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Tasogare Otome x Amnesia 2

Mystery Zero: The Hidden Demon

+ posted by Teishou as translation on Aug 21, 2009 05:08 | Go to Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

-> RTS Page for Tasogare Otome x Amnesia 2

Reserved for the explicit use of DBR Scanlations and Meow Scans only.

Koukin Otome x Amnesia Chapter 2

Page 1

Title: Mystery Zero: The Hidden Demon
Text: The ghost of a school
Text: Makes a challenge to a school’s ghost story.
Text: A “Gangan Joker” serialization. A fast episode of “Tasogare Otome x Amnesia”!
Author/Illustrator: Maybe

Page 2

Box: An academy for sincere teachings…one of seven mysteries.
Box: “Hidden Demon”.
Box: The ghost story was likened to playing where it was conveyed as a way to perform a “ceremony”.
Box: A ghost story at Dusk…
Box: The process of “Hidden Demon”
Box: Was to prepare a doll and attach a name to it.
Box: Your playmate was this doll.
Box: After school, you had to confirm that there was absolutely no one else around, and then perform it.
Bubble 1: “Let’s play ‘Hidden Demon.’ I’ll be the demon, okay?”
Paper: Yuuko
Bubble 2: “Let’s play ‘Hidden Demon.’ I’ll be the demon, okay?”
Box: Then the fame would begin.
Box: First, you pick a number…
Box: Turn around, and count back from ten.
Box: Then inform the doll of your found victory.
Bubble 3: “I found it.”

Page 3

Bubble 1: “It’s buried in, Yuuko-san.”
Bubble 2: “The post…is buried in.”
Bubble 3: You’re
Bubble 4: The Demon next.
Box: Next, you hide the number,
Box: On the same floor of the school in a place it won’t be found… You hide it, and wait.

Page 4

Box: There are three rules for the hiding part.
Box: You must not leave the building.
Box: You must not say anything.
Box: You must not be “found”.
Box: This is a game played on your own. No one is supposed to find you.
Box: However, “something” will most certainly come find you.

Page 5

Box: There’s only one way to end “Hidden Demon”.
Box: Which is to tell the doll that the game is done.
Text: However, if the game
Text: Cannot properly be ended…
Bubbled SFX: Breathing hard (Haa) はぁ
Bubble 1: …Eh?

Page 6

Bubble 1: The “Hidden Demon,” is then summoned,
Bubble 2: And without tire, will continue hunting down that “something” for all eternity…
Bubble 3: And so, the name attached to that doll was…
Bubble 4: “Yuuko”.
Bubble 5: Eh?
Bubble 6: What about me?
Box: Sincere Education and Learning Secondary Private Academy,
Senior Kanoe Yuuko.

Page 7

Bubble 1: Weren’t you listening,
Box: Sincere Education and Learning Secondary Private Academy,
Freshman Niiya Teiichi
Box: This is the former school building for the Private Academy for Sincere Teachings.
Bubble 2: Hmmm…not really.
Sign: Welcome!
Paranormal Investigations Club
Currently Accepting New Applicants
For Further Details, Contact Me
Box: The Paranormal Investigations Club
Box: Yuuko-san and I are the only active in it.
Book title: About the Seven Mysteries of the Private Academy for Sincere Teachings.
Bubble 3: Even though we finally got a clue…
Bubble 4: Please listen to me seriously.
Box: I know Yuuko-san’s past…and the goal now is to do something about it.
Box: And why’s there a “Paranormal Investigations Club,” you ask?
Box: Well…

Page 8

Bubble 1: “Hidden Demon,” wasn’t it? I’ve heard that story before.
Bubble 2: I don’t know if it was from before, or after, but I’ve heard it. It’s definitely an old story.
Box: That’s because Kanoe Yuuko is a ghost.
Bubble 3: B-but, it’s a little bit of a clue from your past!
Bubble 4: Enough! You’re too serious, Teiichi-kun!
Bubble 5: Ahh!
Bubble 6: We’ve gotten tired up until here!

Page 9

Bubble 1: So?
Bubble 2: Do these suit me?
Box: Someday, I’ll figure out the truth behind…
Bubble 3: Wow, you have bad eyesight, don’t you?
Bubble 4: H-hold on…! That’s dangerous!
Box: Why her corpse was left resting in this room in the school…
Bubble 5: KYAA!
Sorry, support me!
Bubble 6: Huhhh?!
Bubble 7: Owowow…
Bubble 8: I’m sorry…
I couldn’t really see where I was going…

Page 10

Bubble 1: Are you okay?
Bubble 2: Do you want to touch me?
Bubble 3: Huh?! N-no, not at all!
Bubble 4: Well, that’s no good…
Bubble 5: You secretly desire to touch a girl…
Bubble 6: Don’t you…?

Page 11

Bubble 2: UM,
Th-this isn’t…
Bubble 3: It’s not what it looks like!

Page 12

Bubble 1: Ah!
Bubble 2: You’re in the middle of spiritualism or something like that!
Bubble 3: I see!
Bubble 4: Th-that’s not it…this is…
Bubble 5: The girl can’t see me.
Bubble 6: Huh?
Bubble 7: She can’t see me.
Bubble 8: In any case, is that okay? The girl seems to want you to help her with something.
Bubble 9: Oh, I see…
Bubble 10: Ah…
What is the problem?
Bubble 11: You asked for help before.
Bubble 12: Oh!
A-a-a-at this rate…
Bubble 13: Yuuko-san g-going to be k-k-k-killed!
Text: Yuuko-san’s…going to be killed?!

Page 13

Box: Three days ago, Okonogi Momoe performed one of the academy’s seven mysteries, the “Hidden Demon”.
Box: “If the game doesn’t properly end, ‘Hidden Demon’ will go on for all eternity.”
However, she was unable to end the game as needed,
Box: As the doll had gotten lost all on its own.
Bubble 1: It…just left by itself…
And there were signs that someone had been there…
Bubble 2: …And the feeling of someone…
Running right behind me earlier
Bubble 3: Got stronger and stronger…
And…I got scared…
Bubble 4: I-if Yuuko-san was caught…she’ll probably be killed…
Bubble 5: But…I stabbed her…and killed her…

Page 14

Bubble 1: This is the Paranormal Investigations Club…right?
Do you know of a way to solve this?
Bubble 2: Although I know of the “Hidden Demon” story, going as far as having a solution for it is…
Bubble 3: I request that you investigate this!
Please do it!
Bubble 4: Please help me with this!
Bubble 5: What?!
Bubble 6: Well,
Bubble 7: Is this the kind of club activities you meant?
Taking requests…and investigating them?
Bubble 8: Who knows…?
Text: What do you mean, “who knows”?! Isn’t this her problem?! Agh, but isn’t that cruel?!
Bubble 9: Ummm…
Bubble 10: Is there someone else here with us…?
Bubble 11: Huh?!
Bubble 12: Or could it be…you’re talking to the ghost you summoned before in your spiritualism?!
Bubble 13: Ah, no…that’s…
Just talking to myself!
Bubble 14: You should have just told her…
Text: You’re horrible at lying…

Page 15

Bubble 1: Hey…how about this?
Bubble 2: Oh, I get it!
Bubble 3: Ah! To consult the president on this…
Box: Cell phone
Bubble 4: I’ll try calling her!
Bubble 5: Ah…I see.
Bubble 6: …I had been certain you were the president.
That’s embarrassing.
Bubble 7: Ahahah…
She’s a bit of a ghost member,
So she’s the Ghost President.
Text: Acting like he’s pressing buttons
Bubble 8: Hello, is this the club president?
Yes, indeed, this is the Ghost President.
Bubble 9: Ugh…
Bubble 10: Isn’t the “Hidden Demon” just fine as it’s a clue to my past?
Bubble 11: Well, that’s…true, but…
Bubble 12: All right, it’s been confirmed,
But aren’t you just imagining this?

Page 16

Bubble 1: Y-you could say that…but…
Bubble 2: The doll really wasn’t there…
Bubble 3: It wasn’t there…
They were…probably looking for me!
Bubble 4: To be honest…I don’t know how we can help this girl. She has zero confidence.
I wonder if it’s okay to agree to this so readily despite that…
Bubble 5: Hmmmm, so my past doesn’t mean anything, then…is that right?
Bubble 6: Th-that’s not really what I was saying!
Bubble 7: Yes, yes.
Well, I’m going to
Bubble 8: Do something about this kid’s problem.

Page 17

Bubble 1: Have a good day then. If there’s anything else, don’t hesitate to come here.
Bubble 2: Ah, yes sir. Give my regards to the president, as well.
Bubble 3: Was that okay to do?
Bubble 4: Why wouldn’t it be? I made that charm myself!
Well, it used to be said that sickness and health start with the mind…
Box: The charm
Bubble 5: Made it yourself…so it’s a fake?!
Bubble 6: So…can that help her?
Bubble 7: Who knows?
That’s generally what you get for going through with playing strange games after school.
Bubble 8: I only gave her that for good luck.
If nothing else, she’ll have a frightening experience and come to her senses.
Bubble 9: You’re pretty cold.
Bubble 10: Obviously, since I’m already dead.

Page 18

Bubble 1: Teiichi-kun,
There is no chance that doll just fell off the face of the earth on its own.
Bubble 2: There should be something that caused this!
Bubble 3: Yuuko-san…
Bubble 4: Hmm?
Bubble 5: What…is that?

Page 19

Bubble 1: …It’s a doll.
Text: Having looked at it as is.
Bubble 2: It has a knife stuck in it! That’s definitely the doll that was used in the ritual, isn’t it?!
What’s it doing here?!
Bubble 3: Yeeeeeeeah…
Bubble 4: I picked it up during a walk. It was just sitting on a desk in a classroom.
It had “Yuuko-san” written on it, so I couldn’t just leave it there, you know?
Bubble 5: AAAAAAH!
So it’s your fault the ritual failed, isn’t it?!

Page 20

Bubble 1: Well…
Bubble 2: That seems to be the case.
Bubble 3: So…
This was intentional, wasn’t it?
Bubble 4: Hmm?
Bubble 5: You knew the tale of the “Hidden Demon.”
Bubble 6: So you intentionally knew someone was performing it like that.
Bubble 7: That’s not it.
Bubble 8: It was just weird to have had my name on it.
Bubble 9: …Even I felt hurt by it.
Bubble 10: So…I didn’t just want to be a little mean with this…
Bubble 11: Indeed, it worked out like that for you…
Bubble 12: I’ve done a horrible thing…

Page 21

Bubble 1: Can’t you help that girl
With her problem?
Bubble 2: With the “Hidden Demon”…
In the end, it’s just a self-suggestion.
Bubble 3: A self-suggestion?
Bubble 4: An eerie ritual in a gloomy classroom at night…
Bubble 5: There’s a lot of tension if you hide yourself there in a cramped area, and you also get pretty anxious… You’ll even see illusions.
Bubble 6: Especially the type like that child saw…
Bubble 7: “Hidden Demon” is such a game.
Bubble 8: Self-suggestion…so a person is so strongly convinced like that…?
Bubble 9: Well, we’re at peace for now. If you believe that, the harm from just the fear especially is…

Page 22

Bubble 1: Such strong suggestions don’t work like that.
At the moment, she can “see” that imaginary “something.”
Bubble 2: If she can “see” it,
Bubble 3: Things like “catching” her,
Bubble 4: And “killing” her,
Bubble 5: Are things you can’t say don’t exist.
Bubble 6: Are you serious?!
In that case,
If we don’t quickly tell her that it’s just her imagination…!
Bubble 7: That won’t work.
As far as she’s concerned, her reality is that the doll wasn’t there.
I wonder if it’s so easy for outsiders to say something to twist her mind back around?
Bubble 8: The illusion she first saw,
Bubble 9: Will not disappear until she “forgets” every part of it.
Bubble 10: Until that happens, she will continue to be hunted down.
At any rate, as the rules were broken…
Bubble 11: Hmmm…

Page 23

Bubble 1: If we can beat that “something” all the more, then the game will finish without being able to chase after her anymore.
But there’s nothing we can do for the delusional product of this…
Bubble 2: Beat…it?
Bubble 3: THAT’S IT!
Bubble 4: Huh?!
Bubble 5: We can do it…
Bubble 6: The girl wouldn’t be able to “still” see her problem…!
Bubble 7: All right, let’s get going then!
The girl is probably still in the school!
Bubble 8: Huh?
What are you going to…
Bubble 9: Fufu…
Apparition extermination.

Page 24

Bubble 1: If I have this charm…
Bubble 2: I’ll be okay…
Bubble 3: I’ll be just fine…
Bubble 4: Ah…
Bubble 5: Oh no…
The charm…
Bubble 6: Eh…
Bubble 7: This is…
Bubble 8: There’s printing on the back…?

Page 25

Bubble 1: No…
Bubble 2: The charm doesn’t…
Bubble 3: Work at all!
Bubble 4: Okonogi-san!

Page 26

Bubble 1: You okay,
Bubble 2: Okonogi-san?!
Bubble 3: Eh?!
Bubble 4: Ah
Bubble 5: Yes!
Bubble 6: Run for it!

Page 27

Bubble 1: The thing chasing us…it’s “that” without a doubt, isn’t it?
Bubble 2: Yes…
Bubble 3: That thing…
Bubble 4: Is your lost doll!
The “Hidden Demon” ritual was close by to the evil demon called upon in a ritual…
Your doll was possessed by it!
So in order to dispel the resentment,
We must kill the resentment so interested in chasing after you!
Bubble 5: But that’s…
Bubble 6: I’m sorry!
I’m so sorry!
Bubble 7: So…
Bubble 8: This way!
Bubble 9: Hyaaa!

Page 28

Bubble 1: This is…
Bubble 2: To cleanse that evil spirit.
Bubble 3: It’s the most appreciated genuine article!
Bubble 4: Ah!
Bubble 5: Niiya-san!
Bubble 6: HERE IT COMES!

Page 30

Bubble 2: Um…
Bubble 3: Is this your doll?
Bubble 4: Ah…

Page 31

Bubble 1: The evil spirit’s completely gone, so it’s fine now.
Bubble 2: I have to finish up some things, so why don’t you take a break and come back tomorrow?
Bubble 3: Y-yes sir!
Bubble 4: I understand!
Bubble 5: Thank you
Bubble 6: So very much!
Bubble 7: Hmm…

Page 32

Bubble 1: So,
Bubble 2: How was my fine performance?
Bubble 3: Yuuko-san…
Bubble 4: Nothing…just, although I’m usually the only one who’s able to see you,
It seemed as if Okonogi-san could see you in a different form… It’s a bit strange, honestly.

Page 33

Bubble 1: For a person who seems to be afraid of imaginary things,
She would see an existence like me as she wanted.
Bubble 2: As she thought that terrible “something” was there,
She could see me there as a monster.
Bubble 3: If she thought it as being so scary,
Then it just comes down to her imagining scary ghosts and such.
Bubble 4: So it seems.
Bubble 5: After all, I’m just imagined, too…aren’t I…
No…it’s nothing.
Bubble 6: Huh?

Page 34

Bubble 1: And in addition,
Bubble 2: We yet again tricked someone with a fake.
Bubble 3: Ahh…
Bubble 4: Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Bubble 5: I don’t really mind that.

Page 35

Bubble 1: You secretly wanted to touch me, didn’t you?
Bubble 2: Uh…but that’s…
I’m very sorry.
Bubble 3: Well then,
Get on back already!
Bubble 4: Let’s go, let’s go!
Bubble 5: Fufu…

Page 36

Bubble 1: Ahhh…
In the end, I didn’t really understand how I related with the “Hidden Demon” game.
Bubble 2: …You’re right.
Bubble 3: But…when am I going to follow up on such strange rumors…?
Bubble 4: Maybe that’s my little secret to know as well.
Bubble 5: Huh?

Page 37

Bubble 1: Um…
Bubble 2: Hello…
Bubble 3: Ah!
Bubble 4: So, how was it?
Bubble 5: There hasn’t been anything
In particular since then, has there?
Bubble 6: Ah,
Bubble 7: I came to thank you.
There hasn’t been anything since that strange stuff before…
That the monster was exterminated is all thanks to you!
Bubble 8: Um…
You were so…
Bubble 9: So…
Bubble 10: Amazing!

Page 38

Text: The Paranormal Investigations Club begins! The start of a triangular relationship?! (T/N: Bah, “love triangle” sounds better, but it didn’t say that. T_T)
Bubble 1: Ahhh, n-no, that’s just because the president helped me out! Ahahah!
Bubble 2: Well, she is just the Ghost President!
Bubble 3: Ah
Bubble 4: Ha
Bubble 5: Whoa!
Bubble 6: Huh…
Bubble 7: Wha…Yuuko-san?
Bubble 8: I’m only a ghost, after all.
Text: This continues in the serialization through “Gangan Joker”!

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#1. by Doragon ()
Posted on Aug 21, 2009
You forgot to put in the reservation thing, some people might misunderstand. |:<
#2. by ruggia ()
Posted on Aug 21, 2009
is this manga going to get scanlated?
#3. by Doragon ()
Posted on Aug 21, 2009
Yes, we're going to scanlate it. :|
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