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Translations: One Piece 920 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Get! 1

The Whistle from Zero!

+ posted by Teishou as translation on Mar 3, 2009 19:40 | Go to Get!

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GET! by AZUMA Mayumi


Text: Some of the things I remember having to do when finishing up GET! was constantly having to hurry with my work. But even so, now the one volume of GET! is finished and done with. So happy~! (T/S: Loose translation at points)


Box 1 –
Bubble 1: All right, time to start practice~!
Bubble 2: We’ll begin with fifty lifting exercises.
Bubble 3: The hell?! I don’t know how to do that!

Box 2 –
Bubble 1: Ah, I get it… You try to keep lightly hitting the ball into the air while making sure it doesn’t it the ground…
Bubble 2: Ho…
SFX: Tap, or whatever lightly hitting sound there may be

Box 3 –
SFX: Sounds seals make

Box 4 –
SFX: Muffled laughter


Goal 1: The Whistle from Zero!
Goal 2: Pride
Goal 3: Kickoff!
Goal 4: Eleven
Goal 5: Promise
Goal 6: Friends
Goal 7: Finals
Short Story: Straight!


Bubble 1: You know, if I grow up,
Bubble 2: I’m gonna work for the government!
SFX: Creaking swings
Bubble 3: My future’s perfectly solid!
Text: Peace
Bubble 4: What’s with that goal…? So ordinary…
Bubble 5: It’s a good goal!
Bubble 6: Well, fine then! What’s your dream, Mai?
Bubble 7: My dream…
Bubble 8: Is to grow up!
Text 1: My dream’s to become a soccer player
Text 2: And go to the World Cup!


Goal 1: The Whistle from Zero!


Bubble 1: Yawn
Bubble 2: HA—
Bubble 3: RUMI
SFX: Turns
Bubble 4: Huh?
SFX: Bam, slam, hitting sound
Bubble 5: Ugh
Bubble 6: Ahhhh… Owwww…
Bubble 7: Ahahaha! Nice trap!
SFX: Roll, roll


Bubble 1: Morning, Harumi!
Bubble 2: Mai…
You again?
Small text: Ah…it hurts…
SFX: Pain
Bubble 3: Every day, you’re hitting someone’s face with a ball…
Bubble 4: It’s just my way of greeting you.
Background Text: Eheh!
Small Text: Grr…
Side Text: What greeting…
SFX: kick
Bubble 5: Hey you…
Bubble 6: You’re really a soccer freak lately, aren’t you?
Bubble 7: It’s because I have a game on Sunday.
Bubble 8: So I have to practice every bit I can!


Bubble 1: But also,
Bubble 2: Because I want to win this time…
Bubble 3: Huh…
Bubble 4: Hey, Harumi…
Bubble 5: Of course, you’re going to come watch me!
Bubble 6: Uh… I’m not really interested in soccer…
SFX: Ball hitting head, so some kinda hitting sound.
Bubble 7: …MMPH!
Bubble 8: Such a cold childhood friend I have…


Bubble 1: You’re not that busy anyway, right? So it shouldn’t be a problem.
Bubble 2: Hn…
SFX: Tap, tap
SFX: Sound of realization (ah…!)
Bubble 3: O-okay, I’ve got it! I’ll go!
Bubble 4: What, really?! Promise me!
Bubble 5: You absolutely have to come see me!
Bubble 6: All right already!
Bubble 7: Because you absolutely,
Bubble 8: Positively have to!
Text: Sunday
Bubble 9: Yawn


Text: Ah…so annoying…
Text: At least she’s energetic again
Text: Since her team’s pretty weak.
Bubble 1: You absolutely have to come see me!
SFX: Glance
Text: 11:30, huh…
Box: Man… It’s nearly starting time…
Bubble 2: Because you absolutely,
Bubble 3: Positively have to!
SFX: Magazine falling on other book (Basa)


Text: I’m going, I’m going
Text: Ah…
Text: I thought they’d be losing…
Text: Huh?
Text: Mai?
Bubble 1: No way!
Bubble 2: I’m definitely going out!


Bubble 1: Mai… I understand your feelings, but you shouldn’t go back out with your leg like that…
Bubble 2: I told you I’m fine!
Bubble 3: Say what? You got injured?!
Bubble 4: Harumi!
Bubble 5: Like I thought, you really shouldn’t go out for the second half, Mai!
Bubble 6: There’s no way I’m not going!
Bubble 7: But…
Bubble 8: Yeah, so, I’ll just go out as your replacement instead.
Bubble 9: Exact same thing.
Bubble 10: There’s no way that’ll happen!


Bubble 1: There’s just no way…
Bubble 2: That’s going to happen…
Text: Mai…?
Bubble 3: This game’s…the last one I can play…
Bubble 4: The middle school I’m going to…doesn’t have a girl’s soccer club.
Bubble 5: I don’t know if there will be any girls to continue doing soccer there…
Bubble 6: But…I’ve decided…
Bubble 7: I won’t be doing soccer anymore.
Bubble 8: This…
Bubble 9: Is my last game…


Bubble 1: My dream’s to become a soccer player
Bubble 2: And go to the World Cup!
Bubble 3: I tried really hard…
Bubble 4: I can’t carry out my dream…
Bubble 5: So please, allow me just this game! I don’t want to be replaced!
Bubble 6: For something like an injury…I don’t want to have it end halfway like this!
Bubble 7: Until the last whistle goes off,
Bubble 8: I want to stand on the field!
Bubble 9: It’s pretty obvious she’ll be nothing but a burden to us!
Text: Hey…


Bubble 1: The hell… It’s pretty big.
Bubble 2: Eh…
SFX: Used for dramatic effect (Ban)
Bubble 3: M-my uniform…
SFX: Shiver
Bubble 4: What are you doing, Harumi?!
You’ve never played soccer before!
Bubble 5: Sorry for not seeing the first half, but,
Bubble 6: Your job’s to score points or something, right?
Bubble 7: Since you can’t really run, just get in front of the goal.
Bubble 8: I’ll definitely get the ball to you!


SFX: Whistle
Bubble 1: All right~!
Bubble 2: Here I GO~!
SFX: Whoosh
Bubble 3: Huh…?
Bubble 4: Wha-?!
SFX: Runs away
Bubble 5: You idiot! What the hell are you doing?!
Bubble 6: Damn it!


Bubble 1: DAMN IT!!!
Bubble 2: I can’t even touch the damn ball!!
SFX: Can’t read it but…let’s just say “anger”
Bubble 3: Why?!
Why can’t I get the ball there?!
SFX: Breathing out harshly
Bubble 4: Gotta run after it, gotta run after it!
Text: Gotta run after it…?!
Bubble 5: Running after it’s no good!
The must be another way…


Text: Why’d that guy run over there?
Text: The ball’s over here…
Bubble 1: Ohhh, I get it.
Bubble 2: It’s so he can have the ball passed to him further up the field!
Bubble 3: So I’ve got to get there before it gets to him and
Bubble 4: Take the ball back!
Text: He read the ball’s course?!
Text: Even though it hit his face…
Bubble 5: Got…
Bubble 6: It…
SFX: Falls


Bubble 1: Owwww!!!
SFX: Surprise at the force
SFX: Ball taps/hits ground
Bubble 2: I took it back!
Bubble 3: Harumi!
SFX: Dash
Bubble 4: You idiot!
Bubble 5: You finally got back the ball!
SFX: Impact (it finally hit him)


SFX: Hard kick
Bubble 1: HERE YOU GO! (T/S: Loose translation. He actually said, “I’m passing it!” but I didn’t think that was too dramatic, so…)
SFX: Hard, fast spin


Text: I won’t miss it!
Text: This is the ball that Harumi
Text: sent over for me!
Bubble 1: MAI!!
Text: I definitely won’t!
SFX: Throb


Text: I definitely
Text: Won’t miss!!


Bubble 1: We lost…
Bubble 2: Huh…
Bubble 3: But, we really tried our hardest together until the very end.
Bubble 4: It was great! Yeah!
Bubble 5: It was really…great…
SFX: Drip
Bubble 6: Ah…?!
Bubble 7: What…?
Text: At the very end at least …
Text: I wanted to win…
Bubble 8: Hey…


Bubble 1: I’m…
Bubble 2: going to play soccer.
Bubble 3: I’m going to become your replacement from now on.
Bubble 4: It’s kind of weird but…
Text: Harumi…
Bubble 5: Do you know about Misanga? (T/S: A good luck ribbon worn around the wrist)


Bubble 1: It’s what a soccer player puts his or her feelings into.
Bubble 2: A kind of protection…
Bubble 3: I’m giving this ribbon to you to wear.
Bubble 4: To the Misanga substitute…
Bubble 5: Someday… you’ll definitely,
Bubble 6: Take me to the World Cup.
Bubble 7: Yeah…
Bubble 8: Count on it!


Bubble 1: Yawn
Bubble 2: HA
Bubble 3: RUMI!
Bubble 4: Idiot!
Bubble 5: Just doing the same thing over and over again-!
Bubble 6: UGH!
SFX: Slam


Bubble 1: Ahahaha! Nice trap!
Bubble 2: Owww…the pain… (I have never seen this character before, and it’s not a kanji. So…I interpreted it as this.)
Bubble 3: You haven’t improved at all,
Bubble 4: Harumi-kun!
Bubble 5: Ah! It hurts!
Bubble 6: Always hitting a person’s face with a ball…
Text: This book…


Text: Mai…
Bubble 1: All right!
Bubble 2: We’re aiming for the World Cup!
Bubble 3: All right, let’s first start off by learning the rules!
Text: I’m dying…

End of Chapter One

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