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Tribal 12 4

Battle To Annihilate 12 (First Part)

+ posted by Tanequil as translation on Jun 22, 2009 14:17 | Go to Tribal 12

-> RTS Page for Tribal 12 4

Spanish use for Menudo Fansubs only. Is free for use for English groups, just please credit me. :)

One line is one bubble. Merged bubbles are two bubbles.

Page 1

Bold Text: On-site Investigation - Day One

Text: I, Ko Neriyasu successfully uncovered the lies that the leader of the religion of Petros which exalts Ancients as gods, Ivaroc, was feeding to the unsuspecting public.

Sfx in Flashback tiny panel: Whumph

Text: I defeated him alone. First mission complete at 0 hours and 8 mins!

Ko: Ho ho ho, what a perfect report.

Side text: Tribal 12 ~Guardians of the World~

Sfx: Slide

Text: #4 Battle to Annihilate 12 (First Part)

Ko: Aren’t you…

Ko: That Nitrol who was with Ivaroc?

Nitrol: Eh?

Nitrol: You’re still alive?

Ko: Ha ha! Your evil plan has failed!

Ko: I have defeated that liar priest!

Nitrol: Ah…right…

Ko: Huh? You sure you’re alright with that?

Page 2

Nitrol: That guy was just a disposable pawn.

Nitrol: The original plan is still running rather smoothly.

Ko: The original…

Ko: Plan?

Nitrol: In the name of PROJECT BABEL,

Nitrol: The battle to annihilate 12!

Ko: A…Annihilate…

Ko: The battle…. 12…

Nitrol: To throw the world into a panic…

Nitrol: The armies of the undefeatable gods of destruction, the Ancients…

Nitrol: Must most definitely be used as weapons!

Page 3

Nitrol: This filthy broken world will be renewed to its original pristine state by the Ancients!

Nitrol: And we will be the creators of the new world!

Ko: Hmph… What nonsense…

Ko: Ancients have no awareness whatsoever.

Ko: How will they become weapons as you claim they will?

Nitrol: Heh Heh…. What if…

Nitrol: We can control the Ancients?

Ko: …What?

Page 4

[All the lines of the 2nd panel are made of these two phrases alternated]

Phrase 1 Text in 2nd panel: Kill them!

Phrase 2 Text in 2nd panel: Sacrifice them!

Sfx: Eee [High pitched whining sound]

Sfx: Ba-bump

Text: Ugh….

Text: This is… Then…

Page 5

Text: Are you the new rabbit who joined?

Text: What is your name?

Text: Kaguya…

Nero: I am the dog, master of DOG BLESS.

Nero: You can call me Nero.

Page 6

No Text

Page 7

Nero: Your abilities are not suited for battle.

Nero: I’d like to trouble you, like always, to lead my way.

Nero: I’ve got the most sensitive nose in all of 12.

Nero: When you’re in trouble, no matter where, I will rush over to save you.

Nero: So you have to always…

Nero: Keep a ear out for my voice.

Kaguya: Yes!

Page 8

Kaguya: …Nero…

Kaguya: Where’s Nero?

Dino: His was a heroic sacrifice...

Kaguya: Nooooo!

Sfx: Wake

Page 9

Kaguya: … A dream?

Kaguya: Why would I dream of those times now?

Sfx through the 2nd and 3rd panels: Eeee [High pitched whining sound]

Kaguya: Ugh…

Kaguya: What is this chill…

Kaguya: My earrings…

Kaguya: Something seems to be gathering… and expanding…

Sfx: Scratch Scratch Scratch

Kaguya: Oz?

Oz: Guahhhhhhhhh!

Page 10

Ko: You say control Ancients?

Ko: How is that…

Nitrol: Heh heh heh heh!

Nitrol: Watch!

Oz: Guahhh!

Kaguya: What is this…

Kaguya: Oz…

Nitrol: The hate and fear of the people will form a giant will…

Nitrol: That will gradually focus on the 12’s accessories.

Nitrol: Amplified by the accessories…

Sfx: Eeee [High pitched whining sound]

Nitrol: The strong evil will to ‘Kill 12’

Nitrol: Will be released in one go!

Page 11

Sfx: Whoosh

Oz: Guahhh!

Sfx: Boom

Nitrol: Oh great earth! Absorb this to your heart’s content!

Sfx: Slide Slide

Sfx: Flump

Crowd: What’s going on?

Crowd: There’s sound coming from underground?

Ko: This is…

Med. black sfx: Crack

Bigger white sfx: Rumble Rumble Rumble

Thin black sfx: Splash

Nitrol: The killing intent directed towards 12!

Kaguya: This cannot be…

Page 12-13 double spread

Big white sfx: Rumble Rumble Rumble

Big grey sfx: Ooooooooo

Crowd: A…Ancients!
Small text in same bubble: So many!

Sfx: Jump Jump Jump

Crowd: Run for your lives!

Crowd: Wa… Quickly!

Kaguya: Oz!

Kaguya: Pull yourself together, Oz!

Kaguya: …

Kaguya: He’s still alive!

Kaguya: Wait a while for me…

White sfx: Strain

Kaguya: I’ll get rid of the ropes now…

Nitrol: Choosing a place with many ruins was also part of the battle plan.

Page 14

Ko: Don’t tell me… really…

Ko: Ugh… Damnit! I’ve got to save the two of them!

Sfx: Dash

Sfx: Loom

Ko: Eh?

Sfx: Whirr Whirr Whirr

Ko: Uwah!

Nitrol: Ahahaha!

Nitrol: 12 who cannot use the already absorbed Metaphysic particles have no chance of winning.

Page 15

Sfx: Slide Slide Slide

Kaguya: !

Kaguya: Ohhhhh…

Sfx: Strain Strain Strain

Sfx: Break

Sfx: Swing

Sfx: Reach

Sfx: Thump

Kaguya: There’s no time…

Sfx: Flop

Large White Sfx: Whoomph

Kaguya: Waaa!

Page 16

Text: I’m sorry!

Text: Oz…

Text: I’m sorry…

Text: Unsuited for battle…

Text: Why I…

Text: Pushed so hard…

Text: To be your…

Text: Commanding officer…

Text: Could be because I treated the you who wore DOG BLESS

Text: As that man…

Page 17

Text: I really am…

Text: Too weak…

Text: I’m not suited to be 12….

Text: Monroe… No… anyone else…

Text: The situation would not have become this…

Sfx: Grab

Text: But…

White sfx: Crumble Thump Rumble Crack

Black sfx: Tumble

Small Black sfx in next panel: Thump

Small Black sfx in the same panel as above: Crack

Page 18

Kaguya: As long as I have one breath left in me…

Kaguya: I will not let anyone be sacrificed anymore.

Kaguya: You’re a really troublesome kid.

Kaguya: But…

Kaguya: As long as we leave this city…

Kaguya: We can use VISIONS…

Sfx: Exhale

Kaguya: to fight…

Page 19

Sfx: Ooooooo

Nitrol: Heh heh heh heh heh!

Nitrol: Did you think that leaving the city to fight me…

Nitrol: Would give you a sliver of hope?

Nitrol: But…

Sfx: Oooooooo

Page 20-21 double spread

Nitrol: You can go experience…

Sfx: Rumble Rumble Rumble

Text: 1000 strong…

Nitrol: In this world where dreams can become reality, nightmares can become true as well!

Sfx: Rumble

Text: Army!

Page 22

Kaguya: Completely…

Kaguya: Surrounded…

Kaguya: Even the slightest of hopes…

Kaguya: Has disappeared…

Ko: Damnit!

Ko: What should I do?

Ko: If I continue…

Kaguya: There is only despair…

Page 23

Unknown Feet: Are you alright?

Ko: Eh?

Page 24

Dino: 12…

Dino: To battle!

Extra Page 1

Text: Tribal 12 ~Guardians of the World~

Text: Early Concept Ideas

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