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Tasogare Otome x Amnesia 1

A Young Girl’s Feelings, and the Evening Sky, pt 1

+ posted by Teishou as translation on Aug 21, 2009 05:04 | Go to Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

-> RTS Page for Tasogare Otome x Amnesia 1

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Koukin Otome x Amnesia Chapter 1

Page 1

Text: A school ghost story about visiting the form of a young woman – the introduction of Yuuko-san!
Box: A school building was built on a forbidden piece of land.
The land is cursed, and people carry a heavy fear for it.
To appease the curse, it was necessary to offer up a human sacrifice.
Box: One, young, female student was chosen.
This young woman is somewhere in the school…as a human sacrifice.
Big Text: A young girl’s feelings, and the evening sky.
Text: A “Gangan Joker” serialization. A fast episode of “Tasogare Otome x Amnesia”!
Author/Illustrator: Maybe

Page 2

Box: An ominous presence drifts about the school building…
Text: A private academy for sincere education and learning…
Text: Both junior high and high school students intertwined in a multitude of building extensions…
Text: The patchy premises being closed in for sixty years…
Text: A storage room converted into a classroom…
Text: Stairs no one climbs…
Text: A corridor leading to a dead-end…
Text: The building is almost as if stepping into a maze,
Bubble 1: I wonder where I am…
Text: And gives birth to many a strange rumor…

Page 3

Bubble 1: Hey, did you know?
Bubble 2: There’s a big, old mirror somewhere in that old school…
Bubble 3: When standing in front of it,
No matter what happens, you absolutely must not turn around.
Bubble 4: If you do,
Bubble 5: The ghost of that old school will pull you into the mirror where you’ll wander around for all eternity…
Bubble 6: A ghost in an old school building…one of the seven mysteries huh?
Bubble 7: I just had to remember that crappy rumor…
Box: Sincere Education and Learning Secondary Private Academy,
Freshman Niiya Teiichi
Bubble 8: This should be the school’s first floor…
Bubble 9: The exit’s close…

Page 4

Bubble 1: Huh? Got it wrong…
Bubble 2: What is that place…?
Bubble 3: A warehouse or something?
Bubble 4: The door opens…

Page 5

Bubble 1: Anyone heeeere?
Bubble 2: Guess not.
Small text: So that’s it…
Bubble 3: Huh?
Bubble 4: The mirror…
Kinda creepy.
Bubble 5: Just seems pretty old.
Small text on mirror: Nothing’s reflecting…
Bubble 6: So it really is a warehouse…
Bubble 7: Teiichi-kun.

Page 6

Bubble 1: AA…

Page 7

Bubble 1: Oh my…
Bubble 2: Is my face,
Bubble 3: Really so frightening?
Bubble 4: Huh…?
Bubble 5: Ah, I’m sorry! That’s not it!
I just thought no one was here!
You surprised me!
Bubble 6: Is that so?
Bubble 7: That’s good then.

Page 8

Bubble 1: It’s unusual for anyone to come to a place like this…
What were you doing?
Bubble 2: Huh? Ah, well, how should I say it…
I got kind of lost.
Bubble 3: I see…this is an old building.
Bubble 4: Yeah, exactly.
Box: Long, dark hair…
Bubble 5: I’ll show you the way out.
Box: Fair skin…
Almond eyes…
Bubble 6: Here, this way.
Box: Tall and slender…
Box: But, that wasn’t all.
Bubble 7: Ah…
Bubble 8: Right!
Box: She felt a bit…mysterious.

Page 9

Bubble 1: So you’re a freshman?
Bubble 2: …Yes, that’s right.
Bubble 3: And yet, you went and got lost in a place like that.
Bubble 4: What a clumsy child.
Box: Why is she even here?
Box: Could it be that…
Text: Hey, did you know?
Text: About the ghost of the old school building?

Page 10

Bubble 1: What is it?
Box: Nah…
There’s no way she’s…
Bubble 2: Um…what were you doing over there before?

Page 11

Bubble 1: Well, I’m
Bubble 2: The ghost of the old school.
Bubble 3: …Huh?
Bubble 4: Well,
You see,
I’m a ghost.
Bubble 5: P-please don’t joke around!
Box: No way…
Bubble 6: What makes you think I’m joking?

Page 12

Bubble 1: But…!
Box: Oh yeah…
If she’s a ghost…
Box: Then I can’t touch her!
Bubble 2: Ah…
Bubble 3: I touched her?!
Box: It’s almost as if
Box: The thing is warm…
Bubble 4: And that’s…
Bubble 5: How it is.

Page 13

Bubble 1: Was it soft like it should be?
Bubble 2: Ah…! I-I’m
I’m really sorry!
Bubble 3: It’s fine. I don’t really mind.
Bubble 4: But…I can’t believe a ghost can be touched.
Bubble 5: Just because I can be touched isn’t proof that I’m not a ghost.
Bubble 6: But…do you think that really matters?
Bubble 7: I…
Don’t really remember when I died.
Bubble 8: Huh?

Page 14

Bubble 1: I don’t know when or why I died.
I don’t know anything.
Bubble 2: And I don’t think I really want to…
I’m unable remember things…
Bubble 3: So, it really doesn’t matter what I am.
Bubble 4: Only a little more to the gates.
Bubble 5: I’m Kanoe Yuuko.
Bubble 6: And you are?

Page 15

Box: Kanoe Yuuko.
There doesn’t seem to be anyone named that in school.
Box: So, was that…a fake name?
Or maybe,
Box: She really is a ghost
After all…
Bubble 1: Ah.
Bubble 2: Huh?!
Box: Is she
Really a ghost?!
Bubble 3: So you thought yesterday didn’t actually happen?
Since it had to do with a ghost…

Page 16

Bubble 1: See over there?
No one noticed that I’m gone.
Bubble 2: Just you.
Bubble 3: They don’t see me like that.
Bubble 4: Huuuh…?
Bubble 5: So,
Bubble 6: Was there something you needed?
Bubble 7: No, nothing much.
Bubble 8: Hmmm,
I see! So it’s me you’re interested in!
Bubble 9: Huh? Well, that’s…
Bubble 10: You want to know about me?
Sounds interesting.
Bubble 11: Well,
Do what you will.
Bubble 12: But…you’re really not interested in knowing?
About when you died, that is?
Bubble 13: Not at all.
I said that, didn’t I?
Bubble 14: I can’t remember it.

Page 17

Bubble 1: You may not remember, but it was recent, wasn’t it?
That’s the current uniform, isn’t it?
Bubble 2: Oh, this?
I’m just wearing it because I like it.
Mine from before’s a bit old-fashioned.
Bubble 3: Is that right…
Bubble 4: Hmm, I see, I see…
Bubble 5: So you are concerned over me…
Bubble 6: All right.
Bubble 7: Come this way.
Bubble 8: I’ll show you something good.
Bubble 9: Wait a bit, I’m going to change.
Bubble 10: Change?!
Bubble 11: Yes.
I’ll show you
How I looked when I died.
Bubble 12: You wanted to know about me, right?
Bubble 13: You say you’re going to change but, couldn’t you just go
Bubble 14: POOF and
Bubble 15: Change just like that?

Page 18

Bubble 1: And how am I supposed to change “just like that”?
Bubble 2: You can’t do it, and I can’t either.
Bubble 3: I know I put them around here some time ago…
Bubble 4: I-is that how it is?!
Bubble 5: That’s how it is.
Bubble 6: Ah, could this be the room from yesterday?
Bubble 7: Yes…didn’t you know?
I make personal use of it.
It’s a bit comforting for me.
Bubble 8: That’s right…now that I think about it, it was right around here…
Bubble 9: Huh?

Page 19

Bubble 1: The mirror’s
Bubble 2: Reflecting perfectly!
Box: …Huh? But speaking of yesterday…
Bubble 3: AH…
Bubble 4: I-I-I-I’m
I’m so sorry!
Bubble 5: Um…
REALLY sorry!
Bubble 6: Ahahah. What a strange child.
Did I ask you not to look?
Bubble 7: Isn’t…that embarrassing…?
It usually is…
Bubble 8: My real body isn’t here right now, though.

Page 20

Bubble 1: So, how do I look?
Bubble 2: This is the uniform I wore when I died.
Bubble 3: It somehow…
Bubble 4: Kind of fits you.
Bubble 5: So you’re saying I’m some old hag…
Bubble 6: Th-that’s not what I trying to say!
Bubble 7: But, that uniform…
Bubble 8: Really is pretty old.
Bubble 9: …I had thought as much.
Bubble 10: Just goes to show how aged it is.
Bubble 11: Well, you can open up your investigation with this at least, right?

Page 21

Bubble 1: Open wide.
Bubbled SFX: The sound you make BEFORE you swallow, but AFTER you take a bite? うっ
Bubble 2: Do you know anything after that?
Bubble 3: Nothing in particular…
Bubble 4: That uniform was from around the days when the school was founded.
A bit insufficient in that case…
It’s about fifty years old.
Bubble 5: But, putting that aside,
Bubble 6: Just what exactly are you doing?
Bubble 7: What’s wrong with this?
I’m enjoying it!
Bubble 8: I can touch you like this just fine!
I wonder why?

Page 22

Bubble 1: Also…
You may not be able to see me as you wish someday.
Bubble 2: So allow me a bit more time like this,
All right?
Bubble 3: Not…be able to see you…?
Box: That…came out of nowhere.
Bubble 4: I’m naught but an illusion you see, after all.
I am just a ghost story…nothing more.
Bubble 5: This isn’t reality…
Bubble 6: I don’t really get it, but…
In other words…
Bubble 7: Just how,
Could we keep it here like this?
Bubble 8: Hmmhmm… I wonder…

Page 23

Bubble 1: Maybe for example…doing this?
Bubble 2: Were…were you just teasing me?
Bubble 3: Yep!
Bubble 4: P-please don’t do that!
Bubble 5: Oh my…and yet in reality, you’re a bit happy, aren’t you?
Bubble 6: Ah, the bell!
Bubble 7: Don’t caaare.

Page 24

Bubbled SFX: Breathing hard (Haa) はぁ
Small text: Laughing あはは
Bubble 1: How was that?
Were you unable to forget about me?
Bubble 2: Ugh…
Or rather, it seems like you were just possessing me…
Bubble 3: Ahh! That’s so mean!
Bubble 4: You aren’t…
Bubble 5: Possessing me, right?
Bubble 6: …Who’s to say?
Bubble 7: A long time ago…there was this kind of gossip around.

Page 25

Bubble 1: Long ago, it was said a curse was put on the academy sitting atop a hill.
Bubble 2: A young girl on that cursed land
Is closed in somewhere in that school.
Bubble 3: Without presently knowing her whereabouts,
She is somewhere in that school…dead.
Bubble 4: W-was that really you,
Bubble 5: I wonder…
But, that’s gossip.
Bubble 6: But if that’s true…
Bubble 7: If that was about you…
Bubble 8: Then you’re still closed in somewhere
In the school even now…
Bubble 9: Then perhaps she’s just waiting for you.

Page 26

Box: She’s closed in somewhere in this school…
Box: Somewhere, even to this day…
Bubble 1: Someone…
Bubble 2: I’m scared…
Bubble 3: Please…
Help me…

Page 27

Bubble 1: Teiichi-kun!
Bubble 2: Ah!
Box: What was that just now?!
Bubble 3: What’s wrong?
Box: A dream?
Box: No…
Nothing like a dream…
Box: That was…
Box: Really Yuuko-san somewhere…
Box: Somewhere in the old school…

Page 28

Bubble 1: Teiichi-kun!
Box: The mirror?!
Text: Somewhere in the old school building, there’s a large, old mirror…
Text: Where you’ll wander around inside for all eternity…
Box: Inside the mirror!

Page 29

Bubble 1: So it is here…
Box: In the big mirror
Box: Of the old school.
Bubble 2: Inside here…
Bubble 3: Is it really all right
For you to go and see?

Page 30

Bubble 1: Beyond this point, there’s…
Bubble 2: Beyond here, you’re waiting for me!
Bubble 3: You can’t go!

Page 31

Bubble 1: Ahh!
Text: Hey, did you know
Text: The story of the ghost in the old school building?
Bubble 2: Owowow…

Page 32

Text: Somewhere in the old school building is a large, old mirror…
Text: No matter what happens when you stand in front of it,
Bubble 1: Yuuko-san…?
Text: You absolutely must not turn around…
Bubble 2: You saw me…

Page 33

Text: The ghost of the old school will pull you into the mirror
Bubble 1: I told you…
Bubble 2: Not to go in…
Text: Where you’ll wander around for all eternity…

Page 34

Text: For all eternity…
Bubble 2: Huh?

Page 35

Bubble 1: You were able to see it!
Box: So, in that time before,
Box: She was only just
Bubble 2: My body
That was in the deepest place…
Box: Embarrassed?
Bubble 3: Huh?!
B-but…it’s just your bones!
Bubble 4: But I’m practically naked!
Bubble 5: Hurry up and hide it!
Don’t look at me!
You pervert!
Bubble 6: PERVERT?!

Page 36

Box: So it really was Yuuko-san
Who’d died in the school.
Box: In that warehouse or whatever…
Box: In some accident, she was closed in.
Box: As it is…
Door sign: If you open this, you’ll be cursed!
Box: The ghost story and the gossip about the girl
Probably both about Yuuko-san, but…
Box: Which really was true is unknown.
Box: Well,
There’s nothing proving that…
Box: Strange rumors are exaggerated like that.

Page 37

Box: Yuuko-san hasn’t changed. She spends her time tottering around the school.
Box: But just a little bit has seemed to change.
Bubble 1: What…is this…?
Sign: Welcome!
Paranormal Investigations Club
Currently Accepting New Applicants
For Further Details, Contact Me
Bubble 2: Let’s have a club students would ordinarily have!
Bubble 3: Yuuko-san?!
Bubble 4: It’s so you can know about me personally and perfectly.
Bubble 5: You see,

Page 38

Bubble 1: You’ve seen all there is of me,
Bubble 2: So you’ll help me out, won’t you?
Box: And so begins the great efforts of Yuuko-san!
Box: In the end…I was possessed by Yuuko-san…
Box: Or was I?

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#1. by DelGrecco ()
Posted on Aug 21, 2009
Looks interesting, thank you for sharing this.
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