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Mieru Hito 28


+ posted by TheHangedMan as translation on Oct 15, 2010 13:39 | Go to Mieru Hito

-> RTS Page for Mieru Hito 28

Mieru Hito Chapter 28
This is the english translation of the Indonesian version of Mieru Hito.
Credits: Elex Media Komputindo
JPN- IND Translator: Ervin Kurniawati

Page 1
Chapter 28: Evolution
Gaku: Aah
Gaku: I wanna ask Himenon to pat my head

Gaku: .....
Gaku: Himenon
Gaku: Tsukitake....

Eiji: Let's find Myoujin!!
Tsukitake: Ooow
Eiji: We have to tell him they are after Himeno... And Gaku is fighting!!

Page 2
Himeno: Hey, don't tell me Azumi's coming too!?
Tsukitake: Oow ow ow ow
Eiji: You don't have to worry

SFX: Fuuu

Azumi: Jiii (Staring)
SFX: Ugh

Eiji: Her attention is focused on a new toy!!
Text: Kyaaa
Himeno: That's good!!

Himeno: But then, why are they after me!?
Eiji: How the hell am I supposed to know!?
Chiko: Eiji, wanna race with me again?

Page 3
Myoujin: Hyyyaaa
Myoujin: aaaahh!!
Chapter 28: Evolution

Page 4
Myoujin: He blocked it again! That huuurts!!

Myoujin: How about this!?
Kinuma: !

Page 5
Text: Keiran!!

Chiko: Oooh!!

Myoujin: This time it's a hit, right!?

Myoujin: Hehe
Myoujin: No way

Kinuma: Suijin(water formation) "Koudankou"(Perfect hard shell)
Kinuma: Don't underestimate us Anima!! In the underground, where it got no sunshine, we can unleash all our powers...!!

Page 6
Chiko: So you ARE weak!!
Chiko: Now what do we do!?
Myoujin: So noisy

Myoujin: Hey, what are your intentions? Say it!!

Kinuma: Haha

Chiko: He said, won't tell it to a weakling!!
Myoujin: Shut up!!

Text: But, what a troublesome guy!
Text: The type to muster all his powers to defense....
Text: I can't fight him with my fist, and also, Kei didn't work on him...

SFX: Wooosh

Page 7
Kinuma: Now, I will attack
Kinuma: I was a bit exaggerated, thinking of you too highly
Kinuma: Kei isn't effective, you know, guide...!!

Myoujin: In that case
Myoujin: I will.....

Myoujin: Think of a new killer technique!!

Myoujin: Starting now!!
Chiko: We're doomed

Kinuma: The chance of winning
Kinuma: Is on my hand!!

Page 8
Text: Suijin "Rokkasen" (6 Whirlpools)

Page 9
Text: Suijin
Text: "Daikasen"!! (Big whirlpool)

Chiko: Guide!!

Page 10
Kinuma: !!!

Myoujin: Waaaa
Myoujin: I'm all wet, what to do!?

Kinuma: He blocked it...!?
Kinuma: With bare hands....!?

Myoujin: That's how my body
Myoujin: And personality is

Kinuma: You're not human...!!
Text: That's right...!! From the beginning, why is this man fighting with bare hands!? I heard guides manipulate bonjutsu(bon skills) using yellow cloth!!

Page 11
Myoujin: Seems that technique is one which attacks using water-covered-aura in huge quantity, but... If the aura is eliminated during the impact
Myoujin: It becomes a normal water shot, huh

Kinuma: !!
Kinuma: That marking...!?

Myoujin: Now!!
Myoujin: I'm still learning it!! ...But thanks to you, I got an idea!!

Myoujin: By fighting you, I came to understand one thing!!

Myoujin: You are not more frightening than Hase
Kinuma: !

Myoujin: It's surely because of my heart, huh?
Myoujin: I've managed to overcome one thing... Seems that's the case

Page 12
Text: As

Text: A guide!!

Kinuma: Don't talk big!!

Page 13
Text: Physical impact
Text: Match it with the proper timing to unleash kei. And burst it!!

Text: Gather power until the last minute!!
Text: Don't let it leak, till the maximum!!

Text: If it's now, I can surely do it!!
Text: Controlling this!!

Kinuma: Ugh

Page 14-15
Text: Keikaryouran (Kei flower burst)
Text: Yamibotaru (Dark fireflies)
Myoujin: Bomb

Page 16
Kinuma: Dammit, Hase didn't leave any memories of when he was defeated!!
Kinuma: Khaa
Kinuma: So this is the cause of his defeat....!!

Text: This man
Text: Is evolving!!

Myoujin: Now say it
Myoujin: Creature who enters human territory...!!

Page 17
Kinuma: You
Kinuma: Will never be able to win against Komon, the fire fox

Myoujin: Komon?.... Who's that?

Kinuma: If you are an exception among human
Kinuma: He is an exception among beasts...!!

Kinuma: You can say even when he was alive, he is a beast who has high spiritual powers and is catagorized as "monster"
Kinuma: Now fire foxes are extinct.... That's because when he dies and becomes a spirit.... He found ways to eat souls and made it to become his powers

Kinuma: To strenghten his powers, he doesn't care what he uses. Even his own kinds...
Kinuma: One day, you will definitely meet him... He's special, different with us, you....

Page 18
Kinuma: Will never win against Komon

Page 19
Kinuma: You will only be exterminated by him

Mieru Hito chapter 28 is finished...

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