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Gen-Cha! 5

Down the Road

+ posted by Teishou as translation on Dec 7, 2013 06:10 | Go to Gen-Cha!

-> RTS Page for Gen-Cha! 5

For the sole use of Galactica Scans.

Gen-Cha! Chapter 5


Bubble 1: Good job not heading for the hills,
Bubble 2: Better not underestimate me.
Bubble 3: I'll show you what educational guidance does for you!
Bubble 4: Listen up.
Rules are that Fujisawa-kun goes first.
Bubble 5: If he manages to stay in the lead until the goal,
That earns him a win.
Bubble 6: Please be careful, Master.
Bubble 7: She changed the tires of her KSR.
Bubble 8: She seems to be serious about running circles around you.
Bubble 9: I've got this! We'll win this, somehow.


Bubble 1: I've got a little bike fairy
On my side!
Bubble 2: Master…!
Bubble 3: Okay, you two. Start your engines!
Bubble 4: GO!

Final Chapter: Down the Road


Bubble 1: Ah, those two… While it’s nice they’re so eager…
Bubble 2: I guess I’ll tag along, too!
Bubbled SFX: Vroom, vroo
Bubble 3: Aw, what’s wrong, newb~?
Bubbled SFX: Va-vroom, vroom
Bubble 4: The fuck…
Is she part of a gang, or something? Freakin’ brat!
Bubble 5: Hah! I’m feeling real good, today!
Bubble 6: Good, good!
KSR’s looking great, too!
Bubble 7: Please pay no mind to your rear!


Bubble 1: I’m releasing the limiter!
Bubble 2: Huh? I already released it…
Bubble 3: Yes, you did! Mechanically, anyway.
Bubble 4: Up until today, though, with your safety being the highest priority,
Bubble 5: I have been limiting the engine speed for you.
Bubble 6: Releasing, now!


Bubble 1: Eh…?! Wh-what is that sound?!
Bubble 2: What amazing revs…!
Bubble 3: The hell? You newb…
Bubble 4: You think you’re all that, huh?!
Bubble 5: What’s up with that sound?!
You okay?! You sure you aren’t going to break or something?!
Bubble 6: My apologies for the wait – this is the ability at which I can truly perform.
Yes, I am simply that brilliant.


Bubble 1: What the heck?! This is totally different from before!
Bubble 2: That sound’s coming from Fujisawa-kun’s bike…
Bubble 3: It’s staying in the red zone?!
Bubble 4: What’s up with him and that sound?
Small text: It really is built for the main roads…
Bubble 5: Hmph, well, whatever.
Bubble 6: Racing isn’t just about how much power your engine’s got, anyway!
Bubble 7: I knew it…
That TZM really can perform well…
Bubble 8: I thought it had a high-rev performance ability when I saw that cylinder, but…
Bubble 9: But to not bore up and simply have this set-up…
Bubble 10: For it to reach a speed like this…
Box 1: Bore Up
A process which allows the displacement of the engine to adjust accordingly and increase.


Bubble 1: This road is here for cars and buses to drive at higher speeds,
So I’m pushing myself to my limits!
Bubble 2: We will be reaching roller coaster speeds so press your torso down
To lessen the wind re-…
Bubble 3: WAAAAHHH!
Bubble 4: This is scary!
Really, fucking SCARY…!
Bubble 5: You’re fine! Relax and keep heading straight!
Small text: Press your torso down!
Bubble 6: We only have to deal with gentle curves.
We can push forward at max strength!
Bubbled SFX: Ba-bom
Bubble 7: Agh,
That’s it!
Bubble 8: I’m gonna throw up! Totally throwing up!
I’m scared, damn it!
Bubble 9: Calm down! Don’t let up on the accelerator!
She’ll catch up to us!
Bubble 10: Why the fuck down some small bike like this
Put out this kinda speed?!


Bubble 1: Oh wow… Someone’s coming up behind him…
Bubble 2: Ah, it’s a KSR.
Bubble 3: You’re doing fine, Master!
Bubble 4: Tch…
Bubble 5: Hmph!
Looks like it’s about time…
Bubble 6: The second you enter the smaller roads,
Bubble 7: This will no longer be a battle between engines, but one of skill.
Bubble 8: Hayaka-chan…


Bubble 1: Don’t hit the brakes!
Bubble 2: If you shift down now, you’ll kill the engine!
Shift to second gear!
Bubbled SFX: Pan
Bubbled SFX: Pan
Bubbled SFX: Ka-kon
Bubbled SFX: Kon
Bubble 3: I heard a weird noise!
Like a groan, or something…
Small text: You sure this thing won’t break?!
Bubble 4: Next! On to third gear!
When you get off the track, the road will open up, so we’ll shift back up to fourth gear…


Bubbled SFX: Brush
Bubble 1: Wha?!
Bubble 2: Hmph.
Bubble 3: Hayaka-chan!
Small text: What are you doing?!
Bubble 4: That bitch… Is she trying to kill me…?!
Bubble 5: That was horrible!
She did that on purpose!
Bubble 6: Huh? Just like that, she…
Bubble 7: …Ugh!


Bubble 1: Wha…
Bubble 2: Hayaka-chan! Knock it off!
Bubble 3: Hmph!
Bubble 4: Damn it… She got behind me again.
Bubble 5: You planning to try a stunt like earlier on me again?!
Bubble 6: Master!
Bubble 7: Master, if you would trust me, I will do all I can to get you through this!
Bubble 8: Please trust me…
Please trust in the TZM!
Bubble 9: Timu…?
Bubble 10: She’s coming! Let her pass,
Bubble 11: And we’ll pass her at the next intersection from the inside!


Bubble 1: You’re doing it again?!
Bubble 2: I’ll send you home crying!
Bubble 3: You newb!
Bubble 4: He’s gone?!
Bubble 5: Where’d he go?!
Bubble 6: Behind me?!


Bubble 1: Fujisawa-kun…amazing!
Bubble 2: As the KSR came in from the inside to bump against him, he hit the brakes and let her pass,
Small text: Gotcha!
Small text: Guh…
Small text: Brake!
Small text: Wait, what?
Bubble 3: And as she veered out, he came up and passed her from the inside…
Bubble 4: Has he really only been riding bikes for just a month?!


Bubble 1: Wha…just what is that guy?!
Bubble 2: He’s just an amateur and yet…
He’s supposed to just be some small fry newb…!
Bubble 3: Why do have to feel this weird pressure from someone like him?!
Bubble 4: Makes no fuckin’ sense!
Bubble 5: What’s so different about him?!


Bubble 1: Wh-what was that…just now…?
Bubble 2: Awesome, Timu!
Bubble 3: I’m starting to ride the way I want now!
Small text: Haha
Bubble 4: You’re the one in control, now, Master!
Bubble 5: Please imagine how you would like to ride,
Bubble 6: And that is what will happen!


Bubble 1: Haha…
Bubble 2: I don’t really get it…
Bubble 3: But this is really, really awesome!
Bubble 4: He just started riding…
Bubble 5: Just started, so why is he…
Text: It’s almost as if he’s become one with the bike…
Bubble 6: It’s not that he’s any good…
He has a brilliance like Sayaka,
Bubble 7: And a pressure like no other racer I’ve encountered!
Bubble 8: It seems so natural,
Bubble 9: It’s like…


Text: Like he’s being protected
Text: By the TZM itself…
Bubble 1: Oh crap!
I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something off about him…


Bubble 1: Before I even got my license,
I’d been riding the circuit with my KSR, and yet…
Bubble 2: I’ve been riding since I had my little kid bike, and yet…
Bubble 3: I’ve never ridden like that…
Bubble 4: If I somehow happen to lose to an amateur like you,
Bubble 5: I’ll quit riding this bike I’ve had with me forever, for good!
Bubble 6: Damn…!
Bubble 7: Hayaka-chan?! W-wait…
Bubble 8: Huh?!
Bubble 9: I…I wonder what’s going on…?


Bubble 1: We’re almost there!
Bubble 2: See there?
You can see Enoshima now!
Bubble 3: You’re right! Whoa!
Bubble 4: Am I seriously winning?!
I can’t believe it! Haha!
Bubble 5: Fujisawa-kun!
Bubble 6: Hayami…?!
Bubble 7: About Hayaka-chan…


Text: I’ll quit riding this bike I’ve had with me forever,
Text: For good!


(*Top) Bubble 1: Look, Sayaka!
(*2nd from top) Bubble 2: Congratulations!
(*Bubble to far right) Bubble 3: Off-road…?
(*Bubble under first far right) Bubble 4: That’s great, Hayaka-chan!
(*Far left first bubble) Bubble 5: Ah, so Sayaka’s her older sister…
(*Bubble a little down and right of that) Bubble 6: You know, about the Hayami’s place…
(*Far left bubble below that) Bubble 7: The older sister has better looks on her…
(*Middle bubble towards the bottom) Bubble 8: This is a KSR…?
(*Bottom far left) Bubble 9: Yeah, I dig the older sister, more…
(*Bottom far right) Bubble 10: Hahah!


Bubble 1: You don’t care whether the bike is harmed or not…?!
Bubble 2: But this bike
Bubble 3: Hasn’t done anything to deserve this, has it…?!
Bubble 4: Is this a bike just a tool for you to use?!
Bubble 5: I thought that
Bubble 6: He was different from the rest…
Text: Today, Fujisawa-kun rode in with a TZM…
Bubble 7: Take after your sister more,
Bubble 8: Baby Hayami!
Bubble 9: If it’s not one person, it’s someone else entirely,
Bubble 10: I’m always the “baby sister”…


Bubble 1: Master?!
Bubble 2: Fujisawa-kun?!
Bubble 3: Master, the goal is just a bit further that way!
Bubble 4: Don’t be stupid!
I didn’t ride in this dumb race to win…!
Bubble 5: Fujisawa-kun!
Bubble 6: Let’s look for her! She’s around here somewhere, right?!
Bubble 7: Huh? Should be…
More than likely not too far…
Bubble 8: That stupid brat!


Bubble 1: I…
Bubble 2: I just wanted to…!
Bubble 3: Why…
Bubble 4: Why…?
Bubble 5: That older sister’s got some looks on her!
Bubble 6: Yeah, I can’t get enough of her!
Bubble 7: I’ll bet the older sis got all the best features!
Bubble 8: She sucked them all up!
Small text: Like in her boobs and stuff!
Bubble 9: No, I…
Bubble 10: I’m not just some remnant of my older sister!
Bubble 11: I’m…


Bubble 1: There she is!
Bubble 2: Wh-what do you want?
Bubble 3: …Hmph!
Bubble 4: A loss is a loss…
Bubble 5: I get it already…
Bubble 6: Wh…now just hang on!


Bubble 1: You really wanna do this?!
Bubble 2: You’re really gonna quit?!
Bubble 3: That connection between you and your bike…
Bubble 4: Hayaka-chan…
Bubble 5: You’ve been racing since you were a kid, right?
Bubble 6: Just because of this…
Bubble 7: Can you really quit after getting beat down by someone like me?!
You must be out of your mind! Right?!
Bubble 8: I…really thought you were amazing…
Bubble 9: I was really jealous of you!
Bubble 10: Of watching you!


Bubble 1: The reason I even took up this stupid race
Was so I could get the chance to really talk to –
Bubble 2: Enough already!
I… I raced with all that was in me!
Bubble 3: There was no way I could lose to someone like you…
Bubble 4: An amateur even…
Bubble 5: And yet…
Bubble 6: You…
Bubble 7: To be scared of an amateur…
Bubble 8: I no longer have any right to ride anymore…


Bubble 1: Hey! Let's be honest here: you really love bikes, don't you?!
Bubble 2: If you didn't, you wouldn't be able to ride so well!
Bubble 3: Master…
Bubble 4: Fujisawa-kun…
Bubble 5: I want to see more!
I want to see way more of your riding!
Bubble 6: You're awesome! So awesome!
So, why…
Bubble 7: Shut up!
Bubble 8: Just…
Bubble 9: It's not as if I want to stop…
Bubble 10: I don't want to stop…
Not being able to ride anymore is just…


Bubble 1: I don't want that…
Bubble 2: I mean…
Bubble 3: All I have left is…
Bubble 4: Uh…
Bubble 5: Guh…
Bubble 6: Let's go then!
Bubble 7: A bike
Bubble 8: Isn't just some tool you ride
To get some goal, right?
Bubble 9: If there's someplace you want to go,
Bubble 10: Then you can go anywhere…
Bubble 11: Fujisawa-ku…
Bubble 12: Newb…


Bubble 1: Let's get going,
Bubble 2: Hayaka!
Bubble 3: Wh-why are you looking at me like that? What, should I add on a –chan, too?
Bubble 4: Ahaha, all right then!
Why not all of us head to Hakone, then?
Small text: There's a really nice teahouse with Amazake* and mochi, there…
(*T/N: Amazake is a sweet drink made from fermented rice or sake lees.)
Bubble 5: Hakone?!
Small text: And exactly how many kilometers away is that…?
Bubble 6: The way you are now, we could make it there in about an hour.
Bubble 7: You'll be with me and Hayaka-chan, after all.
Bubble 8: Right?
Bubble 9: Sayaka…


Bubble 1: Seems like everything's settled, doesn't it?
Bubble 2: You really helped me out back there.
Bubble 3: Not at all.
Bubble 4: This was all part of the process to help you
Bubble 5: Familiarize yourself with what a "bike" is, Master.
Bubble 6: Not to mention…that KSR
Bubble 7: Is finally smiling for itself.
Bubble 8: There was no way someone who rides as well as her could hate bikes.
Bubble 9: Even I'm starting to finally get the picture.


Bubble 1: Not sure what is I like about them, but…
Bubble 2: Bikes aren't all that bad.
Bubble 3: Agreed.
Box 1: Whatever attracts me to bikes,
I still really couldn't say.
Bubble 4: All right! Let's head out for Hakone!
Box 2: But, you know…
Box 3: I'd like to live my life riding bikes, having as much fun as I possibly can…
Box 4: I mean, well, after all, it can't get much better than this!

Gen-cha! - Finish

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