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Senki Senki Momotama 13

Bow of Peach Wood and Arrow of Thistle, Destroyer of Calamity

+ posted by Teaparty as translation on Nov 6, 2009 07:50 | Go to Senki Senki Momotama

-> RTS Page for Senki Senki Momotama 13

Reserved for Teaparty

Page 1

Kashii: Stop

Mutsu: Kashii, wait!

2-1 Mutsu: You forgot to bring the tree branches
Go get it!

Kashii: Bastard!
You want me to die!?

2-2 Mutsu: Only give appeared. It seems there's a limited number of them

They don't seem to be very smart either

2-3 Lose them quickly and go get the branches
I'll divert their attention!

Chapter 13: Bow of Peach Wood and Arrow of Thistle, Destroyer of Calamity

3-5 Kashii: Eh?

4-1 Flop

4-3 Bow of Peach Wood and Arrow of Thistle, Destroyer of Calamity

This bow was made by me from peach wood and thistle
Infliction of damage is near zero

4-4 But against demons this is super effective

4-5 M...

5-1 You brat! Even if it's so, you shouldn't be shooting humans!

What'll happen if it shot my eye!?

For that I apologize, but you better retrieve the branches
Even though that shot was effective, it wasn't a fatal blow

5-2 Unfortunately, it seems...
Only demon hunters can kill these demons

6-1 Kashii, run more steadily will you!

Don't ask for the impossible!!

6-4 Good,
Just keep running northward!

The second shelter shouldn't be too far now

7-1 Huu

I-Is that it?

That's the shelter?

7-2 Good going!

7-3 Kashii...
Run like your life depends on it


7-4 I only have 5 arrows left

7-5 WHAT

8-1 4 left!




9-3 Shit!


10-1 No text

11-7 Hah


12-1 We have to do this for another 4 days?
How tiring



12-2 Good thing I wore Urine-prevention pants...

12-4 How boring... Nothing happened, they're still alive

Please don't say that, chairman-sama!

13-1 Stop haggling, come on back
They won't be leaving there today

But it really is fortunate

13-2 Can I come keep track of them again tomorrow?

Eh? No way

13-3 Tomorrow you have to start teaching again
Or else the other students will get jealous


13-4 "But"?
They're giving it their all, aren't they?

13-5 The students are trying so hard, yet you as a teacher are doubting them?


14-1 I got it...

OK, come back safely

14-3 Eh?

14-5 Momomaru...
Is going off to sea?

15-5 Ah...

I finally feel at peace after eating supper

16-1 Are you still looking at the map?
Eat something and go to sleep


16-2 To be honest, it's been a long time since I've walked so far in one day

16-3 Kashii


I have a proposal

16-4 Let's head off separately tomorrow

17-2 You spit and you drool, you're pretty bad mannered

Oh sorry! I should be eating...

17-3 What are you saying?
You want to leave me!?

Don't say it like that
small text: And don't say it with your mouth full...

17-4 It took a lot of effort to get here today, and tomorrow won't likely be any easier...
We have to try out some tactics

If there's only one person, they might think it's a trap and stay put

17-5 Worse comes to worst, at least one of us can survive


18-1 What's this bullcrap about survival? Even you...

If things aren't going well, we can signal Kou-sensei
If we're far apart, that'll confuse him


18-2 Never use the smoke flare

The ending will only be of despair

18-5 Going beside the forest, hiding places are plenty, but will require a lot of stamina

Going beside the beach, won't easily go astray, but no hiding places available

19-1 Neither roads will be easy,
Pick your choice

Don't decide on your own!

19-3 You want me to go alone in a place full of demons?

Just say I won't be discovered, what do you expect me to eat? Where will I sleep?

I don't have that kind of knowledge like you!

19-4 Then you can go along the beach, you'll reach the next shelter with no problem if you're not sighted

Like this one, the shelters will provide you with enough food

B-But there's only enough for one person

19-5 I can eat natural plants
Just worry about yourself

19-6 Uuu..

20-1 Geh!

20-2 Y-You're doing this...
Because you think I'm useless right? I'll just get in your way!

You... You want to use some clever trick and leave by yourself!

20-3 You're misunderstanding...

I no longer have anything to combat the demons
The machine guns here don't even have as much firepower as my wooden bow

20-4 And if you think about it...
Your chances of survival is higher than mine


20-5 I'm an intruder with no demon hunter abilities, but you're a recruited student

Maybe the reason you can't transform

21-1 Is because you're hanging around me

You'll be able to find out tomorrow

21-2 Some people only awaken their senses when they're pushed to a corner
small text: Heh...


22-1 This is the same...

22-2 They don't change...

Box: Forfeit

SFX: Zzzzztt



This is headquarters
Give me your report

23-1 Oh...
Is that so

Then just do as the lady says

23-2 I'll deal with the boat

I won't interfere with her plans

23-3 Oh...You mean momomaru's departure?
That was Second Year Vice-Rep's request

23-4 I hear it's to invest "Gate"
The maintanence team tagged along too, to see how well momomaru moves they say

Oh... So that's it

24-1 That's right, you took a sick leave today, sensei
Are you sick?

You have to take care of yourself. Without the boat, there's no way to help you if you're sick

24-2 No way. Healthy as a dog, I never get sick

Today is for something else
I'll be back in class tomorrow

24-3 As expected, it's impossible to look after those two for longer than a day...

I still want to help them...

25-1 Morning
The next day

25-2 Note says: I took this gun

25-3 Note says: I took two bags of food

25-4 Note says: I'm leaving first. Don't cry!

25-5 M...

Mutsu that bastard!

25-6 He actually...

Left me and took off first!

25-7 Hm?

26-3 Tremble

26-4 Eee...

Peach tree branches have an anti-demon effect

Maybe if you cover yourself with it, passing demons won't be able to detect you

26-5 Still... If I were in the forest, I'd be able to hide easier

It feels like even a box could offer me more hiding...

27-3 W-What was that?

27-6 Eeek!

28-2 It left?

These branches really do work...

28-3 But, just then...

Did I actually sense the demon coming...?

28-4 "Some people only awaken their senses when they're pushed to a corner"

29-3 Something inside your body... is directing the demons towards you

Hmph! I'll take that as a special compliment!

30-1 This situation isn't a joke!!

30-3 Arrhh!


31-2 You demons!

Do you understand me?

31-3 If you call yourself an intectual being, then answer me!

31-4 Why do you attack me!?

I am a blood descendent of the demons, Mutsu Kokonosei!

32-1 Communicated with humans for over 800 years...

My body is no longer a demon's but,

32-3 Inside my body is still the true DNA that of a demon's!

33-3 Heh...
Haha, really...

After touching my blood, you finally realize

33-4 Come, demons! Join my side!

I am here to rescue you from your pitiful existence!

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