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Tribal 12 1

The Final Test

+ posted by Tanequil as translation on Jan 17, 2009 09:01 | Go to Tribal 12

-> RTS Page for Tribal 12 1

Everything is in reading order. Top to bottom, right to left. One line, one bubble. Merged bubbles are two bubbles.

Spanish use for Menudo Fansubs only. Is free for use for English groups, just please credit me. :)

Errata: Line added in on Page 21

Tribal 12 Volume 1

Cover Page 1

Words just above the large ‘Tribal 12’: ~Guardians of the World~

Bullet Point below the picture of Ko-Neriyasu: Tribal 12, the organization that eliminates ‘Ancients’. Is the most exceptional special student, a new candidate for a position in the 12.

Bullet Point below the picture of Ko-Neriyasu: In the initial stages, he was set to be the main character of this series, but got that stolen from him by Oz.

Bullet Point below the picture of Ko-Neriyasu: When looking at him from the side, his eyes will be shielded by his glasses, which makes him kind of hard to draw.

Cover Page 2

Bullet Point below Oz: A youth who guards the bathhouse left behind by his grandfather with his beloved pooch Trouble.

Bullet Point below Oz: In the initial stages, he was supposed to have an evil glint in his eye, like a juvenile delinquent, a bad boy.

Bullet Point below Oz: Although he’s the main character, he hasn’t appeared in any color pages before. But his hair and eyes are red.

Intro Page 1

Small Text inside speech bubble-like logo: ~Guardians of the World~

Text inside speech bubble-like logo: The World of Tribal 12

Text: The world changed because one girl lost the one dearest to her.

Text in white box: The grief-stricken girl kept searching for a way to bring him back to her,

Text in white box: And eventually became a scientist, creating a substance that looked to have promising results.

Text: That substance was ‘Metaphysic particles’ which could transform mankind’s wildest dreams into reality, wondrous particles that could smash the divide between the spirit and the being.

Text in white box: But a grave error occurred in the research before it reached completion, and the Metaphysic particles were spread throughout the world.

Text in white box: Incredible occurrences were happening throughout the world.

Intro Page 2

Text: ‘Monsters’ which preyed on humans appeared, recognized by the masses to be a consequence of the Metaphysic particles. It appeared to them to be the girl’s fault, and they ostracized her, calling her ‘The Witch’.

Text: But from the masses emerged people who could use the Metaphysic particles to do battle with the monsters.

Text in white box: Knights of Justice who transformed their beliefs into magical creatures to defeat the monsters.

Text in white box: Using the twelve devices ‘Accessories’ that could magnify these beliefs, they became known as ‘12’

Text: This is…

Text: A story of a world where dreams become reality…

Contents Page (Intro Page 3)

Small Text in logo: ~Guardians of the World~

Contents 1: The Last Test

Contents 2: Institution

Contents 3: Hometown

Contents 4: Battle to Annihilate 12 (First Part)

Bottom Point: Serialized in Magazine Special 2007 Issues 04 - 07

Other Point: This story is completely fictional, any resemblance to persons or situations living or dead is purely coincidental.

Intro Page 4

Text: ‘Spirit’ and ‘Being’…

Bubble: Screech! Screech!

Text: The two elements that compose the world…

Text: Will definitely not intrude on the realm of the other.

Bubble: Beep! Beep!

Bubble: Cheep! Cheep!

Text: For example… No matter how strong your will, there is no way to prevent human death…

Text: But the girl went against what governed and controlled the world…

Text: The rules…

Text: To fulfill a promise…

Text: …What she created…

Text: ‘A World Where Dreams Become Reality’ !

Chapter 1

Pages 1-2 double spread

Tiny text above Tribal 12: ~Guardians of the World~

Text: #1 The Final Test

Page 3

Tiny text above Tribal 12: ~Guardians of the World~

Page 4

Someone: The ‘Ancients’ attacked the capital again!

Someone: The capital of the West, Baltar’s been annihilated!

Someone: How can this be?

Someone: All the news we’ve heard so far… The big cities of the world have been attacked! The world has reacted to these…

Someone: Not only is there no way to know where and when they’ll appear from, even the army’s firepower is useless in the face of these things!

Someone: How did the world become like this?

Sfx in 3rd panel: Kacha Kacha Kacha Kacha

Someone: …But I heard…

Someone: There’s an organization that can defeat the ‘Ancients’… The only one that can!

Someone: Yeah! Me too!

Sfx in 4th panel: Screech

Someone: What was it called…

Sfx in 5th panel: Thump

Someone: It was something like…

Page 5

Someone: 12!

Sfx in 3rd panel: Chuu

Page 6

Sfx in 1st panel: Duun

Guard: Can I see your passport…

Guard: Alright, you can pass.

Sfx in 3rd panel: Flourish

Guard: Sir, we’re very sorry!

Guard: Animals from other countries are prohibited from entry to this country!

Page 7

Ko: Got it.

Sfx in 2nd panel above Ko’s fingers: Snap

Sfx in 2nd panel: Poof

Guard: It disappeared!

Guard: Ah!

Guard: That…

Guard: That badge is…

Guard: You…

Guard: You can’t be…

Guard: 12?

Ko: No… I am just

Ko: A candidate for one of the 12.

Guard: I see.

Guard: So young…

Ko: My apologies for scaring you just now.

Guard: I-I’ve been hard on you…

Guard: You can pass.

Ko: Thank you.

Page 8

Ko: No matter what, this dispatch was too hasty.

Ko: …I was only told the time and location…

Ko: This town…

Ko: Is the location for the final test…

Ko: I’ve got to find a place to stay…

Ko: Time to do some revision.

Page 9

Sfx in 2nd panel: Gaaaaze

Sfx in 3rd panel: Shift

Trouble: Woof!

Oz: Huh?

Oz: Hehe!

Sfx in 5th panel[below Trouble’s paw]: Grab

Oz: Nice one, Trouble!

Sfx in 6th panel: Tap

Sfx in 7th panel: Whooooosh

Sfx in 8th panel: Step

Page 10

Sfx in 2nd panel: Flutter Flutter Flutter Flutter Flutter Flutter Flutter Flutter Flutter

Ko: Huh?

Sfx to the right of Ko in 4th panel: Land

Sfx to the left of Oz in 4th panel: Whoosh

Sfx around Oz’s feet: Skiiiiiid

Ko: !?

Page 11-12 double spread

Sfx stretching from Oz’s left to Oz’s right: Whooooo

Oz: You…

Sfx in 2nd panel: Knock

Oz: Want to come to my family’s bath…

Oz: House…..

Giant Sfx in 3rd panel: Wh-am

Sfx in 4th panel between Trouble and Oz: Bump

Sfx in 4th panel, at bottom left hand corner: Crash

Page 13

Sfx in 2nd panel from Oz’s left to right: Gr-ab

Oz: It…

Oz: It hurts hurts hurts hurts hurts hurts!!

Ko: What?

Oz: That hurt, you punk!

Oz: I very nearly died!

Ko: …

Ko: A kid?

Page 14

Oz: All I wanted to do was extend an invitation to a traveler I saw on the streets to my bathhouse, you bastard!

Sfx in 1st panel: St-omp

Trouble: Woof!

Trouble: Woof!

Fluttering cloth thing in 3rd panel: T R A V A Soup

Sfx in 4th panel from left of Ko to right: Stun-ned

Ko: My apologies.

Ko: It looked like I misunderstood you.

Ko: I thought it was a test.

Oz: Test?

Oz: I’ve never heard of a test where people are just randomly attacked!

Page 15

Ko: Oh dear… I’m really sor…

Sfx below Ko’s briefcase in 1st panel: Drop…

Ko: ry…

Ko: ……

Ko: Are… Are you really alright?

Oz: How can I be alright?

Oz: My coat’s in tatters!

Oz: Oh yeah!

Oz: What do you think?

Oz: Wanna come to my bathhouse?

Ko: Ah… Okay.

Ko: As an apology to you, I guess.

Ko: That’s what I’ll do.

Ko: I’m kind of tired and sweaty too…

Oz: That’s the spirit!

Oz: I’ll heat up some water for your bath!

Oz: Although it hurts from where you hit me just now…

Oz: If it’s a guest then it doesn’t really matter! Let bygones be bygones!

Oz: As long as you come to the bathhouse!

Ko: Uh…

Ko: I’m really sorry…

Page 16

Ko: I’m Ko.

Oz: Oz.

Oz: Oh yeah. This guy’s Trouble.

Trouble: Woof!

Oz: One guest!

Trouble: Woof!

White Sfx to the left of the tall smoking thing: Snap

Black Sfx above roof to the left of white Sfx: Thump Rustle

Ko: Uwaah!
Small text in that bubble: My briefcase is dented!

Page 17-18 double spread

All the Sfxes not on the trees on this page are the same: Thump

All the Sfxes on the trees, bushes and grass are the same: Rustle

Page 19

Sfx in 1st panel: Stun-ned

Ko: …Excuse me…

Ko: Why am I behind the counter?

Oz: Sorry! We’re short on hands here!

Oz: Thanks for helping out!

Oz: Do me a favor, ya?

Ko: Wait!

Ko: I need to prepare for tomorrow’s test…

Ko: I wanted to retire early for the last bit of preparation!

Man: I would like the razor.

Ko: Here, and your change is 30 jiya.

Ko: For better or worse, I’m still a guest!

Person out of panel: Oi, Oz! The water’s getting cold!

Ko: You actually asked a person you met for the first time to do such a thing…

Oz: Got it! I’ll be right there!

Man: Is there any milk left?

Ko: It’s in the glass cabinet behind you.

Ko: Do please remember to put the empty bottle on the bottom shelf.

Ko: Ahhhh… My personality has become so… rigid

Oz: That’s the spirit!

Page 20

Ko: Ah well, I’ll just have to revise here then.

Ko: Since I’m already running out of time!

Ko: Let me see…

Ko’s study voice: ‘Ancients’ are

Ko’s study voice: Aggregations of rocks or metals that absorbed the Metaphysic Particles…

Ko’s study voice: They travel in straight lines, relentlessly destroying civilization.

Ko’s study voice: And ‘12’ is…

Ko’s study voice: The only organization that can do what ordinary firepower cannot, to form a defence against the ‘Ancients’.

Ko’s study voice: ‘Visions’ are…

Ko’s study voice: Focusing the ‘Spirit’ to become the ‘Being’.

Man: One adult.

Ko’s study voice: ‘One adult’ is…
Ko in same bubble: Ah. No.

Ko: Yes.

Page 21

Sfx in 1st panel: Stun-ned

Lady 1: Oya? You’re here too?

Lady 2: Shampoo…

Lady 2: And conditioner…

Lady 3: Waa, it’s so comfortable!

Text from left side of Ko’s face to right in 2nd panel: Women’s-Baths

Ko: No No No No No! Losing concentration is the deadliest enemy of any student!

Sfx in 3rd panel next to Ko’s face: Flip Flip Flip

Ko: Ko Neriyasu, you must not let yourself get distracted!

Sfx just under torn page in 4th panel: Rip

Old lady: Excuse me…

Old lady: I’m sorry to disturb.

Ko: Uwah!

Ko: Y-Yes!

Old lady: Is there any soap?

Text from left side of breasts to right side: Droo-op

Page 22

Ko: My mind is completely blank!

Ko: I really cannot concentrate!

Oz: Isn’t the test tomorrow?

Oz: Even if you try and cram now, it’s not going to change anything, right?
Small text in Oz’s bubble: My grandpa said that last minute work is pointless.

Oz: How about you take a stroll on the mountains behind?

Ko: Yeah… You’re right…

Oz: And go chop some firewood while you’re at it!

Ko: …

Ko: Ai…

Ko: Why…

Ko: Why do things always happen like this?

Ko: From the beginning…

Ko: All I wanted was a nice bath, to relax…

Page 23-24 double spread

Ko: Wha… What is this?

Ko: Stretching all the way till the forest on the other side…

Ko: Don’t tell me all these…

Ko: Were cut down by one person?

Sfx from Ko’s left to right: Sho-ck…

Ko: …

Ko: It can’t be, right?

Ko: …

Ko: Reforestation…

Ko: Really now…

Ko: That guy’s pretty hard to understand.

Sfx in 9th panel: Step Step

Page 25

All Sfxes on this page are: Thump

Female: Fifty three kilometers South Southwest.

Female: Number of individuals… roughly two hundred

Female: Leaders… two.

Female: ETA Zero hours and twenty eight minutes.

Page 26

Female: This is bad…

Female: It’s too soon!

Female: We need to speed up.

Female: Songs again?

Female: This really doesn’t suit you!

Page 27

Ko: ……

Ko: Whew….

Sfx in 2nd panel: Re-laxed

Ko: After all that sweaty work,

Ko: A bath feels lots better than it does normally.

Ko thinking: I’d never thought…

Ko thinking: That I’d help up till the bathhouse closed.

Oz: Hey, Trouble! Don’t bite the scrub!

Trouble: Woof!

Ko: …Heh…

Page 28

Ko: Oh yeah! This bathhouse…

Ko: Is it run single-handedly by you?

Oz: It’s still alright!

Oz: This bathhouse is what my grandpa left behind when he passed on.

Oz: I’m the second leader of this place.

Ko: But I only see you around!

Oz: Hmph!

Oz: I still have Trouble!

Oz: This fellow’s my family.

Ko: Then that dog is also something your grandpa left behind?

Sfx in 6th panel: Grab Grab

Oz: Ah…

Oz: Ouch!

Oz: Nah!

Oz: Ouch!

Oz: The night grandpa died…

Oz: He appeared outside the shop.

Page 29

Oz: So I named him… Trouble after grandpa.

Oz: He’s been staying with me at the bathhouse since then.

Oz: Although the world out there is crazy as hell…
Oz small text in same bubble: It’s the sounds of the Ancients…

Oz: But no matter what happens after,

Oz: I’ll always protect Trouble.

Oz: My dream is to protect grandpa’s bathhouse together with Trouble.

Page 30

Ko: A great scholar once said…

Ko: “Humans can achieve whatever it is that they dream of.”

Ko: When you dream,

Ko: That dream will come true.

Oz: Heh!

Page 31

Sfx in 2nd panel: Splash!

Oz: Of course!

Sfx in 3rd panel: Whoosh!

Oz: What I’m talking about aren’t dreams or goals,

Oz: They’re things I’ve already decided on.

Ko: I’ll show you…

Sfx in 6th panel: Splash

Ko: Something interesting!

Oz: What?

Page 32

Sfx in 1st panel: Wham

Sfx in 2nd panel: Swivel

Sfx in 3rd panel: Dab

Sfx in 4th panel: Whoosh

Page 33

Sfx in 1st panel: Splash

Oz: Ah!

Oz: It’s a monkey!

Ko: Me… I’ve had this amazing ability ever since I was born…

Ko: To turn things to reality through great willpower.

Ko: That is the power that the ‘12’ have been entrusted with…


Ko: I’m going to use that to pass the test tomorrow.

Ko: To become a member of ‘12’.

Ko: And then get rid of those damned Ancients…

Page 34

Oz: Where the hell did the monkey come from?

Trouble: Woof! Woof!

Sfx in 1st panel under Trouble’s head: Splash Splash

Sfx in 1st panel above and to the left of Oz’s head: Swish Swish

Sfx to the right of Ko’s head and under monkey: Splash

Oz: Get the hell out of here!

Ko: Eh… You misunderstand…

Sfx in 4th panel: Plop

Oz: ……

Oz: And there’s a fish and a bird!

Oz: Don’t you dare run!

Sfx in 6th panel around Oz: Brandish Brandish

Oz: Trouble, you go to the changing room,

Oz: He can’t have gotten far.

Ko: If I’d known this would happen, I wouldn’t have shown this to him.

Page 35

Ko: Can I really stay here?

Ko: Even though it’s narrow and dirty…

Ko: But two people should be able to fit nicely.

Sfx in 2nd and 3rd panels: Flutter Flutter Flutter

Oz: What is it?

Oz: Eh?

Sfx in 7th panel: Crash! Smash!

Page 36

Ko and Oz: Waaa!

Sfx in 1st panel: Thump

Lady: Finally found you.

Lady: You are Ko Neriyasu, are you not?

Sfx in 4th and 5th panels: Sho-ck

Lady: The final test will be conducted shortly.

Page 37

Lady: Put on some pants first.

Ko: Ahh!

Oz: Oi oi oi! You broke the glass window of my house…

Oz: And didn’t even apologize… What are you playing at?

Lady: Please put on your pants first.

Oz: Uh?

Lady: We’re out of time.

Lady: Quick, follow me.

Sfx in 5th panel: Rattle Rattle Rattle

Sfx in 7th and 8th panels: Thump Thump Thump

Ko: It seems that something’s…

Ko: getting closer!

Page 38

Sfx in 1st panel: Thump

Lady: You must eliminate them…

Lady: Here.

Sfx in 2nd panel: Thump

Ko: …

Ko: …Them… eliminate… no way…

Lady: Yes.

Sfx in 4th panel above the bushes: Thump

Small Sfx in the 4th panel in the bushes: Rustle Rustle Rustle Rustle

Lady: This is the test.

Oz: It’s coming!

Page 39-40 double spread

Sfx in 1st panel: CR-ASH

Townsfolk: !!

Townsfolk: Wha…What is that?

Ko: A…

Ko: Ancients!!

Page 41

Townsfolk: A-A-Ancients!!

Townsfolk: They’re coming this way!

Oz: This… This is…

Townsfolk: Who’s going to save us?

Townsfolk: Waaaah!

Townsfolk: Uwaaah!

Townsfolk: This town…

Lady: The final test…

Townsfolk: Everybody run!!

Lady: I have not the abilities to handle…

Lady: There is one person behind attempting to stall the masses.

Lady: So now’s the time to show us what you’ve got!

Page 42

Oz: What are those things?

Oz: If we don’t go now, we’ll be squashed into pancakes!

Sfx just next to Oz’s head: Tug

Ko: …I cannot go.

Ko: This is my test.

Oz: This is a test?!

Oz: Don’t spout nonsense!

Ko: ‘VISIONS’ are the only power in the world that can defeat the ‘ANCIENTS’

Ko: ‘12’ is the organization that has gathered these talents from around the world!

Ko: And I am a newly joined candidate for one of the positions.

Page 43

Ko: Didn’t you say…

Ko: You wanted to protect Trouble and the bathhouse?

Ko: And I…

Ko: Want to protect this town…

Ko: And protect the world!

Page 44


Ko: This is not a dream or a goal…

Ko: It’s something I’ve already decided on!

Page 45


All Sfxes in the 2nd and 3rd panels are: Stomp

Ko: ……

Ko: …There’s nothing I can do…

Lady: Go chase it!
Small text in bubble: You’re actually alright?

Ko: Is this city the Ancients’ target?

Lady: No.

Lady: Their target is a city north of here.

Page 46

Lady: They’re just passing through here.

Lady: Those two are the leaders of the masses.

Lady: If the masses catch up to the leaders and pass through, this city is done for.

Lady: On the other hand…

Lady: If we destroy the leaders,

Lady: The disorientated masses who have just lost their target will turn around and head back!

Lady: ‘12’ only chooses those with extraordinary willpower…

Lady: And you have that…

Lady: What’s left is to use VISIONS to deal with them.

Lady: You must have confidence in yourself!

Page 47

Ko: !!

Sfx next to Oz’s back foot: Step

Oz: …Hey

Oz: Oi Oi Oi! Stop!!

Oz: In front…

Sfx in 3rd panel: Stomp Stomp
Small sfx in 3rd panel: Crash

Oz: In front…

Trouble: Woof!

Trouble: Woof!

Oz: That’s my bathhouse!

Trouble: Woof!

Oz: !

Trouble: Woof!

Trouble: Woof!

Trouble: Woof!

Trouble: Woof!

Oz: This…

Townsfolk: Come this way!

Trouble: Woof! Woof!

Townsfolk: Uwaah!

Oz: This sound is…
Trouble: Woo…

Trouble: Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!

Oz: Trouble!

Sfx in last panel: Dash

Page 48

Ko: Oz!

Ko: That idiot!

Lady: Wait!

Lady: I have something to pass to you!

Lady: !!

Sfx in 4th panel: Grab

Large black sfx in 5th panel: Step

White sfx in 5th panel: Clatter

Sfx in 6th panel: Grab

Sfx in 7th panel: Push

Oz: Trouble!

Page 49-50 double spread

Black Sfx in 1st panel: Clatter Clatter Clatter Clatter Clatter

White Sfx in 1st panel: Stomp Crash Crash Crash

Sfx in 2nd panel next to Trouble’s head: Rumble

Trouble: Woof! Woof!

Sfx at bottom left hand corner of 2nd panel: Crash

Trouble: Woof! Woof!

Oz: Damn…
Sfx in 4th panel: Crack

Oz: You monster!!

Oz: Stop right there!!

Page 51

Sfx in 1st panel: Cr-unch

White Sfx in 2nd panel: Crumple

Black Sfx in 2nd panel: Clatter

Oz: So hard!!

Sfx in 3rd panel: Shiver Shiver Shiver Shiver Shiver Shiver

Oz: It hurts!!

Ko: Oz! Get out of the way!

Ko: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Page 52

SFx in 2nd panel: Sl-am

Page 53

Ko: Uwah!

Sfx in 1st panel: Flump

Ko: Ughh

Sfx just above his knee: Sting Sting

Ko: It’s not working… Completely useless…

Oz: How could that kick be effective?

Oz: Don’t tell me you didn’t see this?

Ko: No, I was just concentrating VISIONS.

Sfx in 4th panel: St-omp

Trouble: Woof!

Trouble: Woof!

Trouble: Woof!

Oz: !

Trouble: Woof! Woof!

Trouble: Woof!

Page 54

Ko: Oz!


Page 55

Sfx in 1st panel: Tremble Tremble Tremble Tremble

Sfx in 2nd panel: CR-ASH

Medium sized Sfx in 3rd panel: Roll

1st small sized Sfx in 3rd panel: Land

2nd small sized Sfx in 3rd panel: Clatter

Ko: Ugh…

Ko: That hurt…

Ko: It stopped?

Ko: !?

Ko: Oz!

Sfx in 5th panel around his head: TU-RN

Oz: ……

Oz: Trouble…

Page 56

Oz: …I…

Oz: Couldn’t protect him…

Sfx in 3rd panel: Splash Splash

Oz: Trouble and the bathhouse…

Oz: Both were destroyed right in front of my eyes…

Page 57

Sfx in 1st panel: Groan…

White Sfx in 2nd panel: RUM-BLE

Black Sfx in 2nd panel: Clatter Clatter

Grey Sfx in 2nd panel: CR-ASH

Ko: Ugh…

Ko: It’s back again!

Sfx in 4th panel: CR-ASH

Ko: It’s coming this way!

Ko: Run, Oz!

Sfx in 5th panel next to Oz’s head: Tug

Ko: Ugh…

Sfx in 6th panel: Groan…

Ko: Come at us if you dare!!

Page 58

Sfx in 1st panel: Step

Lady: Let me finish!

Lady: Under normal circumstances, even if you concentrate VISIONS…

Lady: That strength gathered dissipates within the body, not even 10% is available for use.

Ko: No way…

Lady: That’s why we,

Lady: In order to focus the VISIONS onto one point, will always wear this.

Lady: Take it!

Sfx in 5th panel: Toss

Page 59-60 double spread

Sfx in 1st panel: GR-AB

Page 61

Oz: As long as I use this…

Oz: I will be able to destroy that monster, right?

Lady: Pass it to Ko!

Lady: It is utterly meaningless for you to use it!

Oz: How dare you… Grandpa’s bathhouse…

Oz: And Trouble…

Page 62

Ko: Oz! Pass that to me!

Ko: Let me…

Sfx in 2nd panel: Poof

Sfx in 3rd panel: Clatter

Ko: Eh?

Ko: Trouble… disappeared?

Ko: ……This is…

Page 63

Ko thinking: Don’t tell me…

Ko thinking: Trouble was…

Ko thinking: Oz’s VISIONS?

Sfx in 2nd panel: Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh

Page 64

Ko thinking: To hide the sadness brought by Grandpa’s death…

Ko thinking: Over a few years, he made Trouble real…



Page 65-66 double spread

Sfx in 1st panel: CLE-NCH

Sfx in 2nd panel: BOO-OOM

Page 67

Sfx in 1st panel: BO-OM

Page 68

Sfx in 2nd panel: Crash

Ko: …

Ko: No way…

Lady: There’s no mistaking it…

Lady: That’s

Lady: The collective ‘Materialization’ of VISIONS.

Page 69-70 double spread


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#1. by Ulisse ()
Posted on Jan 18, 2009
Thanks!! Where can i find the raw chapter?

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