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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Gen-Cha! 2


+ posted by Teishou as translation on Mar 27, 2013 09:33 | Go to Gen-Cha!

-> RTS Page for Gen-Cha! 2

For the sole use of Galactica Scans.

Gen-Cha! Chapter 2


Box 1: Inside my shed lay sleeping
The TZM50R.
Box 2: It looked like one of my grandpa’s old mementos, but in that bike…
Box 3: Lived someone who calls herself the “fairy of the bike”, Teaem.
Box 4: And while I’ve never ridden a motorbike even once,
Box 5: I went out and got a license for riding motorbikes…
Bubble 1: Seriously though… It was pretty easy to get this thing…
Small text: I did pay attention to what they were saying though…


Bubble 1: Now you can ride around with no worries.
Your helmet and gloves are important to wear…
Bubble 2: My new year’s money…
Bubble 3: All the money I had…
Small text: Approximately 12,000 yen
Bubble 4: You won’t injure your even while going for a stroll like last time.
Bubble 5: As if I’d do that again!
Bubble 6: All right! Since I already bought I might as well practice riding it!
Let’s do this, Teaem!
Bubble 7: Yes sir, Master!


Bubble 1: I can’t believe riding it is this difficult…
Bubble 2: I didn’t think it’d be this hard for you to figure out…
Bubble 3: I can barely get your explanations!
Bubble 4: Why do I press the pedal and shift low gear and then shit back up into second gear?!
Where’s the neutral gear?!
Small text: I don’t get it at all!
Bubble 5: It’s called the “Return System,” a common gear shifting system!
Text: 5-6th gear (dependent on the type of bike)
2nd gear
Neutral (Return System)
1st gear
Text: 3rd gear
2nd gear
1st gear
(Rotary System) Seen with a number of business motorbikes like the Honda Cub.


Bubble 1: Ugh… Why am I having so much trouble with this thing
Bubble 2: When I can easily get to the convenience store by bicycle…?
Bubble 3: I gave you a rough idea of the concept behind the gear system…
Bubble 4: I won’t get it if you blab it all out at once!
Bubble 5: Basically,
I handle both the pedal and the lever
Bubble 6: While simultaneously working the blinkers?!
There’s no way I can do that!
Bubble 7: Most manage it just fine…
Bubble 8: Whatever!
I’m done with this!


Bubble 1: Huh?
Bubble 2: Fujisawa…?
Bubble 3: Huh?
Bubble 4: Uh…ah…
Bubble 5: Who’s this guy again?
Bubble 6: No worries. We’ve never really spoken to each other before anyway.
Bubble 7: My name’s Katakura! I sit two seats behind you.
Bubble 8: But man, nice ride you’ve got.
Small text: Pretty cool.


Bubble 1: What’s so cool about this thing?
Bubble 2: It’s a total pain, and I’m always really edgy about driving it, too.
Bubble 3: I’m actually pretty jealous of your scooter there.
Bubble 4: Oh yeah!
Mind if I ride yours around a bit?
Bubble 5: Master, you’re so quick in your unfaithfulness!
Bubble 6: Uh, sure, that’s fine, I guess…
Bubble 7: How would you like to ride my TZM, then?
Bubble 8: Nah, I can’t ride a bike with gears, so…
Bubble 9: That right?
Well, I’ll take this for a little ride then.


Bubble 1: Oh wow, it’s so easy to drive!
Bubble 2: How cruel…you would prefer another woman over me…?
Bubble 3: Wow!
That was fun, thanks!
Bubble 4: No problem.
Bubble 5: I’ve gotta say though, I think the TZM is way better.
Bubble 6: Mmm…
Bubble 7: Be nice if it were a little easier to ride, though…


Bubble 1: Cruel!
You’re so mean, Master!
Bubble 2: Being unfaithful in front of me,
And even going as far as complimenting her!
Bubble 3: Knock it off! You can’t deny that the scooter’s easier to ride!
Bubble 4: You have any idea how many times I stalled the engine today?!
Bubble 5: 15 times!
Bubble 6: I don’t need you to tell me!
Bubble 7: When I stalled in the middle of Fujisawa Bridge, I was like,
Oh man, now what?
Bubble 8: Hah…


Bubble 1: I knew it.
Bubble 2: I knew I couldn’t ride this bike…
Bubble 3: Ah…
Bubble 4: Master…


Bubble 1: I’m off. See you later!
Bubble 2: Master! You aren’t riding your bike to school?
Bubble 3: Nah, I’m done with that thing. I already rode it once anyway, so no big.
Bubble 4: Why are you still here, anyway?
Bubble 5: I guess it really would be better to sell it.
Bubble 6: Then I could buy a scooter!
Bubble 7: You…you would…
Bubble 8: You haven’t ridden me yet!
Hardly any at all!


Bubble 1: I told you,
Bubble 2: That I’d try riding it once!
Bubble 3: I kept my promise.
Bubble 4: But…I’m sure we can still have a lot of fun together…
Bubble 5: I can’t ride the stupid thing!
Bubble 6: It’s too hard for me!
Bubble 7: The oh-so-vital fairy is nothing short of useless, too!


Bubble 1: I-I see…
Bubble 2: I’m of no use to you…
Text: I’m…again, I’m just…
Text: No…
Text: It’s getting darker…
Text: Don’t leave me…!


Bubble 1: Huh, Teaem?


Bubble 1: Huh? You’re walking to school, Fujisawa?
Bubble 2: Uh, Katakura…?
Bubble 3: What a waste, considering what a great bike you’ve got.
Bubble 4: Haha…riding to school’s a bit much for me.
Small text: Zero confidence here.
Bubble 5: Huh. Geared bikes must be tough.
Bubble 6: Well, I’m going on ahead. Seeya!


Bubble 1: Okay…
Bubble 2: So, with this formula…
Bubble 3: …And that’s how that works.
Bubble 4: Use this to find the value of x and…
Bubble 5: Wow, it’s quiet…
Bubble 6: Speaking of which, I haven’t seen heads or tails of Teaem since this morning…
Bubble 7: When I think about it though, being able to see stuff like fairies or whatever is weirder than anything else…
Especially on days like this…
Small text: It’s been so noisy for the past week…
Bubble 8: So…with this x…
Bubble 9: Substitute it here…


Box 1: Huh, what…?
Box 2: Whoa, I’m actually riding this thing!
Box 3: Hahah!
Box 4: The heck…
It’s like a breeze!


Bubble 1: A dream?
Bubble 2: I dreamt about something like that…?
Bubble 3: What the heck…
Box 1: 2 days passed since then…
Box 2: And I hadn’t seen Teaem at all.


Box 1: I simply just went back to my normal everyday life…
Box 2: But I…
Bubble 1: Grip…
Bubble 2: Step…
Bubble 3: Open up…
Bubble 4: Grip…
Bubble 5: Step…
Bubble 6: Open up…
Bubble 7: The light’s changing…
Bubble 8: Decelerate… Go down a gear.
Bubble 9: 4…
Bubble 10: 3…
Bubble 11: 2…
Bubble 12: Red light…
Bubble 13: Stop and put the gear into neutral…
Bubble 14: Close, but you’ll stall the engine like that.


Bubble 1: You miscalculated and missed one of the gears.
Bubble 2: People tend to forget what gear to switch to when they first start.
Small text: Like what gear they’re switching from
Bubble 3: …Hayami?!
Bubble 4: I know that feeling all too well… You move your hands and feet however you like.
Bubble 5: Huh, you did that, too?!


Bubble 1: When I first started,
Bubble 2: I stalled the engine so many times it’s not funny.
Small text: Heh heh…
Bubble 3: Oh…I see…
Bubble 4: So Hayami did that, too…
Bubble 5: But you won’t forget what happened
Bubble 6: Once you actually ride.


Bubble 1: Ah…and one more thing!
Bubble 2: When you’re able to ride your bike, let’s us two go driving somewhere!
Bubble 3: I still have yet to see you ride the TZM through town,
Bubble 4: So I’m looking forward to it!
Small text: To when you ride around on the TZM!
Bubble 5: Oh, uh…
Bubble 6: Yeah, okay…
Box 1: Crap…what have I been doing…?
Box 2: I even said I’d never ride the thing again…


Box 1: What the heck…
Box 2: Why’ve I been so apathetic to riding for the past 3 days?!
Box 3: Why am I remembering that one time back then?!
Box 4: Is it because of Hayami’s crazy talk?
Box 5: I…!


Bubble 1: Teaem!
Bubble 2: You’re here, right?! Answer me!
Bubble 3: Kuh…
Bubble 4: What’s up with this thing?! Why won’t you turn over?!
Bubble 5: Teaem! I’m begging you!
Bubble 6: Come out!
Bubble 7: To think that I could feel like this
Bubble 8: When I was forced to ride…
Bubble 9: Don’t just run away!


Bubble 1: I want to ride
Bubble 2: The TZM one more time!
Bubble 3: Please draw out the choke.


Bubble 1: If you leave me behind for days at a time,
Bubble 2: Then of course I’m going to be in a horrible mood.
Bubble 3: You-…!
Bubble 4: If you put your hand into the gap on the left side, you’ll see there’s a lever.
Bubble 5: Ah, okay…
Bubble 6: Then slowly, slowly
Run the gas.


Bubble 1: You have to be gentle with me…
Bubble 2: You know…ah, there’s something else I wanted to tell you…
Bubble 3: Have you finally taken notice of my charm?
Bubble 4: That’s not it!
Bubble 5: Just…?
Bubble 6: Well, it’s like this… Uh…
Bubble 7: I don’t know why, but…


Bubble 1: I just really wanted…to try riding again…
Bubble 2: And such is the charm
Bubble 3: Of the TZM.


Bubble 1: How are you doing…?
Bubble 2: Shall I run it by you again…?
Bubble 3: You know what…
Bubble 4: I’m just doing a little practice!
Small text: (In my head)
Bubble 5: Don’t look down on me!
Bubble 6: Screw thiiiiiis!


Bubble 1: Oh my! You’re doing quite well!
Bubble 2: Amazing! Keep it up!
Bubble 3: She’s right…
Bubble 4: Even with kind of doing some image training, it helped me out a ton!


Bubble 1: Ah…this is it!
Bubble 2: THIS is what I wanted to experience again!
Bubble 3: Master, if you’re making a right-hand turn, use the blinker!
Bubble 4: Don’t forget to use it!
Bubble 5: Uh…
Bubble 6: Blinker… Blinker…
Bubble 7: Oh, this!
Bubble 8: Master, look ahead at the same time!
In front of you!
Bubble 9: I know already!


Bubble 1: Wh-
Bubble 2: Whoa, whoa!
Bubble 3: Hey, you…!
Bubble 4: Watch where you’re going!


Bubble 1: Coming up from behind him like that was horrid!
Bubble 2: What dangerous driving!
Bubble 3: That was beyond stupid!
Bubble 4: Drive more nicely!
Bubble 5: Enough with the whining, newbie!
Bubble 6: Wha…
Bubble 7: It’s because you’re so stupidly slow
Bubble 8: That you got held up by some retarded traffic light!


Bubble 1: You’re riding on a really cool-looking bike,
Bubble 2: But a newbie like you can’t drive it worth crap!
Bubble 3: Wha-…
Text: What the heck…
Text: Is WITH this guy…?!

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