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Translations: Gintama 616 (2) , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Ware wa Ken-oh!! 3

Battle 1: Bearer of Flames 3

+ posted by Teishou as translation on Dec 11, 2011 06:29 | Go to Ware wa Ken-oh!!

-> RTS Page for Ware wa Ken-oh!! 3

Ware wa Ken-Oh! Chapter 3


Chapter 3: Battle 1: Bearer of Flames 3


Bubble 1: A balance beam?


Bubble 1: You…
Bubble 2: Honestly plan to fight with that thing?
Bubble 3: Even though you have entered into a contract with her, the girl does not hold any territory.
Bubble 4: I know you cannot use any powers yet.
Bubble 5: You honestly have no chance of handling that nearly 100 kg beam.
Bubble 6: Then let's put it to the test.
Bubble 7: HM.


Bubble 1: If you have muscles built up enough,
Bubble 2: Then nothing is impossible!


Bubble 1: Mistress.
Bubble 2: Indeed.
Talk is cheap.
Bubble 3: Tsubakimaru!
Bubble 4: Kill them with all of your strength!
Bubble 5: As you wish!


Bubble 1: He's coming.
Stand back a bit.
Bubble 2: All right…
Bubble 3: I pray for your success.
Bubble 4: And believe in the power of my Sword.
Bubble 5: Count on me.


Text: He's challenging Tsubakimaru's flames with the long reach of his weapon… Not a bad strategy.
Text: Not one of the opponents I've done away with could even get close to Tsubakimaru.


Text: However,
Text: The overall length of that beam is five meters.
Text: Attacking Tsubakimaru from that distance
Text: Won't be enough!




Bubble 1: Kuh


Bubble 1: He dodged it!
Bubble 2: He planned to dodge and reduce the distance between them all at once?!
Bubble 3: OOHHHH!
Bubble 4: Take this!


Text: Crap!
He already drew back his katana!
Text: Don't tell me that big technique
Text: Was a string of attacks?!


Bubble 1: And so it ends.


Bubble 1: Despite being a fine Sword, after taking that blast,
Bubble 2: He's dead.
Bubble 3: You see how disappointing that turned out?
Bubble 4: Now then.
Bubble 5: It's your turn.
Bubble 6: Are you ready?


Bubble 1: Don't you think it a bit early to say that?
Bubble 2: This battle is not yet over.
Bubble 3: What?
Bubble 4: Impossible!


Bubble 1: Amazing!
Bubble 2: With that timing, he thrust the beam into the ground in an instant and avoided the blast?!
Bubble 3: But at this distance, he could…?!
Bubble 4: GO, TONBOKIRI!


Bubble 1: OHHHHH!


Bubble 1: GWAH!
Bubble 2: Ugh…


Bubble 1: Tsubakimaru!
Bubble 2: I…apologize, Mistress…
Bubble 3: Stay with me!
Bubble 4: King Shino.
Bubble 5: Your Sword has broken.
Bubble 6: This is our win.


Bubble 1: What are you talking about?!
I can still fight!
Bubble 2: I can fight!
Bubble 3: Guh…
Bubble 4: Whoa now, don't push yourself too hard.
Your right arm and a few ribs are shot, you know.
Bubble 5: Tsubakimaru, enough.
Bubble 6: But!
Bubble 7: You worked hard.
You have served me well.
Bubble 8: No, you can't… Mistress…


Bubble 1: King Homura, I accept
Bubble 2: My defeat.
Bubble 3: Kill me.


Bubble 1: Haaah…
Bubble 2: Good grief.
Bubble 3: Easily killing people,
Bubble 4: And if you lose, you quickly die.
Bubble 5: Doesn't anything about that strike you as wrong?
Bubble 6: I'll fight battles,
But sorry, killing people leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
Bubble 6: Don't make me say it over and over again!
That's the kind of place this school is!
Bubble 7: In addition, this is a conversation between Kings.
You are not to interfere.
Bubble 8: WHA…
What did you just say?!
Bubble 9: Calm yourself, Tonbokiri.
Bubble 10: As King Shino said, that's what this place is like.


Bubble 1: King Homura, I have but one last request.
Out of consideration for my life, might you save Tsubakimaru's?
Bubble 2: Mistress!
Bubble 3: However this fight may have gone, do you not think you're asking for too much when you have murdered countless others to this day?
Bubble 4: You're right.
Bubble 5: I cannot dispute that.
Bubble 6: However, Tsubakimaru is only a Sword.
He simply executed my orders.
Bubble 7: All responsibility goes to me, the King.
Bubble 8: I have always listened to the last requests of those I kill.
Bubble 9: I'm sorry, but I will not hear out your request.
Bubble 10: …I see…
Bubble 11: Then there is nothing more to be done…


Bubble 1: I have never planned to kill either of you in the first place.
Bubble 2: King Homura…
Bubble 3: What…did you just say?
Bubble 4: I said I hadn't thought to kill you or Tsubakimaru.


Bubble 2: My Sword is broken.
Beaten, by you, a Rank F!
Bubble 3: While I'm terrified at being killed whenever, wherever and by whomever,
You going to make me live on in disgrace?!
Bubble 4: Or what then?!
Bubble 5: You and that muscle-bound fool were never prepared to kill me at all?!
Bubble 6: I see…
Bubble 7: That's what you meant…


Bubble 1: Well, if you can't do it…!


Bubble 1: Ah…


Bubble 1: You…
Bubble 2: Why?
Bubble 3: Ouch…
Bubble 4: Stop this, King Shino.
Bubble 5: I had not planned to take away your territory, either.
Bubble 6: And as for you, yourself,
Bubble 7: Until your Sword fully recovers, my Tonbokiri will protect you to the best of his ability.
Bubble 8: You say you don't need my territory? Then what are you possibly getting out of this?
Bubble 9: Could you be…?!


Bubble 1: King Shino,
Bubble 2: Become my vassal.
Bubble 3: There are many things I must do no matter what,
Bubble 4: And to do so, I will need a large amount of power.
Bubble 5: King Shino, I was wondering if you might lend me your strength.


Bubble 1: Hahahahahahaha!
Bubble 2: You two are a real piece of work!
Bubble 3: You said you don't need my territory, did you not?
Bubble 4: And you're going to take me into your service, as lacking in domain as you are?
Bubble 5: That’s nothing short of like a foot soldier taking into service a daimyo!
Bubble 6: Yes, you're right.
Bubble 7: But,
Bubble 8: I have Tonbokiri by my side.
Bubble 9: I came here to become the very best through my own strength!
Bubble 10: I don't need any territory's weirdo powers!
Bubble 11: …That sounds just like you.


Bubble 1: We may revolt against you once Tsubakimaru heals, you know.
Bubble 2: I don't care.
Bubble 3: When that time comes,
Bubble 4: Yeah.
Bubble 5: You'll wish you'd never crossed us.


Bubble 1: Well, aside of that,
When you get better, let's have another battle, upperclassman.
Bubble 2: King Homura.
Bubble 3: I acknowledge you.
Bubble 4: I, representative of Higo, Ukeuchi Shino, pledge service to you, King Homura.


Bubble 1: Hey, look at that.
Bubble 2: It's King Homura.
Bubble 3: Seems like she beat down King Shino and has her as a follower now.
Bubble 4: Wow. She was only a Rank F up until yesterday, and now she's jumped up to daimyo class.


Bubble 1: Hey, over there!
Bubble 2: Stop flirting with my Sword!
Bubble 3: But my Tsubakimaru is in the hospital right now!
Bubble 4: Even though I have domain, I don't have a Sword, so I'm easy prey.
Bubble 5: Didn't you and this boy say you would protect me yesterday?
Bubble 6: I…I did say that, yes…


Bubble 1: Besides, I've come to like this boy!
Mmm, what lovely muscles!
Bubble 2: Huh?
Bubble 3: Wh-
Bubble 4: What say you?
How about becoming my Sword instead of being with that short and ugly girl over there?
Bubble 5: You have Tsubakimaru already, don't you?
Bubble 6: No matter. Nothing says that a King is limited to only one Sword.
Bubble 7: Oh yeah?
Bubble 8: I'll give you amazing service…
Bubble 9: Ah well, hahahaha…
Bubble 10: Ahahah, unbelievable.
Bubble 11: That my Sword would be this lecherous and unprincipled…
Bubble 12: H-hey now… You were still holding onto a gun…?
Bubble 13: What's more, aren't you a bit bigger than before?


Bubble 1: It's not a problem.
Bubble 2: You can stand this much.
Bubble 3: Kyaaa! I can't believe she's actually shooting at us!
Bubble 4: Hiiiiii!
Bubble 5: Quiet, you womanizer!
You pervert!

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