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Mieru Hito 29


+ posted by TheHangedMan as translation on Nov 6, 2010 08:25 | Go to Mieru Hito

-> RTS Page for Mieru Hito 29

Mieru Hito Chapter 29

This is the translation from Indonesian tankoubon of Mieru Hito. Some changes are expected due to secondhand translation and cultural difference.
JPN-IND Translator: Ervin Kurniawati
Credits: Elex Media Komputindo
Note: The english word written in <> bracket means it's also written in English in the Indonesian tankoubon. It's up to other international translators whether you want to translate that word to your language or leave it in English.

Page 1
Chapter 29: Name

Komon: Well well, it's Holt who's beaten? ...He's the youkon who lives in Utakata Mansion, isn't he?
Komon: Luring him to underground where there's no sunlight is a good idea, but in the end the one who lost is Holt himself... Didn't he?
Komon: How disgraceful!!

Kinuma: Komon, the fire fox
Kinuma: And then, the one we're after is...

Kinuma: The girl who lives with you...
Kinuma: Hey Guide!!

Page 2
Myojin: Hei, wait!!

Chiko: Girl....!? He meant, your acquintance!? What does he mean!?
Myojin: What he meant is the one they're after weren't you guys anymore!!

Myojin: Whom they're after is Himeno!! Dammit, what does this mean!?

Kinuma: Well, well...
Kinuma: I didn't expect you to be underground...!?
Myojin: !!
Box: Guide who defeated Hase... Running into you first than the woman means...

Myojin: AH, DAMMIT!!

Page 3
Myoujin: This is bad!!
Myoujin: They're!! On the way to Utakata Mansion!!

Chiko: W,what did you say!? There's...!!
Myoujin: Right!! Chikomi and my residents are all there!!
Chiko: I've told you not to give us weird names!!

SFX: Yaay
SFX: Yaay

Myoujin: DAMMIT!!

Komon: Let's go out

Page 4
Chapter 29: Name

Komon: Now
Komon: Where's the goal?

Page 5
Myoujin: Locked!? This sewer lid is locked!!

Chiko: Tekki Kaikai can only be used once in a day, I can't open it!!
Myoujin: I'll return even if that means destroying it!!

Myoujin: !!

Myoujin: Ow
Text: Rebound!?

Text: Because of earlier move, huh...!! It's too early to use Kei again!!
Text: Can't my body match Sun Stigma's power!?

Myoujin: Don't mess with me...!!
Text: I can't protect.. Again!!

Text: I don't want to know!!

Page 6
Gaku: Himenon is underground!!
Myoujin: Gaku!!

Gaku: You came here, didn't you, dammit!!

Chiko: It's from over there!!

Gaku: *Cough*

Gaku: Find her!! Protect her!!
Gaku: Don't slack off from your work, goddammit!!

Page 7
Gaku: But!! <No touch, no skinship>, that's the common rule, you get it, idiot!? Go die!!
Gaku: Someone like you should just die!!
Chiko: So which is it, work or die?

Text: Why Gaku!?
Myoujin: Let's go!!
Chiko: A...Alright!!

Komon: Found it

Page 9
Komon: Well well?
Komon: I can't feel the presence of neither human nor youkon...

Komon: Did they escape!?

Text: No....!!

Text: So that's it, the reason why Holt... and that youkon is underground is....!!
Text: "The woman is underground"!

Komon: Haha, exactly what is this woman doing underground...!?
Komon: Well, maybe that's what is called destiny

Komon: I'm gonna confirm her name

Myoujin: Gaku!!

Page 10
SFX: Wooosh
SFX: wooosh

Chiko: W...Will he disappear?
Myoujin: No... I've prevented his soul particle to escape more than this
Myoujin: What I can do at the moment is only this...

Myoujin: The rest is just a matter of time and Gaku himself

Myoujin: Come, let's go find Himeno!!
Myoujin: I don't know why, but she's underground
Chiko: Hey, he's...!!
Myoujin: We can't move him right now!!

Myoujin: It's highly likely that Gaku protected Himeno

Myoujin: We can't let his efforts go to waste!
Chiko: .....

Page 11
Myoujin: I'll turn all of them to dust

Text: Scary

Himeno: Hey, did you guys hear an explosion just now?
Eiji: No? I didn't hear anything

Himeno: Tsukitake!!
Eiji: Hang in there! You were the one who said you want to run by yourself, didn't you!?

Tsukitake: I'm alright, I can run by myself!!

Page 12
Tsukitake: Aniki also fights by himself. If it's only a wound like this...!!

Eiji: As I expected, you're still having it difficult to walk. Grab on my shoulder!!

Tsukitake: Shut up! You think I can touch the shoulder of someone like you? Disgusting!!
Eiji: I'm the one who should have said that, chibi!!
Himeno: Weren't they touching each other earlier?

Eiji: Geez, always pissing me off! What's with you!?
Eiji: Right now we need to hurry!! Stop talking nonsense and acting spoiled like a young master, stupid!!

Tsukitake: Don't treat me like a young master!!
Tsukitake: You're pissed? I don't need to act nice to those I hate!!

Tsukitake: If you wanna go, then go! If you're not here, I'm more calm!!
Eiji: Geez....!!

Page 13
Himeno: Look out, Eiji!!

Eiji: !!

Page 14
Himeno: Everyone!!

Eiji: Alright!!

Page 15
Eiji: We meet again, big guy!!

Eiji: Are you also after Himeno!? You think I'll let you!?

Bao: Grrr grr

Eiji: Chibitake!!

Eiji: Go, find Myoujin!!

Eiji: Himeno and Chiko too, stand back!!
Eiji: I'll be the one who'll finish him off!!

Page 16
Himeno: Let's run, Eiji!!
Eiji: While carrying Tsukitake? No way

Text: I'll buy enough time
Text: For you guys to get away!!

Eiji: Over here!!
Text: Don't be afraid!!

Komon: Khu khu
Komon: Khu khu..!!

Komon: HAHAHA!!
Komon: Right, right, right on track!!

Page 17
Komon: So instinct is an important ability to live happily!!

Woman: Calm down, young miss, the dangerous guy has left
Woman: Haha, don't make that scared face!! I won't eat you!

Page 18
Woman: I'm also a guide
(Translator's Rant: Yeaaah, younger version of Matsuri! LOL)

Eiji: Calm down!!
Eiji: Calm down!!
Eiji: Being calm is the best way!!

Page 19
Komon: That woman!!
Komon: Okegawa Yukino's daughter!!

Myoujin: Himeno!!

Omake page
Text: Weeell
Text: Now what to do?

Mieru Hito Chapter 29, the end...

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