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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Bakuman 167

Nonsense and a Few Words

+ posted by Teishou as translation on Feb 20, 2012 04:53 | Go to Bakuman

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Bakuman Chapter 167


Chapter 167: Nonsense and a Few Words

Text: A cuteness unequaled…
Hatred a hundredfold…
Bubble 1: People are making a really big fuss over that article that was just in the papers.
Bubble 2: Yeah, but it's true she and I are going out.
Bubble 3: But don't you think it's a bit too harsh?


Bubble 1: They're making it out to be like she's a defiled voice actress or something,
When in reality, you guys haven't even kissed.
Bubble 2: It has nothing to do with that.
It's about how we're going steady,
Not about whether we've kissed or whatever.
Text: No…it does have something to do with that.
Text: They won't see one another until their dreams come true. I can't forgive them for writing stuff like that about those two who have come this far…
Bubble 3: People are even writing "Die, Ashirogi Muto!"
And you know it's not going to end there.
Bubble 4: I told you I don't really read the papers.
Bubble 5: It wasn't half-heartedly written out!
It said we gave her the PCP Drama CD because she's your girlfriend, too!
Bubble 6: Well, there's that reasoning, too.


Bubble 1: This is wrong!
Bubble 2: This is all for fulfilling your dreams, right…?
Bubble 3: You and Azuki devoted yourselves to becoming a mangaka and a voice actress. To reach that goal for your dreams,
You've worked hard,
And stepped up your game, haven't you?!
Bubble 4: Why are you guys being made out like some kind of scum?!
Bubble 5: Even though you just have pure love like a natural treasure…
Bubble 6: …Your feelings on this warm my heart.
Bubble 7: But everything will go fine as long as we keep to ourselves and draw out a decent manga…


Bubble 1: The anime staff will be here February 9th.
Bubble 2: …I know. That's why our schedule's so packed.
Bubble 3: If they see this, they may hold off on promoting Azuki to the heroine.
Bubble 4: Are you okay with being crushed down by a rumor that's been blown out of proportion?!
Bubble 5: What should we do about it then?
Bubble 6: When we show that we're Ashirogi Muto online,
Should we write, "We have not even kissed," or something?
Bubble 7: I don't want to have to justify ourselves.
There's nothing manly about that, and I don't want to o that to Azuki either.
And they won't believe whatever I say anyway.
Bubble 8: I guess you're right… You'd just be adding fuel to the fire.
Bubble 9: But,


Bubble 1: I'm telling the anime staff I want Azuki Miho to play as Naho.
Bubble 2: Fair and square, as the author of "REVERSI".
Bubble 3: Yeah…okay…
You can tell them you want to be the author of it.
Bubble 4: Azuki is a voice actress. Her true worth is in her acting, and isn't because of she's my girlfriend or anything.
Text: …Well, he is right about that…
Text: If he's even telling himself that, then I've just got to learn to accept it…
Bubble 5: Hattori-san's here with the manuscript.
Shut down the computer.


Bubble 1: All right, your manuscript's A-OK.
Bubble 2: Hattori-san, is it okay?
Bubble 3: Hm? Is what okay?
Bubble 4: Is it okay for Azuki Miho to play as Naho?
Bubble 5: Oh, that.
Bubble 6: There's nothing wrong with her doing so. Don’t worry about it.
Text: But it's only going to get worse now…


Bubble 1: I apologize for what Kitami has done…
Bubble 2: I'm so sorry!
Bubble 3: Azuki Miho is at the prime of her popularity!
For you to do that now…
Bubble 4: I can't help but think you were envious of her popularity and wrote that out of spite!
Bubble 5: I…I…
Bubble 6: Sir.
Bubble 7: Do you realize just how many fans will leave her because of this?!
Bubble 8: What are you going to do if she loses work?!
Bubble 9: SIR!
Bubble 10: Wh-what… It's rare for you to raise your voice like that…
Bubble 11: Please stop blaming her so much.
Text: Azuki-san…


Bubble 1: It isn't as if she went out of her way to expose me.
Bubble 2: How do you know that?
Bubble 3: Because we worked together in "Impromptu 12".
Bubble 4: I know that she was very friendly and loving towards me.
Bubble 5: Th-thank you so much!
I really do respect Azuki-san!
Bubble 6: I really hadn't meant for that to happen!
Bubble 7: I hadn't thought…this would cause you so much trouble…
Bubble 8: No worries, it's true that we are dating.
That I couldn't say anything is because of my lack of ability as a voice actress, and can hardly be helped on your part.
Bubble 9: Listen here! Make sure you do not confess you're in a relationship or anything like that!
You hear?!


Box 1: February 9
Bubble 1: Thank you so much for coming all the way here.
Bubble 2: We apologize about our place being so cramped and messy.
Bubble 3: I'm the producer, Konaka.
Bubble 4: M-mighty kind of you… I'm sorry, we don't have business cards to give you…
Bubble 5: I'm Ehara, the director.
Bubble 6: Pleasure to meet you.
Bubble 7: I'm the animation director, Tamiya.
Bubble 8: I'm the one they have writing the script. Name's Oobayashi.
Bubble 9: O-our chairs are all filthy, but please, have a seat.


Bubble 1: As we do respect the original work, we'd like to be as close to the original as possible.
Bubble 2: We're most appreciative!
Bubble 3: In addition,
Bubble 4: If you have any requests, please do tell us.
Bubble 5: A-about the voice actors…
Bubble 6: I would like for Azuki Miho-san to play as Naho.


Bubble 1: Sir…
This may sound rude, but are you aware of the rumors circulating on the internet?
Bubble 2: I am.
Bubble 3: Azuki Miho and I are in a relationship.
Bubble 4: So it's true…
In that case, we'll have to carefully think over putting her in that role.


Bubble 1: Wh-why is that?!
She fits the image of Naho.
And she's at the top of her class in ability in all of the voice actors.
Bubble 2: While knowing she's in a relationship with Mashiro-sensei, if we appoint her to that position, then just like the rumors..
She'll be put in that position because she's his girlfriend.
Bubble 3: No, well, even if I do say that, we won't hold much control over it…
Bubble 4: We want as many people to watch and enjoy the anime as possible.
And if you think of that issue, even those that don't believe Mashiro-sensei and Azuki-san to be dating…
Bubble 5: True, if we employ her, there's no denying the possibility of an uproar happening online… And I don't think it will be a topic spoken of well, either…


Bubble 1: We will decide everything through auditions.
Bubble 2: Of course, if you'd like for Azuki Miho to enter, then we will let her do so.
Bubble 3: The one most fitting for the role of Naho will act as her.
Bubble 4: …Huh…
Bubble 5: B-but to say that…
No, I understand your feelings as the director, and respect them, but…
Bubble 6: Oh man…
It was nice of the director to say that, but I wonder just how opposed the producer will be towards it.
Bubble 7: But hey, which one do you think is higher-ranked: the producer or the director?
Bubble 8: This isn't a problem… Azuki will take that role using her true abilities…
She's going to get it…
Bubble 9: Saiko…


Box 1: March 5th's Issue No.14 of "REVERSI" announced its anime production
Box 2: And once again at the very same time…
Bubble 1: Not cool…
So they've decided to run their own anime, huh. His wife's going to play as Naho.
The world of adults is so dirty.
Not really adults, but Azuki's filthy. Filthy voice actress Azukyun.
The one at fault here's Ashirogi. He'd be stupid to seriously use Azukyun.
Changing subjects here, but Azukyun's lessening her workload right now, so she can be in his anime.
No, she's losing work because she was exposed about being in a relationship with him since junior high.
I used to be her fan, too. It's rare for voice actress to be pure.
Azukyun? More like little hussy-kyun.
Hussy-kyun? Lol Good one.
Bubble 2: I told you to stop looking at that stuff online.
Bubble 3: All we'll do is worry if we do…


Bubble 1: Well, the even the editing department is getting in all these calls from Azukyun fans. It's pretty bad.
Bubble 2: Azukyun's a cute one, isn't she? The life of an idol voice actress is hard, huh.
Bubble 3: Whatever, this is crap. They smashed the CDs, tore up her pictures and burned them.
Bubble 4: On top of posting up that pic,
People keep saying "Die Ashirogi" and "Azuki's been fucking since junior high" and crap.
Bubble 5: Hattori's upset too since they're saying that even though those two aren't meeting and are working real hard to make their dreams a reality.
Bubble 6: Huh? They haven't been seeing each other?
Bubble 7: Oh yeah, I heard about this from Miuchi, but,
Azuki Miho who came to audition for "+Natural" has dreamt of acting as the heroine in Ashirogi's manga-turned-anime.
Seems like she's wanted to do that since junior high.
Bubble 8: …I feel like I've heard that somewhere before…
Text: Oh… In Aoki Ko's "A Time of Green Leaves"…


Bubble 1: Yujiro! You can go home now!
Bubble 2: Huh? Oh, okay, well, I'll just take the manuscript with me.
See you.
Bubbled SFX: Beep beep
Bubble 3: It's me, Fukuda.
Bubble 4: Good evening.
Bubble 5: About that story you wrote before, "A Time of Green Leaves",
The main couple in it that weren't going to see each other until their dreams came true… Were you writing about Mashiro-kun and Azukyun?
Bubble 6: It's horrible, isn't it. All these rumors have sprouted up…
Despite Mashiro-kun and Miho-chan having a genuine love for each other, and have been cheering one another on…
Bubble 7: Update me a bit more on this.
Bubble 8: You would better off asking Mashiro-san and Takagi-san themselves.
Bubble 9: Yeah, you're right…
I'll give Takagi-kun a call. Thanks.
Bubbled SFX: Beep
Bubbled SFX: Beep beep


Bubble 1: Fukuda-san.
Bubble 2: Mind telling me about this love between Mashiro-kun and Azukyun?
Bubble 3: …Sure.
Bubble 5: What the hell's with all that slander on them then?!
Bubble 6: They won't get away with this.
Rumor or not!
Bubble 7: Yasu! Today's the day "Giri" goes live on the radio, right?!
Bubble 8: Yeah.
Bubble 9: Then I've still got time!
Bubble 10: Huh?!
Bubble 11: Takagi-kun, listen to "Road Racer GIRI Radio" tonight!
Bubble 12: Huh?
Bubble 13: Pass that on to Mashiro-kun, too!
Bubble 14: Uh…okay.
Bubbled SFX: Screech


Bubble 1: We're making a getaway tonight, too! It's time for the live broadcast of:
"Road Racer GIRI Radio"!
Bubble 2: Well then, it started up this week.
This program is to completely support the ever-popular "Road Racer GIRI", a greatly popular serialization from JUMP, which airs every Friday evening at 6 on Sun Television!
Bubble 3: This is Adara Ran playing as Buchigiri!
Bubble 4: And I'm Arakawa Shoichi playing as Buchitobashi!
Bubble 5: And today, we have one more – a special guest to the show!
Bubble 6: He dropped by telling us to let him come on the air!
Bubble 7: I am the great Fukuda Shinta, creator of "Road Racer GIRI".
Bubble 8: How's it going?!
Bubble 9: Fukuda-san's on the radio…
Bubble 10: What's going on…?


Bubble 1: Good evening, Sensei!
Bubble 2: Evening!
Bubble 3: Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to drop by.
Bubble 4: Enough with the greetings already.
Bubble 5: Huh?
Bubble 6: I came here because there's something I've got to say, no matter what.
Bubble 7: Just give me ten, no, five minutes!
Bubble 8: Y-
Yes sir…
Bubble 9: Everyone listen to me!
Bubble 10: I came here because I have a few things to say about some really good friends of mine!
Small text: Fukuda, out of control?! What's he doing?!

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