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Law of Ueki Plus 25

[Shounen] Ueki PLUS Chapter 25 by Tammik

+ posted by Teii as translation on Mar 28, 2007 02:05 | Go to Law of Ueki Plus

-> RTS Page for Law of Ueki Plus 25

Scans here or here.
SFX= Sound Effect
ST= Small Text

Chapter 25: The tight-knit team.

Header Text: Haiji and Sora just finished fighting Torito and Bomber, but now…?

Page 1: Splash Page

Page 2:

Haiji: So what did you find? Sora…

Sora: It looks like they don’t have it.

Haiji: Oh really…

Che. It’s really not there.

Haiji: (If we want to win this selection battle, then we have to collect all of the sheep’s parts! We originally thought that they had a piece…)

WanWan: Woof?

Page 3:

Haiji: So this means that the person who has the body part is actually Byaku that asshole.

And he took our piece as well…!
ST: That little fucker.

He’s the one responsible for letting the part get stolen.

Haiji: Che…

(We have no clue which person from the other three teams has the piece! In this case we have to battle every team in order to get all the pieces back.)

Ai ai ai…with this plan can we really continue fighting…

Page 4:

This is really troublesome.

Ah, oh right. Compared to this situation, I’m really worried about what happened to Nagara down there!!
ST: And Ueki too!

Torito: Wait…

Haiji: You-!! Still want to…

Torito: Over there you can get to the bottom of the gorge.

Haiji: Huh?!

Torito: So you were thinking of free falling your way down?

Page 5:

Over here.

Haiji: A secret door?!

Torito: When we got here there was already this door here.

It looks like Organizer Lucha has planted a few devices around in the forest.

It looks like if you follow this staircase down, you can get to the bottom of the gorge.

Haiji: W-why?! Why are you telling us this?!

Page 6:

Torito: Nothing really. Guess it’s just sympathy.

Sora: Even though I don’t really understand it all, but this looks like our big chance, Haiji-chi!

Haiji: Oh! Looks like it!

It’s probably best not to think too hard about it.

Haiji: Thanks, wig girl!

I didn’t think you would be a good person!

Torito: What did I…just do.

Page 7:

Oh right! I have to save the boss first!

Necroman: Oh! Saving me?! How touching!!

Torito: Wah--!!
ST: Another secret door?!

Boss?! Did you fall into the gorge as well?

Necroman: No, actually there was another level below this. I just used the staircase to get here.

Actually he got lost on the way.

Torito: I, I thought you fell down with that Nagara guy and started fighting…

Necroman: Oh, that guy?

If I wanted beat that guy up then I could do it anytime I wanted to!
But I was worried about you guys so…
No, actually I defeated him!

Torito: (So you ran away…)

Necroman: Ah? Did your hairstyle change?

Torito: Eh? No.

Page 8:

Necroman: It looks like it though.

I think it’s pretty good!

Okay, let’s go! Get up, Bomber!

Torito: Eh?

Let’s go? Where are we going?

Necroman: Eh? Does that even need to be said?

There’s still one more person!

Our important ‘teammate’!

Page 9:

Let’s go you two! Let’s head towards our Ice Prince!

Bomber: Eh? Ah, oh!

Torito: Yeah.

Haiji: Oi, Nagara! If you’re still alive then answer me!

(If he actually fell all the way down here, then he might’ve…no it can’t be!)


Page 10:

Nagara: Ah, you came.
ST: Over here!

Sora ST: Ah, Nagara-kun!

Nagara: It took you guys awhile to get here, I was starting to get worried.
But in order for you guys to improve, I decided not to help you guys out. ♥


Haiji: Ahahahaha!
You…fucking dare to laugh!
ST: Come and help!!

Nagara: Aiya!

Page 11:

Haiji: Bastard, and I was so worried too…now that I’ve stopped worrying, my bruises are beginning to hurt…
ST: I can’t move anymore.

Sora: Ah!

It’s Ueki-kun!
ST: Up there!

Haiji: Oh oh!
ST: The team’s all together now!

Oi- Ueki-

Ueki: Thank goodness…everyone’s…


Page 12:

Haiji: Ue...UEKI!!

Page 13:

He fainted?!

Haiji: Wu!

Page 14:

(He’s lost so much blood…it has to be that Byaku guy’s fault!)

FUCKWIT!! You’re this hurt and you still climbed all the way down here…

Why didn’t you just wait at the top we could’ve gotten up there!

You could’ve just ran away from that guy…

Ueki: Thank….

Page 15:

Thank goodness…everyone’s okay…

Page 16:

Nagara: He must’ve wanted to come and save you guys. Ueki’s just that kind of person.

Haiji: You freaking retard…you went ahead and fucked yourself up for our sake…

Ai ai ai…with this plan can we really continue fighting…

This is really troublesome.

Haiji: Heh…

Page 17:

How could I say such a horrible thing!!

I want to take you over to the other side of that wall…

Haiji: Ueki…
Don’t die you brat!!

I’ll definitely take you to Megasite!

Haiji: Ueki!
ST: I’m so sorry…

Page 18:

SFX: Beep

Machine: We’ve arrived at the destination.

Mystery 1: We’re here, you two.

Mystery 2: Ah, yes!

Mystery 1: Then…

SFX: Rumble

Mystery 1: huh?

Page 19:

Molerat Monster: JIIKU JIIKU!

Mystery 1: Another one of Hangenkai’s monsters.
ST: It’s a big house rat.

Mystery 2: This is why I don’t like going ‘outside’…and how is that a ‘house rat’…

Page 21:

Mystery 2: Don’t look down at me like that.


You’re already the twelfth one.

So what do we do now?

Mystery 1: Mm.

Page 22:

There’s no doubt that Wool’s here. The radar says that he’s at several different locations.

Break out the weapons. Even if we have to kill the opponent we have to bring back Wool.

Mystery 2: Yes!

Mystery 1: Alright then…



Spark: Let’s starting collecting sheep~~


Chiloru: Ah, the voice tone changed again.


Anyone want scans for Chapters 18-20? PM me! :D

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