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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Over Drive 22

Victory Run

+ posted by Tanequil as translation on Dec 27, 2008 02:16 | Go to Over Drive

-> RTS Page for Over Drive 22

Only for use by Chibisuke scans.

22 rpm Victory Run

Page 151-152 double spread

Naoto: !!

Naoto: …

People in general: Wha...

People in general: ...at ?

Page 153

Commentator: Naoto attacks!

Small bubble: What terrifying acceleration!

Tiny bubble at the bottom, Naoto thinking: That second girl on the left back there was cute.

Commentator: The group behind has no time to react!

Page 154

Yousuke: This bastard…

Yousuke thinking: I won’t let you take advantage of this!

Guy on Right: What’s wrong?

Guy on Right: After you!

Guy on Left: That’s impossible.

Guy on Left: We can just give him that sprint prize.

Guy on Left: Let’s wait around for the group behind to catch up!

Mikoto: The group’s getting confused!

Mikoto thinking: It’s over!

Mikoto thinking: A hastily constructed riding group like this definitely can’t cooperate.

Commentator: And the short distance sprinter Naoto Hyodo’s true potential truly shines the brightest on flat ground!

Someone thinking: He’s going to shrug us off!

Page 155

Commentator: Naoto sure isn’t simple!

Commentator: Hyodo!

Text in box: Mikoto…

Text in box: Analyzed Yamato Takeshi…

Text in box: Twice in close proximity to watch his riding style and found…

Text in box: The trick to pedalling while standing up

Text in box: The ideal stance,

Text in box: And the intuition to discerning the key to victory.

Large side text in black area to the left: And to Failure.

Page 156

Mikoto thinking: Hands go to the bottom of the handgrips!

Mikoto thinking: Reduce air drag!

Mikoto thinking: The most aggressive riding stance…

Mikoto thinking: Back straight,

Mikoto thinking: Elbows slightly bent,

Mikoto thinking: Head down, upper body lowered slightly.

Text in box: By himself, Mikoto kept trying,

Text in box: To find the riding style most suited for himself.

Page 157

Text: There are three key things that a sprint specialist must have.

Text: Explosive power.

Text: The highest speed.

Text: and incredibly high pedal rotation.

Text in black area: Sprint specialists have a maximum of ten seconds in which to display their true power.

Text in box: Time,

Text in box: Opponent,

Text in box: Stance,

Text in box: Location!

Text: Only when all these conditions meet can all the teeth of the gears bite together for the first time!

Page 158

Yamato: Go!

Commentator: 200m to the finish line!

Commentator: 150..

Mikoto: Meeting Yamato…

Naoto: I’ve got it!

Commentator: 100m to go!

Page 159-160 double spread

Text: Gave Mikoto

Text: a burst of accelerated growth

Naoto: Wha…

Naoto: at?

Page 160

Commentator: The...There’s another rider who dashed forward!

Small text in bubble: They collide!

Naoto: …!!

Naoto thinking: Amusing! I accept your challenge!

Commentator: …!!

Commentator: Wah! What’s going on!

Smaller bubbles: Screech!

Smaller bubbles: Screech!

Smaller bubbles: Screech!

Commentator: It’s too fiery!

Mikoto thinking: He’s heavy!

Mikoto: …

Mikoto thinking: How can the impact from this person be so heavy?

Page 161

Commentator: Ah! What a pity! Number 77 could have caught up with just a little bit more!

Commentator: The sprint prize associated with Checkpoint Two is awarded to Naoto Hyodo!

Text in box:

Checkpoint 2
First Competitor
1 Naoto Hyodo
2 hours 7 min

Crowd: Awesome! That was thrilling!

Crowd: R…Really not simple!

Crowd: He broke away from the leading group on his own!

Crowd: Hyodo!

Naoto thinking: Shit… That damn chibi…

Page 162

Text (Naoto thinking): He made me get serious…

Mikoto: Damn…

Yousuke: He got away with it!

Koichi: Shi... Shinozaki…

Koichi: I never thought that you would be able to catch up with that distance between the two of you…

Yousuke: Chibisuke! Nicely done!

Yousuke: We’re about two km from the hills,

Yousuke: Naoto’s solo run should have been disrupted by this bout.

Page 163

Text: Yeah right…

Commentator: Na…Naoto hasn’t slowed down!

Commentator: He continues to rush forward!

Commentator: He’s not only going for the sprint prize, right?

Commentator: Impossible! This is just like a solo attack!

Yousuke thinking: How… How far does he intend to rush forward?

Text on black background: This mid-race rush was completely unaccounted for…

Page 164

Girl: Hey…

Girl: From the start, number 77, Shinozaki was already being announced

Girl: Is it possible? Is Shinozaki actually a pro racer?

Girl: No way…

Girl: How can that be?

Yuki: This… He should just be like the sad puppy the delinquent picked out of the rain…

Yuki: Stupid Shinozaki, your performance doesn’t match at all!

Yuki: About that…

Yuki: Terao-jiisan

Yuki: Shinozaki… In this race, what is the probability of him winning?

Girl: …!?

Terao: Eh…

Terao: To say probability, we can talk about percentages…

Page 165

Terao: Close to 0%

Girl: Wh…Why? The percentage shouldn’t be zero, right?

Girl: Wasn’t he amongst the fastest few just now?

Girl: At least 2%, right?

Girl: Yeah! The air’s different!

Text in box: Highschool girls always argue with really strong opinions.

Terao: I’m eighty percent sure that Shinozaki is a sprint specialist.

Terao: To simplify things, it’s like a sprinter…

Terao: In a marathon.

Terao: Although he’s fast, he can’t keep that up for long.

Terao: Sprint specialists can’t win races. It can be said to be common knowledge in the racing world.

Girl: Eh?

Girl: But that’s weird…

Yuki: That Naoto Hyodo that got the sprint prize… Isn’t he the same type as Shinozaki?

Girl: Yeah! That’s right! You’re a genius, Yuki!

Terao: No! You could say that he’s the one racer who most understands the shortcomings of sprint specialists…

Terao: He’s very different from what he used to be…

Page 166-167 double spread

Terao: The trials and tribulations as well as the loneliness he experienced in Holland completely changed him!

Terao: Through what seemed like self-torture, he changed his muscle tone, and let his heart and lungs able to surpass the limits!

Terao: From this, he has obtained the most frightening endurance!

Terao: He has the miracle legs which do not require others’ aid to allow him to run a long race solo!

Text in box: Naoto Hyodo

Text in box: 180cm 70kg

Text in box: 24 years old

Text in bubble: The only true competitor he has is himself and time.

Text: Leg type Swift feet [T/N: This is what it means literally… you might want to get someone to take a look.]

Page 168

Mikoto: …!!

Text in bubble (probably Terao): Compared to Mikoto who releases explosive power in a short time, it can be said that they’re polar opposites!

Yousuke: Monster, you finally reveal your true self…

Terao: He became fast not because he won in Holland,

Terao: But because he lost…

Terao: And got faster.

Terao: It seems like no one will be able to shake the ultimate truth that he is the strongest!

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#1. by EvilSniffles ()
Posted on Dec 29, 2008
now if I can only find the anime online to view :s

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