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Gen-Cha! 4


+ posted by Teishou as translation on Dec 7, 2013 06:07 | Go to Gen-Cha!

-> RTS Page for Gen-Cha! 4

For the sole use of Galactica Scans.

Gen-Cha! Chapter 4


Box 1: My school’s student council president
Box 2: Is a bit different from the norm.
Box 3: As a first year, she announced her candidacy for presidency, which she of course gained.
It was then that the law forbidding school commute by bike was abolished.
Box 4: The entire student body thinks highly of her abilities.
Box 5: More so than anything else, though,
Box 6: You could say her best points
Box 7: Are her looks and having a personality anyone would love.
Box 8: And to think…the student council president’s younger sister
Box 9: Is that ill-mannered, little brat! Unbelievable!


Bubble 1: Hm? Hayaka?
Small text: Well…
Bubble 2: I’ve warned her a number of times myself, but…
Bubble 3: I just…can’t bring myself to believe she did that…
I mean…
Bubble 4: I can’t believe a girl spouting stuff like that.
Bubble 5: As long as I can change out the parts, it’s all good.
Bubble 6: Is your sister…
Bubble 7: She used to be so affectionate.
But lately, she never listens to a word I say…
Bubble 8: You should try telling her!
You two looked like you got on a lot better than we did!
Bubble 9: We did…?
Bubble 10: Ah, Fujisawa-kun!
Bubble 11: You still
Haven't shown me the TZM!


Bubble 1: Oh my…!
She's so wonderful! Beautiful!
Bubble 2: You are simply gorgeous…!
Bubble 3: You kidding…? Your bike is waaaay
Bigger and cooler…
Bubble 4: Only certain people would really understand.
Small text: Ahem!
Bubble 5: Amazing…
She's still in such prime condition…!
Bubble 6: Absolutely amazing, Fujisawa-kun!
This is a miracle!
Bubble 7: …Oh really now…?
Bubble 8: Master…if only you could understand my allure
Even one-tenth of how she does…
Bubble 9: Wow, her foundation is normal.
She has on really good tires!
Ah, the chamber's from a different company…
Bubble 10: You have very good intuition!
Bubble 11: Aha…Being complimented so much
Is so embarrassing!


Bubble 1: This used to be your grandfather's bike, right?
Bubble 2: Unbelievable… It feels like
She's at her peak, a top-class machine.
Bubble 3: Huh… I don't really get what you're talking about…
Bubble 4: But, I guess…?
Bubble 5: No "I guess", she is! More commonly, replicas seem like something little boys ride around on,
Or something like motorcycle gangs would have.
Bubble 6: Little boys…?
Bubble 7: As for her, well, how can I put this…?
Bubble 8: She's like an elegant queen, I guess you could say.
Bubble 9: Oh dear…!
Bubble 10: No, I suppose that doesn't really cover it.
I feel like I should be able to make it clear…


Bubble 1: That's it!
I deem Sayaka-san to be a good person!
Bubble 2: If you go out with this girl,
Bubble 3: You should become more like this her!
Bubble 4: W-w-w-what the hell are you on?!
Bubble 5: Hm? Was what I said really that strange?
Bubble 6: Ah, no, that is…no, not you, Hayami…
Bubble 7: In comparison, however, her younger sister is a horrible person!
Bubble 8: Ah, well, can't deny that part…
Bubble 9: So, I really AM weird?!
Bubble 10: HUH?! No, I mean, no, it's just...!
Bubble 11: ARGH!
Bubble 12: Ack!
Bubble 13: Kay, be seeing you!


Bubble 1: Ah…Fujisawa-kun?!
Bubble 2: What about your…!
Bubble 3: Really now…
Bubble 4: Geez, you just kept blabbing on and on…!
Bubble 5: Do you think so? Were it someone like her,
Bubble 6: I'd feel much better and could be seen by her…
Bubble 7: Like I've been telling you, you're looking at this the wrong way!
Bubble 8: About Hayami, that is.
Bubble 9: Besides, with every guy at school gunning for her,
It's like getting through an impregnable fortress of people willing to die for her, you know?
Small text: For…tress?
Bubble 10: No matter how I imagine the situation, it's just not happening.
Bubble 11: So…you mean she hates men…?
Small text: Does she bat for the other team…?
Bubble 12: Uh, yeah, I really doubt that.
Bubble 13: What I’m saying is, every guy from the first years to the third years is trying to "attack",
Thus the "die for her" thing.


Bubble 1: Ah, then that means you also have a chance, yes?!
Bubble 2: Isn't that wonderful?!
Bubble 3: Huh?
Bubble 4: Well, she hasn't that found that one, special person yet, has she?
Bubble 5: What's so wrong with me,
That I've got to be worried about by some spirit?
Bubble 6: How cruel… I'm finally starting to understand the minds of women and everything…
Bubble 7: Yeah, yeah. Thanks and all that crap.
Bubble 8: Damn…all because you had to go on and on about that stuff…
Bubble 9: Yes?
Bubble 10: Nothing!


Bubble 1: If I really stop to think about it…
Box 1: Takumi's conversational ability with girls
Bubble 2: Fujisawa-kun, you're on duty today.
Bubble 3: Seriously…?
Bubble 4: I've talked to girls a number of times since school started, and that was all well and good…
Wait…could I possibly just be blessed with a gift?!
Bubble 5: Yeah, as if… No good's going to come from
Thinking about something that's never happening…
Bubble 6: Oh hoh…so that's it…
Bubble 7: When I was a kid, I always saw this girl staring at me.
Bubble 8: I kept thinking about it and so went to confess I liked her,
Bubble 9: And it just so happened that she was looking in my direction at another guy…
Is that the kind of trauma you had, Master…?
Bubble 10: …Shall I just crash this
Into that truck ahead for you?
Bubble 11: I was only kidding!
It was a joke!
Bubble 12: Wait…did that really happen?
Bubble 15: Ahhhhhh!


Bubble 1: Oh man…
Bubble 2: Hm?
Bubble 3: I don't where we are!
Bubble 4: What?
Bubble 5: I've never been this far before!
Bubble 6: What?! This is still your hometown, though…
Bubble 7: I've only been to places I've needed to go,
So I've got no clue about this place!
Bubble 8: You can't be serious…
Bubble 9: Hey! You're a fairy or whatever, so,
Don't you have some kind of navigational ability or something?
Bubble 10: Wha… Even I don't really remember where we've driven, though!
Bubble 11: Ugh, you are NO help!


Bubble 1: What do we do now…?
How'd we come this far out?
Bubble 2: Can't remember at all…
Bubble 3: Why not continue like this on a "journey" of sorts?
Bubble 5: Man…I'm not good enough to make a U-turn yet…
Bubble 6: That's too high level an ability…
Bubble 7: Damn! The way I'm going,
Bubble 8: I really will hit uncharted territory…!


Bubble 1: Hm…?
Bubble 2: Fujisawa-kun?
Bubble 3: …H-Hayami…?!
Bubble 4: Ahahah,
So you got lost, then?
Bubble 5: Yeah, well…
Bubble 6: I see.
Bubble 7: Hmm…
I could tell you the way home, but…
Bubble 8: Since we're together and all,
Bubble 9: Why not go for a quick drive?
Bubble 10: Huh?


Bubble 1: There aren't all that many chances
Bubble 2: To go riding with a TZM of all things, after all.
Bubble 3: N-nah. I suck at driving this thing.
I'd just hold you back…!
Bubble 4: Don't worry about that.
You only drive it back and forth to school and from school, right?
Small text: That's such a waste.
Bubble 5: No option left but to have her tell me the way home.
I'll have to bet my life on this…
Small text: She's so fast, though!
Bubble 6: Master, let's do it!
Bubble 7: This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!
For a number of reasons!
Bubble 8: …You trying to tell me something? Huh?


Bubble 1: Wow! It's the ocean! It's so beautiful!
Bubble 2: We're not going there!
Small text: And if you get too far away from me, you'll get lost by yourself!
Bubble 3: How far are we going, Hayami…?
Bubble 4: I feel like we're getting further and further from town…
Bubble 5: You're fine! She's been looking back at us for a while,
Bubble 6: And matching her pace to ours.
Bubble 7: What a caring person…
Bubble 8: If she rode seriously,
She'd be gone from your sight within a few seconds!
Bubble 9: …You trying to make me feel better or like shit? Huh?
Which is it, you damn fairy…?
Small text: Man…


Bubble 1: Crazy… First time I’ve ever been to Kamakura by anything other than the train…!
Bubble 2: It’s pretty close, huh?
So much that you’re practically still at home.
Bubble 3: Ah, hold on a sec!
Bubble 4: Here we go…
Bubble 5: Something about that just seems so…uh, enticing…
Bubble 6: You are such a pervert, Master..
Bubble 7:Y-you had on your uniform underneath…
Bubble 8: Yeah, I wear this when I ride.
Bubble 9: Let’s get going!
There’s a really good manjyuu place over there!


Bubble 1: Ahhhh!
Bubble 2: That all tasted so gooood!
Bubble 3: Hold it in, Master!
Bubble 4: Ugh…
Bubble 5: She has quite the appetite…
Bubble 6: How can you eat that much…?
Bubble 7: I mean…did you come here for dinner or something?
Bubble 8: What?
Bubble 9: Those were just snacks. I’ll eat dinner when I get home.
Bubble 10: With places close enough to get to by bike,
Bubble 11: It makes me want to go out to eat everywhere, you know?


Bubble 1: Huh…
How far can you go on one of these things anyway…?
Bubble 2: From around here in Shonan…?
I go to places like Misaki to eat tuna,
And I can hit up places over near Yokohama, too!
Bubble 3: Say what?! Isn’t that, like, seriously far away?!
Bubble 4: Hm? Is it?
Bubble 5: If I really feel up to it, I can go as far Hakone, though.
Bubble 6: Beside, most trains go the long way around to get to your stop, right?
Bubble 7: If you go the direct route, like by a car, you can stuck in traffic and so on.
A bike gets you there much faster.
Bubble 8: She’s right! And I’ve even got an engine attached!
Bubble 9: I can be used as a bicycle, too,
so we could go all over Japan with no problems!
Bubble 10: Yeah, but…seeing how you have to ride a TZM,
Long-distances are practically impossible, right?


Bubble 1: Fujisawa-kun, is there someplace you’d like to go on your bike?
Bubble 2: Me?
Bubble 3: Well, I…
Bubble 4: I can’t ride well enough to go anywhere yet…
Bubble 5: I’ve got my hands full just getting to school…


Bubble 1: Were it just you, you could ride a whole lot faster…
To make you have to go so slowly because of me…
Small text: That’s just…
Bubble 2: Sorry… It’s like your sister said: I’m just a newbie.
Bubble 3: But puttering around like some old person’s no fun, you know?
Bubble 4: You just don’t get it, do you?
Bubble 5: Fine then. We’ll take it even easier on the way home,
Bubble 6: So you can really get a good look at the scenery left of you.
Bubble 7: …To my left?


Bubble 1: Well? Gorgeous, isn’t it?
Bubble 2: Doesn’t it feel great?
Bubble 3: I always look forward to seeing this view, and that’s why I take my time.
Bubble 4: Fujisawa-kun,
Have you ever taken a step back and just looked out at everything like this?
Bubble 5: No…
Bubble 6: Maybe it’s because of where I live, but,
I’ve never once considered coming to see the ocean.
Bubble 7: I’m not sure what Hayaka told you, but…


Bubble 1: Riding your bike “fast”
Bubble 2: Isn’t its sole purpose, in my opinion.
Bubble 3: Well, no matter how you look at it, she and I both have speed bikes.
Bubble 4: Honestly though,
Going around like this,
Bubble 5: Taking my sweet time to see everything… I have to say I enjoy that, too.


Bubble 1: True, if you drive around this slowly in a car or on a bigger bike,
You’ll back up traffic and be an annoyance…
Bubble 2: But from the very start, bikes were meant to be ridden fast.
Text: *Please follow the rules of the road.
Bubble 3: You can also ride along like a bicycle and enjoy the sights, too.
You won’t waste up all your energy either…
Bubble 4: If it’s a race you want,
I can give you any number of tips to get you going…
Bubble 5: But I guess, it just feels better to take a load off
Bubble 6: And have fun when I drive around.
Bubble 7: If you’re always trying to look cool when you practice riding,
Nothing fun will come out of it.
Bubble 8: Her words are like music to my ears!
Bubble 9: That is exactly how it is!


Bubble 1: I get it…
Bubble 2: It’s not like I have to race around…
Bubble 3: I’ve never been driven around at the speed of light before, but,
Bubble 4: I don’t even hold a candle to big bikes either.
Bubble 5: I believe the most important thing about smaller bikes,
Bubble 6: Is being able to enjoy them!


Bubble 1: I feel a little better now…
Bubble 2: Thank you, Hayami.
Bubble 3: Not at all.
Bubble 4: Take my time and enjoy the ride, huh…?
Bubble 5: Ah, but should you become better at riding,
Please do try to ride all over the entire world, okay?
Bubble 6: Hey now…


Bubble 1: What’s the matter, Master?
Bubble 2: You’ve been edgy ever since last night…
Bubble 3: W-well, come on…
Bubble 4: If you really think about it, I just…you know…
Hayami and I…we were…
On a…
Bubble 5: It was like we were on a date, wasn’t it?!
Bubble 6: Yes…
That certainly seemed to be the case…?
Bubble 7: Why you…!
Bubble 8: How can I be calm about this?!
Bubble 9: Why won’t you try to understand?!


Bubble 1: If you keep on like you are, you’re going to cause an accident someday!
Just thinking about you maybe hurting someone…
Bubble 2: Again with this crap?!
Small text: Get off my back!
Bubble 3: Hayami…and her young sister?!
Bubble 4: Why do you always have to lecture me when we get to school?!
Bubble 5: I…I’m just worried about you…
Bubble 6: They’re like two raging cats!
Small text: The day’s barely even begun, too…
Bubble 7: Hayaka-chan… You know we’ve been receiving a lot of complaints lately.
Bubble 8: The school won’t accept much more of this, you know?!
Bubble 9: They’re not going to take anymore?
Huh… You’re saying this now?


Bubble 1: You've got too much time on your hands, and you're going about this the wrong way.
Bubble 2: How kind you are to be so worried because of your poor, hapless, younger sister…
Bubble 3: Always putting on that cheap smile and giving me the creeps…
Bubble 4: "Oh, I'm such a GREAT big sister!" you say?!
Bubble 5: Whether people like me or hate me or whatever,
Bubble 6: That has shit to do with you!
Bubble 7: Hayaka-chan…?


Bubble 1: Whoa, hold up!
Bubble 2: What the hell have you been talking about?!
Bubble 3: She's just been worried about you…
Bubble 4: Stay out of this, newb!
Bubble 5: Why you…!


Bubble 1: I'm one of those people you nearly killed
Because of your shitty driving!
Bubble 2: You're being just like those third-years!
Bubble 3: Like I give a crap!
They crashed because they sucked at driving!
Bubble 4: It's their fault for driving on the main roads!
Bubble 5: Hayaka-chan, don't be like that…
Bubble 6: Shut it!
Bubble 7: Damn it… Why does a conceited, little brat like her have to be Hayami's sister?!
Why not try taking a page from your older sister's book for once?
Bubble 8: Hey, you listening?!
Small text: HEY!
Bubble 9: Hayami's baby sister?!


Bubble 1: Drop it, newb.
Bubble 2: You went for a drive with my sister yesterday, didn't you?
Bubble 3: I bet she was all like, "Hey, let's enjoy our drive while we ride!" right?
Bubble 4: Hahah. Fine,
Allow me to teach you a thing or two, as well.


Bubble 1: How about taking a drive with me?
Huh, newb?
Bubble 2: I'll send you spiraling as many times as you like.
Bubble 3: Fun? All that bikes are made for,
Bubble 4: Is speed, speed, and more speed!
Bubble 5: It doesn't appear that she's willing to listen to us…
Bubble 6: Stop this, Hayaka-chan!
Bubble 7: Everyone has their own pace they need to follow…
Bubble 8: All right, I'm in!


Bubble 1: But if I win…
Bubble 2: What will you be doing in exchange?
Bubble 3: Haha, don’t get too full of yourself, newb!
If I somehow happen to lose to an amateur like you,
Bubble 4: Then this bike that I've had for pretty much forever…
Bubble 5: I'll quit riding it for good!

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