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Ware wa Ken-oh!! 5

Battle 2: Versus the Bearer of Rain

+ posted by Teishou as translation on Dec 13, 2011 05:43 | Go to Ware wa Ken-oh!!

-> RTS Page for Ware wa Ken-oh!! 5

Ware wa Ken-Oh! Chapter 5


Chapter 5: Battle 2: Versus the Bearer of Rain

Bubble 1: Well done on getting back.
Bubble 2: That's the amazing sword, Tonbokiri, for you!
Bubble 3: But will you be able to fight while protecting that girl?!
Bubble 4: Heh!


Bubble 1: Ah!
Bubble 2: W-wait!
Bubble 3: Don’t run away!
Bubble 4: What was with all that big talk before?!
Bubble 5: Didn't you say, " You wanted a fight, so you'll get one!"?!
Bubble 6: This is a strategic retreat!
Bubble 7: What did you say?!
Bubble 8: As if we'll let you go!


Bubble 1: Aaaahh, what WAS that?!
My eyes hurt…
Bubble 2: Tch!


Bubble 1: We lost them, somehow.
Bubble 2: I apologize…
Bubble 3: The reason you're having such a hard time against kids like them is due to my powerlessness…
Bubble 4: A Sword's strength is based on the King's, and a King's strength is proportionate to the extent of territories that follow him or her.
As I don't have any territory, you don't receive any powers.
Bubble 5: I didn't care at all about taking over the country or whatever, so I didn't think I needed any domain,
But if this is going to happen, then maybe I should have taken King Shino's domain back then…


Bubble 1: If you're looking for strength, you've got it.
Bubble 2: When I break is when you fall, right?
Bubble 3: …Yeah.
Bubble 4: I will never let you die!
Bubble 5: So I will never break!
Bubble 6: That
Is my power!


Text: That's right!
Text: The role of a King is not just handing down the power of a domain to the Sword.
Bubble 1: Tonbokiri.
Text: Giving the Sword adequate instructions is an important part of being a King, too!
Bubble 2: All right, we know their ability is a high maneuverability that makes it seem they're gliding across the water.
Bubble 3: But I don't think they'll attack you, being cautious of a frontal counterattack.
Bubble 4: Yeah.
But them circling around me is a pain.
Bubble 5: But if we lure them to a place where they can't make the best of their abilities…
Bubble 6: You mean someplace narrow?
Bubble 7: Like a classroom or a hallway?
Bubble 8: No! If they move that freely, they would just move around you three-dimensionally.
Bubble 9: The woods would restrict our attacks, too.
Bubble 10: The ideal would be to have shorter height to work with,
And create unstable obstacles where they couldn't get a good footholds…


Bubble 1: That's it!
Bubble 2: All right, I've got this.
Bubble 3: Wa-, hold on!
Bubble 4: This is an order! You stay here!
Bubble 5: What?!


Bubble 1: Swords do not give orders to Kings!
Bubble 2: Swords and Kings were formally men and women.
Bubble 3: Sorry.
Bubble 4: But if we're together, I can't protect you.
Text: Ahh…
Bubble 5: Heeey, Orine-chan, are they really over here?
Bubble 6: Mm…probably.
Bubble 7: You understan?
Until I get back, you stay right here.


Bubble 1: Ah!
Bubble 2: There he is!
Bubble 3: After him, Orine-chan!
Bubble 4: Wait up!
Text: That's true,
Text: He was correct in his judgment…
Text: If someone like me stood at his side, unable to give him any power, I would only be a hindrance…
Text: Especially like today, I can't fight satisfactorily against opponents directly aiming for the King…


Text: If I go about this the wrong way, then he might end up like Aina…
Text: What fight between kings?
Text: I've only been protected thus far…
Text: Just like now, I'm hiding myself in the shadows without doing a single thing…
Text: That there could be a King like this is laughable…


Text: I can't
Text: Do this!
Text: Besides, I am a King!
Text: As a King, I must carry out my duties!
Bubble 1: There you are.
Bubble 2: Ah!
Bubble 3: What
Bubble 4: Are you doing someplace like this?


Bubble 1: What's wrong, Tonbokiri?
Not running away anymore?
Bubble 2: Nah.
Bubble 3: This is the end of the line.
Bubble 4: Hmmm…
So you chose to die in a graveyard.
Bubble 5: How clever of you. You've saved us the trouble of carrying you here.
Bubble 6: It would seem your King got away,
Bubble 7: But allow us to hunt her down for you later.
Bubble 8: You won't know if you can if you don't fight me.


Bubble 1: No King, no weapon, just a muscle-bound fool!
Bubble 2: This is our win!
Bubble 3: Wah!
Bubble 4: Whoa, whoa…
Bubble 5: Kya!
Bubble 6: How 's that for you?
Bubble 7: You can't use those feet you're oh so proud of.
Bubble 8: Kuh!
Bubble 9: Using a place like this to fight!


Bubble 1: Hold off on the battle!
Bubble 2: Eh?!
Bubble 3: Ah?!
Bubble 4: Sh-
Bubble 5: Shino-onee-sama!


Bubble 1: What the hell are you two doing?
Bubble 2: I was going home to keep this from no happening, and yet here you two are, running about everywhere!
Bubble 3: B-but, esteemed sister…
Bubble 4: Silence!
Bubble 5: I do not wish to hear any of your unsightly excuses.
Bubble 6: Even more, you have sullied my good name.
Bubble 7: Uuu…
Bubble 8: Aauuh…
Bubble 9: We're so sorry!
We will perform hara-kiri in apology! (TN: Hara-kiri is the cutting of one's stomach to maintain honor.)
Bubble 10: All right, do it!
I will give you the kaishaku! (TN: Kaishaku is the beheading of a person who has performed hara-kiri.)


Bubble 1: Wait, King Shino.
Bubble 2: What they did was reasonable.
Bubble 3: No one wants to be controlled by a King inferior to themselves.
Bubble 4: As such,
Bubble 5: We will continue this battle until everything is settled.


Bubble 1: What?!
Bubble 2: I understand.
Bubble 3: Well, I was a bit hasty.
Bubble 4: Onei, Orine!
You're lucky the King in charge is so lenient!
Bubble 5: Fight them to the best of your abilities!
Bubble 6: Uhh, okay, I don't really get what's going on, but it seems we were acquitted of charges…
Bubble 7: And now we're allowed to kill them?
Bubble 8: Lucky!
Bubble 9: Wh-whoa now, stay over there near Shino-san.
Bubble 10: Tonbokiri, crouch down a bit.
Bubble 11: Hm?
Like this?


Bubble 1: Ow…
Bubble 2: What the hell did you do that for?!


Bubble 1: You understand me?
Bubble 2: Don't ever do that again!
Bubble 3: I am the King!
Bubble 4: I don't want
To let my Sword fight alone, as only I hide away in some safe place!
Bubble 5: If I did that, and was the only to come out alive,
I could never forgive myself.


Bubble 1: You are my Sword!
I gave you the famous name, Tonbokiri!
Bubble 2: So, no matter who you are fighting, protect me and win!
Bubble 3: Geez…
Bubble 4: There you go, talking crazy…


Bubble 1: But!
Bubble 2: You're right – I'm not a man if I can't do that!
Bubble 3: Hahahaha! I'm sorry about earlier.
Bubble 4: Like you said, you are my King.
Bubble 5: All right then!
Bubble 6: Huuuh,
Are they done now?
Bubble 7: Now, time to easily turn this around!
Bubble 8: Yeah!


Bubble 1: So?
You really can't hit a woman?
Bubble 2: That's my policy.
Bubble 3: Geez…
Bubble 4: He's right…the one thing differentiating between the two is that the King is physically a normal woman.
Bubble 5: Fine.
I'll deal with the King.
Bubble 6: You can tell the difference between the two of them?
That was my biggest problem…


Bubble 1: It's simple.
Bubble 2: Doesn’t matter who you attack, but if you do it properly, the Sword is bound to use her ability to defend.
Bubble 3: Just like that?!


Bubble 1: This is the King!
Bubble 2: Onei-chan!
Bubble 3: You won't get past me.
Bubble 4: I am your opponent!


Bubble 1: Move, you muscle-bound fool!
Bubble 2: Whoa!


Text: What?
Text: Water?
Text: They're drops of water?!
Bubble 2: Attacking with raindrops moving so fast that they're like bullets is a special technique of a Rain Bearer.
Bubble 3: Seems she's improved a bit.
Bubble 4: Shit!
Shooting one bullet after another is amazingly effective!
Bubble 5: If this keeps up…
Bubble 6: Ahahaha! What's the matter, Tonbokiri?!


Bubble 1: You truly do have amazing strength,
Bubble 2: But
Bubble 3: You can't attack me from outside your range!
Bubble 4: Tonbokiri!
Bubble 5: You don't really have the time to pay him any attention, do you?!
Bubble 6: Ahaha! I wish we could've done this from the start!
Onei-chan, wait for me, okay? I'll take down this guy and meet you over there!
Bubble 7: Sure!
Bubble 8: Kuh!


Bubble 1: What now?
Bubble 2: What should I do?!
Bubble 3: If I could just get a weapon over to Tonbokiri…
Bubble 4: Tonbokiri!
Bubble 5: Draw that sword!


Bubble 1: What?!
Bubble 2: That one over there! Next to the indigo-colored one!
Bubble 3: This one?!
Bubble 4: Like a Japanese sword can make up for your reach!
Bubble 5: HN!


Bubble 1: Wha…
Bubble 2: What is that…
Bubble 3: Hmmm.
Bubble 4: That's…
Text: That sword exceeds four meters long and looks almost as if it were a spear.
Text: It cuts a stopped dragonfly in two.
Text: The name of that sword is Tonbokiri, a marvelous sword unrivaled in the entire world!
Bubble 5: That sword has been buried in the dirt for a long time! I'm going to smash it to pieces!
Bubble 6: A true sword
Bubble 7: Will never break!


Bubble 1: It will never decay!
Bubble 2: Will never rust!
Bubble 3: Iyaaa…
Bubble 4: That's against the rules…


Bubble 1: Orine-chan!
Bubble 2: Ah…


Bubble 1: So, what are you going to do?
Bubble 2: Want to continue?
Bubble 3: Orine-chan…
Bubble 4: We…
Bubble 5: We give up.


Bubble 1: But, all things considered,
Bubble 2: This is the beloved sword of the Tonbokiri of old, huh…
Bubble 3: The more I look at it, the more amazing a sword it looks.
Bubble 4: How could you, King Homura?
If you had something like available, why didn't you give it to Tonbokiri earlier?
Bubble 5: Don't look at me. I didn't think he'd be able to use it.
Bubble 6: What?!
Bubble 7: You wouldn't normally think a sword buried in the ground for so long could be used.
Bubble 8: I also hadn't checked for myself to see if it really was the famed sword of years past.
Bubble 9: Well, yeah, but, you could tell out this sword out of all the swords in the mountain, couldn't you?
Bubble 10: …I could never mistake that sword.


Bubble 1: Next to where that sword was is the indigo mounted sword.
Bubble 2: Aina lays sleeping below there.
Bubble 3: By Aina, you mean…
Bubble 4: Yes.
Bubble 5: The one who was my Sword before you.
Bubble 6: I knew of the rumor about you losing a sword almost immediately after you enrolled.
Bubble 7: But what actually happened back then?


Bubble 1: Every new student participated in a battle after the entrance ceremony
Bubble 2: Just like these two fools, there were a number of people who breached the agreement. Originally, no one was supposed to lose their lives.
Bubble 3: That day…
Bubble 4: We were on our way back home after taking commemorative photos in our new senior high uniforms…
Bubble 5: And we were suddenly ambushed by a number of people…
Bubble 6: What?!
Bubble 7: What was that?!
Bubble 8: But the breach was supposed to be a good thing!


Bubble 1: Did you report it to the committee?!
Bubble 2: Yes, of course.
Bubble 3: But they didn't give me the time of day.
Your opponent was wrong, go make them apologize, they said.
Bubble 4: What the…?
Bubble 5: Who was your opponent…?
Bubble 6: Imagawa Soushun.
Bubble 7: More than of the eastern region, over 5,733,000 cubic feet, are all under his reign and that of his Swords.


Bubble 1: Hey, Onei-chan, is she talking about THAT Imagawa?
Bubble 2: Yeah.
Bubble 3: Is he that big a deal?
Bubble 4: I see now. Of course the committee would overlook him.
Bubble 5: I hate to say this, a weak land like the Kuga Keep may be annihilated through the breach of contract,
But that guy would be the closest to being the ruler of the entire country.
Bubble 6: You've more or less grasped an understanding of your situation.
Bubble 7: So, the reason why you want to accomplish what you spoke of before is because…
Bubble 8: Yes.
Bubble 9: I could care less about ruling the entire country.


Bubble 1: My goal is Imagawa Soushun's head!
Bubble 2: I will avenge Aina!
Bubble 3: That is why
Bubble 4: I want you to lend me strength.


Bubble 1: Hah!
Bubble 2: Ridiculous!
Bubble 3: I find it hard to believe that my master at present
Bubble 4: Has utterly no desire to take over the country!
Bubble 5: Count me in.
Bubble 6: Bringing down Imagawa is the quickest way to reigning over the country, after all.
Bubble 7: King Shino…


Bubble 1: I'm in this, too!
Bubble 2: Tonbokiri!
Bubble 3: I don't really get all of this, but even though this Imagawa guy is so strong, he's playing foul!
Bubble 4: People like him really piss me off!
Bubble 5: Thank you.


Bubble 1: If Shino-onee-sama is helping, we will too!
Bubble 2: No! You two are not of age to battle yet!
Bubble 3: Eeeeeeeeeeeh.
Bubble 4: Seems like you haven't reflected on your actions from the last battle…
Bubble 5: And she's a weirdo on top of everything else…
Bubble 6: At any rate, I got a handle on your goal and feel pretty refreshed.


Bubble 1: Our enemy is Imagawa!
Bubble 2: Aim for being the best in all the country!

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