the regular Law of Ueki, it's not required to read LoU in order to understand PLUS.

[Chinese Phonetic]
SFX= Sound Effect
ST= Small Text

Scans here.

Chapter 22: Ueki's Belief

Page 1:

Byaku: Hand over that mop or the sheep's dead!

Go ahead and pick-saving your friends' lives...
Or moving onto Megasite.

Page 2-3:

I can't lose...that's why I have to fight!

Page 4:

Byaku: What's the matter?

Deciding isn't that hard now is it?

If you don't have the sheep then there's no way you can get to Megasite...you only have one choice!

Forget your 'teammates'! You're only using them anyways!

Mori: Ueki!!

Page 5:

Everyone's forgotten their most important persons...

Ueki: Don't worry, I'll find a way to get back everyone's memories...

Nagara: I've lost this time around...so I'll keep my part of the deal and tell you about your power and its uses!

Ueki: Nagara's given me my 'power'

Page 6:

Haiji: I believe...that you definitely have the power to do so!

Ueki: And picked friends to help me...


Has given me their strength!


Page 7:

But I still...

Have to save Mori and everyone else!

Byaku: Hahahaha! So in the end you've given up on your teammates!

That's right! They're no use to you at all now...

So that's why...

Page 8-9:

I won't give up on anyone.


Everyone is my important 'teammate'.

Page 10:

Haiji: Wuuu... *wakes up* ST: Ow...

That long-haired freak! Snapping the bridge like that...mn?

Byaku ST: Hehehe...

Page 11:

Haiji: Nagara!! Sora!! Where are you guys?

Sora: I'm right here~

Haiji: WAH-! ST: Don't hide in the shadows like that! *shocked*

Oh, oh. You're okay...anyways, where are we...?
ST: Scared

Sora: This is a cave, Haiji-kun. Looks like when we were falling we got 'caught' here.
ST: Chew chew

ST: Here

Haiji: And we still managed to stay alive...

Torito: Idiots. With you two being half power users, how can you guys possibly still be 'okay'?

Page 12:

Haiji: It's, it's you guys...!

Torito: Hehehe, you guys were rescued by that goggle wearing boss of yours...throwing away his life to save yours...

Wasting all his energy and falling even further down just to save you guys...what an idiot!

Page 13:

Haiji: ...That idiot!

And where's your boss?!

Torito: Huhuhu...

He missed his chance to use his power...so he fell down as well.

Haiji: Your boss is the REAL idiot here!

But getting back to the point...thinking about it, didn't you guys fall down because of that Byaku guy as well...? Isn't he your teammate? ST: That guy.

SFX: Twitch.

Torito: That's right...

Haiji ST: Hm?

Torito: That expressionless guy...just betrayed us so easily!

Page 14:

ST: Handkerchief.

Bomber: Wuwahwahwahwah...

Torito: I'm defiantly...not holding back on him!

No, killing him is just too nice...I'LL WASH HIS HAIR. Turning that hair of his into a disgusting mop!

Haiji: Eh, eh?! (So scary...!!!)

Bomber: Torito!

Torito: Wuohohohohohoh!

Haiji: Even though I don't get what's going on... but those two are going to go crazy...

Sora: Mm, mm.

Haiji: It doesn't matter anymore!

(Ueki up there is worrisome enough...and even though Nagara's probably okay down there, I'm still worried...)

Page 15:

Right now we'll kick you and your teammates' asses!

I remember that girl has the ability to use bubbles...not worth fighting with at all!

Torito: Looks like I've been underestimated...you really think my power is really not suitable for fighting...?

Haiji: What?!

Torito: The power of a springboard...

Page 16:

In the form of bubbles!

SFX: Peng!

Sora: Mm?

Haiji: What...?!

Page 17:

Get out of the way!

Torito: HEI!

Haiji: (Wh-What...!!?)

Page 18:


(That girl...is actually using the bubble springboard to generate so much power...!)

Torito SFX: Land

SFX: Dash

Torito: HA!

Haiji: (Just like a super human ball-!)

Sora: Ow, ow, ow...

Page 19:

Bomber: Ah...ah...

Haiji: Wu!

Torito SFX: Land

Haiji: (Che! Even though I don't want to hit girls...I've got no choice...I'll put you to sleep for now!)


Page 20:

[sUGELAN] 29 BALL PUNCH! [[i...don't think I can explain this properly. T___T]]



Torito SFX: Soft

Page 21:

SFX: Soft

Haiji: Wu...


Torito: What's the matter? Don't you want to work together with your teammate...?

Page 22:

Haiji: (This girl is tougher than what I bargained for...by a lot!! No other way, right now I'll have to retreat...)

Hey! Didn't your boss fall down as well?! Not going to save him is perfectly fine?!

Torito: Don't worry, if he uses his power, then he'll be alright.

Haiji: Then what about that guy, Byaku!! By now Ueki's probably finished beating him to a pulp!

Torito: So it seems...

Haiji: Huh?

Torito: The more that asshole gets beaten up, the better! That traitor!!

Haiji: You....you don't have to be that cruel...you guys are teammates, right?

Page 23:

Torito: No, that guy has never considered us as 'teammates'.

It was on a rainy day two months ago...

He was standing out in the rain as if he didn't know what was happening outside of our shop, like some stray puppy that got kicked out.

Byaku: Please take me in. I want to join the competition.

And that's all he said. Besides, he already had the 'salon' look. Everyone thought it wasn't right to ignore him so we all agreed. Thus, it was the only time he ever acknowledged us as teammates.

Page 24:

Haiji: Only acknowledged...once?

Torito: You...you don't understand what I've been through these past two months! Having to accept his cold presence at work and trying to get him to talk to the rest of us...and after all that...he's betrayed us!!

Bomber: Torito...

Torito: HAVING TO ACCEPT HIM UNTIL I TURNED CRAZY. ST: Hate! That fucking guy...I hate him!

That guy...isn't our teammate anymore!

Page 25:

Bomber: To-Torito! Calm down! Your face has changed shape!

Torito: Shut up, you useless person!

Bomber: Useless?!

Sora: Mmm..this lady's brought up a pretty emotional subject...
What's wrong, Haiji-kun?

Haiji: Sora...her weakness...can you find it now?

Sora: Huh?

Page 26:

Haiji: They've acknowledge him once as a teammate...
And in the end they said, 'He isn't our teammate anymore..'

Once a promise is made...it's meant to be kept until the day you die...it shouldn't be taken so lightly!!

Bomber+Torito: Huh?

Haiji: And I've finally found...THAT LIFE-CHANGING PERSON!!

Sora: Oh? So we have one here as well? An emotional kind of guy...

Page 27:

SFX: Pai

Page 28: Why did Byaku decide to save Ueki...?!


Any questions, criticisms, concerns? Comment/PM me if so, thank you! :D

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