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GE -Good Ending- 115

The Warm Snow

+ posted by Teishou as translation on Feb 22, 2012 08:31 | Go to GE -Good Ending-

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GE ~ Good Ending ~ Chapter 115


Chapter 115: The Warm Snow
Author: Sasuga Kei

Text: The test's over – time to have some fun!
Text: The highly popular volume 11, newly published, in stores now!
Bubble 1: Shou-senpai!
Box 1: In recent chapters: Utsumi took part in an overnight class ski trip. That night, as he goes out to practice skiing with Kurokawa, Utsumi grows determined to treat Shou better. Shou, on the other hand, only grows doubtful and sadder. Utsumi somehow made it back in time and the test went well, but…?!
Bubble 2: Good morning!
You're here early. I thought I'd gotten here pretty early myself.
Bubble 3: I was so excited, I got here thirty minutes ago.
Bubble 4: Thirty minutes?!
Bubble 5: Well anyway,
Well done on finishing your exam!
Bubble 6: Thank you for supporting me!


Bubble 1: Seems like you passed with flying colors, so I feel way better now.
I was psyched when I got your message.
Bubble 2: Heheh.
It's all thanks to that text you sent cheering me on.
Bubble 3: I've been really looking forward to our post-exam date. I've worked really hard to get this far.
So, where should we go today?
Bubble 4: Hmm, why don't we go on a little trip today?
Bubble 5: Mm…
Yeah, and that red cape you're wearing really looks good on you.
Bubble 6: Huh?
Bubble 7: I was thinking of heading to a snowy place.
Bubble 8: I really want to show my appreciation for you with a nice background to suit it.
Bubble 9: The thing is, I've got a deadline coming up in my photography class for submitting my work in for an award.
Bubble 10: And the theme of it all is "What I Hold Dear."
Bubble 11: I thought I'd enter pictures of you for the contest…


Bubble 1: So I was hoping to take photos of you in a really nice setting…
Bubble 2: …Uh.
Bubble 3: Uh, huh? Do you not like having your pictures taken?
Bubble 4: No, that's not it.
Bubble 5: I'm just so happy!


Bubble 1: Wow…
Bubble 2: To think that everything would be so different two hours away by Shinkansen…
It's like an entirely different country.
Bubble 3: No kidding. This is the close to where my class went for the skiing trip.
Bubble 4: Okay! Let's make sure your photos get an amazing award!
I'll do my best as your model!
Bubble 5: If you're just as you always are, everything will go fine.
Bubble 6: Okay.
Bubble 7: Say cheese!


Bubble 1: I borrowed a really good digital camera this time around so you can see your pictures.
How do they look?
Bubble 2: Oh, wow! Your photos are amazing!
It's like a whole photography collection!
Bubble 3: No way. You really helped me out, though, by going with the flow.
Bubble 4: Huh?
Bubble 5: It was a mess taking pictures of Yuki before.
Bubble 6: She's so bad with getting her pictures taken that her face kept stiffening up.


Bubble 1: Oh…
Bubble 2: She did…?
Bubble 3: So, how about we go get something to eat?
Bubble 4: Oh, speaking of which…did your muscle pain ease up already?
Bubble 5: Not at all the way yet… Sitting down in my chair yesterday was torture.
Bubble 6: Ahahah! That's how I was, too.
Were you able to ski okay?
Bubble 7: I more or less did all right on the beginner's course…
Bubble 8: That's great!
Bubble 9: Yuki gave me some special training, all so I could help you learn, too.
Bubble 10: …Oh yeah?
I'll leave it to you, then…
Bubble 11: I don't know if I can do it just as learned either, though.


Bubble 1: Oh yeah! It's thanks to those lessons that I got in so much trouble.
Bubble 2: Yuki managed to get a hold of a ticket, so that night, we snuck out to get some skiing in,
And the ski slope we'd been on was really good. But then the lift stopped right then in the middle of a blizzard.
Bubble 3: Huh…
Bubble 4: Then I freaked out and fell down from the lift…
Bubble 5: And then the two starting totally making out in front of the lockers and…
Text: Whoa, what…?
Bubble 6: S-Senpai…
Is there something wrong?


Bubble 1: No…
Bubble 2: Not really…
Text: I guess she's not having all that much fun…
Well, I did do nothing but talk…
Bubble 3: H-how was it when you went on your ski trip?
Anything fun happen?
Bubble 4: Not really.
I didn't really ski all that well.
Bubble 5: …Hey.
Bubble 6: Utsumi-kun,
Bubble 7: Do you like me?
Bubble 8: Huh…?
Bubble 9: I-I like you…
But uh…


Bubble 1: Somehow,
It doesn't seem like you're really here.
Bubble 2: What's wrong?
Why bring that up so suddenly…
Bubble 3: I've been thinking this for awhile,
I feel like my feelings for you seem a lot stronger than yours for me.
Bubble 4: Holding hands, sending messages…I'm usually the one that starts everything.
It's always me and I get so worked up over it…
Bubble 5: Besides, I'm the one who pushed you into dating me, right?
Bubble 6: What are you talking about?! That's not true!
Bubble 7: Yes, it is…
Bubble 8: You aren't even considering lessening the distance between you and me.
Bubble 9:We're a couple, but you still insist on being so formal with me.


Bubble 1: You only ever call me "Senpai".
Bubble 2: Th-
Bubble 3: That's just…
Text: I feel like…
Text: Calling her by her first name would just be really amazing…
Bubble 4: I've had enough.
Bubble 5: I'm done.
Bubble 6: Senpai!
Bubble 7: Please wait!


Bubble 1: Senp-…
Bubble 2: Excuse me, sir, but your bill…
Bubble 3: Oh…
Bubble 4: She isn't here…
Where'd she go?
Bubble 5: She won't answer her phone at all either…
Text: Besides, I'm the one who pushed you into dating me, right?
Text: Why did she say that…?


Box 1: Behind the Restaurant
Bubble 1: It's already four o'clock…
I guess he never came looking for me.
Bubble 2: I suppose he got mad and went home by himself…
Bubble 3: But I’m not going to be the one to apologize.
Text: It would figure.
Text: He didn't put a fight…


Bubble 1: So this is where you were!
Text: I completely overlooked this place!
Bubble 2: Have you been here the entire time?!
Bubble 3: I went circling around, looking at where we went today and places where tourists throng together…
But I've finally found you!
Bubble 4: But…
Bubble 5: You can't do that, Utsumi-kun.
Bubble 6: All you did was talk about Yuki when you were with me.
Bubble 7: I hadn't even seen you for a really long time and missed you a ton and yet…
It seemed like you had such a fun time with Yuki…


Bubble 1: I felt like…I was even lonelier then than when I was single…
Text: I get it…
Text: I was wondering why she popped out with that all of a sudden,
Text: But she'd just been holding on the whole time I talked…
Bubble 2: …When we weren't together, I was wondering the whole time about the same thing,
Bubble 3: And I was really working hard to figure out what to do.
What to do today, and what to do from now on…
Text: I'm such an idiot…
Bubble 4: I thought,


Bubble 1: What can I do to make you happy?


Bubble 1: Yuki taught me how to ski, and I thought I'd get better at it with you…but other than that, nothing came to mind.
Bubble 2: I'll confess…I really think of you as someone special to me.
Bubble 3: But stuff about liking or loving you…
I was too embarrassed and just really couldn't say that kind of stuff.
Bubble 4: I've just figured out lately that
Being together with you is really fun, and you really like being with me too.
Bubble 5: Seiji-…
Bubble 6: Kun…


Bubble 1: Hey…
Bubble 2: You called me by my name…
Bubble 3: Let's…just keep things slow. No need to rush.
We've only just started going out.
Bubble 4: Se-
Bubble 5: No wait, don’t hug me! I'm all sweaty from running!
Bubble 6: Don’t worry.
Bubble 7: If I don't keep you warm,
Bubble 8: You'll catch a cold.
Bubble 9: Shou…


Text: Utsumi somehow made it through after slipping up and talking about his ex-girlfriend! Even should it rain or should the earth harden, the couple's relationship will only grow deeper…
Bubble 1: Oh.
Text: To be continued in Issue 13.
Bubble 2: Utsu- Seiji-kun, when does the Shinkansen leave?!
Bubble 3: Huh?
I think it was around five or so…
Bubble 4: We've got to go! It's already four-thirty!
Bubble 5: HUH?!
Bubble 6: I'm sorry, it's all my fault!

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