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Law of Ueki Plus 24

[Shounen] Ueki PLUS Chapter 24 by Tammik'

+ posted by Teii as translation on Mar 22, 2007 09:42 | Go to Law of Ueki Plus

-> RTS Page for Law of Ueki Plus 24

SFX= Sound Effect
ST= Small Text

Scans here. Or: Here

Chapter 24: “Independence” VS. “Teammates.”

Page 1:

Header Text: Even when it’s 2 vs. 1 Torito’s still confident on winning…the battle starts now!

Haiji: Kill…

Killing technique?!

ToritoThe power of a ‘springboard’…in the form of ‘bubbles.’

Haiji: WOAH!


Page 2:

(What is this?!
ST: The bubbles are coating the cave walls?!)

Side Text: WUAHAHAHAH…The power’s been activated!

Page 3:

Torito: You two

Have only managed to knock out Bomber, don’t get too cocky…

In the end, it’s ‘independence’ that determines the outcome of the battle…

Work is the same, fighting is the same…

So my ‘independence’ is definitely going to win over you guys…

Haiji: Wuu!

Ha! It’s two to one here!!
Any way you look at it, having teammates is better!

SFX: Step

Torito: Oh- really?

Page 4:


She’s targeting Sora again?!

Haiji: CHE!

Sora: Ah…

Page 5:


Haiji: Wuu…

(It’s fine! Since her bubbles are meant to soften, then I can’t be injured…)

Haiji: Whu-

I didn’t bounce off…?!

It turned back into ordinary bubbles?!

SFX: Land

Torito: (Sorry about that. ♥

I have the power to change the status of my bubbles whenever I want…

So the purpose of this wig is to turn the status on and off…)

What kind of power is this.

Page 6:

Side Text (The story so far): In order to get back the ‘memories of the most important persons’, Ueki has entered the selection battle to get to ‘Megasite’ and is currently in the last stage of the battle, collecting all of Wool’s body parts. Ueki who almost fell into the gorge as well was saved by Byaku, while Haiji and Sora had met up with Torito and Bomber and began fighting….

Haiji: Wu!!

Looks like you can turn on and off the bubble effects at any given time…

Torito: Ah, you picked that up quickly…


Sora: Wah!

Haiji: (Still targeting Sora?!

So this means…!!)

Torito: If you really care about your teammates that much, then you’ll protect them no matter what! This is the weakness of your ‘teammate’ idea!

Page 7:

Haiji: Wu…

SFX: Step

Haiji ST: Watch out!!!

Sora: Hai…


Page 8:

Torito: Hehehe…

And what was that again about having teammates is better…

In the end this girl called Sora has lead to your downfall.

Sora: Haiji-chi…!


ST: Ha ah, ha ah…

Page 9:

Didn’t I say it already…
Your job is to find a way to defeat her…

And my job is…
Protecting you until you do!

This is what ‘teammates’ do.

Page 10:

Torito: Playtime’s over now!

Haiji: Get out of the way, Sora…

Sora: Ah!



Page 11:

SFX: Land

Haiji: …sorry, Sora.

SFX: Cough cough

Haiji: I…can’t go on any longer…

SFX: Cough cough…

As long as one of us is still able to go on…run while you still can…

Sora: …run?

Torito: You’re already like this and you still worry about others?
Don’t worry, you two can’t possibly escape now…

Page 12:

[em]Didn’t I say it already…your job is to find a way to defeat her…
And my job is protecting you until you do…

This is…[/em]

Sora: HEY!!!

Haiji: Idiot…

Just run, Sora…

Page 13:

Torito: …!! You’ve got guts, little girl

Then I’ll just start off with you…


Sora: Wuah!!!

Haiji: SORA!!!

SFX: Lands

Torito: The final attack...

Sora ST: Wuu…

Sora: I won’t run...

Because we’re ‘teammates’…


So this time…!!

Page 14:

[em]It’s my turn...

to protect Haiji-chi![/em]

Haiji: Th-that’s…

That girl’s bubbles?!
ST: When?

You want to use the bubbles to deflect?

Torito SFX: Smile.

Haiji: No…

Get out of the way Sora!!

Those bubbles…!!

Page 15:

Can be changed!!

After they’re changed then they’ll just go back to being ordinary bubbles!!


Torito: ‘SWITCH’!


Sora: I’ve already rendered the switch useless. I’ve also figured out the enemy’s weakness.


When I was hit by Torito I’ve already…

Page 16:

Gave the ‘wig’ a cap!!!

You can’t change it anymore…

Torito: W-wait…

Sora: So just…

SFX: Bend----

Page 17:


Torito: WUAH!

Page 18:

Sora ST: Whew, we’ve won.

Haiji ST: Ah…ah…

Haiji: …so she was using her wig to change the bubbles?

Haiji ST: Ah hah.

But for you to notice something like that…

Sora: What are you talking about? This is all because of Haiji-chi.

Because Haiji-chi has protected me so many times I had the time to notice it.

We’ve won because we outnumbered her…

This is what being ‘teammates’ is all about,


Okay, time to take back the hamburger…

Haiji: You’re still willing to eat that?!


1The ‘spring’ in Torito’s move is the season spring…

Thanks for reading! :D Any scanalation inquiries/questions/comments? Please contact me through PM or email, thanks!

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