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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Tribal 12 5

The Battle to Annihilate the 12 (Last Part)

+ posted by Tanequil as translation on Feb 1, 2014 13:51 | Go to Tribal 12

-> RTS Page for Tribal 12 5

~ Protectors of the World ~
5 - The Battle to Annihilate the 12 (Last Part)
6 - Nightmare
7 - Lord of the City
8 - Wendy
9 - Actress
10 - That Which I Protect

// In Reading Order
This is a story from a long time ago... There was a white witch who lived in a white tower.

One day, the witch wondered if she could use magic to turn dreams into reality.

Could she make someone that she liked?

But the experiment failed.

Metaphysical particles spread to all corners of the world,

and gave birth to monsters of stone.

This brought misfortune to the people of the world.

But, fret not!

Evil monsters were not the only beings created.

Dreams born from hearts of justice created beasts of justice, and the 12 heroes emerged.

This is the story of a world where dreams become reality.

Ko: That's all!
Oz: Is that the case... Somehow I've never heard this before.

Double Spread
#5 - The Battle to Annihilate the 12. (Second Half)

Dino: Last year, the number of ducks I shot in the Forest of Lostborne...

Dino: How many was that, Rocky?

Rocky: 382 ducks, young master.

Dino: Last month, the number of marlins I speared from the trawler, how many were there, Shenny?

Shenny: 810 marlins, young master.

Dino: Is that so...
Dino: Well, then this month...

Dino: Let's go hunt bears!

Rocky: Not a problem!

Rocky: But right now...

Dino: I know.

Dino: Tonight's prey...

Dino: A thousand Ancients...

Double Spread
Dino: Emerge...

Dino: Unicorn!

Dino: Silver Knight Dino!

Dino: I'm going in!

Rocky: After you, young master.

Dino: Ha!

Double Spread

Kaguya: Ugh!

Lance of the Whirling Wind


Dino: I came because your visions disappeared...

Dino: But it seems that I am too early.

Kaguya: Dino!

Dino: Is that the new puppy?

Dino: To be able to sleep under such circumstances...

Dino: Impressive.


Dino: Leave the rest to me...

Dino: Have yourself a good rest, Kaguya!

Kaguya: ......

Kaguya: I understand.

Dino: Ha!

Nitrol: Hahahaha! These thousand are just the reinforcements I've been wanting for a long time.

Nitrol: This is the Battle to Annihilate the 12!

Nitrol: You have no hope of victory!

Nitrol: Project Babel banzai!


Angela: Are you okay?

Ko: !?

Angela: You're bleeding...

Ko: You... You shouldn't be here! It's dangerous!

Ko: Run away!

Angela: Run from these squirts?

Angela: I'm the witch!


Angela: Give me a thousand slices of pork shoulder, pork neck,

Angela: And diaphragm, and beef tongue roasted with spring onions!

Ko: Ah... What in the world?

Angela: Come to me!

Text: Iron Witch

Angela: My Demon King!

Text: Angela!


Ko: B-Big!

Angela: Alright...

Angela: Demon King Taurus,

Angela: Have at it!


Ko: Just this easily?

Text: Soaring Iron Hammer!

Ko: Its fist...

Ko: Can fly!

Angela: Attack with a spinning fist!


Ko: I say...

Ko: You should at least check your surroundings before you go all out!

Ko: Although I'm very grateful, my situation hasn't changed in the least!

Ko: Uwaahh!

Principal: Your first mission has become quite something, eh?

Ko: Principal!

Kaguya: Ko!

Ko: You two...

Ko: Are you alright?

Principal: Alright...

Principal: Let's sit here and enjoy the show!


Ko: There's a guy standing in front of that crowd...

Principal: Ah, that's Merry.

Music: With the current,

Music: Mother's face

Merry: Oh gods above...


Ko: The transformation...

Ko: How's he going to change...

Merry: Come on, Amen!

Ko: Why'd something so cute pop out?

Ko: He put it...

Ko: On his head... (An afro?)

Sheep: Let's roll, bro!

Merry: Ok! Amen.


Merry: Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi!

Text: Merry, Hell's Pastor!

Merry: Bad evening skin baby!

Ko: It's like...

Ko: He's yelling it out with all his might! (Is this how it is?)

Merry: Members of the 12, you who can't wait!

Merry: Clean out your ears and listen clearly!

Merry: Tonight's first song is by the death metal band, Gargoyles!

Merry: Hell's Lightning!


Ko: Too... Too cool!

Ko: All those Ancients...

Nitrol: No...

Nitrol: No way...

Nitrol: Damn them...

Nitrol: If it's come to this...


Nitrol: Silver Knight Dino,

Nitrol: Iron Witch Angela,

Nitrol: Hell's Pastor Merry,

Nitrol: Big-Breasted Teacher Munroe,

Nitrol: Moonchild Kaguya!

Ko: Eh... All of you guys have titles... (Big-Breasted?)

Munroe: Seems like it's over.


Kaguya: Everyone...

Dino: Do you want to dream on?

Ko: ....

Ko: That's too cool...


Dino: Come down, scum!

Dino: To think there was a person who could control the Ancients...

Dino: I have many questions for you.

Nitrol: Hmph...

Nitrol: I cannot go down yet.

Nitrol: The second scene in the Battle to Annihilate the 12!

Nitrol: The Lullaby of the Wolves!

Munroe: What did you say?


Nitrol: In the past...

Ko: That... That rock...

Nitrol: One of the 12 lost his life in a battle with the Ancients.


Nitrol: If I remember, he was called...

Nitrol: Nero!

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