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Mieru Hito 27

Bullet of Love

+ posted by TheHangedMan as translation on Oct 4, 2010 14:15 | Go to Mieru Hito

-> RTS Page for Mieru Hito 27

Mieru Hito Chapter 27
JPN-IND TL: Ervin Kurniawati
This is the english translation from the Indonesian version of Mieru Hito.
Credits: Elex Media Komputindo

Page 1
Chapter 27: Bullet of love

Text: Fuu
Text: Jin!!


Page 2
Chapter 27: Bullet of love

Page 3
Holt: This is the change of my skin face
Holt: The shape that is nearest to the form when I was alive

Holt: Next is to focus all to power!!

Text: The power to
Text: Manipulate wind

Holt: The air that is collected from my surroundings is solidified and is made into wind
Holt: The air that is collected with this big wings

Holt: It's different from earlier, you know


Page 4
Text: Shunka Tachi!!


Page 5

Page 6

Text: Too slow
Gaku: ....

Page 7

Page 8
Holt: Syung

Holt: Oha! Youkon, your soul is leaking so bad!!
Holt: You need to restrain it

Gaku: Haaa

Gaku: Slow
Gaku: Still slow..
(Whisper whisper)

Page 9
Holt: There is darkness in your heart
Holt: You control yourself with only a page-thin difference... That's according to my feeling

Gaku: Whisper whisper

Holt: It's better if you join us
Holt: The same with Hase... Become a member of the Darkness World


Holt: I will get that woman!!
Holt: And fly my wings to a higher place!!

Page 10
Gaku: What did you just say!?

Holt: You're attracted to that woman, don't you?
Holt: ...Don't you know the reason?

Holt: No, you should have noticed even just a little... Deep down in your heart
Holt: You're aware of the true identity of that woman


Page 11
Gaku: What do you knoooooow!?

Gaku: About the beautiful soul
Gaku: Of my beloved!!

Gaku: Can a bird talk about love?

Page 12
Text: Hyou

Gaku: Himeno Okegawa!!

Gaku: To you who acknowledged my existense!!
Gaku: I present you

Page 13
Text: PEAK!!
Gaku: My unconditioned love!!

Holt: Last strike!!

Page 14
Himeno: Whaaaat!!
Eiji: This is that shitty bird's doing!!


Text: Faster

Page 15

Holt: Are you ready?

Text: The imagination to shoot him down

Text: Shoot it down

Text: More

Text: Faster

Page 16
Text: Release the soul's power
Text: By following intuition


Text: Shoot with increasing speed!!

Page 17
Text: Distance!! Speed!! The time needed to reach the destination!!
Text: The optical nerve that captures all that!!

Text: The heart to
Text: Shoot it down!!

Page 18-19
Gaku: SHOT!!
Text: 900 mm
Text: Love Parabellum

Page 20

Holt: You!!


Gaku: Woosh

Page 21

Gaku: You dare disturb Tsukitake, even to Himenon.... If my love lost its destination, what will flow
Gaku: Is this

Gaku: If you've understood, then vanish
Gaku: Execution to love's hindrance done!!

Page 22
X "Marry me"
O Get engaged first

Doesn't realize

Mieru Hito Chapter 27 over....

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