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Tribal 12 3


+ posted by Tanequil as translation on May 31, 2009 11:15 | Go to Tribal 12

-> RTS Page for Tribal 12 3

Spanish use for Menudo Fansubs only. Is free for use for English groups, just please credit me. :)

Tribal 12 Chapter 3

Page 1

Text: #3 Hometown

Monroe: I will now brief you two

Monroe: On your first mission!

Monroe: Eh… Ko… As for you…

Ko: Yes ma’am! At your service, ma’am!

Page 2

Monroe: Go home.

Ko (big text): Whaa?!
Ko (small text): I’m already being excluded?

Monroe: Let me finish.

Monroe: What’s with that expression anyway?

Ko: Ah…

Monroe: From the map, analyses of the Ancients’ movements have shown that…

Monroe: … All the activity seems to originate from a single source, what you could call the ‘Nest’.

Ko: No way… That location is…

Monroe: That’s right!

Page 3-4 double spread

Monroe: Your hometown,

Monroe: The East Sea’s port city, ‘Sardo’.

Oz: We’re finally here!

Oz: It’s a really large and pretty city!

Oz: Ohh! There’re castles too!

Kaguya: After the Ancient’s Great March here nine years ago,

Kaguya: They have managed to rebuild to such an extent…

Oz: Eh? This city…

Oz: Was also attacked by Ancients before?

Ko: …

Ko: Yes…

Ko: Although it’s my hometown,

Ko: All that remains are painful memories.

Ko: The scale was unprecedented, the largest march, the Great March…

Ko: It swallowed the city, destroyed houses

Ko: And stole my family from me…

Ko: It was then that I decided,

Ko: To join 12 and save the world!

Word in 10th panel between Ko and Oz: Puke

Ko/Oz: Urgh… I’m seasick…

Kaguya: What are you two doing?

Page 5

Ko: This brings back memories…

Ko: Nothing has changed.

Ko: There’s a fountain

Ko: Around this corner…

Sfx: Zu-don

Ko: Eh?

Page 6

Ko: What is…

Ko: This rock?

Jinga: Ko?

Jinga: It really is Ko!

Ko: Jinga!

Ko: Aren’t you Crybaby Jinga?

Jinga: I haven’t seen you in a long time! When did you get back?

Jinga: I was so worried about you!

Ko: I just got back.

Ko: Is everyone alright?

Ko: Oh yes,

Ko: This rock is…?

Jinga: Ah… That?

Jinga: That’s an Ancient!

Page 7

Words in first panel: Anna! Marcus!

Ko: You are worshipping the souls of the Ancients?

Words in first panel: Hannah! Marcus!

Jinga: We pray like this every night!
Small text in same bubble: You join in to, Ko!

Ko: I’ll pass…

Jinga: Your friend seems to be having a lot of fun!

Oz: Ah?

Ko and Kaguya: Who asked you to join?!

Ko: Jinga, you are worshipping Ancients…

Ko: Have you forgotten what they did to us?

Jinga: Of course not.

Jinga: That tragedy from nine years ago…

Jinga: Everybody lost a loved one…

Page 8

Jinga: Hit by despair,

Jinga: It took years before there were the first signs of reconstruction.

Jinga: But one day, a group of people appeared.

Jinga: What that man said,

Jinga: Changed us.

Ko: That man?

Jinga: ‘This is holy land!’

Jinga: Light returned to our hearts…

Jinga: We rebuilt the city with our faith in Petros.*

Jinga: I’m the leader of the youth division!

Jinga: Ko… you…

Jinga: What did you do after you left the hometown?

Ko: …

*Translator note: The faith literally means Big Wheel Rock, but I chose the Greek word for Rock, Petros, because that’s cooler. When a Jap translator gets their hands on the raw, please help double check.

Page 9

Oz: We’re 12!

Oz: Specialized in beating up Ancients!

Oz: Even though Ko’s just a subordinate…

Oz: He’s in charge of me.

Ko: Subordinate!? I’m here to train you!

Ko: I’ll an official member soon enough!

Oz: Huh?

Oz: What’s the matter?

Big Man: So…

Big Man: 12 has finally come to this place.

Jinga: Yes…

Jinga: Priest Ivaroc’s predictions were right.

Page 10

Ivaroc (I think): These Ancients…

Ivaroc: Are a warning for the excessive evolution of humans!

Ivaroc: They are the anger of the land!

Ivaroc: Burnt and destroyed by the gods,

Ivaroc: Only now can the city become clean and holy!

Ivaroc: As long as you worship the Ancients,

Ivaroc: And found a country with the kindness of your heart,

Ivaroc: Ancients will not appear again!

T/N: He is spouting utter bullcrap, so that’s why it doesn’t really make sense.

Page 11

Kaguya: Nonsense!

Kaguya: It’s hard for normal people to understand this…

Kaguya: Ancients have no will of their own.

Kaguya: The reason why they form…

Kaguya: Is the collective thoughts of the ancient people collected within relics and stone… The remnants of those thoughts…

Someone: Thoughts?

Someone: You are saying that thoughts will become reality and pointlessly destroy cities?

Someone: I think your words are the laughable ones.

Kaguya: This is all because of the Metaphysic particles.

Kaguya: The powerful thoughts of mankind merged with the Metaphysic particles floating in the air and materialized.

Kaguya: Those are Ancients!

Kaguya: And 12 has the special power, VISIONS

Kaguya: Ancients suck in humungous amounts of Metaphysic particles as they destroy the world…

Kaguya: That is why we need stronger VISIONS to eradicate them.

Kaguya: That is our mission!

Page 12

Ivaroc: What will mutual destruction bring?

Ivaroc: We don’t need 12! The gods will have mercy on us!

People: Yeah!

People: That’s right!

People: Priest Ivaroc is right!

Kaguya: They are not gods, merely will-less rocks!

People: …

Ivaroc: It’s really nice, the way you put it…
Small text in same bubble: Will-less rocks…

Ivaroc: However, those who make a fool of the gods…

Sfx: Bubble

Page 13-14 double page

Text: Will incur their wrath!

Sfx: Splash

Sfx: Step

Sfx: Ohhh

People: A…

People: Ancients!

People: T-They really appeared!

Ivaroc: You see!

Ivaroc: This is the wrath of the gods!

Kaguya: …No way…

Kaguya: How can this…

Ko: Oz!

Oz: Got it!

Sfx: Step

Oz: Trouble!

Page 15

Oz: Let’s gooo!

Sfx: Whumph

Ko: Haha!

Ko: You’re pretty good, Oz!

Oz: Hehe, leave it to me!

Kaguya: Good work, but it wasn’t very touching…

Ko: Take a good look!

Ko: Your objects of worship have attacked you!

Ko: Ancients aren’t any form of gods!

Oz: But you guys don’t have to worry!

Oz: We 12 will completely annihilate them!

Page 16

People: This is a disaster…

People: The Ancients have appeared again…

Ko: Eh?

Ko: Why?

People: This should never… have happened again…

People: Nightmares have appeared in this holy land…

People: It’s that brat……

People: 12 angered the gods.

People: If it’s like this, tragedy will occur once more…

People: Disaster…

People: Disaster…

People: This is a disaster!

People: Priest Ivaroc…

People: What should we do?

People: Lead us please!

Ivaroc: There is only one way to soothe the land.

Ivaroc: That is to present their foolish bodies to the gods.

Page 17

Ivaroc: As sacrifices…

Ivaroc: Hitobashira [T/N: Hitobashira is this traditional Japanese thing where you bury humans alive in the structures of a building, use to ensure stability and protection.]

Oz: Trouble! Stop them!

Sfx: Poof

Oz: !?

Oz: Disappeared…

Oz: Trouble disappeared, what are we to do now?

Ko: I know…

Ko: There’s something not quite right with this city…

Kaguya: The density of Metaphysic particles has decreased…

Kaguya: This way, we can’t use VISIONS.

Kaguya: 12 who cannot use VISIONS… Are merely ordinary humans.

Page 18

Sfx: Thump

Sfx: Grab

Ko: Ugh… Jinga, don’t be fooled…

Ko: Hurry… Wake up!

Jinga: Ko!

Sfx: Toss

Sfx: Kick

Jinga: Who asked you to bring 12 here?

Sfx: Splash

Page 19

Kaguya: It’s too coincidental, Ancients appearing…

Kaguya: Metaphysic particles disappearing…

Kaguya: Don’t tell me…

People: You are sacrifices.

People: Sacrifices!

People: Be sacrifices!

Page 20

Jinga: Priest Ivaroc…

Jinga: This… Should be enough, right?

Jinga: The city will be saved, right?

Ivaroc: Yes.

Ivaroc: Of course.

Page 21

Lackey: Priest Ivaroc.

Sfx: Gacha

Lackey: The preparations are complete.

Ivaroc: Understood.

Ivaroc: Jinga…

Ivaroc: Before the ceremony…

Ivaroc: Could I bother you to help me carry some things to the boat?

Jinga: ……

Jinga: Yes.

Jina: What’s in these?

Ivaroc: Hm? All books!
Small text in that same bubble: My masterpieces.

Sfx: Click

Sfx: Flump

Jinga: Eh?

Ivaroc: Idiot! Pick that up now!

Lackey: R-Right away, sir!

Jinga: Money…

Jinga: Just a moment, Priest Ivaroc… What is all this?

Ivaroc: …

Ivaroc: I am leaving, Jinga.

Page 22
Sfx: Slide

Ivaroc: 12 is already here.

Ivaroc: This city is already dry.

Ivaroc: I will take the tokens of generosity away with me.

Ivaroc: Cities devastated by the Ancients are ten a penny.

Ivaroc: All I have to do is cry and move the public and I will be their religious leader.

Ivaroc: I’m done, Nitol.

Ivaroc: I’ll make my move to the next city first.

Ivaroc: I’ll leave the rest to you.

Jinga: Was it all…a lie?

Jinga: Lying to the people of this city…

Page 23

Ivaroc: Ancients are manifestations of the earth’s anger?

Ivaroc: How can that be?

Ivaroc: Idiots who cannot discern fake tears from real ones.

Sfx: Chugachugachugachug

Ivaroc: Come and chase me if you’re unhappy! Hahaha!

Jinga: No way…

Jinga: What…have I done?

Jinga: I’m sorry… Ko.

Sfx: Thump

Sfx: Bubble

Ko: It’s okay.

Jinga: !?

Lackey: Huh?

Lackey: What’s this rope doing here?

Sfx: Slap Slap Slap

Ivaroc: Eh?

Sfx: Splash

Page 24-25 double spread

Sfx: Splash

Lackey: There’s something following us?
Small text in same bubble: It’s a funny man.

Jinga: That is…

Sfx: Click

Sfx: Toss

Ko: Gua…Guaha.

Ko: Sound travels 4 times faster in water than in air!

Ko: I heard everything you said!
Small text: At 4 times the speed!

Ko: I will not forgive you!

Page 26

Sfx: Splash

Lackey: Ah! That…guy!

Lackey: Not 12!

Lackey: Yeah! That’s the guy with them!

Sfx: Splash

Ko: I’m a member of 12!
Small text: The more you say, the more unforgivable you are!

Jinga: Ko!

Jinga: I wronged you…I…

Ko: It’s okay, Jinga!

Ko: You were trying to protect the city.

Ko: In all that chaos, you let me fall to the sea…

Ko: But you hoped that I would survive and flee, right?

Ko: Crybaby Jinga!

Ko: Your tears are not lies.

Page 27

Jinga: Ko……

Ko: We 12 are well aware of who the enemies are!

Ivaroc: That guy smells suspicious!

Sfx: Click

Ivaroc: Kill him immediately!

Ko: Academically, physically, tactically the best… As the special candidate…

Ko: The possible ways to leap from here to the boat…

Ko: By my calculations,

Page 28

Ko: Are 57.

Ivaroc: Fire!

Sfx: Ka-chuck

Sfx: Ka-click

Sfx: Kak

Sfx: Pull back

Ko: As long as we’re out of the city…

Ko: I can use VISIONS!

Sfx: Whoosh

Sfx: Scratch

Lackey: Whoa!

Lackey: Monkey?

Sfx: Ga-ta-ta-ta-ta

Sfx: Splash Splash

Sfx: Bang Bang

Sfx: Tilt

Lackeys: Uwahh!

Sfx: Splash

Page 29

Sfx: Bonk

Sfx: Whack

Sfx: Bish

Sfx: Crunch

Text: With you people…

Sfx: Thump

Sfx: Clatter

Sfx: Flump

Text: I will use the most brutal method!

Ko: Crocodile tears cannot fool me.

Page 30-31 double spread

Ko: Don’t look down on 12!

Sfx: Whumph

Sfx: Clatter

Ivaroc: Urgh…

Ivaroc: Defeated by someone…not part of 12…

Sfx: Crack

Ko: Deceiving the public with lies,

Ko: Return our hometown to us, fake priest.

Ko: First mission…

Ko: Completed!

Ko: And… I *am* a member of 12.
Small text: After so long, I still have to say it.

Page 32

Ko: Now… To rescue Oz and Kaguya.

Sfx: Chugachugachugachug

Nitol: It is time.

Sfx: Wave

Nitol: The brainwashed city that made a liar their leader…

Nitol: And the evil intent of the people…

Nitol: Will grow only stronger from fear.

Nitol: I summoned the Ancients to fool 12 into coming…

Nitol: Everything is proceeding according to plan.

Page 33

Nitol: Now…

Nitol: Let us begin!

Nitol: In the name of PROJECT BABEL……

Page 34

Nitol: The Battle to Annihilate 12!

Sfx: Rumble Rumble Rumble

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