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Law of Ueki Plus 6

Law of Ueki Plus Chapter 06

+ posted by Teii as translation on Mar 7, 2007 11:32 | Go to Law of Ueki Plus

-> RTS Page for Law of Ueki Plus 6

SFX= Sound Effect
ST= Small Text

Scans here.

Chapter Six: Nagara’s Favor

Page 2:

Ueki: One, two…

Page 3:


Nagara: Ah, good job Ueki!

Millie: Wow, so cool!

Nagara: Now you’re able to take out your mop from the ‘object space’ in you right hand.

You’ve now become a power user.

Ueki: Hey, this is fun!
Ah! I’ve got an idea! Wool, Millie! Come over here!

WanWan: Woof!

Page 4:

Jumping Wool

WanWan: Woof?

Millie: (How could he do such a thing?!)
ST: So mean! You’re so mean to the little sheep!

Wool: Unaffected and unaware.

Nagara ST: Hahaha

Millie ST: Are you okay?

WanWan ST: Woof!

Ueki: (Eh? But is having a power only being to do that?)
(Wuu…) ST: I think there’s more to it than this.

Doesn’t matter! I’ve finally received a power!
This way I can continue searching for a way into Megasite!
ST: And my injuries have all been healed.

Page 5:

Nagara: Hehehe…is that so?

Yesterday I didn’t tell you, but that mop…is actually the Nagara’s Dry Cleaning Store’s legendary ‘possessed’ mop!

Ueki: Eh?

Nagara: This is my ancestor’s story that was passed down to me…
ST: possessed

There have always been power users that because they never knew how to use it tried to throw it away many times…
Only to have it come back every time to haunt them…

Ah! So scary!

SFX: Shiver shiver

Page 6:

That mop of yours is possessed! You might never be able to safely make your way into Megasite!

Ueki: I don’t believe in possesssion!

Nagara: But you never know! But that’s okay…if you help me out, then this possession-

Ueki: Which is why there isn’t any problem!

Page 7:

Nagara: So troublesome! Ah, so troublesome!
Who wants to help me?
(If I just ask straight out, then maybe…)

Millie: (It’s so obvious he’s faking it!)

Ueki: What happened? What’s so troublesome?

Nagara: (Hook, line, and sinker!)

Page 8:

Millie: Sorry about that, sheepherder. In the end you got dragged into doing this…

Ueki: It’s okay.
Nagara told me how to get a power, and actually it was all thanks to him that I have my power!
ST: So I’m fine with helping him!

Millie (Even though he might not have been indebted to him…he’ll still help out!)
ST: That’s what I’m thinking…

Ueki: So basically all I have to do is bring that guy back?

Page 9:


Who’s that guy? ST: Some Olympus god?

Naraga: He’s MillieÂ’s big brother!

Ueki: Eh? You have a brother, Millie!

Millie: Ah, yes!

Nagara: You probably know this already, but because Millie’s family needs to repay the debts that her father left them with after he died, Millie’s working for me to help pay back some of the money. Haiji seems to be doing some other line of work.

Page 10:

Deep down he’s actually a nice kid! I’ve asked him to stay here and work for me, but he left and said he wanted to work alone somewhere else.

Ueki: Oh, so this is the troublesome thing!
(Okay, got it! So all I have to do is bring back this Haiji guy!
ST: Millie, come with me so I won’t get lost!)

Nagara ST: (See you!)

Ueki: Speaking of which…

Millie! Are you getting tired?
ST: Oi, Wool!

Millie: Ah, it’s fine! I love animals!
My brother used to tell me animal stories all the time…

Ueki: What a thoughtful brother!

Millie: Mm! ST: Before bedtime

Page 11:

Millie: When I was really sick, he even went around in the middle of the night trying to find a hospital so they could take a look at me.
And when I was being bullied by the other kids, he’d always come and protect me.

Oh right, and this other time I fell from a balcony and he even saved me! So now he has an injury on his head still…

Ueki ST: Oh…

Ueki: Is that so…

Millie: I think he’s around here somewhere...

Ueki ST: This place is really similar to my world…

Page 12:

Millie SFX: Wuu…

Page 13:

Ueki: (What is that wall…It’s so tall…)

Millie: Ah! Brother!

Florist ST: Welcome to my shop!

Please take a look inside!

Ueki: Okay! I’ll just bring that guy home with us!

Millie: Eh? Ah…!

Page 14:

Mystery: Heyah!
Hey kid, cough up some money!
You’ve already missed the deadline!

Florist: Wu…
I’ll definitely pay back the money!
So, just please give me a few more days!
Right now I’m starving to the point that I have to eat tree bark now!

Debt Collector SFX: Move!

Debt Collector: Eating bark as a meal...are you Pikamimashute?!

Page 15:

Onlooker 1: So pathetic, picking on little kids like that!

Onlooker 2: It’s easy to tell he’s never learned any manners!

Onlooker 3: And what’s a pikami?

Onlooker 2: And anyways, those types of people don’t consider other peopleÂs feelings…

Debt Collector: WANNA FIGHT?!

And Pikamimashute is a monkey’s name!
(Heh! Just a bunch of cowardly jerks that stand around and bitch all day…)

SFX: Grab

Page 16:

Eh? What do you want?

Ueki: Ueki Kousuke!
On my head is Wool!
Stop what you’re doing; I have to bring this guy called Haiji back with me!

Debt Collector: (Millie…)
Oh…is that so…

Millie: Sheepherder!

Page 17:

Ueki: Ahyahyahyahyah!

Debt Collector: (Hmph! Probably scared shitless…)

Ueki: A fight…

Page 18:

Ueki: We’ll fight!
If I win, then I’m bringing Haiji back with me!
ST: We’ll pay back the debt some other time!

Millie: Sheepherder! You’ve got it wrong! My brother is this guy- wu wu!

Debt Collector: Shh, Millie!

(So Nagara sent him, I should find out what this guy is like first…it’s a strange guy again…)

Sounds good! I accept!

Page 19:

I haven’t met a stubborn guy like him for a long time!

Millie’s Brother
17 years old

Don’t think that you’re going to get Haiji that easily!

Ueki: This guy is a power user as well?
ST: But I still have to bring back Haiji!

Millie: Ah! That’s enough!
ST: Things are getting to be so complicated!


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