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Ware wa Ken-oh!! 4

Battle 2: Versus the Bearer of Rain

+ posted by Teishou as translation on Dec 12, 2011 20:36 | Go to Ware wa Ken-oh!!

-> RTS Page for Ware wa Ken-oh!! 4

Ware wa Ken-Oh! Chapter 4


Chapter 4: Battle 2: Versus the Bearer of Rain

Text: I don't recall my parents' faces all that well.
Box 1: Before I was old enough to understand what was going on, I was recognized as having the ability of a King
And was summoned to the Kuga household for that very reason.
Box 2: The Kuga household was a lesser daimyo in the eastern region,
And aside of myself, close to twenty other King candidates were there,
Box 3: But, I was the single person remaining from a competition between everyone.
Box 4: And then,
Bubble 1: From here forth, you can use me as your Sword.


Bubble 1: Up until my very death.
Box 1: I entered into a contract with her.
Text: I was so happy.
Box 2: From that day forth, no matter what we did, we were always together.
Box 3: If I was together with Aina, no matter how difficult the training, we always withstood it.
Box 4: And then, without really knowing why, I dreamed of unifying the entire country.


Text: But then…
Bubble 1: A-
Bubble 2: Aina…?
Bubble 3: No…
Bubble 4: This can't be…


Bubble 1: A dream…
Bubble 2: I still can't get over…
Bubble 3: That horrible dream…
Bubble 4: Are you okay? You were having pretty bad dream.
Bubble 5: Oh, yeah, I'm fine.


Bubble 1: Wha…
Bubble 2: Wha-wha-wha-wha…
Bubble 3: You! What are you doing in my bed?!
Bubble 4: UGYAAAH!
Bubble 5: Wait a sec! You were half-asleep and crawled into my futon last night!
Bubble 6: Huh?
Bubble 7: Ah…
Bubble 8: Aaaahh!
Bubble 9: Geez…


Bubble 1: Ugh…
Bubble 2: Haaah…
Bubble 3: Quiet, you!
I'm sorry about this morning!
Bubble 4: I don't really care about it.
Bubble 5: But what the hell is going on with this school?
Bubble 6: You were admitted into the school and you know that we switched to the same class,
But this thing about girls and boys sharing the same dorm room
Bubble 7: Is not something I can do anything about! That's how everything was decided!
Bubble 8: You're my Sword, and it's only natural that we always be together.
Bubble 9: Always together, huh…?


Bubble 1: Speaking of which,
I'd heard this school was loaded, but everywhere I look is really upscale.
Bubble 2: I thought the dorm rooms would all be small and have bunk beds
Bubble 3: That's what the junior high and regular student's dorms are like.
Bubble 4: Though I am weak, since I'm now a King, I was given that dorm room.
Bubble 5: Our meals are supposed to be different from a normal student's too.
Bubble 6: Hmm. Quite the warm welcome.
Bubble 7: Seeing as Kings and Swords are representatives from all over the country.
Bubble 8: But also because
Bubble 9: We don't know what battle we may die in.


Bubble 1: Mmm, what lovely weather.
On top of that, today's been rather quiet.
Bubble 2: Oh yeah, speaking of which, where is Shino-senpai?
Bubble 3: King Shino is going back to her home country starting this weekend.
Bubble 4: Back home?
Bubble 5: Well, a country of Higo's level is suddenly following someone of a low rank like me.
Bubble 6: It's causing all kinds of disputes internally.
Bubble 7: Hey, look at that.
Bubble 8: It's King Homura.
Bubble 9: Unbelievable, rising up from Rank F just once and only by using that Sword's strength.
Bubble 10: She appears to be very, very pleased she came upon such a fine Sword.
Bubble 11: But how did she manage to get him?
Bubble 12: Maybe she sold her body.
Bubble 13: Kuh!


Bubble 1: Forget about them.
Bubble 2: I wasn't really concerned over them.
Bubble 3: It doesn't matter what they say.
Bubble 4: This way.
Bubble 5: Let's take a shortcut.
Bubble 6: What is this place?


Bubble 1: It's the remains of the old shutdown school building and the grave sites from the previous battle.
Bubble 2: Until everyone graduates, the fallen Kings and Swords will be retained here.
Bubble 3: Grave sites?!
Bubble 4: All of these are graves?!
Bubble 5: I get what's going on now.
Bubble 6: That's why no one comes through here even though it's quicker.


Bubble 1: That's true. No one takes a liking to disturbing the rest of the dead.
Bubble 2: But I wonder about Shorty over there.
Bubble 3: There are two things about Kuga Homura that really stand out…
Bubble 4: Her Chinese hair bands and Tonbokiri.
Bubble 5: Just kidding.
Bubble 6: Did I scare you?
Bubble 7: Akikusa!
Bubble 8: Ahahaha. Don't get so mad.
Bubble 9: Even if you do, nothing good's going to come out of it.


Bubble 1: Morning, Shorty, Hongou-kun.
Bubble 2: Or, should I be calling you Tonbokiri now?
Bubble 3: Call me what you want.
Bubble 4: Okay.
Bubble 5: Hmmm.
Bubble 6: But, well, you know…
Bubble 7: D-don't stare at me like that.
Bubble 8: You got a really rough and tough name.
Bubble 9: Tonbikiri is the name of a legendary sword in Shorty's family.
Bubble 10: Sword?
Bubble 11: An heirloom.
Bubble 12: A person is a treasure,
And as such,
A Sword.


Bubble 1: Tonbokiri is a name so legendary that it hasn't been used for generations so as to not sully it.
You're quite bold to use it.
Bubble 2: What name to use is at the discretion of the King,
King Ichirou.
Bubble 3: I guess you're right.
Bubble 4: Should a dragonfly rest its wings on the edge of the sword, the sword will split in completely in two.
Bubble 5: The name of that marvelous sword is Tonbokiri.
A sword absolutely unparalleled in the world!
Bubble 6: It's said the Tonbokiri used last generation is now especially held sacred in these graves.
Bubble 7: Well, for a King's Sword, a sword carries a strong connotation of courtesy,
Bubble 8: But as far as that thing goes…


Bubble 1: It's got amazing destructive power!
Bubble 2: Well, whatever works…
Bubble 3: Oh man.
Bubble 4: Class is starting. Let's get going.
Bubble 5: Akikusa,
You sure know a lot about stuff.
Bubble 6: Suppose so.
Bubble 7: My hobby is appreciating of various amazing swords, after all.
Bubble 8: …So you're a King, too.
Bubble 9: More or less.
Bubble 10: There are times I've been called a devoted fool, though.


Bubble 1: So?
Bubble 2: Is your Sword strong?
Bubble 3: Man, you're really something else.
Bubble 4: I have one point of advice for you.
Bubble 5: Hm?
Bubble 6: Be careful in the rain.
Bubble 7: Seems like it's going to pour today.
Bubble 8: Rain?
Bubble 9: There's not a single cloud in the sky.


Bubble 1: It really did start raining.
Bubble 2: Hm?
Bubble 3: Children?


Bubble 1: What are they doing out in the rain?
Bubble 2: WHOA!
Bubble 3: Uwaah!
Bubble 4: Kyaa!
Bubble 5: What?!


Bubble 1: Are you the one who defeated King Shino of Higo?
Bubble 2: That's me!
Bubble 3: My name is Kuga Homura!
Bubble 4: Are you Tonbokiri, Hongou Yoshiaki?!
Bubble 5: Are you positively him?!


Bubble 1: Ummm…
Bubble 2: Is this a battle between you Kings?
Bubble 3: What power does a Rank F have?
Bubble 4: So you must have been the one to take down our esteemed sister!
Bubble 5: I am the former retainer of the Ikeuchi keep, Onei!
Bubble 6: Likewise, I am her Sword, Orine!


Bubble 1: Here we come!
Bubble 2: Uwah!
Bubble 3: Kyaa!
Bubble 4: Shit!
Bubble 5: You're going to fight here?!


Bubble 1: Ah!
Bubble 2: Follow me!
Bubble 3: We're fighting outside!
Bubble 4: You think we'll let you get away?!
Bubble 5: Maaan, and I went through the trouble of warning him and everything, and he still went in to the rain.
Bubble 6: King Ichirou.


Bubble 1: Pay close attention to that.
Bubble 2: Whoa!
Bubble 3: Hongou-kun's feet are getting stuck in the mud, and his power isn't communicating well with the ground.
Bubble 4: Damn!
Bubble 5: Those two
Bubble 6: Orine-chan, hurry!
Bubble 7: Okay!


Bubble 1: Are freely moving around across the water, as if they were glidng.
Bubble 2: Those girls are the Rain Bearers.
Bubble 3: They called upon this rain, too.
Bubble 4: Well, it won't be much of a match to a Sword of Tonbokiri's level,
Bubble 5: But it's not really the best of circumstances for him.
Bubble 6: On top of that, his opponents are those little girls.


Bubble 1: You kids! If you're going to just run around…!


Bubble 1: You don’t have a weapon now.
Bubble 2: Whatever will you do, Tonbokiri?
Bubble 3: You wanted a fight, so you'll get one!


Bubble 1: Oh, good.
If you were a Sword that was going to run just from this,
Bubble 2: It would make our sister who you beat look rather pathetic
Bubble 3: Let me tell you something.
Bubble 4: Why are relatives of my upperclassman gunning for me?
Bubble 5: It's obvious.
That our esteemed sister is following a Rank F of all things is intolerable!
Bubble 6: Even if she accepts her defeat, we never will!
Bubble 7: So we will kill you and return our esteemed sister to he former glory!


Bubble 1: Kyaa!
Bubble 2: Onei-chan!
Bubble 3: Kyaaaaaa!


Bubble 1: You fool! What are you doing?!
Bubble 2: Enough with your crazy talk… Like I can hit a child!


Bubble 1: Unbelievable!
Bubble 2: That pervert!
Bubble 3: Ahaha, did you hear that?
Bubble 4: Could he be a guy who won't hit a woman?
Bubble 5: Relax, girls. I'll be sure to give the Sword over there a good scolding.
Bubble 6: How ludicrous!
Can you tell the difference between the two of us?!


Bubble 1: HOMURA!
Bubble 2: Tch!
Bubble 3: She made a wall of water and diverted the bullet's trajectory!
Bubble 4: The Rank F.
Bubble 5: Inexcusable, bringing a gun into a King's fight.
Bubble 6: Change of plans.


Bubble 1: Start with killing her!


Bubble 1: Guh!
Bubble 2: Tonbokiri!
Bubble 3: Well done on getting back in time! That's the amazing sword, Tonbokiri, for you!
Bubble 4: But you can you protect that woman while fighting us?!
Bubble 5: Heh.

To be continued.

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