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Law of Ueki Plus 27

[Shonen] Law of Ueki Plus Chap 27 by Tammik

+ posted by Teii as translation on Jun 8, 2007 15:35 | Go to Law of Ueki Plus

-> RTS Page for Law of Ueki Plus 27

I'm actually on vacation right now...but yeah, I'm pretty far behind, ahahaha...:B

Scans here

SFX= Sound Effect
ST= Small Text

Chapter 27: Here we come-!

Page 1: The huge mess in the selection battle!

We’re gonna be the ones who win!

Page 2:

Sora: Are you sure this is okay?

Haiji: Yeah, I guess…

But it still looks kinda weird…

ST: Should say it’s disgusting, more like.

Page 3:

But since yesterday til now, Ueki’s been resting for an entire day.
He’s definently going to be healed!

Wahahaha! Gotcha!

Haiji: Eh? Wait a minute?!

Isn’t this the [shimei] Chameleon?!

Sora: [shimei] Chameleon?

Haiji: It’s designed like a kangaroo with a pouch, a ‘Hangenkai creature’.

This was the ‘resting place’ I was looking for!

Inside it’s body there’s a place to store people in. You can let injured people go inside until the person is fully recovered.

Chameleon ST: Come in! Come in!!

And it’ll climb a tree to keep the person out of harm’s way…

Haiji: So people often call the [shimei] Chameleon one of the strongest motherly figures amongst the Hangenkai creatures.

Nagara/Sora: Oh oh…so it’s like a nurse animal!

Professor Haiji’s Hangenkai creatures lecture

Haiji ST: It’s also really hard to tell it apart from other chameleons so that’s why I was so worried.

Nagara ST: Oh-

Sora ST: Well it turned out this way so I guess we can relax…

Sora: So Haiji was snapping his fingers to try and get the chameleon’s attention

Haiji: That’s right

Page 4:

The chameleon will create a protective barrier around itself so that people can’t see it. This way we won’t have to worry about Ueki getting attacked, and we’ve also rested for an entire day as well, so…

It’s gonna be up to us to get the rest of the parts!!

Ueki…you’ve already battled to the point of exhausation…So this time it’s our turn to fight!

Ueki: Haiji…

Page 5:

Sora: You’ve gotta work harder…

ST: Eh?! Only me?

You’ve gotta understand that you have to participate too.
Gotta understand that we’re ‘teammates’.

Sora: Yeah, I know.

Haiji: LET’S GO!!

Ueki: Sora…

Sora’s the youngest out of all of us…and a girl as well…
Even though you’re smart, you’re still a half power user.

Page 6:

So don’t act too recklessly…
Because in the end…

You’re our ‘teammate’ no matter what.

Haiji: Sora!! Let’s go!!

Sora: Oh! Okay!

Page 7:

Sora: Mm, thanks Ueki…

Nagara: There’s only ten hours left!! We’ve gotta hurry up and find the other teams!

Haiji: Yeah!!

(Just wait and see, Ueki…We’re definitely going to get back all the parts!)

Page 8:


Nagara's leg.

Haiji: Eh?


ST: A trapdoor?!

Page 9:




What the hell?!

Page 10:

These, these devices…

Torito: It looks like Organizer Lucha has planted a few devices around in the forest.

Haiji: IT’S THAT GUY!!

Lucha ST: Hi!

Nagara: It looks like in the next ten hours all of the devices are going to be set off. We’ve gotta get out of this area!

Haiji/Sora: Oh, oh!!

SFX: [[shii]]

Page 11:

Lucha device: Alternative tunnel routes.

ST: Sora, don’t get tripped!!

Sora: Woah.

Haiji: Eh.

Nagara: Oh oh.

Page 12:


Haiji: Wuah?!!

Page 13:


That bastard…has way too much time on his hands to make these fucking devices..!

SFX: [Wuheh…]

Sora! Nagara!!

Shit!! We got split up again?! Fuck, this is pissing me off!!!

The organizer's totem pole area.

Haiji: (There's no other way! Even if it's just me, I still gotta go find the rest of the sheep parts!

No matter who's the opponent, I'll defeat them!)

There's someone here!

Page 14:

They're coming this way!

Which team is he on?!

Haiji: Eh?

Page 15:

(…?! Who, who is that?!

Did he enter in the selection battle...?

If it's just an outsider that's just passing by then it shouldn’t be a problem….)

Page 16:

Spark: Chiloru, it's me.

Chiloru: Oh, it's Spark.

Yes, I've secured a leg of the sheep. Even though the four man kendo team held me up for awhile, it still went without much of a hitch.

I’ve killed them to 'half-death.'

Right now I'm heading towards the area with the two parts…

…alright, got it.

The next time someone gives me trouble…I’ll 'fully kill' them.

Page 17:

Haiji: Oi.

Even though I don't know where you're from…

Sorry about this. GIVE THAT SHEEP BACK TO ME.

Page 18:

Chiloru: No way.

Haiji: That’s right. I thought that if I asked nicely before I take drastic measures it’ll go much more smoothly…

But following this, there’s still a way…

Chiloru: The next time someone gives me trouble…


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