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Tribal 12 2


+ posted by Tanequil as translation on Jan 25, 2009 04:58 | Go to Tribal 12

-> RTS Page for Tribal 12 2

One bubble, one line.

Spanish use for Menudo Fansubs only. Is free for use for English groups, just please credit me. :)

Tribal 12 Chapter 2

Page 1

No Text except for Large Tribal12 word thingy...

Page 2

Text: #2 – Institution

Page 3

Ko: ...

Oz: Just now...

Oz: What was that?

Lady: That was the power to turn dreams into reality – VISIONS

Lady: The high level materialization formed from VISIONS, CERBERUS.

Lady: That bracelet on your wrist serves as a focal point for VISIONS to gather around.

Page 4

Lady: I admit you as a member of 12.

Oz: ...

Oz: 12?
Small text in Oz’s bubble: What is that?

Ko: Eh?!

Ko: Wa-Wait a moment!

Ko: Oz passed?

Ko: Was this test not the final test to see whether I was able to be a member of 12?

Lady: Uh...

Lady: If it’s you...

Lady: That should be a failure.

Page 5

Ko: How can that be?

Sfx in first panel: Jump

Ko: ......

Sfx in 2nd panel next to Ko’s shoulders: Tremble Tremble

Ko: So...

Sfx in 3rd panel: Clackety Clackety Clack

Ko: It was a dream...

Ko: Phew… That’s good.

Ko: That dream was just too inauspicious…

Sfx: Sigh

Oz: Want to eat?

Ko: He really is…!

Page 6

Oz: Ko, you were sleep-talking just now.

Oz: Are you alright?

Ko: So…

Ko: This is not a dream…

Oz: You look dispirited.

Oz: Is it diarrhoea or constipation?

Ko: Isn’t it all your fault!?
Small words in Ko’s bubble: What is that? Making me pick one of the two?

Ko: Sigh…

Ko: Please have a seat.

Sfx in fifth panel just above Ko’s hand: Slide

Old Lady: Thank you.

Old Lady: Where are you two off to?

Oz: You’re asking me?

Oz: I think we’re heading to 12…

Ko: Ah… *cough*

Ko: Oz, you c’mere for a sec.

Ko: Granny, you can sit inside if you wish.

Sfx next to Ko and Oz’s hands: Drag

Oz: What are you doing?

Ko: You listen up!

Ko: The people think that 12 is wherever Ancients are.

Ko: So if you let slip that you’re a member of 12, they will be alarmed.

Ko: You must be especially aware of your status as a member of 12!

Page 7

Oz: What Ancients and 12…

Oz: I don’t know anything about them.

Oz: All I want is revenge for Trouble and the bathhouse!

Old Lady: Revenge?

Old Lady: Did someone pass away?

Oz: Yeah…

Oz: A friend that was always by my side…

Oz: But he’s… not around anymore…

Old Lady: Is that so,

Old Lady: You must be very sad…

Page 8

Ko: You still don’t understand…

Ko: Trouble’s not dead.

Ko: He only vanished.

Ko: That dog named Trouble,

Ko: Was a materialization brought about by your powerful VISIONS.

Ko: A product of your imagination…

Oz: Eh? Whatcha saying?
Small text in Oz’s bubble: It’s local produce!

Old Lady: Help yourself to it, dearie.

Ko: Just treat it like I never spoke… Just eat, damnit!

Lady: We’re almost there.

Lady: Get ready to disembark.

Ko: Ah… Alright.

Ko: Why did this guy pass…

Ko: And I did not?

Page 9-10 double spread

Girl with two ponytails: The new doggy…

Girl with two ponytails: He’s just an ordinary kid?

Girl with two ponytails: Are we really going to let him join 12?

Guy with bandages: ……

Guy with bandages: The sake’s gone…

Guy with plaster on nose: Hell yeah! Of course we gotta admit him!

Guy with plaster on nose: I was saying, ya? Ain’t we all battle comrades?

Guy with plaster on nose: Shiuuuuuu, Dokon! Captain Tom!

Guy with plaster on nose: What is this manga?

Dark guy: According to Rabbit’s report…

Dark guy: I heard that to facilitate the investigations, he will be sent to the Institution.

Girl with hairband: The cookies have been baked!

Girl with hairband: Everyone, help yourselves!

Smoker: Let the final Judge

Smoker: Be the Headmistress…

Page 11

Lady: This is the 12’s development center,

Lady: Institution!

Lady: Those who possess VISIONS undergo training and study here.

Oz: Whoa

Lady: The especially talented amongst them can be nominated to be candidates for a position in 12.

Lady: As for you…

Oz: I-It’s huge…

Oz: Quite a few times larger than my bathhouse…

Lady: The order just happens to be the opposite.

Page 12

Ko: I… I was sent on this test as the most stellar special student…

Sfx in 1st panel: Depressed

Ko: But yet to return in such a fashion…

Lady: No matter how it ends, I hope that you will give everything your all in the future.

Lady: Stand tall and proud!

Ko: Miss Rabbit…

Kaguya: I am Kaguya.

1st Banner in 5th panel: Congratulations on joining 12!

Sfx in 5th panel: Unfurl

2nd Banner in 5th panel: School Star!

1st Sfx in 6th panel: Whistle

1st Banner in 6th panel: Victory, Ko Neriyasu!

Sfx next to flag in 6th panel: Boom

Largest sfx in 6th panel: Kaboom

2nd tiny banner in 6th panel: School

3rd tiny banner in 6th panel: Victory, Ko Neriyasu!

Person: Ready…

First two sfxes in 7th panel: Clank Clank

Last sfx in 7th panel: Flutter

Page 13

Crowd: Ko-senpai!

Mass of sfxes at the top: Clang Bang Whoo Boom Flutter

Text on banner: Congratulations on joining 12, Ko Neriyasu!

Crowd: Congratulations on passing the test!

Ko: Eh… About that…

Ko: I failed.

Sfx in 3rd panel: Silence

Oz: So, are you popular? Or are you unpopular?

Ko: Can you do me a favour?

Ko: Give me some alone quiet time…

Kaguya: Let’s go to the Headmistress’ office!

Oz: Mm

Ko: Sob sob… They dispersed so quickly…

Page 14

Kaguya: It’s Kaguya.

Kaguya: I’ve brought Oz.

Sfx in 1st panel: Knock Knock

Kaguya: I’m coming in.

Huge Sfx: Don

Oz: Who’s that?

Kaguya: She’s the Headmistress.

Oz: Really?

Oz: She looks kinda dumb to me.

Ko: Don’t say these things… She is a member of 12 after all.
Small text in Ko’s bubble: Don’t just look at her appearance.

Ko: She’s also the current Headmistress.

Ko: The Headmistress is really elusive, even I have hardly seen her.

Page 15

Kaguya: That dumb monkey…

Kaguya: Where did she run off too…

Oz: She’s got huge boobs

Kaguya: Let’s go, Oz!

Oz: We’re going?

Oz: Where to?

Kaguya: I’d like to see the potential….

Kaguya: You who could bring forth CERBERUS could possibly have in VISIONS.

Oz: What room is this?

Oz: It’s all white.

Translator Note: Wow, gee. How innovative, my dear 12.

Kaguya: It’s a room that allows your sense of self to concentrate.

Page 16

Kaguya: I will observe from here.

Kaguya: Concentrate your willpower and show us a simple VISION.

Kaguya: This room isn’t very big…

Kaguya: There is no need to materialize CERBERUS.

Kaguya through transmitter: Start

Oz: …

Oz: Nn…..

Oz: Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…

Oz: Come out!


Page 17

Sfx in 1st panel: Scuttle Scuttle

Oz: It appeared!

Sfx in 2nd panel: Slam Slam

Kaguya: …

Oz: There’s a cockroach!

Oz: Lemme out now!

Kaguya: One more time!

Oz: …

Sfx in 3rd panel: Haa

Oz thinking: Come on out!

Oz: It’s out!

Larger black Sfx in 4th panel: Shake Shake

Smaller black Sfx in 4th panel: Tremble

Smallest black Sfx in 4th panel: Beep

White sfx in 4th panel: Clatter Clatter

Kaguya: How is it?

Scientist: Yes…

Scientist: Simply put,

Scientist: He’s completely distracted.

Oz: Wa!

Oz: Ohh!

Oz: Hey!

Kaguya: That does seem so.

Page 18

Oz: Actually…

Oz: I… have no intentions on becoming this 12 thing…

Oz: Why I came along… I’ve already told you, it’s for the free food and lodging.

Kaguya: Ai…

Kaguya: Then we’ll wait till your VISIONS stabilize before we discuss this anymore.

Kaguya: We will begin strict training from tomorrow onwards.

Oz: Aw….

Kaguya: I will start from the basics.

Kaguya: There are also teaching materials at this place!

Oz: But I can’t read!

Kaguya: Eh?

Oz: And I can’t write either.

Kaguya: What?

Kaguya: If you didn’t go to school, what did you do?

Oz: Ah?

Oz: Run the shop of course!

Ko: …

Page 19

Ko: I believe these things are too… difficult for Oz.

Ko: He is both uninterested and lacks the concentration.

Ko: Not to mention he wasn’t even qualified to take the test the day before.

Ko: I think he’s… not suited to be a member of 12.

Kaguya: Then…

Kaguya: What would you have me do?

Ko: I think the bracelet…

Ko: Should be passed to me.

Kaguya: A question to you then.

Kaguya: Can you materialize CERBERUS?

Page 20

Kaguya: 12 has been completed.

Kaguya: It would be best for you to return to the Institution!

Ko: Father…

Ko: Mother…

Ko: I’m sorry…

Ko: I still

Sfx: Thump

Ko: am unable to fulfil my promise.

Page 21

Caretaker: Is this alright?

Caretaker: Those are all important things, no?

Ko: …

Ko: Caretaker-san…

Caretaker: Actually, opportunities…

Caretaker: Will always be there…

Page 22

Ko: I guess…

Ko: I’ll just forget it…

Ko: All I’ve learnt these nine years…

Ko: Has gone to waste.

Ko: I want to pursue a new dream.

Page 23

Ko: Caretaker-san

Ko: Sorry, but…

Ko: Could I trouble you to pass this... to the Headmistress?

Caretaker: …!

Text on letter: Regarding School Leaving

Caretaker: It seems you’re already decided.

Ko: Goodbye.

Page 24

Kaguya: Although the situation is as such…

Kaguya: Will that kid really be alright?

Oz: Oh yeah!

Oz: Where did Ko go?

Oz: I couldn’t find him and I searched everywhere.

Kaguya: He has already…

Kaguya: left the Institution.

Oz: !?

Oz: Left?

Kaguya: VISIONS do not bestow themselves upon losers.

Kaguya: Those who have lost to themselves have no right to protect the world as members of 12.

Sfx in 6th panel: Bloop Blooop

Oz: This world you’re talking about…

Oz: I don’t understand at all…

Oz: I think he’d be more suited to this than me…

Sfx in 7th panel: Sigh

Kaguya: It’s too late…

Kaguya: Hey! Why are you in the women’s baths?

Oz: Because I like to soak in the water!

Kaguya: No… You completely missed my point…

Page 25

Sfx in 1st panel: SMASH

Kaguya: !!

Sfx in 2nd panel: Splash

Oz: Wha-What’s the matter?

Kaguya: Coordinate location East 239, North 62.3

Kaguya: Ancients have appeared!

Kaguya: That’s not very far from here…

Kaguya: Number of bodies, 1.

Big white sfxes in 4th panel: Stomp Stomp Stomp

Smaller grey sfxes in 4th panel: Smash

Kaguya: Heading North at a speed of twenty kilometres per hour.

Oz: Ah, your ears…

Oz: Are they magic?

Kaguya: Calculating cities falling on that straight line…

Sfx in 5th panel: Splash

Kaguya: Requesting Headquarters to send a member of 12.

Sfx in 6th panel: Groan

Page 26

Sfx in 1st panel: Creak

Kaguya: Oh?

Kaguya: It’s turning?

Kaguya: Impossible…

Kaguya: How…

Kaguya: An Ancient suddenly turning… That has never happened before…

Sfx in 4th panel: Stomp Stomp Stomp

Kaguya: Now heading towards the West… If this continues…

Kaguya: It will pass through the Institution!

Page 27

People: Hey! Look!

People: What’s that?

People: Let me see.

People: There, near the forest…

People: It’s…

People: It’s an Ancient!

Ko: What?

Sfx in 3rd panel: Dash

Sfx in 4th panel: Ease open

Ko: !!

Ko: Heading in that direction…

Ko: It’s going towards the Institution!

Ko: …

Ko: ….

Sfx in 8th panel: Slide

Ko: Hmph…

Page 28

Ko: I have broken all relations…

Ko: with that…

Kid: Uwaah!

Kid: Mommy, I’m scared…

Sfx in 3rd panel: Tremble Tremble Shake Shake

Mother: Don’t be afraid…

Mother: We’ll be fine…

Someone in Flashback: Don’t be afraid!

Same person: Neriyasu…

Ko: It’s useless…

Ko: I’m not a member of 12, even if I go back… There’s nothing I can do…

Page 29-30 double spread

Kaguya: The students here will not be able to handle this.

Kaguya: Hurry and evacuate them!

Person on the other side: Y-Yes. I got it.

Sfx in 1st panel: Stomp Stomp Stomp

Kaguya: The Headmistress?

Guy: That… I can’t find her…

Kaguya: That stupid monkey…

Kaguya: Oz! We’re going to fight! Concentrate VISIONS on your bracelet!

Oz: Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Word next to Oz’s butt: Fart

Oz: Ah…

Oz: I farted.

Kaguya: Should I give him the beating of his life…

Oz: There’s no other way! I can’t do it!

Oz: Kaguya, you try!

Kaguya: My role is the leader!

Kaguya: I’m not suited for battle!

Kaguya: Before reinforcements arrive from Headquarters…

Kaguya: We must do all we can to gain time…

Oz: You make it sound so simple…

Oz: Eh?

Oz: There’s a person…

Oz: In front of that monster…

Kaguya: What did you say?

Oz: That’s…

Kaguya: No way!

Page 31

Ko: Huff…

Ko: Huff…

Sfx in 2nd panel: Step Step Step Step Step Step Step Step

Oz: Ko!

Ko: Uhhh

Sfx: Ohhhh

Ko: Uwohhhhhhhhh

Page 32

Sfx in 1st panel: Stumble

Kaguya: No way…

Kaguya: With his body…

White sfxes in 2nd panel: Stomp Stomp Stomp

Black Sfx in 2nd panel: Fall

Kaguya: He went to stop the Ancient…

Oz: …

Oz: That guy…

Sfx in 5th panel: Stomp

Sfx in 6th panel: Bam

Page 33-34 double spread

Ko: Damn…

Ko: My willpower…

Sfx in 4th panel: Catch

Ko: Uh…

Ko: …

Ko: Oz…

Oz: You idiot!

Oz: Why the hell do you try so hard?

Ko: What’s…

Ko: What’s important isn’t joining 12…

Oz: Ha?

Ko: Even if…

Ko: I cannot be a member of 12…

Page 35

Ko: I still want…

Ko: To protect the world.

Sfx in 3rd panel: Stomp

Oz: !

Oz: Ugh…

Oz: Hold on tight!

Sfx in 4th panel: Dash

Ko: Don’t run…

Ko: Fight…

Page 36

Ko: Concentrate…

Ko: You can definitely do this…

Sfx in 2nd panel: Stomp Stomp

Ko: Protect the Institution…

Ko: The world…

Oz: Shut up!
Small text in Oz’s bubble: You’re damn noisy!

Oz: I don’t care about the Institution or the world!

Oz: All I want to protect now is you!

Page 37

Oz: Teach me!

Oz: How can I do that?

Ko: There’s nothing I can teach you.

Ko: Actually you…

Ko: Already know how to, don’t you?

Oz: What?

Page 38

Ko: I was referring to Trouble…

Ko: Trouble… He’s not dead…

Ko: He’s always been in your heart…

Ko: Close your eyes…

Ko: You will think of him.

Ko: Think of the first time you met Trouble…

Page 39

Oz: Uuuuu

Oz: Uuuuu

Oz: Uuuuu

Oz: Uuuuu

Oz: Uuu

Oz: Grandpa, I…

Oz: What am I supposed to do…

Page 40

Ko: Once Trouble appears before you…

Oz: Come here…

Ko: Grab his hand tightly…

Ko: And then… All you have to do is pull him out like this…

Sfx: Don

Page 41

Oz: Trouble!

Trouble: Woof!

Oz: …

Oz: Trouble…

Page 42

Sfx: Crumble

Ko and Oz: Go, Trouble!

Page 43-44 double spread

Sfx in 2nd panel: Bang

Sfx in 3rd panel: Smash

Page 45

Oz: We did it!

Sfx in 1st panel: Bang

Oz: Thank you, Ko!

Oz: I never thought I’d be able to see Trouble again…

Oz: It’s like I’m dreaming!

Ko: I said it before…

Ko: Right?

Ko: Dreams… will come true.

Page 46

Sfx in 1st panel: Groan

Ko: He he…

Oz: Ahahaha!

Kaguya: The two of you! Danger!

Kaguya: Above you!

Sfx in 3rd panel: Tap

Grey Sfx in 4th panel: Tumble

Black Sfx in 4th panel: Thump Thump

Monroe: Materialization [Sarugami]
Translator Note: Sarugami - A wicked monkey spirit which was defeated by a dog. [Taken from Wikipedia]

Page 47-48 double spread [Note, if you can somehow preserve the hearts in her speech, that would be great… (: ]

Monroe: You really can’t afford to be careless until it’s over, ne? [Heart]

Ko and Oz: Headmistress!

Monroe: Don’t you know that the hike doesn’t end until you’re back at home?

Kaguya: Monroe! You…

Kaguya: Where did you run off to?

Monroe: Ai… It’s Kaguya…

Sfx next to Monroe’s big arm thingy: Throw

Monroe: The member selection this time…

Monroe: Was a little special, right?

Monroe: So [Heart]

Sfx in last panel: Slide

Monroe: That’s [Heart]

Monroe: Why [Heart]

Page 49

Sfx in 1st panel: Whoosh

Monroe: I used VISIONS to shapeshift

Ko: Ah… You were…

Ko: Caretaker-san!

Monroe: And did an investigation on…

Sfx in 3rd panel: Whoosh

Monroe: The two of you.

Oz: The granny on the train?

Sfx in 5th panel: Whoosh

Monroe: Oz, possessing pure god-given talent, with the ability for a high-level materialization,

Monroe: But yet easily distracted,

Monroe: And Ko, with stellar results, extreme diligence, perseverance that loses to no one,

Monroe: But too righteous and abandoned by fate.

Page 50

Monroe: Hm…

Monroe: After all I’ve seen, I think…

Monroe: You two have to work together to be truly strong…

Monroe: Alright!

Sfx: Whip out

Text on Letter: Regarding School Leaving

Monroe: We’ll do it this way then!

Monroe: I agree to let Oz be the newest member of 12.

Sfx: Rip

Monroe: But before your VISIONS stabilize, I will specially hire Ko Neriyasu as your trainer.

Page 51

Monroe: In other words, you both…

Monroe: Pass! [Smiley face]

Monroe: Although…

Monroe: I’m still quite worried about some things…

Ko: That’s great!
Small text in Ko’s bubble: Sob Sob

Oz: Yay! Let’s go take a bath! I want to heat up some water!

Trouble: Woof!

Kaguya: Hey! Monroe!

Kaguya: If you do this, we’ll be 13 instead of 12!

Monroe: Ah, honestly,

Monroe: How does it matter?

Page 52

Ko: The uniform that has occupied my thoughts for the longest of times… I finally get to put it on!

Sfx in 1st panel: Slide

Ko: From today onwards…

Sfx in 2nd panel: Adjust

Ko: I am a member of 12!

Oz: Un…

Oz: I hate wearing long pants…
Small text in Oz’s bubble: They get in my way…

Oz: I’ll make them shorter.

Sfx in 4th panel: Rip

Ko: Stop right there!

Sfx in 5th panel: Step

Ko: Ko Neriyasu.

Oz: Oz and Trouble.

Sfx: Creak

Oz: Coming in!

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