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Get! 2


+ posted by Teishou as translation on Mar 3, 2009 19:41 | Go to Get!

-> RTS Page for Get! 2

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GET! by Azuma Mayumi


Goal 2: Pride
SFX: Clash


Bubble 1: Wow…amazing.
Bubble 2: Just as expected, Hodakachuu’s baseball team has a ton of energy.
Bubble 3: I should be looking for the soccer club instead…
Small text: Oops
SFX: Kyaa~!
SFX: Iida-san! (heart)
Bubble 4: There it is!
Bubble 5: There’s the clubroom!
Sign: Soccer Club
Bubble 6: Excuuuse me!
SFX: Door opening
Bubble 7: I want to join the…


Bubble 1: Heh…I give.
Bubble 2: The hell, again?
Bubble 3: Soccer club…
Bubble 4: Huh? What do you want?
Bubble 5: I’m Year 1’s Class 1 Aoi Harumi!
Bubble 6: Pleasure to meet you!


Bubble 1: Huh…
Bubble 2: I’m Nakaoka Yasuyuki. Second year.
Bubble 3: Igarashi Yoshiaki.
Bubble 4: I’m Watabe Atsushi!
Bubble 5: And the guy that’s sleeping’s name is Kojima Shouhei.
Bubble 6: Kawahara Mamoru. Pleasure. (T/S: I couldn’t see the furigana well enough to see if it read Mamoru, or Mamori, or something of that nature. Sorry about that.)
Bubble 7: I-it…
Bubble 8: Doesn’t seem like they’re too lively…
Bubble 9: Um…
Bubble 10: We’ve come to check out the club today
Bubble 11: And were wondering when we would begin practice.
Bubble 12: Practice?
Bubble 13: We don’t do that kind of thing here.
Bubble 14: We don’t really have games, either.


Bubble 1: And above all, we don’t even have a place to practice.
Bubble 2: These are all the member we’ve got.
Bubble 3: Don’t really feel like doing anything!
Bubble 4: AH, you’ve got to be KIDDING!
Bubble 5: What the hell is with them?!


Bubble 1: Not practicing and just playing cards?!
Bubble 2: What the hell kind of soccer club is that?!
Bubble 3: I feel sorry for that club’s manager! You think so, too, right Tomoho?!
Bubble 4: Y-yeah…
Bubble 5: Aoi-kun…
Bubble 6: Do you really want to join that soccer club…?
Bubble 7: I’ve already decided:
Bubble 8: I’m gonna do it!


Bubble 1: HARUMI~!
Bubble 2: Didja hear, didja hear?! There’s big news!


Bubble 1: Big news?
Bubble 2: I heard it from some kids in another class but,
Bubble 3: Do you remember Senri FC?
Bubble 4: The people we were up against when you jumped in?
Bubble 5: I remember, but… What’s that have to do with anything?
Bubble 6: Apparently Senri FC’s regulars are entering Hodakachuu!
Bubble 7: You serious?!
Bubble 8: Yep! I even learned their names!
Bubble 9: If those guys let them join…


Bubble 1: It’ll be the perfect opportunity for us to be able to practice!
Bubble 2: Exactly!
Bubble 3: All right!
SFX: Clench
Bubble 4: I’m gonna go introduce myself!
SFX: Dash
Bubble 5: Eh?!
Bubble 6: Hold on a second, Harumi!
Text: I haven’t told you
Text: Which classroom they were in yet…
Small text: He’s gone…


Bubble 1: We refuse.
Bubble 2: We’re not joining the soccer club!
Bubble 3: Eh?!
Bubble 4: Why?! You can’t be thinking of quitting soccer?!
Bubble 5: We’re going to keep playing, but,
Bubble 6: Doing it as a club activity isn’t the only way to continue playing.


Bubble 1: But…
Bubble 2: That’s not right…
Bubble 3: With just entering school, we haven’t had any connections until now.
Bubble 4: Hodakachuu’s soccer club
Bubble 5: WILL get stronger!
SFX: Slam
Bubble 6: I WILL get stronger! I’m definitely going to change it!
Bubble 7: So join the club!


Bubble 1: We’re going to enter the Izumi FC’s junior youth!
Bubble 2: Because there’s no time to waste! (T/S: I wasn’t sure on this. Mind checking it?)
Bubble 3: And so…
Bubble 4: Whether we do club activities or not, do you think we want to join?
Bubble 5: Joining something like that weak club…
Bubble 6: It’s not weak! It was weak!


Bubble 1: I’ve never heard anything like that! (T/S: Check this, too)
Bubble 2: We don’t have that kind of free time…
Bubble 3: Fine.
Bubble 4: Eh?
Bubble 5: H-hey…Fukamachi…
Bubble 6: S-seriously?!
Bubble 7: However!
Bubble 8: We want to play you and your team after school tomorrow.
Bubble 9: If you can score one point against us,
We’ll join your club!


Bubble 1: Though it’s a bit impossible…
Bubble 2: Okay, understood!
Bubble 3: It’s a promise!
Bubble 4: If we score one point, you’ll join the team!
Bubble 5: You promised!
Bubble 6: Is that guy serious…?
Bubble 7: Fukamachi…
Bubble 8: You’re cruel.
Bubble 9: Aren’t I though?


Sign: Soccer Club
Bubble 1: SENPAI! (T/S: ‘Senpai’ means ‘older classman’)
SFX: Door slamming open
Bubble 2: Let’s start practice!
Bubble 3: What’s he going on about so suddenly…?
Bubble 4: Anyway, please go outside!
Bubble 5: Let’s practice!
Bubble 6: If you want to practice,
You can do it by yourself.
SFX: Surprise


Bubble 1: That’s no good! We’re playing a game tomorrow!
Bubble 2: This is our chance to get really strong!
Bubble 3: Then the club will get bigger and bigger!
Bubble 4: It’s pretty good as is.
Bubble 5: Eh…
Bubble 6: Why go out of our way to do something like that?
Bubble 7: No joke.
Bubble 8: Hodakachuu only cheers on the baseball team.
Bubble 9: There’s only a ground for the baseball team.
Bubble 10: The school doesn’t expect anything from us.
Bubble 11: Even now…


Bubble 1: You guys,
Bubble 2: Are incredibly frustrating, did you know?
Bubble 3: Everyone hopes as much as they can for the baseball team to do well.
Bubble 4: You’re just jealous, aren’t you?
Bubble 5: Wha…
SFX: Face flushes
Bubble 6: Bastard!
Bubble 7: Knock it off, Nakaoka!
SFX: Stand quickly


Bubble 1: Shut up! Me, jealous of the baseball team?! You must be kidding!
SFX: Grab
Bubble 2: It doesn’t matter if we play soccer or not! (T/S: Check this, please)
Bubble 3: Ugh…
Bubble 4: It doesn’t matter…
Bubble 5: If it doesn’t matter,
Bubble 6: Then why are we here?!
Bubble 7: Whether we quit, or whether we go out,
Bubble 8: In that case, it’s fine, isn’t it?!
Text: Harumi…
Bubble 9: But that’s not true!
Bubble 10: It’s not true…
Bubble 11: You older classmen…


Bubble 1: Like soccer
Bubble 2: Don’t you?!


SFX: Hits floor
Bubble 1: Harumi!
Bubble 2: N-
Bubble 3: Nakaoka-senpai!
SFX: Cough
Bubble 4: Let’s work hard
Bubble 5: For tomorrow’s game!


Bubble 1: Be that as it may…
Bubble 2: I completely admire them…
Bubble 3: I haven’t gotten the hang of dribbling yet…
SFX: Bounce
Bubble 4: What am I gonna do?
SFX: Sigh
Bubble 5: Ah, this place!


SFX: Crash
Bubble 1: Owowowow…
Bubble 2: It huuurts…
Text: Bark, bark
SFX: Falls to grass
SFX: Ball rolling
SFX: Breathing hard
Bubble 3: Damn it… Why can’t I do it?
Bubble 4: Avoiding the first pole, and then hitting the second…
Bubble 5: It’s because you can’t look down at the ball when you go. You need to look up in front of you.


Bubble 1: Y-
Text: Isn’t that Senri FC’s…
Bubble 2: You…
Bubble 3: You need to have a greater field of vision when you go, and look at the pole right after the one before it. (T/S: Check this, please)
Bubble 4: You’re supposed to have a firmer grasp of your surroundings.
Bubble 5: Look in front of you, and then dribble. (T/S: Check this, too)
Text: Look…
Text: In front of me…


Text: Don’t look at the ground and…
SFX: Crash
SFX: Hard impact
Text: pay attention to the pole…
Text: right after the one before it…


SFX: hit the grass
Bubble 1: I…
Bubble 2: I did it!
Bubble 3: Hey, just now…


Text: That guy…


Bubble 1: Wow!
Bubble 2: This scoreboard’s covered in a ton of dust…
Small text: It hasn’t really been used very much…
SFX: Clearing of chalkboard
Bubble 3: Help me roll this out.
Bubble 4: Sure!
Bubble 5: Mai, do you think Aoi-kun will be okay in today’s game?
Bubble 6: Who knows…?
Bubble 7: As far as soccer goes, he’s still an amateur.
Bubble 8: It won’t be easy to score points against those Senri FC guys.
Bubble 9: But…

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