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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Gen-Cha! 3


+ posted by Teishou as translation on Mar 27, 2013 09:37 | Go to Gen-Cha!

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For the sole use of Galactica Scans.

Gen-Cha! Chapter 3


Bubble 1: You’re riding on a really cool-looking bike,
Bubble 2: But a newbie like you can’t drive it worth crap!
Bubble 3: Wha…?!


Box 1: KSR-I (Kawasaki)
Commonly known as the KSR50. A Super Bikers Kawasaki product sold from 1990-2000. An autobike with the potential to drive on- and off-road, as well as in circuit racing. Small, but with a great amount of potential.


Bubble 1: Cough
Bubble 2: Geez, what’s with him…?!
Bubble 3: Ugh…
Bubble 4: It’s because there are people like him
Bubble 5: That bikes have such a bad reputation!


Bubble 1: Let’s follow him, Master!
Bubble 2: To be beaten by an off-roader like him on the streets
Is a disgrace to racer replicas!
Bubble 3: Hmph.
Bubble 4: I’ve gotta admit that what he said earlier
Was a MAJOR blow…
Bubble 5: We’re going after him,Teaem!
Bubble 6: Yes sir!


Bubble 1: Ah…! This feeling…
Bubble 2: It’s just like back then…
Bubble 3: Somehow, it feels like…
Bubble 4: I could go super extremely fast right now!
Bubble 5: …Whoa! Where’d that curve come from?!
Bubble 6: Not good!
Bubble 7: Don’t do anything!
Bubble 8: No need to use the break…
Bubble 9: Please believe in me, and drop down a gear…!


Bubble 1: I’m leaning my body over this much,
Bubble 2: And yet don’t feel scared at all! It doesn’t feel like I’m going to falling either!
Bubble 3: It’s like my hips are being pushed forward from behind! This feeling…
Bubble 4: Is awesome…!


Bubble 1: Teaem…! You…
Small text: Did you do something…?!
Bubble 2: Ah! There he is, Master!
Bubble 3: You’re right!
Lucky us, he got caught behind some car!
Bubble 4: Got you now…!
Bubble 5: We demand an apology!


Bubble 1: Ahhhh!
He got away!
Bubble 2: Let’s have a wonderful and dignified duel!
You coward!
Bubble 3: …Whoa…
Bubble 4: So they can do that kind of stuff, too?
Bubble 5: Autobikes are…wow…
Bubble 6: Hey, Teaem! It seemed like he had some strange power or something,
Bubble 7: So can we do the same thing he did?\
Bubble 8: I’m a racer replica!
Bubble 9: Don’t be absurd!


Box 1: The Next Day
Bubble 1: Man, I can’t believe this!
Bubble 2: I was almost late!
Bubble 3: You said, “You can sleep 30 minutes more than usual,”
Bubble 4: By all rights, I’m well within that capacity! I…
Bubble 5: It’s because you were afraid to weave through traffic,
Bubble 6: And that we were hit with a traffic jam that you’re late!
Bubble 7: …I wonder…do you seriously,
Think of me as your “Master”?
Bubble 8: I’m hurt that you’d say such a thing!
Bubble 9: This is a way of giving you my “love”!
To help make a man out of you!
Bubble 10: …Is she still upset over being made a fool of
By that tiny bike?


Bubble 1: If your driving skills get better and better,
Bubble 2: I may even be thought of as a good-for-nothing bike!
Bubble 3: Yeah, yeah…
Sorry for sucking.
Bubble 4: Oh yeah. What if you glowed faintly
Like you did yesterday…?
Bubble 5: I won’t do that!
Bubble 6: That’s not something I can do all the time.
Bubble 7: Yesterday was special!
Bubble 8: I get it…
But man, yesterday felt so awesome…


Bubble 1: Hey, Fujisawa!
Why not eat lunch over here with me?
Bubble 2: Huh…?
Bubble 3: Yeah, so,
I was thinking of putting on a limiter cut next time…
Bubble 4: But I don’t have anything to put on before then.
Bubble 5: Hey, about that TZM.
Why not trade it in for a CDI or something?
Bubble 6: Huh…?
Bubble 7: Oh yeah…
Why not…?
Bubble 8: The heck’s a CDI?
Bubble 9: Man…
So awesome…


Bubble 1: Maybe I should give up on my scooter
And shoot for an autobike, too…!
Bubble 2: Thanks for the meal…
Bubble 3: That was fast! Done already?
Bubble 4: Yeah…
Bubble 5: Sorry… I’ve got some stuff to do, so…
Bubble 6: Oh yeah?
Cool, see you!
Bubble 7: Hahhh…


Bubble 1: What’s the matter,
Bubble 2: Master?
Bubble 3: No matter how I look at it,
I suck at talking with other people…
Bubble 4: Oh my, my…?
Bubble 5: You normally so harsh with me, but yet you…
Bubble 6: You’re not a person! You know that right?
Bubble 7: While I know what you say is true…
Bubble 8: I wonder why I feel a little hurt inside…?
Bubble 9: Haah…
Bubble 10: You weren’t even paying attention?!
Bubble 11: Are you some kind of monster?!


Bubble 1: What’s wrong with becoming good friends
Bubble 2: With someone who ride an autobike like you?
Bubble 3: It’s just…
Small text: I’ve already been over this…
Bubble 4: How can I be good friends with someone
Bubble 5: When I’ve no idea of what they’re talking about?
Bubble 6: Master…
Bubble 7: …Hm? What’s up?


Bubble 1: She’s calling for me…
Bubble 2: Asking for my help…
Bubble 3: Huh?
Bubble 4: Master…! What should we do?!
Bubble 5: Uh…that’s what I’d like to ask…
Bubble 6: This way!
Bubble 7: Owowowowowow…!
Small text: Stop pulling!
Bubble 8: How come you can touch people
Bubble 9: When you’re basically a freakin’ ghost?!


Bubble 1: It’s this one! I’m sure of it!
Bubble 2: This is the bike of that first year who’s gotten carried away lately.
Bubble 3: He’s making fun of our motorcycles, riding around on his little bike.
Bubble 4: Ah!
Bubble 5: I swear that bike’s…!
Bubble 6: It’s the KSR from yesterday!
Bubble 7: I’ll show him what happens
Bubble 8: To first years who act better than they are.


Bubble 1: Ahhh, nooo!
Bubble 2: How could they…
Bubble 3: Master! We have to help her…
Bubble 4: Hold up… I thought you hated that KSR over there.
Bubble 5: What I didn’t like was your riding her…
Bubble 6: How could I not have noticed…?
Bubble 7: She’s…the KSR is…


Bubble 1: I’m begging you, Master…!
Bubble 2: The KSR hasn’t done anything wrong…!
Bubble 3: Geez…whatever!
Bubble 4: You make it sound so easy…!
Bubble 5: Master…?
Bubble 6: No idea how this is going to end though…!


Bubble 1: Knock it off!
Bubble 2: …Huh?
Bubble 3: What do you want…?
Bubble 4: You’re a second year, aren’t you? Stay out of this.
Bubble 5: We’re just teaching a first year with a bad attitude some manners.


Bubble 1: Please don’t hurt that bike…!
Bubble 2: Huh?
Bubble 3: I’ll agree that the owner can just tick you off with his attitude…
Bubble 4: But this bike
Bubble 5: Hasn’t done anything to deserve this, has it…?!


Bubble 1: AHAHAHAH! Man, get a load of this guy! Incredible!
Bubble 2: The hell are you on, dude?!
Small text: Did you hear him just now?!
Bubble 3: Seriously? The kid’s a comedian!
Bubble 4: Oh man, I laughed so hard!
Bubble 5: Did you see the guy’s face?
Small text: Hahaha!
Bubble 6: Okay, okay, I’ll leave things alone this time!
Bubble 7: Ahahahahaha!
Bubble 8: Master…
Bubble 9: Haaaahh… I was freakin’ scared…!
Bubble 10: I totally thought they’d beat me up…
Bubble 11: Aw, man, I looked like an idiot…
Small text: Making me do something I’ll never be used to…
Bubble 12: That isn’t true!
You were wonderful, Master!


Bubble 1: Can you not hear her?
Bubble 2: Listen…
Bubble 3: She’s saying “thank you”…
Bubble 4: Huh…
Well, as long as the KSR’s doing okay,
Bubble 5: That’s all that matters!


Bubble 1: Hey,
Mind not touching someone’s bike
Bubble 2: With your filthy hands?
Bubble 3: Wha…
Bubble 4: What? Are you deaf?
Bubble 5: Maybe you just don’t understand Japanes?
Bubble 6: The KSR…
The galling way you speak…
Bubble 7: You’re the guy from yesterday…?!


Bubble 1: You’re a girl?!
Bubble 2: A girl?!
Bubble 3: Huh?
Bubble 4: And you are…?
Bubble 5: I was the one on the TZM, the one you picked a fight with…
Bubble 6: Ahh… The newbie.
Bubble 7: Yeah, you know what?! Those guys were going to prank your bike and…
Bubble 8: Yeah, I saw.


Bubble 1: Had you left things alone,
Bubble 2: I was going to overcharge them for consolation money and bike part replacements.
Small text: You didn’t have to go that far.
Bubble 3: I thought that if I took this picture to the student council or the staff room,
I could’ve upped the amount by 4-5000 yen or so.
Bubble 4: Wha…?!
Bubble 5: You didn’t have to step in.
Bubble 6: All you did was ruin a possible profit.


Bubble 1: So…so wait!
Bubble 2: You don’t care whether the bike is harmed or not…?!
Bubble 3: Not really.
Bubble 4: As long as I can switch out the parts, all’s good.


Bubble 1: …I don’t get you!
Bubble 2: You don’t feel a thing for the bike at all…?!
Bubble 3: When you ride her, don’t tell me you never think,
Bubble 4: “This feels great!” or “This is awesome”?!
Bubble 5: Master…!
Bubble 6: …Say what?
Bubble 7: If you can ride that well,
Like back then…
Bubble 8: What are you going on about?
Bubble 9: Acting like you know everything, you noob.


Bubble 1: This has nothing to do with me! To you, is this bike
Just a tool for you to use?!
Bubble 2: What about the bike’s feelings…?!
Bubble 3: Are you an idiot or what?
Bubble 4: Weirdo.
Small text: Since when do bikes have feelings…?
Bubble 5: Huh…? Hayaka…?


Bubble 1: Hayami…!
Bubble 2: What’s this, a fight?!
That’s no good, you know?
Bubble 3: There’s nothing cool about fighting!
Bubble 4: Nah, it was more like bullying…
Bubble 5: Sooo…you guys know each other?
Bubble 6: Interesting… I had no clue…
Bubble 7: N-no, we don’t really…
Small text: That is to say…
Bubble 8: Heheh…! I smell a story…
Bubble 9: Wait…!
Bubble 10: Could it be that…


Bubble 1: Fujisawa-kun, are you trying to ask her out?
Bubble 2: Who the heck would do that?!
Bubble 3: You guys are beyond me…
Bubble 4: Don’t go near my bike again.
Your noobness will rub off onto it!
Bubble 5: What’d you say?!


Bubble 1: Ah…Hayaka-chan…!
Bubble 2: Geez…why’s she running away…?
Bubble 3: Hey, is that girl a friend of yours…?
Bubble 4: That girl’s so rude to bikes!
Bubble 5: You should warn her to choose her friends more wisely!
Bubble 6: Huh? You didn’t know who she was when you were talking to her?
Bubble 7: What kind of person is she…?
Bubble 8: She rides so well,
But treats her bike like crap…


Bubble 1: She’s my younger sister, Hayaka.
Bubble 2: Oh yeah? Your younger sister…
Bubble 4: Yes…my younger sister…


Bubble 1: Hm, yes…
She’s my younger sister…
Bubble 2: But, I don’t know…
Bubble 3: Hayami…?

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