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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Gen-Cha! 1


+ posted by Teishou as translation on Mar 27, 2013 09:31 | Go to Gen-Cha!

-> RTS Page for Gen-Cha! 1

For the sole use of Galactica Scans.

Gen-Cha! Chapter 1


Text: Someone please take a look at these!
Ah, but you’re going to turn the page, aren’t you?

Panel 1

Title: The Woman Who Could Do Anything
Sub-Title: One careless touch can burn.
Bubble 1: The truth is, I can cook, too!
Bubble 2: Oh yeah…?
Bubble 3: First, please run me at full power for then minutes!
Bubble 4: And then, in the heated chamber…
Text: Master, here you go!
Bubble 5: And voila! The yakiniku is…
Bubble 6: There’s no way I’m eating meat grilled in a filthy place like that!
Bubble 7: Filthy…?! Did you just say I’m filthy?!
Text: The moral: As it is easy to get burned immediately after driving, please take caution.

Panel 2

Title: Attached with a Self-Assessment Feature
Sub-Title: If only that existed…
Bubble 1: Master!
Bubble 2: I demand sustenance (gasoline).
Bubble 3: I guess it’s about time I fuel her up…
Bubble 4: Please take a look at this! The soles of my shoes are already this worn down…!
Text: See, look!
Bubble 5: Geh! The tires are that bad?!
Small text: M-my money…
Bubble 6: And honestly, putting strength into my strained back is really…
Bubble 7: Is your suspension bad, now?!
Small text: A 14,800 yen spring
Bubble 8: Aren’t you just a pile of junk?!
Text: Don’t call me that!
Bubble 9: I bet you think I’m a really old bike, don’t you?!
Text: Also, I do really like the two strokes. It’s something I’ve wanted to ride for a long time.

Panel 3

Title: Food Poisoning…?
Sub-Title: This actually sounds like it could happen.
Bubble 1: Hm? What’s the problem, Teaem?
Box 1: In the middle of refueling
Bubble 2: I wonder how “high-octane” gasoline tastes…
Small text: There’s such a sweet ring to it…
Box: High-Octane Gasoline
Bubble 3: I’d like to be able to try that just once in my life…
Bubble 4: Oh, fine… Just this once, okay?
Small text: Gas prices are rising and everything, and my gas bill is crazy…
Bubble 5: You’re giving me high-octane?!
You’re giving me THE high-octane?!
Box: A Few Days Later…
Bubble 1: I’m sho shorry… I’m…not feeling sho well…
Bubble 2: You’re not used to the gas you drank…
Small text: You’re losing power!
Text: Low-powered bikes normally use regular gasoline…

Panel 4

Title: A Kink? An Antenna?
Sub-Title: I really wish I had this feature… vroom vroom!
Bubble 1: We’re totally tearing down this road (this phrase has long since not been used)!
Bubble 2: Yahoo!
Bubble 3: Ah!
Bubble 4: What is this feeling…?
Bubble 5: Master, we’re caught in a wide-range radar field!
Bubble 6: Please apply the brakes!
Bubble 7: Roger!
Bubble 8: Man, you really are handy to have around…
Bubble 9: Maintain at 30km/hr!
Text: Was the officer on lookout just imagining what he heard?

Text: Four complimentary 4-panel theatrical comics for those that paid any attention. Those that didn’t, you missed out.


Box 1: I can’t explain it…
Bubble 1: What the… Our storeroom’s…
Box 2: I was just searching around in our shed…
Bubble 2: Why do we just have spare parts for this machine?!
Bubble 3: Do we not have any ancestral dishes or bowls or anything…?
Bubble 4: This cash boom isn’t exactly going to last…
Box 3: That’s all I’d been doing, but…
Bubble 5: What the heck’s this huge thing?
Box 4: Then, THAT happened…!


Chapter 1: TZM

Box 1: It all started
Box 2: When I used up all my allowance.
Box 3: I’d thought that every house had at least one valuable possession,
Box 4: And with that faint hope, I started rummaging around in the shed.
Box 5: It was there that I found…


Bubble 1: Huh…?
Bubble 2: What’s with this tiny bike?


Bubble 1: What’s this doing in our shed?
Bubble 2: Huh, wait a second.
Bubble 3: There’s a girl in my class whose family owns a bike shop…
Bubble 4: May I’ll ask her how much I can sell this thing for…?
Bubble 5: Don’t sell me…
Bubble 6: You can hear my voice, can’t you?
Bubble 7: Wh-what the?!
Who’s there?!
Bubble 8: Where are you?!
Bubble 9: I’ve been waiting for you…
All this time…
Bubble 10: Right here for you…


Bubble 1: You will certainly be the one
Bubble 2: Who will let me run once again…
Box 1: I wouldn’t have even thought it possible…
Bubble 3: Please repair me!
Bubble 4: Master!
Box 2: For something like this to happen…!


Bubble 1: Master!
Bubble 2: Hey, Masteeeer!
Bubble 3: What’s up with him?


Bubble 1: Stop calling me out all the time!
Bubble 2: Then please don’t ignore me!
Bubble 3: If I start talking with something like you,
I’ll turn into this crazy weirdo!
Bubble 4: And I still think that it’d be better if you showed yourself
To some other guy instead of me.
Bubble 5: That I let you see me simply means I find you qualified!
Bubble 6: Yeah, about that…
Bubble 7: The more normal way to talk to a ghost like you should be like…
Like this! Telepathy! Or you know, telepathic communications! Or something like that!
Bubble 8: What nerve! I am obviously a fairy!
Box 1: This sucks… Seeing fairies and everything…
I say I don’t want to be seen as some crazy person,
Box 2: But it doesn’t seem like this is a dream, either…


Bubble 1: So, uh, why are you attaching yourself to someone like me?
And…what’s your name again?
Bubble 2: Teaem!
Bubble 3: I’m the fairy of your bike, the TZM50R!
Bubble 4: We fairies shelter in a number of different vehicles…
Bubble 5: If I could possibly help you be happy in any way…
Bubble 6: Okay, that’s enough.
Bubble 7: That goal is way too abstract – there’s no way I’d understand it!
Bubble 8: What, exactly, is it you want from me?
Bubble 9: And, I’ve said this over and over again, but…


Bubble 1: Without a driver’s license,
Bubble 2: I have no interest in a broken-down bike!
Bubble 3: How cruel! You’re nothing but a fraud!
Why can you see me?!
Bubble 4: That’s what I’D like to know!


Bubble 1: Hey…
Bubble 2: Go find a master who’s better than I am…
Bubble 3: Master…?
Bubble 4: I can’t do it…
Bubble 5: I…


Bubble 1: I’m not interested,
Or absorbed into anything,
Bubble 2: And I can’t have a good time…
Bubble 3: I don’t want to do something as humiliating as that…
Bubble 4: Master?
Bubble 5: Up we go…
Bubble 6: Anyway, this is your problem.
So I’ll leave you to it.


Bubble 1: There she is…
Bubble 2: H-Hayami…!
Bubble 3: Hm?
Bubble 4: Fujisawa-kun…
Bubble 5: Ah…
Bubble 6: Crap… I got carried away and called out her name…
But I…
Bubble 7: This is the first time I’ve really talked to a girl!
Bubble 8: What should I do… What should I say to bring her out…?!
Bubble 9: Who is that guy?
Bubble 10: Is he going to confess to her?!
Bubble 11: Never seen him before…
Bubble 12: U-um…
Bubble 13: Do you have some time…?


Bubble 1: It isn’t every day you come talk to me.
Bubble 2: Oh, uh, s-
Sorry… There’s something I wanted to ask you…
Small text: Um…
Bubble 3: Master, who is this girl?
Bubble 4: Her name’s Hayami Sayaka. She’s in the girls’ class but she’s the daughter of a family with a bike shop.
She’s well-known as the “legendary student president”…
Bubble 5: Ah! Someone from the bike shop?!
Bubble 6: Did you say something?
Bubble 7: Oh, ah, no, nothing!
Small text: Haha
Bubble 8: People at our school used to be forbidden from riding their motorcycles to school,
But back in her first year, Hayami became student president,
Bubble 9: And just like she’d pledged to do, she got the ban lifted, so starting the legend.
Bubble 10: That’s quite a feat, isn’t it?
Bubble 11: Of course it is!
Bubble 12: Um, Hayami…!


Bubble 1: How much would a TZM bike
Bubble 2: Go for at your shop?
Bubble 3: What are you saying?!
Bubble 4: You’re going to give me away?!
Bubble 5: Monster!
Bubble 6: It was left abandoned in my house’s shed…
Bubble 7: Fujisawa-kun…


Bubble 1: Amazing! You own a TZM?!
Bubble 2: What year is it?!
What color?!
Bubble 3: Wh-what’s up with that reaction?!
Bubble 4: Hey, did you ride it here today?!
Bubble 5: Let me see, let me see!
Bubble 6: Is this the kind of person she is?!
Bubble 7: Uh, well,
The thing is…


Bubble 1: So, you’re really getting rid of it?
Bubble 2: Yeah, well…
Bubble 3: This isn’t happening! I stand firmly against this!
Bubble 4: And also…
Bubble 5: I, said, noooo!
Bubble 6: Instead of the bike being with me, someone without a driver’s license or any interest in it…
Bubble 7: I’d rather it ridden by someone who likes bikes more.
I think that would make the bike happier, too.
Bubble 8: Master…?!


Bubble 1: Ride the TZM
Bubble 2: Fujisawa-kun!
Bubble 3: Huh…?
Bubble 4: Do you what kind of bike the TZM is?
Bubble 5: Uh…no…
I don’t have a clue…


Bubble 1: I’ll have you know the TZM is already a valuable possession!
It’s so rare that I’d have you give it to me, were that possible.
Text: A valuable possession?!
Bubble 2: What?!
Bubble 3: You serious?
Bubble 4: Did you know there are two types of engines, ones with 2-strokes and ones with 4?
Bubble 5: No clue about that stuff!
Bubble 6: I’ll leave out the details, but the job of an engine is to:
1. Inhale in both gasoline and air.
2. Compress those components.
3. Ignite them in an oven-like environment.
4. And then throw out the exhaust.
Bubble 7: Engines that do this back and forth, up and down motion twice are 4 strokes,
While those that do it once are 2-stroke engines.


Bubble 1: No need to try to understand everything right now.
Bubble 2: Just that, the 2-stroke engine is no longer in production right now…
The exhaust is a matter of concern…
Bubble 3: With bigger bikes and cars, we’re moving more towards 4-stroke engines…
And because of that, I…
Bubble 4: Have a real attraction to low-powered, smaller bikes
Bubble 5: Like the 2-stroke motorbikes!
Bubble 6: The appeal of bikes is like the unity between that of a rider and his horse.
Bubble 7: The only thing that makes me feel that way are the 2-stroke bikes.
Bubble 8: This person says a lot of good things.
Bubble 9: That 2-stroker was made by the replicas of the last generation.
Bubble 10: There aren’t that many around. It’s a valuable bike now.


Bubble 1: Ugh…
I don’t really get any of this…
Bubble 2: So, it’s like an animal going extinct, right?
Small text: Like the ibis or the Iriomote wildcat?
Bubble 3: Ahah!
Yes, something like that!
Bubble 4: But…I don’t have a driver’s license, and I don’t have any money either.
Getting trained for that and taking the tests will be really hard, right?
Bubble 5: I’m, uh… Tests and me don’t work out well…
Small text: Uh…
Bubble 6: Not a problem!
Licenses for bikes like those only take a day and cost about 10,000 yen.
Bubble 7: The questions are easy and only have two choices each, and there’s no practical exam!
Bubble 8: What?!
Bubble 9: Well, anyway…


Bubble 1: Being that you got your hands on that great a bike,
Bubble 2: You should be the first to ride it!
Small text: Our shop will help you out with the repairs.
Bubble 3: I think you’ll have a great time!
Bubble 4: You think about whether to ride or sell it
After all is said and done.
Bubble 5: Exactly! She’s exactly right!


Bubble 1: Okay, well, let me come over to see the TZM sometime soon.
Bubble 2: Huh?
Oh, yeah, sure…
Bubble 3: All things considered though,
Bubble 4: Man…!
What I wouldn’t do to be in that seat!
Bubble 5: Something wrong?
Bubble 6: Ah!
No, nothing…
Bubble 7: Hmph!
I don’t like you looking at other bikes!
Bubble 8: Is that what you were thinking about…? I’m comparing and contrasting.


Bubble 1: But, whoa… This huge thing is a motorbike?!
Bubble 2: That’s right, though it is a bit different.
Bubble 3: Master! Please stop her!
Bubble 4: If she continues to run it like that, it will prove dangerous!
Bubble 5: Huh?
Bubble 6: Forget it, just hurry and warn her!


Bubble 1: Hurry! Get in front of her!
Bubble 2: Wha, are you crazy…?!
Bubble 3: U-um…
Bubble 4: Um, well…
Bubble 5: Just tell her like that, please!
Bubble 6: Ah, um, th-the gears…
Bubble 7: I-it sounds like…the gears are wearing out…
So, if you could…you know…keep from putting it in low gear…
Bubble 8: I have NO clue of what the heck I’m talking about…!
Bubble 9: I…uh, think that…uh, starting off in second gear…might be better…?


Bubble 1: Fujisawa-kun… Were you lying to me earlier?
Bubble 2: No, I, uh…
Bubble 3: Freaking stupid fairy! Making me say all this weird crap…!
Bubble 4: Not too shabby, realizing that simply by the sound!
Bubble 5: But no worries! I noticed it, too, this morning, so I’ve got it covered.
Bubble 6: Gosh, people these days!
If you knew that much about bikes, I wish you could have told me earlier.


Bubble 1: In that case, you can probably do the repairs for the TZM yourself!
Bubble 2: Ride it to school next time! I’m excited to see the results!
Bubble 3: Hey… This is all your fault.
Now she’s got this crazy misunderstanding about me…!
Bubble 4: Master… you asked me what it is I wanted to do or you wouldn’t understand…
I can explain what we fairies absolutely must not do…!


Bubble 1: And that is to have our riders get into an accident…!
Bubble 2: Come what may, if we cannot do this much…
Bubble 3: It does seem that she’s taking good care of her RS…
But in using a machine, something is guaranteed to break down.
Bubble 4: But I can’t say anything to that girl directly…
Bubble 5: Had I left it alone, she could have gotten into an accident…
And maybe,
Bubble 6: If she sped up, even the smallest malfunction could take her life…


Bubble 1: And if I was able to stop that from happening to her beforehand,
Bubble 2: A misunderstanding
Is a small price to pay!
Bubble 3: Teaem…
Bubble 4: You’re right…
This is way better than her getting in an accident…
Bubble 5: Well, she doesn’t seem all that bad, I guess…
Bubble 6: But now, everything we did was a serious waste of time!
Bubble 7: Ugh…


Bubble 1: You’ll really fix me up?!
Bubble 2: Hm…
Bubble 3: Well, Hayami did say it was a valuable possession!
Bubble 4: You’re going to give me away after you fix me?!
Bubble 5: It was just a joke, relax!
Bubble 6: Uwah…
Bubble 7: But I really don’t know crap about motorbikes…
Small text: That okay with you?
Bubble 8: It’s fine! I’m the fairy of the TZM.
In a sense, I AM the TZM.


Bubble 1: You may not run all that well, just so you know.
Bubble 2: I will guide you through everything!
Bubble 3: I can do something so small as giving repair instructions…
Bubble 4: About this bike…my grandpa was involved in its development,
And I guess it was left for me when I got older…
Bubble 5: That’s right! I waited for you in that shop the whole time for eight years!
Bubble 6: I don’t really have any memories of my grandpa,
And I don’t really recall how his love for me, either.
Bubble 7: I don’t get why he’d leave this bike for me…
Bubble 8: Master, that’s because…!
Bubble 9: But…


Bubble 1: He DID leave it for me,
Bubble 2: So I need to ride it at least once!
Bubble 3: Okay!
Bubble 4: All right, so, let’s get to those repairs!
I’m counting on your help!


Box 1: And so I began working the TZM’s repairs…
Box 2: It was like I was working with a huge plastic model kit.
Box 3: Which meant every part had its place…
Box 4: And if I was careful…


Bubble 1: Oil
Box 1: My hands moved as if entranced.
Box 2: Teaem told me what I needed to know, so the work went pretty easily.
But, then again…
Box 3: It was my first time to do this.


Box 1: And it was something I could do up until the very end…!
Bubble 1: You did it! Now you can run me around!
Bubble 2: The real and true master has repaired me.
Bubble 3: I am now your bike, Master.
Bubble 4: Hold on, with your directions, I couldn’t…
Bubble 5: No,
That’s not true!
Bubble 6: I only helped you a small bit.
Bubble 7: The one who repaired me was none other than you…


Box 1: I repaired it…
Box 2: This is my bike…?!
Bubble 1: Well then, why not give it a go?
Bubble 2: Master!


Box 1: At the beginning, I just laughed off motorbikes…
Box 2: It was a vehicle halfway between a bicycle and a motorcycle…
Box 3: I also didn’t have any interest in them,
And I thought Teaem showing up was just a nuisance.
Box 4: Compared to other vehicles, the motorbike wasn’t very fast,
Nor was it a two-seater.
Box 5: When asked, is there anyone who can answer what’s so great about a motorbike?
Box 6: But…on this very day…


Box 1: Began my days looking
Box 2: For the allure of that mysterious motorbike.
Bubble 1: Please grab hold of the lever and press down on the pedal to your left.
Bubble 2: Release it slowly!
And then gently accelerate…


Text: M-My name is Fujisawa Takumi (16). I don’t really have any interests…
Text: I’m a guy who can’t even ride a motorbike at the moment…

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