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Law of Ueki Plus 26

[Shonen] Ueki PLUS Chapter 26 by Tammik

+ posted by Teii as translation on Apr 20, 2007 12:02 | Go to Law of Ueki Plus

-> RTS Page for Law of Ueki Plus 26

Well, it's been awhile. XDD;;

SFX= Sound Effect
ST= Small Text
[Chinese Phonetic]

Scans here.

Chapter 26: An invading group

Page 1:

Side Text: So the entire team has reunited…

Haiji SFX: Haa haa.

Sora: You okay, Haiji?

Haiji: Shit, it’s already night…

Nagara: Should we switch? You’ve been carrying him the entire day.

Haiji: Ah? No, it’s okay, it’s nothing big, really.

Ueki: Haiji…

Side Text: But Ueki has sustained major injuries…

Page 2:


Haiji: Quit lying! Your shoulder and stomach have sustained so much injury, your entire body is barely okay!

Right now I’m finding you a resting spot! Before I find one, you just shut up and calm down!!

Ueki: …thank you, Haiji.

Haiji: Heh…

Starting now, I’ve gotta do everything I can to protect you, even putting my life on the line…!!

Haiji: (I’m definitely not going to let you die!)

Sora: But Haiji, is there really a resting spot?

Haiji: Yeah, there is.

If my ‘assumption’ is correct…

Page 3:

Chameleon SFX: Shii, shii.

Haiji: Eh?

Chameleon SFX: SPRING!

[Gulu.] (Swallow noise)

Haiji: UEKI-!!?

Page 4:

Side Text: Eh? Ueki just got eaten?!

Page 5:

Selection battle remaining time: Thirty five hours and fifty minutes.

SFX: Tick tock tick tock

Lucha: Oi, Secretary.

Is the competition okay?

Secretary: Yes.

The only movements are from Nagara’s Dry Cleaner Team and Midnight Black Hair Salon Team. The other three teams are stationary, Organizer.

Lucha: Really now, it’s so quiet.
ST: So boring.

Secretary: With such a long term battle game, it’s bound to have intervals like this.

Lucha: In the next ten hours, there would have to be no more movement going on…then I’ll just sleep for awhile.

Secretary: Goodnight, Organizer.


Lucha: Hey, what, what happened!?

Ah, I accidently farted.

Page 6:

There’s people entering the forest.

It’s a three man team.

Lucha: They’ve entered?

But in order for keeping people out of the forest.
We’ve allowed a lot of powerful power users to patrol the area…

Secretary: Yes.
But they’ve all been defeated.

Page 7:

Leader of Pamidoro: The preparations are all made!

As soon as it’s morning we’ll go and get the rest of the sheep parts!

<u>Pamidoro Restaurant
Boss - Mounishefu</u>

Mounishefu: After we’ve defeated the rest of the teams, then we’ll go out to the world outside!

I’m counting you, Pino.


And Omolette!

Pino/Doruche/Omolette: Yes!

Monishefu: Ah, right. I’ve almost forgotten that we have another member…

Page 8:


WanWan SFX: Chew chew chew.

WanWan: Woof?!

Woof, woof!! Woof-!

Monishefu: Hahaha, I’m kidding, I’m kidding!

ST: It’s an Italian joke!

Pino ST: If the boss says it, it doesn’t sound like a joke…

Doruche ST: Agreed.

Mounichef: Ha ah….but getting back to the point…

You don’t seem…to be part of my team?

Page 9:

SFX: Crack/Splinter.

Page 10:

Mystery: My name is Demunieru

I’ve been asked by the ‘boss’ to bring back the sheep.

Omolette: Boss?!

Monishefu: Where does your boss work at?

Page 11:

Demunieru: Over there.

Monishefu: About-!!

Pino: Boss-

Don’t waste your breath trying to talk with this kinda weirdo…

Monishefu: Pino…

Pino: Hey, mister- this competition is for candidates only, outsiders aren’t allowed in.

If you don’t get out of here soon, those organizers will come and kick you out anyways!

Demunieru: So you are all chefs, yes?

Pino: Ah? You can’t tell?

Demunieru: Then give up. With skills like yours, the outside world has plenty of people like you.

If you managed to win this competition, you won’t be able to survive in the outside world.

Page 12:

Omolette: Hey!! You’ve never eaten at our restaurant before, how can you say something like that?!

Demunieru: Gut instinct.

Doruche: About-!!

Pino: Mister,

Our cooking can’t be that easily trodden on, y’know!

Anyway you look at it we’re definently not going to mess up in the outside world…

Let’s tell him, everyone!

Doruche: Oh, oh!

The power of ‘smoke’ in the form of ‘flour’!!

The power of ‘tying’ in the form of ‘pasta’!!

Page 13:


Demunieru: Wu…!


Omolette: You fell for it, mister.

Even if you use over 300 kg worth of power you can’t break my pasta!

Pino: After this…IT’S THE END!

Page 14:


Demunieru: Is this all you got? First off is…


The firmness…these noodles have been cooked for seven minutes too long.

You should cook it to ‘al-dente’ or else it’s useless...

Page 15:

Second point is…

Pino: Ah!

Demunieru: Silverware…


Pino: Wuah…Wuahahahaha!!

Demunieru: You’ve slacked off on the quality…

This fork should be wiped using sandpaper…

Page 16:

Monishefu: Thank you for your critic, you brat…

The power of ‘muscles’ in the form of ‘milk’!

When I drink this milk, my bone mass goes up 100% for a ‘extra strong chef!’

When I change my body mass, even if I get it by a truck it’s nothing!

Page 17:

Demunieru: Third point…

The ingredients are not up to standard.
If you want to go out to the outside world…

Even the milk has to be chosen carefully.

Just like…how I do it!
Monishefu: Using that weak move isn’t going to do you any good!


Page 18:


Monishefu: Heh!! How can that ever work…


Page 19:


Page 20:

WanWan: Chu…

Demunieru: The biggest reason why you guys won’t last in the outside world…is because….

WanWan ST: Woof?!

Woof woof!

You are all…


Page 21:

Phone SFX: Beep-ka!

Spark: You’ve really pulled out all the stops huh, Demunieru…

Demunieru: The ‘head’ of the sheep is secured. How are you doing over there.

Spark: I’ve also got back one of the ‘legs’ of the sheep.
Mm, everything’s okay.

No problem.

Page 22:

Demunieru: It looks like this sheep has been split up by using a power…

Spark: Chiloru just said that he managed to get a ‘leg’, there’s three parts left.

The radar shows that two parts are at the same place. Chiloru’s already heading over there.

Haiji ST: Hey!! Spit Ueki back out you monster-!!

Chameleon SFX: Shaa..

Spark: Demunieru, you go and help him out…

Demunieru: Understood.

1I think it’s meant to be ‘attack’ rather than ‘attache’. :P


Thank you for reading! :D

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