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Law of Ueki Plus 5

Law of Ueki Plus Chapter 05

+ posted by Teii as translation on Mar 7, 2007 11:18 | Go to Law of Ueki Plus

-> RTS Page for Law of Ueki Plus 5

SFX= Sound Effect
ST= Small Text

Scans here.

Chapter 5: The test of the washing machine!

Page 1:



(Crap, so close…)

Page 2

I'll stick to our agreement and tell you how to get a power!

Page 3:

Nagara: First off, all of the powers are combined with an object to create a special object that can fit the power! ST: That's it in a nutshell.

You've already battled two power users, I think you've got this concept already from watching them.

Ueki: Pretty much… (I wasn't paying attention)

Nagara: Then, did you happen to see their hands?

When using their powers, power users have two circles on their hands. The right hand has the 'object' circle, and the left has the 'power' circle!

Page 4:

Ueki: (Ah…I get it, so that the chalk was coming from the right hand and added the power of "dynamite" from the left…) ST: So that's what's happening…

Nagara: But,

You can't just use any type of object! Just like people, there are some objects that can either fit or not fit the person…

Right now what you're going to do…is a test to get an object that's just for you!

Ueki: …an object just for me?

Nagara: Give me your hand!

Ueki: Eh?


Page 5

Ueki: It's hot!!

Nagara: Okay, now you're all set to receive an object!

This is called "blank space"; it's when you do not have an object yet. Right now you have to find an object that's just for you and put it in there!

Ueki: Find? How am I supposed to 'find'?

Nagara: Then it's up to my ancestor's huge washing machine to sort this out! I'm really honored to have my ancestors convert this washing machine into an object safe.

The object that's just for you is in one of the drawers in this washing machine. But, you can only open three drawers! This is a test of luck!

Page 6:

Ueki: This…is supposed to test my luck?! It's all about endurance!!

Nagara: Sorry about that! I just wanted to close the door, but it's having a mind of its own!

Ueki: Just turn it off!!

Nagara: Um…is it this one? Or this one? ST: shut it off…shut it off…

An idiot when it comes to washing machines.

Is it this "Tornado drying Level Two?" I'll try it!

Ueki: (It's definitely not that!)

Page 7:

Oh right, when the machine stops, I can start over again?

Nagara: Sorry!! The bad thing about this is that once you start, you can't leave until you've completed the test.
Ah! But none of this is my fault, blame it on my ancestors!!

Ueki: (This guy…just blames his ancestors so easily…)

Nagara: Oh right, I forgot to mention this: If you aren't able to find your object in three tries, then the blank space isn't able to take in an object. If you want to try again, you'll have to wait an entire year to do so.

But that wouldn't be too big of a loss, there are still things to do this year, I wouldn't think it'll be that big of a waste of time!

Don't worry! I'll sort things out over here; you just concentrate on completing the test!

Ueki: Okay! ST: I'll leave it to you!

(Alright, this is going to test both my endurance and concentration! I only have three tries to get this right! I have to find my object!)

Page 8:

Ueki: Right! Determination…AH!

Nagara: Oops! Wrong button! This is "Super pressurized water stream!"

Ueki: (What the heck are you doing? This guy…)

Nagara: I'll take care of things down here; you just concentrate on the test!

Ueki: (Then just shut off all of the special effects!)

No!! Wool…WOOL!!

WanWan: Woof?

Ueki: (Wool…sometimes I think you're pretty strong yourself!)

Page 9:

Ueki: Wuah!
(Which one? Which drawer is it?)

Nagara: Is it this one?

Extra powerful washing stage.

Ueki: (NOT THAT!!)

(Finally got a hold of a drawer!

Even if I just open it, it'll take up all my energy, I have no other choice! Please! Let me get it right on the first try!)

Page 10:


(No! It didn't go into the blank space! It's not a pair of gloves…)

Then…What about this?!

Machine: Beep- Finished washing!

Nagara: This is great! It stopped! It stopped, Ueki! Now you can fully concentrate finding your object!

He finally got the hang of it, so happy!

Page 11:

Nagara: U-ueki?

Ueki: (This…is my last chance! If I don't get it this time… then I'll have to wait a year…)

(But…I can't let everyone wait a year!)

(Which drawer is it? Is it at the hard to get to top? Or the easy bottom? Or in the middle? No, or maybe…

No! I can't figure out a rule to this!)


Page 12:

Nagara: Why are you stalling?

No matter how much you think about it, there won't be any answer. This isn't a guessing game or a test at school.

This is only a meeting with you and the object just for you…

That's all there is to it.

When you meet people for the first time, do you think, "Who should I meet?"

Page 13:

Just like going to school on a typical day…or going out for a walk in great weather…

Just act naturally, take it step by step!

Just like meeting your most important friends for the first time, you can definitely find it!

Page 14:

Ueki: Alright! Got it!

Hold on, Wool!

So this is it!

Page 15:

Oi, oi, oi…!

My birthday's July Fourth…so I'll pick 74!

Page 16:



Nagara: (He's falling!!)

Ueki: Huh!

Close call.

WanWan: Woof woof woof!

Ueki: Yeah, I know, I just slipped for a moment there. ST: Sorry for scaring you.

Page 17:

Then, I'll just climb back up again…

Eh? What's wrong, Wool? You're shaking.


Crap! And this is the last try too!

Wan: Woof woof!

Nagara: (Ah, that drawer is…)

Page 18:

Ueki: Eh?

WanWan: Woof?

Ueki: What is this? ST: A mop?1

You picked that mop in the end… Ueki…

Does this mean that your destiny is greater than I thought it would be?


1 If you look closely, the drawer that Ueki picks is 154. :DDD

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