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Get! 7


+ posted by Teishou as translation on May 4, 2009 06:23 | Go to Get!

-> RTS Page for Get! 7

Reserved for the explicit use of JCScans only.

GET! by Azuma Mayumi


Goal 7: Final


Bubble 1: Heeey!
Bubble 2: All right!
Bubble 3: First one here!
Bubble 4: The hell’d Fukamachi leave his uniform behind for?
Bubble 5: And to go as far as leaving his ball in a place like this…


Text: To Harumi,
If you keep playing soccer, we’ll certainly meet again.
- Fukamachi
Text: Seeya!


Text: “Seeya”…?
Text: What’d he mean by that…?
Bubble 1: You’ve…
Bubble 2: You’ve…gotta be kidding…


Text: Harumi…
Bubble 1: But why…
Bubble 2: Even though we had a goal in sight after so much trouble…
Bubble 3: This…is cruel…


Bubble 1: Haru…
Bubble 2: Nakaoka-senpai…
Bubble 3: Tch…


Text: Why…
Text: Did you…


Bubble 1: It’s been…
Bubble 2: Four year since then…huh?


Text: It’s a promise then!
If we score one point against you guys,
Text: You’ll join the soccer club!
Text: Yeah!
Text: If you score!
Text: Aoi!
Text: We’re definitely scoring a point against them! You got it?!
Text: Heheh…
Text: We did it…


Bubble 1: So nostalgic…
Bubble 2: Nothing ever changed back then…
Text: I’m Freshman Aoi Harumi from Class 1!
Text: Please treat me well!
Text: You all are…really frustrating, aren’t you?
Text: It’s just fine even if we don’t play soccer!
Text: If it’s just fine, then why are you here?!


Bubble 1: Isn’t it okay…if we just like it?


Bubble 1: All right then…
Bubble 2: I’m off!


Bubble 1: Let’s give them a warm welcome!
Bubble 2: The stadium’s enthusiasm is already climaxing!


Bubble 1: Located in the home of Japan, the important first match begins now!
Bubble 2: Ah! There you all are!
Bubble 3: You guys were really slow!
Bubble 4: We will introduce Japan’s starting members!


Bubble 1: Hey! Hurry it up!
Bubble 2: Ah,
Please give me a minute.
Bubble 3: Midfielder #10…


Bubble 1: AOI HARUMI!
Bubble 2: I’ve finally…
Bubble 3: Come this far…


Text: My dream’s to become a soccer player
Text: And go to the World Cup!
Text: Do you know about the Misanga?
Text: It holds the feelings of the soccer player…
Text: Protecting them…


Text: Someday…
Someday you’ll most certainly
Text: Take me to the World Cup.
Bubble 1: Are you watching me…
Bubble 2: Mai?


Text: In accordance to our promise…
Text: I’ve been able to come this far.
Text: And in addition to that, everyone…
Bubble 1: Just what sentiments are flooding that head of yours? (Took liberty here. Added words for fluidity.)


Bubble 1: It’s pretty odd,
Bubble 2: Harumi.
Bubble 3: Fukamachi…


Bubble 1: Forward #11…
Bubble 2: Fukamachi Yousuke!
Bubble 3: That Fukamachi did it!
Bubble 4: Win this!
Bubble 5: About time to go.
Bubble 6: Everyone’s waiting.
Bubble 7: Yeah!


Bubble 1: And finally, the players’ entrances!
Bubble 2: Player Aoi, a word if you would!


Bubble 1: Oooooww…
Text: That hurt!
Bubble 2: Geez…what the hell you so nervous for?
Bubble 3: Just what number do you have on your back?
Bubble 4: You’ll be fine!
Bubble 5: All right!


Bubble 1: Let’s go!
Text: “Someday, you’ll certainly…”
Together with the whistle, in order to believe in this wish and experience the reality of the dream, we began running towards the place of the future stage of the legendary, “Le Grand Bleu”…


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